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Any advise on how to clean up the smoothing here?
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What the fuck have you done to that poor mesh?
I... don't know...

Which is exactly why I need help.
That messed is fucked. You are better off simple starting over and tracing over what you already made. It looks like you did something to seriously fuck that one up. If you aren't quite sure what you are doing, watch a tutorial or two on box modeling. You should just be using extrusions, loop cuts, and moving verts. Don't add any weird things like ngons (faces with more than 4 verts).

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i started yesterday the first time modelling with blender.
what do you think?
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I find it hard to imagine something worse.
It's vagina man
He has the ability to grow a huge vagina in its chest

Congratulations OP, your creation is now a meme.
shitposting aside, I'd say go with something a bit more geometric next time instead of trying to make an entire creature. baby steps and shit, pic related was my first go at blender.

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wew lad.png
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Zbrush question.

This is first scupt and I kept everything as one subtool/mesh besides the eyes.

If you model a head, is it standard to make a new subtool to make the chest/torso/arms/legs? I just extruded then dynameshed to make everything besides the head and kept it one subtool.

1) If I were to use the subtool method, when you're finished sculpting, would you merge the subtools?
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Is your skin segmented in real life?

Make it all one.

OP heres , to clarify, I started with one sphere to make the entire body. I started running out of resolution to do hands for example, so that leaves me to believe that this is a bad method?
use zsphere to make something like this

Should I be using a tablet for sculpting in zbrush? I'm just starting out and honestly It feels super awkward right now.
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i mean it does work without but i would rather use a tablet.
You would probably find a lot more success if you used a tablet.
I like using the side buttons on my tablet rather than the keyboard shortcuts. Makes my workflow way better.

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Hi, i'm sculpting a Slig from Oddworld for my 3D Modelling ICA at university, and i'm just looking for some tips, areas i could improve with focus on his mask. All clothing will be made in seperate layers to the actual flesh, and the mask is completely hollow so it fits on his face.
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What sculpting app is that?
Never-mind, I searched.

3D-Coat 4.5, Full Professional version is currently sold at price of $379
I've already bought it, I have the educational version since i'm at university. It's my favourite sculpting package so far.

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Thoughts on Unity? It seems that it's been getting a big push this past couple of years. I tried it once when it was on 3 but never really gave it a fair chance after that.

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It's currently barely usable
Wait for 5.3 at least
Or use 4
Use it because it supports a ton of platforms and don't have to deal with c++
Seems pretty cool. I have the same mentality you do about unreal engine.

What dont you like about it?

Yo people of Turbosquid.

> What sells best, what worst?
> How much Work do you have to put in so people buy your stuff?
> How long does it take to get noticed and stell anything?

And most of all:
Is it worth it?
If not, why do so many people use it?
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in 5 years I've made 2.50
Turbo is for professionals, if you want to sell assets do unity store or freelance.
You must have made something useless.

Fully rigged human women do well, depending on the design.
Pricey, but they do well. If you can make it cheaper, and just as good, or better it won't be wasted. Here's proof.


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What's the secret behind making good concept designs?
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Thinking before doing

Hard work, attention to detail, visually identifiable, something you can actually imagine existing same as if you were standing next to it observing every detail up close.
Our brains know if something looks fake, so any design must be as sharp as the world we live in.

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Worth it?
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>Free program
>Pay as much as a MayaLT subscription just to learn it
Just torrent you dumb ngr.

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Who thought it was a smart idea to make the material editor so idiotic?
Why is the option to add a texture to your material channels not readily available from the beginning?

Nevermind the fact you have to google where to find the material editor in the first place unless you want to click on every fucking button looking for it, versus any other 3D application where you will always find a clearly labeled menu related to materials and anything else, and some sort of right-click menu for adding a material directly to an object.

What's the fucking point of the top menu called "Window" if it doesn't actually list and open the various editors in Blender, like a material editor? There's only a few things under Window, whereas the things that should be there are for some stupid reason off to the left of the File menu, inside an icon that is usually associated with opening the INFO documentation in all other softwares... The amount of bad design decisions in this program is bonkers.
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actually its very clever made material editor.
the UI of Blender is one of most advanced on the market. You need to get comfortable with it and you will love it.

if you want to have material collection instead to make your own just go with substance painter or substance designer.
I guess you'll have to go through the source and unstupid all the features.

