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Hey /3/

I'm doing some work for someone who wants me to turn his puppet into a 3d model. I usually create human characters and thought this would be a piece of cake, but I'm having issues getting the thing to look like it does in the pictures. Could any of you offer me crits/advice on how to get this thing looking more accurate?

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use fur, done
Trying to do it without fur seeing as I don't know how to do that and the client wouldn't have any clue how to animate that.
i see the main issue, make the modles neck longer, your focusing so much on the fur beard that you havent given him a neck

Hey guys, so this problem just started out of nowhere yesterday and I can't figure it out. Heres a set of images showing whats happening.


Basically when I click on the *white part* on the reaction manager 3ds max just shits out........idfk
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not gonna answer your question directly, but stay as far away as you can from the reaction manager. It's buggy and unpractical. Try setting up script/expression controllers instead.

Usually, what I do is i create a layer of animation with the poses i want via controller tracks, and make the control objects "wire" the weight of these tracks

for your jawbone, it would be:

1-select jawbone
2-open curve editor
3-setup a "euler list" controller in the rotation track of your slave object (jaw bone)
4-add a "euler xyz" controller to the available track of the controller list
5-go to the motion pannel, click on rotation
6-set the second track as "active"
7-open the jaw as far as it should
8-back in the curve editor
9-unfold the "weight" property of the "euler_list" controller
10-on the second track, add a float expression/script, whatever you're more comfortable with
11-add the "position_z" track of your control object as a variable ("z" for the exemple)
12-setup the right expression (typically "if (z<0,z*someValue,0)"). the goal is that when the control object is animated to the maximum, the value of the weight track is 100.

This might sound a little complicated, and maybe unclear (don't hesitate to ask more if you're interested and can't understand a step), but this is an extremely powerful method when you have to deal with complex facial rigs in max.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help on your actual problem though.
how, and also,
try not to work on autobacked files, there's probably something wrong with it if it crashed on the first place
Thanks for the help guys. I managed to fix the issue...I resized the reaction manager window...that fixed it >.>.

Sounds interesting. I really enjoy setting up facial rigs. I do see a lot of limitations with the reaction manager. Do you have a link maybe to a tutorial or anything?

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Hey /3/.
I'm trying to add a CAT Rig to a character in 3ds Max 2016 using the Skin modifier but once I do, it shifts the character over slightly and some of my bones are unaligned, such as the fingers. Does anyone know what the problem is?

>Picture is before adding the Skin.
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>Picture is after adding the CAT Rig on. Easier to see on the character's right hand.
It shifts over a bit.
I'm thinking I can just move the envelopes to fix it, but I'd rather have a real solution.
Try selecting your mesh, going to hierarchy and resetting the transform / scale. If that doesn't work, go to the tools button and reset the xform.

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If you happen to browse Facepunch don't expect it to be up after next year.

I just finished some work at a company in CA and one of the higher ups let slip that they will be shutting it down for the sheer amount of infringements they've made over this past year.
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Gmod is dead, So how can they be infringing anything?
Source Film Maker in a nutshell. WHERE DO YOU THINK ALL THE PORN COMES FROM?

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jorge juegos.png
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I need a 3D anime girl model in blender.

how do I export from 3D custom girl into an obj or other format?
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3D Ripper DX
There are tools that can unpack the model format.. Rig and all. But they're hard to find :)
If you're using Blender, just install Pymeshio and download MMD models from Deviantart.

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Hey /3/. Since I've been studying and practicing human anatomy as of late to improve my sculpting, I'd like to purchase a skull or skull replica.

Any advice on where to purchase quality ones? The ones available through Amazon and eBay tend to have a lot of varying reviews regarding anatomical accuracy and quality.

Any suggestions or insights are welcome
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sponge shift.png
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> purchase
oh boy. it's been years since i heard that word
One can't exactly pirate a physical model of a human skull.

At least not as far as I'm aware.
you can download 3d skeleton off the internet

Rate my model pls. This is my very first attempt at modeling so disregard on how shitty this looks.

Can I also get some tips on improving the model quality and the look?
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Other side view
Not telling you shit. You're just more potential competition.
I would recommend showing us wires, and not using blender.

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Why Mental Ray doesn't have as many or as good looking tutorials as vRay?
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Because for the longest time VRay was easier to use for freelance artists, while mentalray was mainly used for films and VFX where it is much more powerful under professional hands.

>Those floating table legs
>Those plastic looking jugs

Here's some great blogs for mentalray tuts and tips.
are you blind?
I think the legs may have like some protective caps on them, but yeah it looks a bit floaty. Also the table wouldn't be stable without a support beam in the middle. The rug is crap with those wrinkles making it look like very light cloth and the coffee table is going through it making it look like its 'legs' are bunch of thin sticks digging into the carpet. plus you can see the corner of the skybox in the middle window unless that's some odd refraction, skybox image looks a bit stretched horizontally. floor looks like it's not meant as a floor material but no biggie. actual render quality is good, but people should really stop using huge wall posters for added realism, makes the interior design look cheap.
All in all, I'm not saying the image is bad.

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Probably the hardest thing for newfags to learn is lighting.

So what we are going to do is upload our lighting rigs in scene files like .blend or .3ds etc.

It helps out the newfags to dive into lighting and helps us out via learning the techniques of others.
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Not mine but a pretty useful three point lighting set up. Recommended for beginners:

Also a blendswap link:

A more proffesional/studio setup.
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Bumping my own thread because this thread could be useful

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>>498957 reached bump
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would u cuddle with him??
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Need crit

One shot, in-game, one-man job. Who wants it?

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Who wants what?
Don't understand what you mean, but I liked ur video.
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I think he's trying to viral, on /3/.

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made whit cinema 4d
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I want this render look legit
It is legit. It just isn't very good.

Keep practicing.
add a cock

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Max is being killed off and almost entirely only getting features that Maya got the year or years before. Pretty easy decision.
I mean its a good idea to merge the programs
>dragon vs snake
>having doubts

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Post your OCs, 3D hentais, porns, renders, models, shaders, tutorials or any other perverted stuff here.
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That's a nice 3D model of the sorceress, gj
OP is clearly here to contribute something and not to fap to whatever is posted.

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Hi guys, anyone of you creators on patreon? are you getting any supporters? Is it worth trying?
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I don't see the point if you are doing 3d art. Josh Singe has a patreon and he isn't getting much money a month compared to say the average shitty 2d artist who has a patreon that is popular.

A top league of legends character artist doesn't get that much money for patreon. Compare it to zernois who gets a shit ton more.

I have a patreon I won't share it here because it is a sfw board. You really don't want to know what I do as it pervy, but I make more than a teacher would make in my country. It is 3d related and most of what I do is ripping game models and doing poses and then rendering the scene.
>I have a patreon I won't share it here because it is a sfw board.
m8 you can share the link and censored images.We'll wait

I'm not going to do it. I don't advertise my work as what I'm doing is really questionable.

I had to take down half my work when one company came across it and complained.

I make steady money now, not going to ruin it. Also, what I do someone else with little training can also do if they know basic 3d stuf.

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