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So I was cleaning up my hard drive and I found my copy pasta of what used to be the board sticky.

Part 1:

/3/'s Official README.TXT
If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a
question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find
your answer.

Scroll to the bottom for useful resource links.

1.) "How do I get started in 3D?"

There are many ways to get started, the quickest way is to actually start
with a 3D program. There are many to choose from, such as:

-3DS Max
-Cinema 4D,
-Softimage XSI
-Blender 3D (Free!)

Once you obtain one the next step is to start with tutorials. There are many
on the net, they range from text and image tutorials to video tutorials. You
aren't going to find a tutorial for everything out there, but most will explain
techniques that you need to adapt in order for you to achieve whatever final
result you want.

2.) "Wow! That's a lot of programs! Which one is best? I heard ______ is best."

You heard wrong, there is no one program that is better than the rest, it has
and always will be the skill level of the artist. Which program you choose is
solely dependent on your own personal taste and which aspect of the 3D industry
you want to be involved in.
Max and Maya are the most hyped and so therefore the most used,
they have the most available documentation online. The interfaces have
a steep learning curve, but there isn't any 3D program you can't learn if you take
the time to use it and follow some tutorials. Go with a generalized package, not a
specialist one.
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Part 2:

3.) "Whoah, Generalized vs Specialized? How do I know?"

A generalised package like Maya, Max, Softimage are packages that let you model, render,
animate, texture, and create dynamics all within the same application. They don't require third party plugins
or applications to add another basic feature, like a renderer or animation tools.
However you can get plugins for these apps to enhance their features.
There are several Specialized applications out there that cater to a specific skill.

Animation: Motion Builder, Messiah 3D.
Modeling: Modo, Wings3D, Silo 3D
CAD: Autocad, Sketchup, SolidWorks
Detailing: Zbrush, Mudbox, 3DCoat

4.) "Ooooo Zbrush, I see so much awesome shit from that, I'm gonna start there!"

No, you're getting ahead of yourself. You should start learning about basic modeling and
topology before jumping into Zbrush. Zbrush is a great program for advanced users to add
detail to their existing models, or to prototype models quickly by sculpting them out. It
is not a good idea to get into Zbrush when you're not very familiar with general 3D concepts
Part 3:
5) "Ok, I see I'm not very good at this stuff, can you model ______ for me?"

No, anybody with any decent skill on this board does this work for a living or for some kind
of gain. Some of those just starting out may pick up the project but don't expect Miets Meier
level of work. You get what you pay for.

6.) "But it's too haaaaaaaaard, isn't there any easy button?"

No, like all things it takes time and effort to master a program, practice makes perfect and
playing around with the interface will get the shortcuts ingrained into your muscle memory.

7.) "So which program is the easiest to learn?"

You shouldn't learn a program, you should learn techniques. When you master a technique the program
becomes nothing more than a tool. As said before Max and Maya have the most documentation but you
should look at learning how to model and the right techniques instead of 'what button does X'. You
can get UI information from the program's help files. F1 and Google are your friends.
Part 4:
8.) "So, what do studios look for when hiring if I don't know program ______ won't I get turned down?"

When a studio judges your demo reel and resume they have an order of priority.

1-Quality of Work
4-Program skills

9.) "So studios don't care what program I use? Why do they care about versatility?"

Except for Animators who are pretty much exempt from most rules of 3D, most studios want people who
can perform multiple tasks instead of just a specialised one. They want modelers who can also texture,
they want riggers who can also do dynamics, they want lighters who can also texture. It's ok to be
specialised in one area, but it doesn't hurt to be versatile, it will always keep you employed.

When a studio looks at your program skills they do often look to see if you have experience in their
preferred in house package, but MANY times you're going to get a studio that has added their own tools
and pipeline so it wouldn't matter what program you know as long as your skills are good. If you know
techniques you can pretty much pickup any 3D package in a matter of days. Of course there are some that
are hard set that you know program ________ but for the most part what package you know is not that
important (yes even you Blender fags can get a job in a studio if you know good techniques.)

