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So a guy called vitaly bulgarov makes the most jaw droppingly amazing 3d stuff. mainly robots and ID.

he claims on instagram he mainly uses MOI3d nowadays.

I tried it, and it seems like an incredibly simple software.

wtf? is he bullshitting?
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Shilling maybe?
Most of his work involves just kit-bashing pre-made mechanical parts, warping their shapes and doing booleans. Not much of what he makes is a usable mesh for anything but static object shots or turntables. He is considered a 3D concept artist these days, so his workflow has adjusted for how fast he has to churn shit out.

Which is why he uses moi3d now, because it's perfect for that kind of workflow.
saw his facebook post right before i came on here

he got them 3d printed

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Why do resources on 3D character animation seem so limited? Even the sticky is pretty scarce in information on the subject, and the vast majority of guides seem to just run over the UI of a given package and little to nothing on techniques.

Is there really nothing else to it? Just brute force and attention to detail?
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just move your NURBS curves and set keys, butthead
I guess it makes sense. They wouldn't be able to outsource this kind of thing to unskilled koreans if it took any kind of advanced input.
like what? Wiggle your ear around? Are you trollin?

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Trying to set the standard of outdoor/fall/rock look. All trees were bought, so I kind of cheated, but the rocks were hand made with Zbrush, and texturing was basically painted on. Made in 3ds max, the project itself takes around 7 minutes to load. Renderer used is Vray 3. Everything is 2x scale, textures are at 4k minimum.

I need criticism
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Nah, dude.
No wireframe, sorry man. Hopefully somebody will fall for it.
i dont like all effects of the bugs of the photo-camera you did

I'm getting really frustrated with UV's, I'm quite new to 3D but for the few models I've made i've had constant problems with the UVs which have ultimately ended up with me abandoning the model because they look like shit or the textures constantly break.

Are there any good resources on a workflow for getting UVs right, how did you learn how to do it properly? I just wanna make lowpoly waifus.
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learn about UV seams. Use Maya. The new 3D unwrap is just fucking sick, you have to be a complete retard to fail at it now
Is it normal for it to take so long, I have a model that is sub 1000 polys and its taking me hours and hours and hours to finish the UV which ends up not even working very well.

it should take 3 seconds

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I can't figure out how to get rid of the pinching corners of my mouth. Please help me /3/, I don't know what the fuck to do.
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your topology sucks
you can easily fix this after you do initial retopology

simply edit this particular vert
>not posting wires

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I did this cyberpunk city in blender for a short film. I'm striving for photorealism, but I'm not sure where to go.

Please dump sci-fi textures and screenshots of material node setups. I need help here.

Am using Blender Cycles.
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>from blocks

Gleb alexandrov did it:

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Urgent Help Required! I think this is the proper section. I'm doing baking in Maya and i'm ending up with theses nasty lines all over my UV seams and edges. How can i fix this?
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it's either there's a hidden object or your UVs are overlapping
Neither the scene is completely clear of objects and the UV's have a huge amount of space between each other.

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so /3/,

for those of you who hate to read:


for any of you who can read like 100 characters:

I've been mainly browsing /b/ for a couple of years, but I would like to get a job as a 3d artist at some point. Don't even know how many visits /3/ threads get, but I'd like to get some honest reviews to determine if I am going in a good direction or not.
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give up.
that was never an option but thanks for the detailed and wise feedback
just to clarify that is a Zbrush model made from a polysphere

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Hey guys,

Working on an Orc Sculpt.
I could use some help and feedback
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main reference
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front and sideview.
This was basically what I settled with. Now I'm moving on to retopo and build it up the right way so I can eventually rig and animate it.
Would this be work as topology? I'm thinking I put way too many poles in there.
What loops am I missing?

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So, I started university this year and I will be focusing on VFX, compositing and filmmaking.
The university bought a lot of expensive camera equipment this year and even more next year. 4K, RAW, etc.
Now, even though they have all of that shit shit, they aren't even considering getting computers that can handle all of that data. They still have only Imacs, and not even the newest ones. Not a single Mac Pro.

