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Hello there. I'm a 15 years old Unity indie game dev who's been learning how to make games for a while now. I'm currently making a game and it's turning out pretty good but I really ned someone to take on the "artistic" part. I know a bit od 3d modeling and texturing but I can't do it all. If you want to be a game dev and make a team please tell me, I'd be more than happy to team up with someone.

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If you are 15 years old you can learn how to do your own art.

Do art for 10 years and you will be good, then you will be 25 and still be young.

Also, the thing you need to learn now is you can't trust anyone to do any work for you. You can do this yourself, you don't need anyone else.

Also, enjoy your ban when a mod comes here next month.
I just really don't like that much doing the art. I think it would be better if I'd team up with someone since I can't do everything always. Also why the ban?
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if you give me some steam creds ill consider teaming up cutie pie

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Hey guys,

I dont understand very well about maps. There are hundreds of kinds of maps, like normal map, occlusion, depht, texture, displacement map, and so on...

What exacly is the difference between then?
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So you know what a normal map, displacement map, texture map etc is, but you can't google "what does a normal map do?"?
normal bump and displacement all serve the same purpose, but used in different ways - normal is the most popular one

specular - determains where the model is more shiny
occlusion - determains where the model is darker, it directs where shadows go or something (need to read about it more)

diffuse/albedo - general color/texture map

metallic - determains how metallic the material is

lightmap - determains where pre-baked lightning calculates (when you turn on a lamp for example)

i don't really know about heightmaps and depth maps
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>pre-baked lightning

holy shit

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i know we got like 2 other threads about gnomon but... any of you guys here gnomon graduates? how would you rate the school on a scale of 1-10 and how easy was it to find a job after graduating or did they have any programs to help you find a job or even an internship for a start?
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>Registration for Winter Term 2016 courses will open Monday, December 7th, 2015.

Are you fucking shitting me? A whole year to wait?

more like a month and 7 days
He means a whole year until you actually start, not just to register...

Yes, considering this is the most sought after CG school in the world, you're lucky the waiting list isn't like 4 years.

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I'm pretty new to 3DGC and i need some help to create a shape. does anyone know how to make this?
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with your hand :)
Yeah, why do you ask?
just for revision from past papers. I have been trying to find how to do this shape for about 20 minutes. I can't seem to find out how to make that triangle shape though.

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Hi /3/,

I was wondering if someone here sells 3D stuff in sites like turbosquid, and makes a good living of it.

Hearded stories about people with 500 - 1000 models to sell online, making something like 3k dollars a month. Or even more.

Whats your opinion about it? Can you make a living selling 3D and working as a freelancer?
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make hentai games or animate game characters getting fucked by 9 inch dicks and release it for $9 and someone then will distribute it across /gif/ and /h/ totalling a whole $9
That seens an amazing oportunity. Gotta give it a try lool
depends on your skill.

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Hello my friends.

Whats the hardest stuff you find in 3D modeling?
And why?

For me its the hands and foot... using Dynamesh in ZBrush to model a hand/feet its soo damn hard. You need to move things, inflate, and see proportion, and then move more, and inflate to get to the shape, and when youre going to see the result, its like a fuking alien raptor hand instead of human hand....
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face likeness
or realistic cloth
facial structure with decent topology
face, hands and feet

post art like this.
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Render 2.jpg
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Blender 2.75 low poly cycles. What do you think? Hit me.
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Pretty good. You did a pretty good job with the lighting. The only thing I could complain about is that there is very little going on in this scene. But otherwise it's pretty good
Its good. As the anon said here, theres just a few things in the scene, ao it doesnt looks that omg this is amazing.

But its cool, i like this kinda of low poly art.
Given it's in the Blender tutorial "Low poly" style, I think it's uninspired tripe.

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I made a film. It was the film I wanted to make and not intended to please anyone but myself.


If I don't get rich and famous from this maybe I will make something people want to see.
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Camera shots are too long/slow and nothing happens for minutes, noones going to watch if nothing happens. Needs audio, you could add some distorted music and some mic recordings(also distorted)

If its some reference to the book that it is boring or writen in an slow lengthy long-winded fashion I dont get it.

Also I remember you posting you are working on your short film some year/s ago. Is thats what you have been doing since? Come on.

I made the film I wanted to make. In the future I may decide to make a film that will make other people happy.
if u are pleased with this pure bullshite then everything is fine i guess.
do what you like even if its shit since nobody cares anyway in the end

Okay /3/ so what's the best software for uv mapping game assets? From what i know c4d sucks at this point and there's not much tuts for it either
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Heads uv layout is cool when it's not crashing. And roadkill is equivilent.

But frankly I use the uv master plug in in zbrush and tinker with it.

These jokes. Funny men.

@OP, 3DS Max and Maya are currently the best (Maya is a little less autistic of an interface though). I've heard 3DCoat has pretty nice UV unwrap tools as well, but that program is developed by religious nutjobs who don't want you making anything "sinful" with their software.

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Does anyone have experience with 3D in Photoshop?

I'm texturing a obj., and for some reason the texture keeps disconnecting from the model. Instead, a new file is created in the temporary items folder and it forces me to save and reimport everything. Its really annoying.
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Anyone know what could cause this?
maybe you mtl file to differ between the different parts if your model
Come again - you think it would work better if I saved the textures as mtl? I'm currently working with psd or psd files.

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Animation student here, yeah I know it's shit skip over that.
I have a problem with the output. Max shows me in the renderer that everything is perfect, just the way I, a shitty animation student, want it. Then, when I access the output-ed file, I get this shit. It isn't the gamma I already tried adjusting it.
What the fuck is wrong with it?
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Looks like you're saving it at 256 colors. Try .tif
I actually just tried that and it didn't work. It looks like the rendering works just fine as I can tell by the individual preview images look fine. But once I try to run them in the RAM video viewer it messes the picture quality up
OP here.

I guess what I am really trying to do is compile my animation into a video format that can be used in a video editor.

I have tried a preview animation, it looked all pixelly, as well as rendering freame by frame then compiling the frames in the RAM player (result is picture).

Is there an easier way to do this? My professor never actually taught us how to do this shit so I am on my own and have been trying to figure it out via shitty youtube videos that don't actually help me.

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Text it's a little bit too bright and maybe the tridimensionality of it it's not so underlined. Any other tips?
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Looks 2d text slapped on a 2d photo senpai
Yes, I need to make the tridimensionality of the text more evident, because it is actually a 3D text. Maybe a bigger value of the extrude nurb will be enough to fix it.

What do you think about the shadow? Should I made it more evident too?
Make its material less reflective/luminant.
Being in a clear, sunny day in the desert the text should cast a strong, sharp shadow. Also the text should be slightly blurry, matching the focus of the camera (but that's in post and you're not there yet).

Tell me, Anon. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Perpetual Licenses?
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I thought not its not a story a Subscription user would tell you.
It's a Perpetual Legend..

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Sup, /3/.

I just finished up a sculpt for a concept creature. I'm no good, and I know this. I just do this for fun. I'm looking for critiques to make this creature just a little more convincing and interesting.

Next time round, I'll be trying to pay closer attention to humanoid anatomy, get rid of the head tendrils, probably dome out the skull a bit more, and be sure to put actual eyes in.
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and from the back
upper head is bigger than lower part
eyes and nose are 75% of the face
spine is all the way up to the head, it should stop in the back, then curve a space for the neck
eyes are really small for such a big head
its hard to critiques something that barely has any believable anatomy and is moosh as fuck. it shows that you know almost nothing about sculpting

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