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so which one of u was it?
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is the guy bitching about the design or the execution?

man redditors are fucking retarded
well, the snake does look like like it's seen some shit (literally) and wants to escape at all costs
So they didnt hire him because he put one whacky design in his portfolio even though the others where looking good?

I guess that matches with my stereotype about stuck up humorless redditors.

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Sup /3/

We're qualified for the next 4chan Autumn Cup but our last manager died so we're gonna need a new one or we'll be disqualified.
Signups for the cup start are in like 10 days, so we'll need one pretty soon.

Anyone interested? I know the last few times we had a thread there were folk getting involved with the team, but that was a good few months ago so I'm hoping that interest is still here.

Here's our wiki page for anyone needing to read up on things:
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Here's our current roster, open to ideas of course if a new manager appears he can change them to the board's liking
I Really, really want Alioto and Millenia as players
no anal terror ui?

Have you ever hear the Tragedy of 3D Software?
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Your new Subscription? Anon. My Allegiance is to single payment products, to sustainability.
I know there are things about the /3/ that they aren't telling me.
Alright. I see what your doing there and i agree. Subscription plans are unsustainable.

You expect a studio or artist to always be paying you for a product your now renting instead of owning.

I may as well do programming now or go back to doing it with numbers in note pad.

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So I am trying to get this effect that works based on the light of the scene.

I came to found this pic on a forum but it was mostly about how to achieve it in Maya (have the pic of the shading network, I'll post it next).

I get the first part of the process, but with what images I need to use to achieve it but I dont get how to make it react properly to the light.
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The shading process
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What a guy managed to do in 3dsMax (forgot to say it but its where I am trying to get it to work too, sorry)

I can get it to look like this but its still very far from the other look that fits more with what is wanted
what have you tried, fag

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I love the level of detail height maps give my terrain. Is there any way I can use one in a character? For example, I'm recreating the Phantom of the Opera in real time, and for the pahtom's facial deformity, I need a pretty good level of detail to capture the effect of the mutation.

I don't want to use bump offset/normal mapping, since I want real height to this deformity, not the illusion of height. I don't like tesselation, it's GPU expensive since a model has to be subdivided.

I haven't looked into UE4's displacement mapping system a lot, but I do know that it might suffice.
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>, since I want real height to this deformity

I've got a KURAAAAZY suggestion.

What if you used POLYGONS to do this? Insane, I know.
The lack of understanding about computer graphics in that statement is too damn high

What? He wants a high detail model and normal maps aren't strong enough. He should just fucking model the detail into the mesh if he thinks he has the budget for it. Using the heightmaps will have the exact same performance hit, but require much more work to get looking good on a moving, deformable mesh.

Go eat a dick.

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Screenshot (138).png
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Hey guys, So i have to reconstruct a models face, any idea how? I'm using the tool kit in Maya 15 but I'm not sure if I doing it right. any one have a facial map for facial animation? whats the correct way of doing this?
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I would use shrink wrap deformer + mirror.

Also I would make bigger quads and then subdivide to get more detail. The quad draw thing you got there looks messy.
What do you mean by reconstruct?
Sorry, retopo

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Am i being stupid by being a Buyfag?
I downloaded zBrush as a trial to try it out and compare to Mudbox, it's a whole new world with Tablet with too many options to stay with Mudbox.
Cost $800 of which i can't spare atm.

Do industry pros buy all their stuff?
Does /3/ buy all their stuff?
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> literally spending money on anything
the very idea existing in your head means you're the dumbest fuck in the universe
Companies will pay for your software.
Unless you're making large amounts of money off of it, then do what you have to do.
Yes, people in the industry buy the software they use most. And when you consider that updates for ZBrush have been free thus far, it's extremely good value compared to other paid software used in the industry.

But if you're not actually working in the industry yet, then you don't need to bother buying it yet. Just practice and build your portfolio with the pirated version till you have a good reason to be buying it.

Hi /3/
Ive been learning to make characters in my free time for a long time.
I dont have the money for going to a school so I'm using the internet for this.
The bad thing is I dont have a nice workflow. I mean, I followed tutorials from here and there, texturing, some modeling, retopo, etc

Is there any site, tutorial or anything which can orient me in the right way? I always get the feeling I'm doing it all wrong at the end.

I want to have a 2014-2015 tutorial from the very first polygon to the rigging and postpro tools.

