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Fucked up.png
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First try at doing a human 3D
Was doing alright until the fucking Sculpt came into play
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Also I cant get the ass right, no matter what I try it just looks flabby
>Was doing alright until the fucking Sculpt came into play

So you just assumed you knew how to sculpt?

>People sculpt in blender?
>Watches video of someone sculpting in blender.
> ....
>Watches another vid when suddenly everything goes dark
>my face has been palmed.
Well yeah, you have to start somewhere
I didnt know anything else I was doing up to sulpting either and it came out Okay

How to handpaint?
Do you know any good tutorials?
Can this be done in a program like Substance Painter, or do I need to paint the UV maps in Photoshop if I want this brushy style?
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i tried learning hand painting for a little while, i learned a way to simulate hand painted textures by setting up the lighting and setting up the base color i needed and rendering out the texture maps from 3ds max, than desaturating wood/metaal textures nd overlaying it to make it look hand painted

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Is maya really 3000$?

pic unrelated
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It is if you work for a company, otherwise if you're independent its yar har city.
link pl0x

Wont get far with an attitude like that

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Allahu snakbar
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bringing memes to life
i'm proud of you son
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>I am charlie
post model or gtfo

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Hey /3/, this is my first time posting here. I usually browse /b/ and i got some inspiration from it. I posted this on /b/ but I realized there was a 3D Modelling board c:
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You have 4 hours to make this, fully textured and everything. Do it, and you're welcome here.
On it
File: nanermodeltextured.jpg (15KB, 357x493px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry if it looks like crap, Might redo in the future.

I've been putting it off doing this Windows 10 upgrade, but this shit keeps bugging me and now it's starting to download the update automatically without me asking it to. So, if I do the upgrade should I be concerned about compatibility with my 3D programs? I use 3ds Max with plugins like FumeFX, as well as ZBrush and occasionally other programs like Speedtree, RealFlow, etc. Will all of this work like it would in Windows 7, even if I use older versions?
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windows 10 is a downgrade and cashgrab from win7
So I should wait it out? I think the free upgrade expires in July, so I have some time. How is it a downgrade? Besides the privacy issues.
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smug animé girl.gif
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>for a limited time

just come clean microdicksoft, you will keep it there forever lest some willing victim would not get datamined

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I'm working on a game in Unity that uses this model as a base, allowing players to create their own character using sliders. I know Unity has support for Blendshapes which I intend to use for facial expressions. In older games I noticed that some used their armature to change the characters, though I'm not sure if that's still the case these days. Others have a few base shapes and interpolate between them, I think even Fallout 4 does this but then again it's Bethesda's using the same engine since last millennium.

Should I create the sliders for the face and body using bones in a rig or blendshapes? Is there a standard practice for this?
If I should use a rig, should I keep it separate from the animation rig or integrate it into the skeleton?
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File: rig-upperbody.png (163KB, 1953x1092px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here are some screens of my current rig, I don't have any facial bones yet besides some for the eyes.
File: rig-lowerbody.png (80KB, 1735x1044px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1450188660868.gif (2MB, 264x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If we're talking mmo level character scaling and customization, then armature/bones woulb be best. Breasts are probably gonna need a mix of both bones and blendshapes. As long as the base skeleton rig for each body has the exact same number of bones and hiearchy then you should be fine.

Terragen or Vue ?
Pic is Terragen
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I have several questions..
as someone struggling with complex mech creation do you think the people who model these kind of detailed mechs model it from scratch or use kitbash it for a library of mechanical parts (heard thats the best way to do it. talked to a guy oce who made this cool robot and he said doing it from scratch clouds your mind and makes you lose vision of the whole thing while you model 1 piece at a time)

also if you kitbash a high poly mech like this how would you retopo it for games?

last question. how do you even unwrap and texture something like this? do you need to create a few texture maps to fit everything in?
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Kitbashing is the lowest you can get when doing 3D stuff. It's literally lower than furries, zbrush blobmonsters and adding lensflares in your renders. It's taking what someone else made, piling them together and saying "LOOK WAT I MADE GUISE"
i didnt say taking what others made and putting it together. creating your own library.