And if you're unwilling to do that, then you now understand why there are so many problems like this.
It's not clever at all, it's counter productive, especially to people learning the program. I don't want a material collection, I want it to not be organized idiotically. I have many years of experience with other 3D programs, materials are not foreign to me.

Exactly. Blender is a mish-mash of mediocre coder's code, all with their own ideas of what they think is good from a programmers perspective instead of an artist's perspective. I want to kill myself just trying to navigate this POS. Every other 3D program I've learned has had things clearly do what you'd expect them to when clicking on a button, and has things in smart places that make them easy to find.. This is just.. wow.

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There are tons of sites where you can sell clean 3D stuff but what about the adult rated items?

Is there any good site for selling 3D dicks for Poser/DAZ Studio? Is Renderorica any good?
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I can't speak to the level of business or anything there, but I knew the guy that founded it (Legume) before he even had the idea for the site. He is a massive douchebag, and -hates- 3d being used for porn. He founded it because porn makes money, not because he personally supports it.

If he's still involved with it, you can expect an ambivalent attitude toward any problems you have or piracy of your stuff, just because of how he views 3d porn in general.
>You won't ever get work
>Is Renderorica any good?
Yes, it is. Lali's Bits is popular for a reason and Davo is a god of monster rape props/creatures. A number of Renderosity/RDNA vendors also sell there although they might not use the same names.

> I'm literally pulling things out of my ass, look

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Why the fuck does anyone find blender confusing??? Look at fucking max, you have to fiddle between the buttons to SCROLL.
Or fiddle at the fucking arrows to move something.
It's completely retarded.

Also I don't know alot about max, but if the viewport of blender looks better than most max renders, you do something wrong.
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Uh, nobody argues that Max is intuitive either bruh. In fact, Max is generally considered to have one of the worst UIs of the industry.
Maya is a lot better than Blender's though, current Maya that is.
>current Maya that is.

nope. working in maya but mostly it gets dropped because of UI clusterfuck.
I've found that Cinema has the easiest UI to learn, but is also the most lackluster application. Blender is kind of middle point. Maya and Max are somewhat harder just for the cheer amount of features and redundant menus it has and whatnot. Zbrush is a fucking mess though.

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substance 5.3.jpg
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>Unlimited resolution

I don't know what these mean.
Why should anyone be looking forward to these?
These seem like features geared more to the high poly concept art crowd (like keyshot)?
Are these just marketing buzzwords?
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Forgot link:
path tracing is a lighting algorithm for GI, comparable to ray tracing

>geared more to the high poly concept art

if you're not gonna use substance designer as your main renderer it won't do much for you

unlimited resolution is pretty buzzwordy
>if you're not gonna use substance designer as your main renderer it won't do much for you

Understood, but this type of rendering is more for highpoly, with advanced reflections and stuff too intense/not applicable to typical game art/real time presentation, right?
I THINK that rendering approach is used for a more "bells and whistles, kit n kaboodle plus the kitchen sink" type renders.

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So, I decided to make a /3/ server on discord where we can lounge around and chill/discuss anything 3dcg related. For those of you who don't know, Discord is a new chat client that is basically like IRC and Skype had a lovechild. It's pretty comfy. It works on browsers, windows and android. So far there are only 2 other people besides me there, which is alright considering I made the server 5 minutes ago. Hopefully it can grow. Anyone is free to join. You don't need to register, but if you want to claim a username you can do that. Here's a link to the room: https://discord.gg/0Y4utWZT6cx51rVz

Bellow I will post a screenshot of what the interface if anyone wants to see what it's like.
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4 active in the room so far.
Come on people don't be shy

WIP thread

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no photo-realism/10
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I rike it

Another WIP im working on atm
File: 3dcg_WIP.jpg (1MB, 1500x882px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1500x882px
how the fuck did you manage to lose the thread picture. two threads in a row. here's full res.

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