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Obviously not finished, just want to know how I'm doing so far.
thats fine

please consider using normal maps for wheel detail instead modeling it directly
80's synth drive by/10

you guys think the characters in 'until dawn' were sculpted by really good artists or were they face scanned cuz they look really good
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body and facial mocap (scanned)
Sculping its outdated and would cost a lot, time and money.

This. Speed and efficient quality is priority nowadays.
Then why do they look like shit ? Aside from the top left and bottom left, the sculpts look like completely different people.
Scanning my ass, atleast the artists can make sure the faces look right before releasing them into production and avoid shameful results like this.

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So... straight to the point:
Where can I find iAnimate\AnimationMentor/animschool/... video-lessons and stuff?
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cool, but i did not have an account
make one

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I've been messing around with Unity's terrain feature a little bit lately and I had a question about the height maps it exports.

When you export a height map from a terrain, it produces a texture file with two channels, a typical color channel as well as an alpha channel. What confuses me is that the color channel contains the image on the right, while the alpha contains the left; the left is the kind of height map I'm familiar with, but I have no idea what the right is. I can't make out its effect on the terrain in Unity either.

What exactly is the image on the right called, and how are they used? Or is this some kind of bug/I'm doing something wrong? These aren't the full textures, by the way, they're a little cropped.
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You also get that from World Machine. When it exports the height, it creates a gradient for every value. So if you can imagine slicing up a regular 32bit heightmap based on its brightness value, it creates another 32bit heightmap for every slice. Hence giving you that much extra definition for the heightmap so you won't get any stepping artifacts.

If you put the images on top of each other, you'll see that the more visible gradient parts correspond to the flat colors on the left to compensate for the insufficient depth data.
That makes some sense. So, if I'm interpreting you correctly, it's like a height map using modulo? Say, take the original height values as a range from 0-100, and then take the modulo of that by 1, and record those values.

But how do you use it from a programming/shader standpoint? Since all of the sliced 32bit heightmaps you're talking about would all go between 0 and 1, do you just reference the regular height map to figure out where to start and where to end for each slice?

I.e., 1 on the left heightmap = starting point for some sampling path on the right, 0 = the end.

If you were to apply it as a displacement map, then, you'd just apply one on top of the other, with the right being used with a strength appropriate for small details and the left being used for the main shape?

More importantly, is there a term for the type/"style" on the right? I'm not sure where to go to look up more info, which was why I came here. Thanks for the answer, by the way.
Yeah thats how they work. Dunno about the correct terminology for it but it's not for shaders. It's purely for other programs with built in terrain generators like Unity and UE4 to read from. Usually it's r16, r32 or RAW format with 2 grayscale channels which hold the two images you posted above. I'd go for world machine documentation to find out more about the RAW format.

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So I see lots of people who instead of creating one sound mesh, just create objects by "combining" sub-objects, more or less just pushing one mesh into the other, making them intersect with each other with tons of internal excess meshes, internal faces and other shit.

For example jeans with rivets just sunken into the pants mesh, futuristic helmets with design parts just placed on top of the helmet mesh, etc.

When is it okay to do this tongue-in-cheek shit?

I thought it's an absolute no go like using triangles where you can avoid them.
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For film, as long as the intersection of those two meshes is hidden, it is perfectly fine. (like the example of rivets, the cap at the top is overlapping where the mesh penetrates). Intersections create 100% hardness lines that normal maps can't really fix. If the object is only going to be seen from a distance, than it's not an issue.

For games, you'll often save a shit tonne of polys by simply intersecting geometry instead of trying to modify the topology to support that shape. Again though, you'll get the 100% hardness lines, but it's not as big a deal in games and post-process filter can help blur those edges too.
The way videogames work, they generally render using gl_triangles (or dx equivalent), which means that disjointed triangles don't matter as long as they are all in the same object. You may even save on the triangle count. If it's many objects it's one drawcall per object, which is bad if the sub objets move the same way as the main objects and use the same texture espace and etc.

Now if your engine is somehow optimized to create triangle strips out of regular artist submitted meshes, it could be less optimal, yes, but it's an odd case.

For anything that isn't real time it's completely irrelevant.

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Where can we find up to date blender tutorials? fresh content
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If you want good, up to date materials for blender, you'll have to buy them. That's one of the major failings of the Blender community. Most of the good users learned blender in previous versions, and so the good Blender users have no more need of tutorials. Thus newbs are stuck using out of date tutorials for 2.5x or paying for up to date stuff.

The best place to get paid Blender tutorials, imo, is Udemy. You can get them for like $10 when they have a sale. Just check the Udemy facebook page for coupons.

If you are familiar with Maya, try
If you want to learn using the Blender standard controls and hotkeys, try

Good luck mate.
>Thus newbs are stuck using out of date tutorials for 2.5x

I'm not aware of game changing changes to Blender after 2.5x.

Most tutorials for a -basic- entry into it should work perfectly fine, still.
That's the main reason, why there's not a new tutorial of the same shit every time there's a new Blender version.
Those are some nice sho-
>no smoothing groups on the upper part

So, Maya has this tool called "Transfer Attributes" that lets you copy various attributes of one object to another. In the video below, it is used to... Well fuck it. Just watch.


Does Blender have a tool that does that, and if so, what is it? Anyone got a tutorial on how to use it?