Could anyone enlight me on how a robot like that would be made to use in movie/advertising CG?

I feel like if you were to actually model every component and strap it together, it would be a hilariously high poly and inneficient model.

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anyone know any good tutorials for making hair? i've been looking around but i can't seem to find any
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> cant make good hair
welcome to the club dude.
File: vgh_hair_geo.gif (1MB, 441x559px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here ya go breh
Google >>>>>>>> Making Realistic the Hair by Shang-peng Leng

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What does /3/ think of modo? how does it compare with industry standards in- Film
product visualisation
ach viz
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yes its viable
for small studio you might want to learn blender but modo interface is easier
just get the damn program and play around with it. its modeling tools and interface are ahead of the pack. i'm still a heavy max user when it comes to modeling due to the abundance of scripts, but modo is catching up real fast because they actually listen, research and cater to the needs of artists, not engineers. i'll be switching to it entirely next year if autodesk releases another half-assed bloatware while maya receives all the goodies.
not to mention i had to revert back to 2015 max due to shitty memory leak they introduced with their crappy service pack in 2016.

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xps 9550.png
45KB, 717x744px
I'm looking at a laptop so I can work away from home a couple days a week. It will be used for real time PC game stuff in Unity. With some minor Maya and Photoshop type work to support that.

I'm looking at the Dell XPS range. So I can afford the cheaper models. Which one should I get? ps. Prices are a little lower than listed because Dell's sales people agreed to cut the price £70-100 when I said I was looking at the MacBook Pro.
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If you are just using unity, Maya and photoshop then I would say a dell xps is overkill. Personally I would go with something cheaper, although a dell xps could be useful if you decide to do some work with unreal engine 4 or something.
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2MB, 1224x1600px
>If you are just using unity, Maya and photoshop then I would say a dell xps is overkill.
Can you recommend some alternative models? I want something that will not need replacing in two years as well.

>16 GB
>Big Memory

rolf. its like telling 5 years old..

Hi /3/ I am really trying to figure out a good workflow for very high poly zbrush models and rendering out small animations through maya/3ds max whichever works better. I've noticed so far after following tutorials I mostly just get errors trying to texture in zbrush and export the uv maps / texture maps. so from what i remember, you need to just export the zbrush model zremeshed low poly to maya along with the high poly texture and other info from zbrush. where do you do the uv mapping and at what point?

Also if you are using zremesher for human body / face, at what point do you use z remesher on the model and how do you export the texture from the high poly model in zbrush to maya
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1. You user ZRemesher after you know you're done making any major/medium form changes (like, after you're done getting your ear folds in, do this on a separate subtool though).

2. You can export textured maps fine from ZBrush... just make sure you increase the UV Map Border size in your UV Map settings before you do "Texture from Polypaint". And use UVMaster to unfold the ZRemeshed model before doing your reprojections.

Her knees look fucked
does this guy sculpt then pose?

Do any of you guys know how to download videos from PluralSight (formerly known as Digital Tutors) or sights like Udemy? My internet cap is fairly small and thus I can't really afford to stream videos all the time. I know Plural Sight had some kind of offline viewer but it used some kind of token system or something and would only allow you to download a few videos at a time which isn't particularly idea for me
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Go get a new ISP (one that isn't strict on data caps like Time Warner or Google Fiber), move out of the boonies if you have to.
what is cgpeers

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hey there fellows.

I'm stumbling into so many tutorials for creating 3D mashes from specific grayscale images, but I'm having a hard time finding how those images are made - some clever site says, maybe ironically, "they are made from 3D models".
Is there any tutorial on how to create 3D grayscale images from a picture?
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Heavy face.png
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> 3d mashes
>3d mashes
sorry for typo, it's meshes. I know.
no you fucking retard

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