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What the fuck is this movie about? All I hear is that it's based on the Bible but what actually happens and why is it receiving so much hate?

Is the writing and acting very bad?
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Nah. It's a masterpiece. You're better off just watching without knowing anything. It is the most incredible feeling discovering this movie. Most people just couldn't handle what hit them.
I heard it's kino
It's very good, but you should get off of /tv/ and form your own opinion yourself.

It's a hell of a ride from a director with a clear vision, even if it comes with a bit of pretension.

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fuck u all she is a good actress
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Not only is she a good actress, she is also extremely beautiful.
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I want to get her butt preganeant

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ITT: Perfect endings
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Very lovecraftian ending if you ask me
Very unchristian if you ask me.

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Why did they leave this part out of the movie?
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Coke is a helluva drug

because it's superfluous to the story and more like personal fantasy

because i hate men

What's gonna go wrong?
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I can see critics bashing the movie for Wonder Woman having to share spotlight with Batman, specially after how much they praised her movie.
since when does the Earth have 5 suns?

Does anyone feel the hype for this. I don't at all.
Idk something about this feels suspicious yet I can't quite put my finger on it.
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Even the normies I know aren't hyped for it, these are people that see every single marvel movie in cinemas opening day, and they say they don't really care about Star Wars anymore. Disney have fucked up bad.
I haven't felt hype for any of disney's trash

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It actually wasn't that bad, I liked it more than third or fourth movie
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Villian was probably the weakest part
How many times has Barbossa died in this series now? I can think of at least three.

Why didn't they cast Brie Larson as the New Lara Croft?
She's got the signature diamond jaw, big boobs but not too big that will freak out sjws, and she's not entirely a toothpick and can do action while still looking feminine.
She was pretty much reboot Lara Croft in Kong:Skull Island.
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She might have tits, but she also has a man face, at least the flat chested bitch looks like a woman.
Brie has small>medium tits.
What you're looking at here is a padded bra.

Turn off the TV and go do your homework. You have to 18+ to post on this board
>flat chested bitch looks like a woman

Flat chested bitch also has a forehead size of a football field

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Do /tv/ like Mila Kunis?

She will ever recover from the failure of Jupiter ascending?
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that airbrush is terrible.

also jupiter ascending is the funniest comedy of the 2010's
She's the mildly entertaining wacky neighbor on the 70s show, I never saw her doing anything after that. No idea why Hollywood tried to make her a big star.
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Ashton Kutcher ruined this woman for me. I cant think of her sexual without picturing his dumb goofy fucking face. FUCK I hate that dude..

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So out of those of you who have actually spent over 33 hours of your life watching all of these movies, which is the worst?
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iron man 3
>10 years of MCU

Thanos better live up to the hype so bad
honestly Captain America 1

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OH MY GOD, I JUST FUCKING LOVE RICK AND MORTY! IT'S SO RANDOM AND COOL - IT'S LIKE THE SHOW WAS DESIGNED FOR US REDDITORS. MY MUM SAYS I HAVE AN UNHEALTHY OBSESSION WITH THE SHOW BUT SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND. IT'S SO FUNNY! I WISH I COULD LIVE IN THE RICK AND MORTY WORLD AND HANG OUT WITH THEM. IN THEIR WORLD I'D BE POWERFUL, SOCIABLE AND I'D HAVE SO MANY FRIENDS. EVERYTHING WOULD BE SO FUNNY!!! If you dare insult the show, I will come to your house and threaten you with my katanas until you become a true fan like myself! I run the Rick and Morty Club at my school - we come together, browse Reddit, make some Deadpool memes and watch Rick and Morty. We don't talk to each other but there's a cute girl there I'm gonna try and ask out. I'm a nice guy and I dress well (fedora + trenchcoat for life!) so I just know I've got a good chance with her. I've already messaged her on Facebook, I just haven't got a response yet. Anyway, back to the topic at hand: RICK AND MORTY!!! MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER IS RICK BECAUSE HIS STYLE OF HUMOUR PERFECTLY REFLECTS THAT OF REDDIT! I BET IF I ASKED HIM "WHEN DOES THE NARWHAL BACON?" HE'D KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! ALSO DID YOU NOTICE HE LOOKS LIKE BERNIE SANDERS IF YOU SQUINT A BIT AND USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!! THIS CAN'T BE COINCIDENCE! MLG ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED! Yeah, that's right, I look at montage parodies too. What good Redditor doesn't? Lenny face, Illuminati and Doge are so funny! If I met Rick and Morty I'd be sure to show them all those memes and more!!!!!

Yours baconly, Atheist92
Rick&morty is perhaps one of the penultimately intelligent television programmes in the history of the world. If you have an intelligence quotient [that's you're iq for you savages] under 170 it's quite likely indeed that you wont even be able to understand it's incredibly well though out and though provoking humor because it is just so groundbreakingly nihilist and existentialism. I never miss any of the jokes though because I have an open university PHD in neuroscience and I regularly discuss philosophical theories on exclusive intellectual only online forums such as kant's theories and solipsism. The episode I hold in the highest regard out of all would be the pickle rick episode because although it may be an enigma to lesser minds such as yourselves the quint essential contrast between the serious nature of the show and the absurd nature of the rick pickle is highly humorous to perspicacious specimen like myself.
I've seem two episodes and I hate it. It's not funny, the animation looks ugly and the creators and the audience are annoying and insufferable cunts.

how would you feel if they made Krueger a woman in the upcoming Nightmare On Elm Street re-remake?
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I would want more erotic nightmares, if she looked like OP pic.
and she murders dudes during sexy dreams

mite b cool

I would cast pic related for the role.
Be careful the mods are banning lovecraft posters, back to BLACK posting I guess that's safer

Is this anti-communism kino?
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>angelina jolie
That's where you're wrong, kiddo.

Lefties will keep saying that the Khmer Rouge was never real communism yet Pol Pot was educated in another country and exposed to marxist theory. Also Khmer people still to this day hate Vietnamese and Thai people for no reason other than muh ancient history. The North Vietnamese liberated Cambodia after the US bailed from the Vietnam war and Thailand set up refugee camps like Khao I Dang. This TV show better show how the US funded the Khmer Rouge with Aid because they didn't want a Vietnamese backed government to come into place. So much of that country was decimated and destroyed, especially the Cambodian intellectuals, literally massive amounts of jungles are all gone that could had rare undocumented animals and plants just to be turned into rice fields. Worst of all the french cucks that didn't want anything to do with the country fled and did not offer any kind of support to the country as the illiterate peasant farmers stormed into the city to kill everyone. We should do the right thing and nuke Cambodia because as it is right now, it is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, heck they even killed the latest politician to run against Hun Sen's party.
What do modern Cambodians think about the Khmer Rouge?

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>"dude, you know why people get excited when they catch bugs? It's because like, our ancestors used to catch bugs, and they got excited, and so it's genetically passed down to generations... crazy, right?"
>"and yo, dude. You know what else? You know why you naturally look up in the trees when you go for a walk in the forest? Well it's because our ancestors used to look up in the trees for tigers and cougar when they were traveling. Wild, right duude?"

>"I got one more mind blowing thing to tell you dude, have you ever wondered why we look into the water when we're you're on a boat or ferry? Well that's a genetic trait our ancestors passed down to use when they crossed the sea in pirate ships and had to fend off sharks and hunt for fish. Fuck, history is so amazing"

Is this guy for fucking real?
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>Okay, okay, but how can we make this about universal basic income?
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who the fuck gets excited when they catch a bug?

Is this kino?
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That's a rather Dickensian death
it's sneedo
its netflix

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