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Hey /3/, quick question. Do these two shorts seem like they took $222,377 to make? Do people overestimate how much it costs to produce quality 3D films?

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Should have cost less desu.
Was this a shitty kickstarter or something? That trash could be made for like a few hundred bucks. This is peasant indian quality 3D.

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Can I get some feedback on my 3d fantasy videos?

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jesus christ...
There is something really wrong with you m8.
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>mfw those videos

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Can I get some critique on my work?
I've only been modeling for a few weeks now.
Thanks /3/
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show wires
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hows this?
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fucking hell

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Max question:
One of my meshes are way brighter than the others in the Shaded viewport (pic related/no textures). If I export/import it as an fbx this fixes it but I don't wanna lose the skin data.
Anyone had this issue? How does one fix it?
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Nobody uses Max you need Zbrush™ and l;earn to study Anatomy.
>inb4 somebody else says it!
You can't stop Goku when he's using Kaioh Ken.
You have to deal with the fact that he's glowing.
do you have a different material assigned to the skin bits? check that.

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Couldn't find any general thread
So this is just a PNG image assigned to the face of a 3D box
How do I remove the white coloring of the texture so that it becomes transparent?
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>its not usefull to know the program you are using or anything
dont forget the render engine either
It's ok you friendly bunch,
I discovered a solution through the introductory of alpha channels in textures
Thanks for your help anyway

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will you critique this stupid thing please?

I going for super hyper witcher 3 cinematic realism.
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It looks OK but missing eyelashes and hair. The back of the head looks kind of off, the ear seems to be rotated or something but if you correct that and cover it with hair nobody will care.

Is that how you believe eyes transition into foreheads?


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I'm working on a small project in Blender3D. It's supposed to be viewed in the Google Cardboard VR glasses.

Using the 'Views' and the 'Stereoscopy' functions I was able to achieve the result you see here in the pic. I can't figure out the barrel (lens) distortion though. Mainly, how much barrel distortion am I supposed to go for? How should I apply the distortion?

Also, since I've already rendered out the whole video without the distortion, I'm thinking of adding it in post in AfterEffects. Again, any idea about how much lens distortion would work optimally?
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Does Blender have a MR/VRay equivalent? Everyone uses cycles but doesn't bother to render enough passes to not look like shit. Are you actually OK with those shadows? I get that it's not a final shot, but can't you just leave it to render for 5 mins?
he can use luxrender

Listen guys, I know what you're saying. But this project is a free demo for a client that just wants to see the VR in action. I really don't want to allocate more than the very basic resources for this right now.

Also, I just want to know about adding in the lens distortion. I can always improve on the render quality later and actually put some effort into the scene when I actually get the job.

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No amount of tweaking or work makes a grass texture look good in an environment. People always use polygon grass.

Why is it that environments with grass textures instead of polygon grass look like shit?
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Pic related, a grass picture I took
because grass textures lack depth, obviously.
Same reason everyone thinks low polygon hair looks like shit.
Because you're expecting it to have some sort of depth but really it is just a 2D image end you end up disappointed.

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I have a strong fetish in woman in specific clothes (blouses, leatherskirts, etc.) so I want to learn creating 3D animations or images of woman wearing those. I already know how to use Cinema 4D but I don't think it is the best software for that kind of modelling.
What could you recommend me for creating clothes and use them on a woman model (also any advices which one?)?
Thanks a lot
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brah u need zbrush to make organic shit
Marvelous Designer is the best for clothing. ZBrush is the best for organic modeling.

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Blender users literally on suicide watch!
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Can you really blame them?
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Oh well, I don't care. I still use Blender in 2015 but I will have to make the switch to Maya or 3ds Max eventually.

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I seriously want to know.
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I like the way you used the Microsoft 3.1 spray can for your post processing.

I honestly believe this is just a troll thread and that's all there's to it.
I think you can do better, but maybe not so much better.
That's why you resort to le epic trollan to get attention.

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Sin título.png
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Everytime i save a file and i try to open it, pops out this message and closes Zbrush. Any help?
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Bumping for help
Third world language detected, potato computer confirmed, cause of issues discovered.

Also, upgrade to 4R7 P3, you scrublord. It has zModeler and so many other great features, and more bugfixes.

Try opening the file by double clicking on it instead of opening from ZBrush. Also, go to Preferences>Performance and do the performance test.
I double clicked the file before i read you, it worked, thanks anyway. English isn't my native languaje, so potato is good.

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No matter what scene i'm working on (low poly/heavy), 3ds max will only keep eating up more memory even in idle - all 32gbs of it after an hour of modelling or so.

didn't find any workaround, so i'm asking you guys. any1 else going through it or managed to fix it?

basically this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34KgyO5HAQk
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these commands don't seem to work either

You've broken it somehow.
Autodesk is killing off 3DS Max and they're trying to subtly get people to move away from it now.

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I use Blender with the mouse buttons swapped (that means using it with left to select like it's normal in most systems).

Now I tried Retopoflow and it seems like I can draw with the LMB but select does not work.

Everything works fine when I swap the mouse buttons back to special snowflake mode.

Some other guy had THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM but instead of telling WHAT actually solved it, he just said it was "an user error" and vanished. I fucking hate idiots like that.

Does that shit run on your machine with mouse buttons swapped?
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>I use Blender

Use a real tool, kiddo.
>le real tool maymay
here's your reply
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Okay, solved the problem.
Unlike that douche I will tell you what the problem was.

When you swapped your mouse buttons you have to hold CTRL while LMB clicking to select stuff.

So apparently the plugin fails in completely adjusting to the mouse button swap and the CTRL clicking for selecting shit isn't documented anywhere either.
Ah well, better this than not working at all.

My rig deforms properly (with a few exceptions being the forearm) but when trying to paint the weights on the rig it shows up with the weights unevenly spread all throughout the rig?

Why is this happening? is it worth re painting the weights or is there a simpler solution to this?

>pic related (its the rig with the bad weights)
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git gud
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Use Geodesic Voxel Bind when you do the initial skinng.
But anyways, just paint away the influence you don't want. If it works, it works.

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