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Here is comparison of different programs. add your markers
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> can't manage Zbrush GUI
can you tie your own shoelaces ?
I heard that nazis were using Zbrush to persecute Jews in deathcamps
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blender and zbrush interfaces were forged in the same flames of hell

3d max and maya are the same shit often on which other software is based, modo is best designed gui i saw so far, dunno if you could make it easier, but its what other software was ripping ideas from for last half decade

i didnt use mudbox in years, i should try it out, wonder how much it changed since autodesk got their fingers on it
same goes for autocad and solidworks, didnt touch it since my uni projects days, it wasnt that hard from what i remember

i never really used Cinema 4D, softimage

dunno, is there anything else popular enough of note?

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Made in houdini, what does /3/ think? This is the flipbook http://imgur.com/a/TYYpW
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it looks fine for me, but it always depends about what thing blow up , you know what i mean
needs more red
Noted, fixing that now.

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I need help with how to access OpenCL options for faster Cycles Rendering in Blender. I got tired of bullshit of looking up in Google, and not even BlenderArtist is willing to give me straight answers.

The chip type is Intel(R) HD Graphics Family and its version is 10.18..14.4112. and I don't want to fuck up my PC.
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You need to add and set an environment variable "CYCLES_OPENCL_SPLIT_KERNEL_TEST" (without the quotes) to 1. FYI I tried OpenCL through Intel on my netbook and Blender crashed due to running out of memory.
Do I need to get TechPowerUp first, or is it already installed?

Where do I download/find it in web/PC?
You can't do faster Cycles rendering with no dedicated GPU. That's the reason why you can't make use of that stuff.

You either need some recent Nvidia card or something by AMD but AMD support is quite buggy still.

Hey /3/ Im supposed to model this bastard and I have little next to no experience in modeling humans/organic garbage.

How can I cheese this?
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>you cant cheese it
The graphics are low poly so that it can run on laptops. Any low poly approaches?
low poly is most of the time harder, since you are trying to convey information with less
especially with likeness

How many years would it take for someone to start off with modeling in zbrush for the first time and have a portfolio good enough for a AAA Industry job? If you spend at least an hour a day working at it. 2 years maybe?
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Background info required.

Do you know anything about art? Color? form? proportions? anatomy? lighting? how polygons work?
That depends some get a job directly from their course.
If you spend 1 miserable hour a day? Probably a decade. But once you know the basics and are confident enough to make your own shit without tutorials handholding you believe me you'll spend entire nights sculpting without noticing.

If you already know how to model using traditional methods it won't take long, sculpting really is a fun process compared to polymodeling. You'll only be limited by your imagination, but that's solved by making your own mental libraries.

Probably the wrong crowd but, H15 is out today.
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wtf is it?
Basically it's a 3d animation package like maya/max/etc, but everything is node based and procedural.
I used to go to their stuff, they used it on Blade 2

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wip factory.jpg
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Hey i am making RTS game, and just finished this factory. I think this one is cute.
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Hey it looks good, I was just wondering what language you're using write the game in?
hi good model can you upload so i can take a look? sorry i am new to english :)
I think i'll have to see this in the world because those textures.

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Sup /3/.

I am trying to extract a character model from a unity game, and I'm fucking failing.
got the asset files, got the obj files from ninja ripper, got the shaders, the dds files, but this stuff is like chinese common core algebra to me.

So, bounty time. I have DAZ Studio 4 Pro ,Bryce 7 Pro, and Hexagon 2.5.

If someone can help me get this goddamn model done, you can have the software here.
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>implying any one wants that shit software
>got obj
>got textures
Negro, what else you need? Animations?

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Question about normal maps
the guy here modeled this low poly, why he did the circled part into the low poly if he could've make em with normal maps?, plus the baked normals look great
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i think you need the basic shape before you paint your normal map
Circled part...?
if it breaks the silhouette, you have to model it in

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Yo /3/, need help with topology. This model is gonna be in subD. What I want to do is to keep the edges crisp. Inside the triangle is fine, but on the outside I need a way so that edge loop would be self contained and doesn't readily interfere with the rest of the topology.

