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fuck /3/ its been about a year and i still cant get the hang of the final detailing phase of a sculp in zbrush. im happy my basic low poly shape and the basic forms but once i sub div up to the 1 mill + zone i cant detail for shit. i try hand sculpting wrinkes/skin folds by hand (dem standart) and they are just boring lines on a flat surface (i try puffing it up by going in between with a standard brush but as expected its a cut line with a standard line next to it, nothing dynamic or interesting about)
i try useing the alphas but as expected it just lines stamped on a boring flat surface.
im really starting to get discouraged because every time i sculpt at low poly i get think "this is gonna be grate" than get to high poly and it looks lumpy flat and boring and exactly like the model before it.

i know its good to spot your mistakes but i been trying to fix it and im pretty much at the same place as i was a year ago"

pic is kinda related, not my work its a Jordu Schell model, but thats the type of detail i want from my model
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You have to tackle finer details in the same way you do the whole model. Progressively refined. Start with the longer/larger flowing wrinkles to define boundaries that help dictate your smaller wrinkles. You also have to try not to think too much when drawing the lines, you have to sort of let your mind truly be random in how it is creating variation. The brain loves to follow patterns, and you have to resist that, as patterns will feel inorganic.

Tbh the example you gave isn't top notch either, assumed it was yours.
the pic isnt mine, its actually made by Jordu Schell and hes an amazing artist if you dont know his work but it was a simple example i could find. let me show you something i made last night that i hate and i'll point out all the mistakes on it and hopefuly someone can tell me how to fix it and maybe even what brush to use cuz i might be using wrong brushes desu (i use clay, dem_standard, and standard for most of my detailing)

P.S. one thing i noticed just now. hes wrinkle lines are many different sizes and thicknesses, now that i think about it i think i use one size for most of my shit...

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I've been thinking about trying some sculpting, and recently got Zbrush.

I've seen some people "sketching" in 3d, creating concepts really quickly (pic related), and was wondering if thats possible in zbrush and how it's done, or if they're using some other program?

Also general tips, tutorials and advice is greatly appreciated.
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Oh, and i'm fairly comfortable with zbrush, thats why i'm not starting with maya or sculptris or whatever.
if you are fairly comfortable you'd probably know that , yes that is very possible, mostly preferred over traditional 2d conception, based on your example i assume you want to make characters/creatures/organics then zbrush is a great way to go, learn the fundamentals of art first tho so your not just making shit blob monsters... inb4 'BLENDER IS THE BEST ZOMFG'
I've worked as a concept artist for alot of indie devs and been drawing my entire life, so fundemantals of design, form, anatomy and so on is something i'm familiar with.

And no it's far from preferred over 2d concepting. I've never met any art director who wanted 3d artists for concepts. 2d is still alot faster for concept work, but 3d will eventually take over, no doubt about that. That's part of the reason i want to learn 3d properly.

As for my familiarity with zbrush, what i meant is that i know enough abut the interface and the basics of the program.

Can you explain how 3d sketching is done? Or maybe there's a tutorial somewhere?

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https://sketchfab.com/models/8e4d43da699843239b4cb74ec4854bd4 Here is my fast gameart I did yesterday. Critique is welcome
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It's just a can. Why don't you texture it?

Nice models on your account there.

Do you do it professionally?
Look at sketchfab link.

Thank you. I'm "wannabe gameartist"

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The beta was fun as fuck and the graphics were pretty impressive.

The thing I noticed the most was that while most games try have "muh polygon budget" Battlefront really went wild. I couldn't find any jagged edges.

I think that this will be the future tbh. Hopefully we won't have to be using Normal/Displacement maps for literally anything that needs a little bit of detail.
The game was also beautifully optimized.

Unfortunately, jew EA won't ever release a Frostbite SDK.
And the closest we have is UE4, which is unoptimized as fuck.
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>UE4, which is unoptimized as fuck.
Explain this claim.
yep, you're an idiot
It's called photogrammetry m8. People have been doing it for years. Only the static landscape meshes look good because they are actual scanned things and don't really work well with dynamic lights.
The rest of the game, especially the characters looks like the old crysis graphics. Maybe not even that good.

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The lack of siggraphs in /3/ is disturbing. Post your favourite Siggraph Reels.

Fluid Volume Modeling from Sparse Multi-view Images by Appearance Transfer

Real-Time Soft Shadows in Dynamic Scenes using SH Exponentia

Accurate Analytic Approximations for Real-Time Specular Area Lighting

Folding and Crumpling Adaptive Sheets, SIGGRAPH 2013

Structure-Aware Hair Capture (Siggraph 2013)
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yawn. more weak shit
yeah thats neat and all but where is it? Is this going to be another awesome media composition technology that gets hyped and falls off the earth?