My guess is, that it's smarter to invest a lot of money into a good rig that can handle my own projects, instead of using the shitty Imacs in the computer pool.
Instead of buying my own camera gear, which I can just get from the university for free, or rent out for a day or two project-based.

I am perfectly willing to spend up to 3,000€ on a computer in the next 12 months, but I am not a hardware-guy. What would you get that gives you the most flexibility between 3D (Blender, Maya, Arnold rendering) and 2D (compositing, editing, grading)?

No memes, pls.
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A high end Nvidia GPU will be your primary need, as it accelerates images processing in Photoshop, video in Premiere/AE, and 3D in Maya, Blender, etc...

Arnold isn't GPU accelerated sadly, but there are plenty of other great GPU accelerated raytracers, like Iray (included in 3DS Max and Substance Designer, and integration coming for Maya and other software), LuxRender, VRayRT, Octane, Indigo, Arion, Thea, Redshift, moskitoRender... Arnold is one of the few that hasn't moved to GPU yet, and is kind of overrated.

And don't bother with the workstation cards unless you want to get into very complex CAD work, as that's all they really accelerate these days. Go with a Nvidia Titan X. As for a CPU, you could go with a dual socket 6 or 8 core Intel Xeon.

Then the rest is up to you with whatever money you have left. Preferably a 512GB SSD as well.
To be honest, I have been focusing on Arnold lately because it's the easiest way to get photorealistic results with as little setup as possible. But I guess you're right.

Is 64gb of ram overkill, or is 32gb enough?

Also, Nvidia announced their new architecture for next year, where they claim that graphics cards will easily be able to have 12 gigs of vram, instead of the usual 2 or 4, at an affordable price. It's a good idea to wait and see about that, right?
If you are willing to wait until around Feb-April, then yes I would absolutely recommend waiting for their Pascal architecture coming up, it's going to be a much larger performance boost than we usually see in new GPU generations. And you'll get more VRAM for your buck.
The Titan X does have 12GB of RAM though, so you wouldn't be terribly off.

As for your system RAM, 32GB is going to cover you for pretty much anything you throw at it unless you're rendering some huge Dreamworks level environment. You can always just get 32GB first, for 4 of your 8 RAM slots, then later pick up another 32GB for fill the other 4 if you feel you could use it.

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Mmmmmmm You guys smell that? Just baking some normal maps
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congrats on discovering the first 3D related meme in the history of the universe.
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Your new is showing.

clearly fake

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hey all, I've been doodling all my life and resently got into 3d in zbrush and learning animation. But i need some clarity or direction, what programs do i need to learn to create a simple scene and polish it to look like something close to hotel Transylvania or their company ? lol thanks
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Any generalised program like Blender 3dsmax or Maya etc.
right Ive been looking at Maya since its the standard, but after animating the shot do i need to use renderman or vray for the final lighting etc?? lol
Blender, Maya, 3dsmax, etc + Pixar's Renderman.

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Im in a 3D modeling class in school, we use 3Ds max, maya, Autodesk inventor, and a few others but on my computer I am running ubuntu 15.04 at home and none of the software I use at school has Linux support. What should I do, What are some alternatives?
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And why can't you just use Windows?
I cant afford it right now :(

In Blender, how do I get a texture to repeat on each face precisely rather than stretch over the whole mesh?

Whenever I type my question into Google, it comes up with stuff completely different from what I want no matter how I try wording the question. One square in terrain == one copy of image, is what I'm looking for.
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There(pic related) you put in the size.

If you put 2 in the size it will tile 2 times.
Is there no way to UV map each poly face to 0-1 UV space like Maya's Unitize function?

Im student and i don't have idea how could i model her face, i try for hours but i cant do it
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Dude, just imagine it's a toy.
Facial features are extremely simplified or even not present. Shapes are simple and round.
It's basically a sphere with a few bumps.
Look for manga/anime action figures for reference.
Oh, and, most details aren't even modeled. Textures will take care of pupils and eyebrows.

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