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High school inventor noob here. I was using NACA airfoils before, but then I found some problems that I don't know if are actually problems. The fact that the camber line is made from two parabolas that are pieced together at the point of maximum camber means that the two curves on the upper surface are only first degree smooth with each other. Same with the two curves on the lower surface. Also, the two curves that intersect at the leading edge are only second degree smooth with each other. I tried to make my own airfoil where the surfaces are made from one, continuously-changing spline, and the camber line is made from one spline with one vertex, to make it smoother.
My design was based on NACA airfoils, so the shape is described by the same variables, with the addition of the position of the maximum thickness on the chord, and the trailing edge thickness. This one has a max thickness of 10% of the chord, located at 30% of the chord's length from the leading edge, a max camber of 3% of the chord at 42.5% of the chord's length from the leading edge, and a trailing edge thickness of 2.5% of the maximum thickness.
What do you think? Any suggestions? Is there another airfoil I should consider researching maybe?
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We get it. You know lots of big words.
Ask your teacher, nerd.
/sci/ might be more interested in this, all /3/ ever thinks about is zbrushing their waifus.
Honestly I have no idea what you are saying or describing. >>503437 is right.

You might want to consider looking for that NACA airfoils and stuff on academia.edu or sites like that. Maybe even scribd or the internet archive can have documents with the research you need.

Is there a way to make visible construction lines when lighting using any 3D software? Kinda like pic related. You can see where the light ray touches the object to plot the cast shadow.
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why would this be usefull, you can just use shadow preview
Helps me understand better. So, is there a way?
If you use CAD software - its simply sketched lines.
For overs - just make a visible edge from a lightsource

File: Houdini_15.jpg (401KB, 800x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is Houdini a good idea to start with this whole 3D thing ?
And what are your general thoughts about it ?
It seems so much better than the other ones.
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No. Houdini is both too "low-level" for the noob and too "high-level" for anyone with a clue.
For hero characters? No
For environments and procedural modelling of said things? Yes.
Depends what you want to do, but you'll probably be better starting with another general 3D package to get the basics of the medium down
Maya is really the best package these days to get into 3D. The workflows are simple, the UI is easy to use and organized now, and it's the best all-around package now. It also has a shit tonne of learning resources for it.

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Is AutoCAD part of /3/? I bet it fucking is.
How come when subtracting an extruded circle from an object the said object is deleted while volume it uses is not subtracted from the main object?
What am I doing wrong?
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bump for op
can't help
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Well I feel silly.
All I had to do was subtract the insides of guitar when it was 0.1 units lower than the outside of guitar. Otherwise this happens.
And All I had to do was render the whole deal.
You might wanna try Rhino. It's still a CAD, but much more /3/ oriented.

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Alright. Polycount and many forums have a logo for their activities.

I would like for us to create a logo for /3/. I was thinking about a logo with a circle and /3/ embedded within it however 4chan also has a logo that could be exploited and combined with /3/.

What do you guys think? Do we need a logo. I personally want to brand my work with /3/ brands.
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render (2).png
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made this some time ago
File: mq1.jpg (6KB, 240x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Like there was any other choice.
>personally want to brand my work with /3/ brands.

You seriously want people beholding your work to think you are some kind of rapist pedophile??

File: d2b55SyH.png (2MB, 1870x1006px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just started using unity. What do you guys think of my scene so far?
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ps2 tier
Where are the shadows
I wish I could get to ps2 tier at least, noob here

Looks good OP, keep it up

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how do i achieve a smooth floating intersection like this one? (working with max)
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dunno op just try shit

click on everything
duplicate pipe
smooth the copy
boolean the intersection
clean up
remove the rest of the pipe
add more geometry on the lower part to define the curve in greater detail. that way when you subdivide it there is less 'guess work' and it will follow the curve of the tiny part on top of it nicely.

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Just saw Inside Out and holy fuck it's good.
If you haven't seen it yet, you should. Anyway, that got me thinking about great animated films *cue nostalgia* and so I'm wondering what are /3/s favorite animated films?
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please, nig nog
Lego Movie and Rango are my top two Cg movies, because
1) they're fucking good
and 2) they use CG really well, and in a way that making the movie in another medium would cause it to lose a lot

Anyone know where to get the full version for free on Windows? And I mean the newest versions, not the '08 version.
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read rules
what part of it

Where the else am I supposed to ask, I need help here
the internet, probably...
maybe try

What about Gnomon, /3/?
I got the money.
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If you can then do it. I live in the UK and what I would give to be able to go. You have the opportunity so I would take it. Employers love gnomon.
Gmomon loves employers too

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Im a graphic designer (always worked in 2d) but I have client wanting a 3d module of my design.

I tried in photoshop and it worked quite well but once more objects got involved it started to lose quality. The object is a medal so its simple extrude functions but i dont even know what program to use for this.

Anyone have freeware?
This project is just a simple addon to other things such as banners and so on so i dont want to invest in 3d software if im only going to use it once.
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Also thought about hiring for this one job but client has to answer to sponsors so changes to the medal come often
Blender is free, but if it's for just one job you're better off hiring someone.
Are you trying to make one of those? also. you don't know a 3d application.

Maya or 3D Max.

What do most of you do for your jobs?
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rigging internship

File: 56665.jpg (209KB, 1190x563px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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last offer before they go expensive niggers.
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>Buying software

You're joking, right?
Quixel vs Substance?
Quixel everyday senpai.

*cough* This includes the base figure who works in either program

inb4 not real CG, awful poser porn, get out faggot

If you're lacking any of the pieces in this package I'd make an account and grab these, torrents only cover about a third of the content in this. It's about 530Mb and the offer will probably disappear in a day or so.

Also you are not forced to use their install manager for retards if you're paranoid.

Me, I'm only interested in making sellable products for this and other figures and figured someone else might be too. I already have most of this shit.
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OP being a faggot as usual, I neglected to mention this is being given away for free right now and usually sells for $175.

FWIW the body was sculpted in Modo
boners ace material
Good looking out. Time to waifu some shit.

hey /3/ i am making a sanic game called sanic 420 blaze it and i need a 3d model of sanic. the model has to be like the actual sonic but corrupted faced like sanic.
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File: latest[1].png (19KB, 870x870px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thats a challenge bro. its not enough to sculpt it shitty, it has to be accurately shitty to look like sanic. this is harder to model the actual sonic
how much you be willing to pay for sucha model?
only a daft fool works for free.
I'm a poor fag i don't even have a penny.

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