What happened to that software that let you edit an entire video just by changing a couple frames?
These are the works of researchers who work on algorithms for better simulations and real-time game solutions. Like Unity shader editor adapted the glossy area light reflection solution and UE4 has built 3D volumetric explosions based on baking footages.

Here's another one that can be used as an ipad application. They are just coming up with awesome innovations.


Hi! I've been working on a model based on this image reference:


I've really hit a snag when it comes to hair though, I can't seem to make it nice and "fluffy", give it that volume I see in well done models of this kind. No matter how much I push and full verts, it just looks like a bunch of flabby banana peels instead of actual hair

Anything I can do to make it more natural? I've followed this tutorial for the basic body...


...and tried to follow this one, for the front of the hair at least:


Even though I'm going through game design in university, I don't have character modelling classes yet, so this project is mainly for fun (and to try and impress my teachers, admittedly). It's my first model too, and as such, I'm aiming to learn and improve as much as possible. So, if it's not a bother, feel free to point out any flaws, and as many things that can be corrected as possible so far.


And here's the Maya project folder thus far, in case it's necessary:


The idea was to go through the modelling > texturing > rigging process for this, to eventually put it in a game engine. Thank you very much for your time in advance!
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If it was me i'd probably download a MMD model like TDA miku and look at how it is
Pull out verts based on their normals.
DAT PIC. and cool i guess...

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This sucks?

/3/ is hard to please.
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you are easily pleased then
All Live action trailer for games suck.
>you are easily pleased then
clearly Bethesda has no idea what the autistic bounds of acceptable are and will crash and burn because most people are like you.

Or, you belong to a minority of nitpickers who constitute a rounding error on humanity and have no net effect on anything.

Hello, I'm very new to 3D modeling and I'm studying C4D right now.
Any tips on how to realize these "bending" on the side of these object?
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File: cubes.png (72KB, 1485x833px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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make cube
bring in general shape
bevel the edges
make assload of loopcuts
one one edge of the cube selsect every second loopcut and move further inside the cube to get your "wriples"
use subdivision modifier or whatever its called in cinema4d and subdivide the fuck out of it
Thanks man! I'll buy you a beer someday!
I am also new to 3d modeling.
Is doing something like this OK or is is going to fuck me over when I want to do anything with the model?
And by that I mean the faces with a bunch of edges at different points in 3d space like I have around the middle of the leg area.

File: chamfer broke.png (244KB, 1365x833px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
chamfer broke.png
244KB, 1365x833px
After using the uniform scale tool I cannot chamfer corners evenly.

How do I correct this?
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oh, 3dsmax 2015 btw.
Next time try to scale only in subobject mode, ie selecting all verts/polygons.

To fix it try resetting your Xform. Select the object, then go to the Utilities tab (the one with the little hammer on the right) and hit Reset Xform. Then collapse the object.
You broke the edgeflow by doing that initial chamfer on the corners there. That main large face is now a 36 sided face, when it used to be just 4 sided (a quad). Retain quads with your modeling operations, if an operation is going to generate n-sided faces, think of a different approach or a way you can quadify that face afterwards.

The simplest solution here would be to simply delete the large face and let it be simply an outside strip of polys for now. Then add thickness with an extrude once you're done getting the shape you want. This is how that phone is built anyways, it's a strip of metal around the outside.

Want to create a game.

I dont know what kind of game yet

Preferably something that runs on Android, iphones and other shit.

And something I can earn money with.

Where do I start or which game engine or game designer/creator/maker do I use?

It needs to be fairly easy (I am good with computers just not a programmer or anything).

And I dont actually know what kind of game i want to make I was just hoping to start somewhere and figure it out on the way

Thanks for the help
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you need to be an artist or a programmer to start things off
if not you need to know how to make design documents which is equally problematic for someone that don't have experience or knowledge
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What this guy says is true.

If you can't program, you can make up for it by knowing how to either
1) Make design documents, or:
2) Make diagrams (Class Diagrams or Object Diagrams)

Good programmers will be familiar with either of those 2. (usually)

If you don't know what an "object" is:
think of it this way.
Every thing you see on the screen, in any video game, is an object.

Every enemy is an object.
Link is an object.
Link's potions, hearts, and weapons are objects.

And Classes are like "types" of objects.
(Enemy Class, Player Class, Powerup Class, Weapon Class).

An enemy object belongs to the Enemy class, etc.

Keep in mind, this explanation is extremely simplified. (dumbed down, to all hell)

And, I'm definitely expecting backlash, because of it.

Also, shouldn't this be in /g/ or /vg/?