/jp/ neet here. Has anyone got any guides on how to create stuff like this in zbrush.

I want to stop watching anime and do art instead, but I downloaded zbrush and don't know what to do next as I'm just a crappy beginner. I don't want to go back to just watching anime all day.

I have a large inheritance and get neet bucks.
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watch tutorials on how to get a basemesh to zbrush and sculpt on that before getting into posing or rigging and stuff
You have already made a begginer mistake by trying to jump into zbrush before learning the basics of modelling. Get max/maya/c4d/blender first, learn how box modelling and topology works, then start zbrush.
Try understand human anatomy, especially female anatomy if you want to make the one like on the pics. And then understand how modelling works, just like how anon said on the post above.

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Go easy, am Noob
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Op here
That guy I call an Ayylien. He doesn't have eyeballs yet :(
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Op again, next I have this here robot
File: image.jpg (123KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Finnaly I have another robo d00d

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Basically, I made this trippy asf video w/ sad music in the background. No keyframes in the entire thing, just paths and drivers, n i was pretty stoked about it. Took something like 10 hours to render, woke up this morning tho, and had to spend most of the morning adjusting and rerendering a part of it because the camera was going through part of the wall >.<

video is here:
U can see my patch around 1:20
My question is, does anyone know why in the fking hell the wall got poofed out when it rendered. The pre thing worked fine.

>>yea im somewhat new 2 blender so small words pl.
>>also no, its not a click bait, I hate ads, theyre not supposed to be on my videos, but i used a copywrited song sowfuibf lhbgj,
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it's shit.
its cool i plan on pilfering it for a music video of mine

keep ur eye on melting mask if that sound bad to you

oh no dont do that. insulting and stealing my 70 view youtube video.
ill never recover

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It's there a way I could hire a japanese modeler to make 3D waifus for my games?

I know you guys suck but if someone is interested into getting pay, pls post your portfolio of 3D waifus.

pic related is the quality I'm expecting because is not free shit, but actual money I'll be paying.
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u best go to turbosquid or something m8

Yes, but only if you're female, treat them like shit, and pay them just enough for them to live off microwave ramen.

Oh, and you have to occasionally leave your soiled panties lying around where they can get ahold of them.

It's a union thing, I think.
The quality you're asking for in that image is far above what you can likely afford... That's AAA talent, it doesn't come cheap.

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I recently started modelling in 3ds max.
I tried Cinema 4d in past.

I like both. Cinema4d is easier.

What do you think is better for game object modelling?

Is Blender an alternative? Money doesn't matter. I have a "nearly good paid" job.
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C4D is not suited for modelling game models. Easier =/= better. Max is dying and a mess. Blender is.. free, and that's all. if money doesn't matter, get a Maya LT license.

Or be normal and torrent shit until you have to pay for it to publish.
I find 3dsmax to have the most useful tools for inorganic modelling like cars, weapons, robots, architecture and even for some box modelling for characters. For any organic modelling I zbrush then retopo.
Thats why I started with 3DS Max.
Cinema4D is more for movies.

I will look at Maya.

I just started with 3DS max. I didn't look at all the features yet.

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>There are people on this board, RIGHT NOW, still using ancient modeling techniques such as box modeling instead of just sculpting.

What's your excuse?
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> sculpting mechanic things
This isn't 2008 anymore. Zbrush has plenty of good tools to sculpt hard surface. See >>497890
>game spec art
>quads for deformation/animating
> try baking ngons
>try importing ngons into game engine

Yes, now zbrush has modeling TOOLs that are NOT sculpting.
OP didn't say using zbrush as the only tool. He specifically mentions sculpting.
I can sculpt in Maya, 3D coat, modo etc. but they can't do what I mentioned above.

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Need help, /3/.