Any nice websites? I would pay for a complete tutorial.
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>I would pay for a complete tutorial.
I don't really know any specific one, but browse those tutorial websites, find something you like and download it on cgpeers. If it turns out to not be helpful at least you didn't pay for it.
Who gives a fuck about workflows, workflows differ from job to job and often from model to model, too. As long as you know what steps to take to achieve your result it's all good.
>make mesh
>make uvs
>make maps


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/3/ I need your help
>pic related
can you design an good looking elevator[blueprint] ?
>only make blueprint , I can model in Blender.
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This is obviously another 'raid' post!

/3/ is being flooded with " I use Blender . .. how do you make a cube?" type questions. This is probably somebody who uses /3/ and thinks they are being funny.

It's not funny and it's not clever!
why dont you google for elevator blueprints instead of shitposting here?
There are only shitty blueprints that look like boxes
No im actually searious and i know blender really well. the model you see is made inside the game engine I use

I have a rather generous budget for building a new rig. This is not my first build but I want to make sure I'm buying smart. What are the most important components with 3d modeling in mind?
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>rather generous budget
Define generous

Avoid bottlenecks.

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Hi. I don't have any interest in breaking into the video game industry. What software I use to model is my choice and I won't bother arguing about why I use it because my circumstances and preferences aren't necessarily yours. This isn't a thinly disguised beg for help thread and I think people who model guns to start their careers are at least learning hard surface modeling even if the object is unimaginative.

Also, I'm probably going to make a lot of porn (regular, non futa, non furry) and I have zero guilt about it. Who knows, maybe I'll even sell some of it but I have no misgivings about my talent or lack thereof.

I won't ask how long it'll take to get good at something because the question's fundamentally retarded. It takes as long as it takes. If you're going to give up based on the answer, you weren't committed in the first place.

You're not as shitty a board as you think you are, /3/. Keep working on your stuff.

In return for your not being the most shit board on 4chan, have a woodchip texture I took and made tileable.
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In fact, make that two textures.
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OK, one more but you're really busting my balls here /3/.
fuck you and your shitty opinion, no one gives a fuck, now just fuck off faggot...

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Hey /3/
I'm quite new to modelling and everything there is to it.
What I'm trying to achieve here is to "hollow" out this model, and just keep the outer "shell". (Yes, it's a scout rifle from the game Destiny).
I'm trying to make this to be like the third gun at the bottom. Fully hollowed, no pieces or tubes or anything of the sort inside.
I have a bit of knowledge on Meshmixer, but I believe this isn't the right program to use to achieve this (I've tried everything in there).
I downloaded Blender and gave it a shot, but just ended up really confused.
I also tried watching some tutorial videos on how to do this, but everyone seems to "hollow" their models to 3D Print and not to stay with a "shell".
The end result is to hollow out the model, to upload in Pepakura Designer and unfold the 3D model into 2D, print, fold and create!
Any help or suggestions are highly appreciated!
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This is basic 3d and you're asking the wrong questions.

What you need to achieve what you want is very basic modelling abilities and I have no idea where to even start. What the fuck is mesh mixer?

There is no quick way of learning this stuff.
iirc there are game engines which can do this automatically. There's probably something you can get to do it for you. I'd tell you to Google it but I'm not sure what you'd google.

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I want to get a 3D scanner so i can do some body scanning, where would you recommend looking for one?
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Get a couple of PS2 Eyetoys and scan away.

Or you could just google it or tell us something useful like your budget.
You can do it with one dslr. You just have to make your subject be very still and use shorter shutter expositions.

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I don't use /3/ much at all, but I didn't see a dumb-questions thread, so I figure making my own thread for this is fair game.

See pic related. How come when I rotate the end joint it about it's local y axis it spins about a some other line? It even shows the right line I want to rotate about, but spins differently. I can do this just fine in max, but I need to explain 3D to people who can only install blender. Not saying one is superior. Here's the information I have;

The whole arm is IK rigged, as I was told you can only apply IKs to bones; there's a two-bone armature going along the first joint (shoulder) to the second (elbow) then from there to the end (wrist). The bones are a child of the grey base plate and have the finalmost piece as their target. The forearm and upper arm are each bound to their respective bones, individually. The large disk piece is bound to the grey plate and copies the Z rotation of the upper arm (world space - world space). The Final hand-part is free to be moved and is set to copy the Z rotation of the forearm (world space - world space).
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Welp, I figured it out. I needed the end to be setting it's local rotation to the world rotation of the forearm. Thanks /3/. Stupid questions general if noone comes around to clean this off.
Welp, nevermind I didn't figure it out. That just changes the problem. Now I can move the object side to side and rotate it up, but when I move it while rotated, it freaks out.
Okay, so logicaly what I need to do is make all the green axes always face the same direction. How do I go about that?

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Paul Richer.jpg
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I'm quite fond of this one, personally.

Any on fundamentals of 3d modeling?

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