I know that /g/ usually has an active programming thread. (or is that /sci/ ?)
I have some basic game maker skills but i fucking hate programming

like seriously I will not do even a single 10 letter line of code

I have tried programming for 10 years but i just cant wrap my hand around

i dont understand 1+1=2

but if I do modules then I understand it.

If I have a visual, i cant do text but visual I am good at. I am capable of making a game in game maker where I move someone with arrow keys and can make jumps etc, but i just dont wanna do any code

when i watch tutorials people always use code and i fucking hate code so fucking much i tried it for 10 years but im dyslectic or something i just cant ever figure it out so if I get a visual on it its way easier

but im stuck at some points with it for example I can make it jump and walk around but I have problems with collisions and all collision tutorials are with code and I dont wanna copy paste it i wanna do it myself with modules because I actually want to understand what it does and i feel bad for copying out of tutorials

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is it photorealistic enough?
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for what?

I only have one thing to offer here. You can see slight indications of truncations around the edge of the base. Otherwise, it looks okay to me.

true, I guess I didn't subdivide the base enough to make the edge smooth. thanks for noticing

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So, I'm about to begin animating a duel scene and i am wondering how i would go about animating it.

Would the actors in the duel need the weapons attach to their skeleton in maya or would they need to be separate objects?

How would i go about attaching it? would it just be skin bind and set it to 100? or what.
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weapons / props should be separate objects.
personally i would use a PointOnPoly constraint.
(Rigging menu set > constrain >pointOnPoly)
select a vert on the hand, then shift select the sword then apply the constraint.
You can use the third last attribute from the bottom of the constraint attributes to animate the constraint on and off, which is useful for a character letting go of their weapon.

You'll want to do some sort of parenting/constraint setup. Don't fucking skin it to the skeleton.

No. Stop.

Props are separate objects; you want your character to be able to let go of a sword or a shield.

I'll try to explain the process:

First of all make sure that all the parts of your object are grouped.

Now... you parent the group to a locator and you check that the locator is moving the group.

Done? okay, now you have to create another locator and parent that to the controller of the hand of your character. This usually results on an IK sort of controller.

After that you parent/constrain the locator of the sword and the locator of the hand.
This should allow, when active, that the controller of the sword controls the hand so you end up with some sort of IK control which is convenient whenever there are interactions that require simulating weight.

On the attribute editor you will now have an extra tab. You just 1 to activate and 0 to break the connection.

On a side note i will advice you patience because you are gonna experience a lot of frustration here.
It's a trial an error thing the first few times to get it right because the direction of the parenting is important and parent/constraints direction is opposed to regular constraints.

Hey guys , I need help, big time . Basically, I'm a beginner in Zbrush and have to make a character for school . I worked there for a week with Zbrush6 and saved my file as ZPR format .
Now , i'm working from home and I only have access to the ZR7 format .
What I'm asking you guys is if someone has the 4R6 version and would be nice enough to convert my file to ZLT instead because I can't do anything with it ATM.
I can send it through email . I'm not sure how I could repay whoever helps , but I'd be extremely grateful . Thanks a lot.
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100 mos. Can send it through wetransfer since gmail is limited to 25.
Anyone? :(

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chubby titz.jpg
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Hi /3/ Please enlighten me with some info as I am somewhat of a noob in computer graphics.

What would be the program of your choice to do isometric drawings such as pic related

I thank you in advance and I will share my work as I go forward with this
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This isn't really an isometric drawing. It appears to be a cad model textured to look like an old hand drawing from back in the day. So to answer your question it would be a very easy task to model those items in a cad package and display (or plot) the items in a hidden mode using hatched for the textures. Its probably what I would (and have) done if I needed an image of that style.
Do you need accuracy? CAD or some shit.

Do you just want the visuals? Blender/3DSMAX/Maya can render it easily.

For the shading:

If you're using blender, search for "blender npr" or "blender freestyle."

I think Max or Maya has a plugin called "Pencil" that does similar things.

For the perspective:

For blender: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Add_Mesh/Create_IsoCam

You can get close enough to isometric by using an orthographic camera and setting it at the right angle.

Like >>500057 said though, if you need accuracy, then go with CAD. A CAD forum would be able to answer your questions.

Is it possible to create "authentic"-looking 80's retro animations in modern programs, or can you only get the "true" look by using antiquated software with all of its old design limits?
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The only part of the "look" that would be tricky to replicate is the emulation of the post processing effects of old displays as digital ones aren't as prone to distortion as current ones. Faking VHS bleeding etc.

It's a bit like using filters for emulators, you can get reasonable results, but they'll never be the same.

The outputted animation (or in the case of an emulator, the pixels) are the easy part.
just do what mega 64 does

This 'true look' isn't about software it's about hardware. Record your stuff onto old media and then digitize the signal of that recording should go a long way to make it look authentic/shitty.

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