Also, as a side question, is there a way to use Blender without the 3d cursor? It's honestly the only thing keeping me from enjoying the program.

>pic unrelated
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For some reason, copying the video url at the appropriate time did not work. Start watching at 8:35.
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What kind of attributes? Just like Maya, Blender treats their objects like containers and shapes, you can transfer shapes between containers and shit like that. Saw a few minutes of that video from where you said and apparently the guy copies the shape of the quaded pants into the shape of the non quaded pants, right? I'm no expert in Blender but I'm pretty sure it can be done. I don't know if they'll transfer the UVs automatically though, but it can be done, the process is a bit confusing from what I can remember.
Those are meshes, not shapes.

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I can see load of clipping going on, its just a bunch of random shit slapped together, also lost of photoshop.

It works as concept art, but for anything else its useless. Have fun trying to retopologise this/trying to use it to bake onto a lower poly.
lol @ all the greeble and shit hanging off his arms.
There's a sniper scope or something on the arm, fuck knows what floating off his wrist, a camera embedded in his chest.
No wonder he's locked in an a pose.
form follows function
so i have no idea what function does the analog camera hes got on his nipple

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Does fibermesh in ZBrush is good to animate it or riggin?

Some people told me that the old polygonal hair is still the good stuff, not better than other hairs plugin, but still the most used.

But i was wondering if fibermesh is good to animate manually. If not, then what about those Insert Brush people usually do aswelll for hair, does it need to be retopologyzed in Maya/Max?

Or is it ok to leave as zbrush did?
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Polygon hair is what you want for games. Fibermesh is useful for animation/film. You can convert fibermesh to hair guide curves to use in Maya.

Does anyone use NURBS for modeling here? If you do, what do you use them for?
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Adding to anon's statement here.
Curves are used to express organic hard-surfaces in the most simple way. They are used to express natural form in a mathematical way.
I would guess right if I said NURBS has no place in games, right?

Hi all, can you give me some tips to improve the lighting and texturing in this render. Currently using vray inside of 3ds max. Also aware of the mesh clipping on the right side of the building.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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here is the current setup using vray sun
Never go full black on a shadow...
Turn down the bump on the masonry.
Canopy and deck could be a different material from the walls. Wood maybe?
Give your grass some topography if it's not too much trouble.
If your walls are supposed to be stucco, add some control joints and a subtle texture. Walls are not all a flat material, they have joints and breaks too.

I'm new to 3d modeling and this is my first model.

I decided to try out sculpting before box modeling and was able to get this far, but now I have to do some hair and I have no idea what I'm doing.

Would it be more efficent to add the hair using box modeling techniques? I am trying to do a hime cut.

Also wtf is that artifact under her right eye? No matter what i do I can't get rid of it.

So yeah how do you do hair and how do I get rid of that shit under her eye.
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blender sculpting is usable but i don't believe its something you can make game models out of.
its a good practice tool and you can bake nice things with it but its not really something you should stick to unless you get really good at it, also slowdowns after 700k polys

usually eyes and hair are seperate objects because you might want to assign different materials.
so far not bad for a first model,people usually start with hard surface before sculpting to learn more about topology and 3D concepts

It's decent, shows you have some fundamentals to work from.
When you get more farmiliar with things you'll do well.

>people usually start with hard surface before sculpting to learn more about topology and 3D concepts

I go from hard to organic and back often, there is a large knock on effect from knowing/ having experience doing both.
I am going to attempt to make some robots and do them using box modeling techniques. I started with this sculpt because in art starting with the human face is pretty normal I think, though I still have no idea how to do hair.

So they fucking pulled shrinkwrapping from max 2015.
Does anyone know a script or a good technique for shrinkwrapping.
If you don't know how usefull this is for floating geo on curved surfaces, don't reply. Go be a noob.
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Blender has shrinkwrap.
>remove feature to later include it as a revolutionary new tool 2 years from now

Never change Autojews

yo /3/ how do i rig a simple rope like skeleton with physics in 3ds max where i can just pull the controller around and have it wiggle naturally?
tried to find a tutorial but couldn't find what i was looking for (maybe it has a specific name that i don't know)
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I need a rig that can morph with gravity and movement, for exaple so i can put it in a rope or wire hanging from a character ad have it wave around as the character moves. anyone know how or where i can find a tutorial?
Idk why you would do this in Max when Maya does it so easily and gives you so much control.

If you really want to do it in max you can fuck around with the stupid fucking physics system using a shitload of constrains for each bone.

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So I'm building a new PC purely for rendering 3D fractal animations. It's been about 4 years since I've built a new PC. Looking at the i7 6700k but I'm not sure what kind of cpu cooling to use and how much/type of RAM. Help me Obi wan /3/. Your my only hope.
Any advice is welcome.
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Cube sphere2.jpg
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you definately want to go water cooled I used the corsair h110. whats you budget if its in the 2-3k area i would go xeon processors instead. I do animation and art with images up to 80 megapixels and i run 32 gigs ram with 3 gtx 780 cards in SLI for some progs the gpu is a far more powerful tool the the cpu and for some progs the number of cores is king. it really depends on the way the program your using works.
Good to know. I'll go for liquid cooled then.

The software i use can utilise all available cores. GPU's aren't important, it's all CPU based.
So you think the Xeons will do a better job than an i7?

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