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I've been messing around with these things for a while and I'm wondering if anyone has shared a library of particle presets to get started with.

Making a particle from scratch is pretty time consuming and I can't help but think someone has already made convincing looking water already.
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Look in the actual maya help files.
I found some example scenes in there. It doesn't look like they provide basic particle presets though.

I guess I could grab some of the parameters from these scenes but it would also be nice to have a preset library...
Why are you using nParticles when we have Bifrost now?

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Just downloaded Maya 2016 after years of not even touching it. Last time I used it was back in 2010 I think and it was the 2008 version of Maya which was buggy as hell. Has there been any major changes?
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No nothing at all.
you can do some limited sculpting now so mudbox is no longer needed but Zbrush definitely still is the king at free form sculpting.....if only it didn't have such a shit UI.

also upgrading from Windows 7 to 10 fucks up Maya 2016 royally.....Maya 2017 when?
funny jokes men, kek

Yes, the software has radically changed. The look of it should already be apparent enough. You'll notice the Viewport 2.0 and the options it has when you go to "Renderer" above the viewport. I can use DirectX 11 or OpenGL and thus doesn't need a workstation card to be accelerated anymore. There's the revamped modeling toolkit, revamped Hypershade, streamlined Node Editor to replace the connection editor. Bifrost dynamic volume fluid sim, XGen hair generation/groom and general instancing tool, better sculpting of course, mentalray integration has greatly improved, color-space management is simpler, goedesic voxel binding gives you much better base skin weighting, the menus along the top are better organized, new UV brushes that let you interactively "sculpt" your UVs in a sense and slice/sew them, better Unfold3D algorithm from Softimage has been implemented to replace the old unfold algorithm, ShaderFX is a node-based shader programming feature that lets you export code to HLSL, CG and GLSL, and can be used in Unreal/Unity or viewed directly in the VP2.0 so you don't need to keep exporting to your game-engine to see how it will look. And so much more has changed since the 2008 and even 2010 version, too much to cover in one post... but the software has really become amazing now and is why most studios have no switched to it.

are the characters in the Fantasy War Tactics 3D? If yes are they low poly? Are they cell shaded? How do I achieve this type off style using 3ds max and Unity3d?

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how new are you?
Just click on stuff and eventually you'll get what you want

I don't get it.

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yo, I went to the art institute for 2-3 years in hopes of being into game art and design however the school was terrible and refused to teach us anything new and I taught myself basically everything I could while doing repetitive assignments about really easy things. I have been to nervous to post any of my stuff. So here it is tell me where you think I am I know im not professional but what do you think I need to do to get better at this?
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its pretty good, for a ps1 game
your colors and textures are a bit noisy and contrastey, like each texture is screaming "LOOK AT ME" and it makes them all look messy. the colors could be a bit more muted and you could use some color correction and postprocessing effects to make it look better. these look like videogame models as well, I'm assuming this is for a videogame? another issue is that you seem to be just putting rust and dirt flatly over all textures

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3D logo
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its awful

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If I haven't used Maya before and want to be proficient enough in Maya to make make fairly detailed models and very basic animations, about how long would it take for the average learner? I literally have nothing to do all day everyday until January

pic unrelated
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Hey Leslie! Shut your fucking mouth!
It would take you everyday until January to become proficient enough in Maya
Oh look, another one who wants to try but will eventually burn out from learning because they lack passion.

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unnamed (2).png
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Which one is better? Blender, 3D Max or Maya?
I want to see blood.
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i believe they are both capable of same things
but autodesk takes the cake with fancy plugins

ps. blender user
i like the three programs,
but as a wanna be linux fag, i would go for blender
It's the same withouth some plugins maya and max have, but nothing python can't solve
>gives three options
>both capable

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Anyone know what this is and how to fix this?

This is in 3DS Max
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missing or no sense making uwv coordinates?
Looks like z-fighting to me
You duplicated the object, one duplicate has a yellow material, the other doesn't. Delete one.

Hey guys, i'm fairly new to 3d modelling. Just wanted to know what you guys prefer between Blender, 3dsmax, or Cinema4d. Thanks.
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I don't model, but I just wanted to say, I have always admired those that do. Hope you end up creating something Amazing and love every moment of it.
3dsmax has always been a modeler's favourite, but Blender might be a good second choice.
zbrush have very interesting hardsurface modeling tools and it's much faster when you get used to it

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I get this weird problem when I apply the Subdivision Surface modifier to my model in Blender.
What is it and how do I fix it?
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This is what it looks like in Blender.

Just a guess, since I don't use Blender, but that looks like your vertex normals are inverted along that series of edges.
In edit mode: press A to select everything and then ctrl+v and remove doubles.
If this doesn't fix it, report back.

Anon that posted the coblestone normal map the other day, here with a version 2.
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And color free if you wanna make your own diffuse map.

Comments and opinions are welcome.
uh thanks I actually need this for my current project, thanks!

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Secuencia 01_5.gif
2MB, 240x180px
Hello, i was messing around with camera tracking and i put a zombie in 90 frames for a test (zombie already rigged and animated) What do you guys recommend me to improve in the integration? (can't upload a better resolution, is always over 4MB :c)
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The zombie is too dark and has too much contrast, the darks are too dark for the scene. Also desaturate the colors on the zombie.
http://i.giphy.com/26tP09D1olFmb2VXO.gif (Better resolution)
Yeah i didn't used an HDRI, that should help with the light problem

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is there no such thing as shrinkwrap for 3dsmax 2015. Yes 2015.
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there is no such thing as automatic music generation in ableton live 9. yes. 9.
what kind of shitty analogy is this

If you aren't a primary english speaker, you really shouldn't be posting on an english speaking message board.

Next time you work up the courage to post somewhere, please TRY to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar so that there's at least a possibility that we'll understand you; as it is, you're utterly incomprehensible and frankly look like a third world monkey.

Now please, go swallow a tennis ball.

Fucking crack when?
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wat dis?
Spline, a 2D animation program
http://esotericsoftware.com/forum/two-girls-animation-3059 source
Err, meant Spine

Hi guys. Next semester is my intro to 3dCG. I'm taking an intro class in cinema 4d, a motion capture class, and a character rigging class in maya. how does cinema 4d compare to maya, and if i am primarily learning cinema 4d, will maya make sense? I could also take a character creation class which uses maya and zbrush. The more the merrier i guess. Ultimatley, between Maya, Zbrush, and Cinema 4d, what is the specialization of each, or are they all modes of accomplishing the same thing (i know zbrush is sculpting and not so much animation, but how about the other two.)

Thanks guys
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The controls are SUPER annoyingly different, it will mess with you. But once you get past that, it's mostly just that Maya is more powerful, the selection system in C4D is more convenient for broad quick changes but worse for precision. C4 has an awesome material system for nice metal textures quick and easy, is better for art, mays is better for games and animation.

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