I'm trying to export a high poly model in Blender to then import into xNormal and later import into Quixel. However every time I try to make a high poly model I get these defined edges that appear which ruin the entire process. I understand Subdivision Surface is set to "Simple", but if I chose "Catmull" it would make parts of the rifle spherical--which I don't want. Anyone know how I can get by this?
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post wire
File: low poly wire.jpg (1MB, 1702x1784px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
low poly wire.jpg
1MB, 1702x1784px
no idea what it happens, did you use edge split or flat shading?

go to object data/wire/draw all edges and post

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what's the difference between male and female looking face?
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beard - no beard

Go over to /b/ and look at the trap thread (there's always a trap thread).

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>make helmet model in maya
>black, shiny spots appear on certain parts
>applying new materials does absolutely nothing except change the specularity
>reversing normals does nothing
>may have fucked something up in the hypershader
How do I just give it a normal shader? I only do modelling, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing when it comes to the hypershader...
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Do the black lines only appear when you smooth the object? Or are those not the black spots, as I see nothing else black...
File: inb4shittopology.png (89KB, 624x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nope, they appear all the time
>Mesh Display>Unlock Normals
>Mesh Display>Conform

If that doesn't fix it... Try Mesh>Cleanup.

And if that doesn't... Edit> Delete All by Type>History, then assign a new material of a different type.

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Real cool modelling tutorial for 3dsmax. Really good techniques here, and this guy's voice is like batman.

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yeah cool video, john.

but don't be so full of yourself and your voice next time
Is that really what the 3DS UI looks like now? It looks worse than Blender's.

That guys voice is annoying.
Indeed, 3DS Max's UI is even more autistic than Blender's, which is quite an accomplishment. It's not wonder Autodesk is letting it die off and focusing on Maya.

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JUST...fucking how?
Hardcore mode : I hate NURBS
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the answer
is nurbz =^]
Zbrush then retopo
Is that the mesh you want, or the one you already have ? Also, what is it for. We need a bit of context.

Can anyone tell me how this was made? What's the easiest 3d software to get into for somebody who is really just interested in doing the visual design of robots and shit?? (no topo, animation, or fancy stuff)

It's sketchup though is it? Because I think that program is kind of a joke.
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its photoshop and it DOESN'T BELONG HERE

no it's not, that stuff is clearly modelled you moron

no it's not, that stuff is clearly hand-drawn you moron

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Which programs do you use to design game graphics and how to start? My goal is to make Starcraft-like graphics.

I worked with Gimp in past but it's more for picture manipulation than creating something.
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What you want to do? If only create the sprites, the starcraft ones are 3D renders. If you just want pixel style sprites any photo editing software will do, gimp is a good choice.
gimp is a terrible choice for literally everything. If you do want to hand-paint/animate your sprites, try krita instead.

If you want to 3D model them, just start with blender, it'll probably do perfectly fine for all your needs.
The best thing to start with is a pencil and paper. Drawing is drawing. Art is art. You can't do pixel art until you can do art. The traditional mediums are the best to learn with. Start there.

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Going to ask this here since I can't find a single thing online that will help me. Im learning how to rig a model and everything has been working fine up until this point where I have to parent the mesh to the armature. I've tried doing it with automatic weights, empty vertex groups, painting the weights manually and so on. The mesh refuses to move with the armature no matter what even though I've definitely parented it to the armature. Can anyone tell me anything that might fix the problem?

Pls don't make fun of me I know I'm not winning any awards for character design here.
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try to have all the bones connected and enter pose mode before you are trying to move it
if you have maybe you should fix the connections between the parts
You should make the IK control bones after you parented the mesh to the armature, you don't want them to have weights.
You know that to parent you select the mesh first and then the armature, right? And the armature has to be outlined yellow not blue, because if it's in pose mode you're parenting to one bone.
Also, when you try parenting again, select just the mesh and press alt+p to clear any possible parents that might be there so that they don't affect the result.
Oh and you should use automatic weights.

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