I need help with topology so that the edge loop would go around the triangle so when I render in subD the edge would be crisp.
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nvm figured it out. Close.

That's not how this board works you fucking idiot. It's stuck here figuratively forever until some moron decides to bump it 500 times out of boredom.
"nvm Its working on my machine :)"

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So I'm trying to figure out 2 things in Hammer:
1: How do I make objects that share an animation sequence (like alchemist's head and body here) play their animation correctly in the map editor (left) the same way it does by default when I open both objects in the model editor? (right)

2: Can I freeze a dynamic prop mid-animation (like alchemist lying on the ground at the end of the death animation) and turn it into a static prop that holds the pose?

Is anybody familiar with Hammer able to help me out here?

For the record, what I'm trying to do is export obj files of models in different poses, which doesn't seem to be possible from the model editor itself, so I assume my only option is switching the model to a static prop, converting it to an editable mesh, and exporting as an obj.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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This isn't the board for this

You can't export .OBJ in different 'poses'. You can export an OBJ with animations the same way you can export an OBJ that's rigged. They're just saved there like the same way a material is
Are you just talking generally or do you mean specifically in Hammer? If the latter, how do you export an obj with animations from Hammer?

universally OBJ things, it doesn't change for program

valve SDKs are made specifically for modding. Stumbling across them to make any 3D related assets is retarded.

When the official valve supported SDK doesn't have an ability it import .OBJ files to export to official Valve .SMDs for mods, I don't have much faith for them to be able to export .OBJs

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can anyone critique my demo reel? my work isn't amazing but it's what I got. What can I do with pacing, length of clips, what to add or cut out, etc.

pic unrelated
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whoops demo reel here: https://youtu.be/VvNYwCZqgjc
Camera moves and edits are very jarring.

Start with your best work and end with your second best.

I understand you're proud of the oasis golem, but honestly your carrot is better.

Show finished versions before the wireframes on the tech-models.

You seem to have a motion blur/interpolation thing going on which makes it harder to actually look at your meshes when they rotate.

Specify that the game stuff is in unity. Hot dog man is a bad way to end it as it's one of your weakest pieces imho.

The sidescrolling platformer sticks out as not belonging in this reel and is of little interest for any job applications for graphics.
Things that stuck out to me were.

Why are the swirls on the golem modeld in and not just a normal map? Its increasing your render time and many people will take it as a negative that you didnt do this.

> But your topology isnt that bad

Dont show the pill gameplay, just show your models from the game. The pills make your stuff look worse.

Dont show that animation at the end unless you also made the rig for the character, which in that case also show the rig.

When you are showing off your models, just show off the models. You have your golem in a bacground and have a few passes dedicated to it. But your background isnt really anything at all. Just put him on the scene and do the golem passes or just put the gollem on a infinate background and light him there.

Whatever you do, try to keep your characters displayed in a similar fassion.
Ex. If you do this for one do it for all

Show model in a 360 turnaround ( grey )with wire frame
Add all the texture and post effect passes for another 360.
Keep the scene and camea as close as possible from model to model

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Hey guys! So I am still relatively new to CG, and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for modular character design.
I'd like to set up a sort of system in which I could create my own characters with models I've created, sort of like how you create your character at the beginning of so many video games.
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Alright, here's my best tip for you.

Is it worth the time to custom model each and every character? I'd mostly use it for background characters.

Just make a basemesh and alter it slightly with a variety of hats and bullshit.

What is the context here?

What is this used for?
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probably an example of how certain subdivision tech works
Edge loop flow control. Maintaining quadrilateral topology.
And how would i go about using this? because i think its meant to be for like soft areas on the lower side and hard areas on the top side.

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