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it's incredibly insulting dude "we're white saviors in asia lmao" "we're not invasive foreign colonists at all lmao"
Japan just wanted to secure a future for their children.
Both of these ideas were put forward in the movie and both were explored/criticized extensively. Stop being retarded.

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The International Federation of Kinography has tasked you to save Jennifer Lawrence's career. You as the new director are given her and a budget of four hundred million dollars to make a film for the ages.

What kind of film would you make?
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Make her play an hot annoying dumbass like American Hustle, only role she's had that I actually liked.
Cast her for the main role in Sweetness in the Belly.
Porno movie starring only me and her, 12 hours of footage compiled from 2 years worth of work.

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You've been teleported into the world of IT. Pennywise/IT takes the form of your worst fear. What are you afraid of, /tv/?
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all things Lovecaftian
my dad
Cute girls

>assaults a man then brags about it on live tv
>stupid, low iq tramp who's fucked her way to the top
>thinks it's 'funny' to recount that the guy was crying after the assault

Boycott her movies and let her fall into oblivion.
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who did she assault?
She always comes off as dumb white trash to me.
Boo hoo

Four flops in a row
Is her career over?
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God I hope so. I hate her stupid face so much.
They're already lining up the next shiksa
what are the other ones, I don't pay attention to her movies usually.

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jon hamm
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>Golden Globe winner Hamm was one of seven Sigma Nu brothers who tormented and humiliated Mark Allen Sanders when he was a young pledge at the University of Texas at Austin.

>The young man was hit so hard during the warped 1990 initiation that he suffered a fractured spine and nearly lost a kidney.

>He listed Hamm as one of his chief tormentors, recalling how the future star ordered him to recite a six-page list of phrases pledges are told to memorize called the 'bulls*** list'.

>When he forgot the last of Hamm's nicknames, which included MC Hammer and Young Bobby, he recalled how Hamm got "mad, I mean really mad'.

>Finally he was led upstairs to the 'party room' when Hamm hooked the claw of a hammer underneath his testicles and pulled him around the room 'for at least a minute'.
>Jon Draper

HAHAHAHAHAHA! IT is one of the most successful horror films OF ALL TIME! Stephen King haters on suicide watch!
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>The $35 million Warner Bros./New Line Cinema release earned another $60m in its second weekend of release, which would A) still be the biggest September/October opening ever even if it was the opening weekend and B) would be above the $58m debut (in 2001) of Hannibal, the previous record for an R-rated horror opening. The picture dropped just 51% in its second frame, which is remarkable for a horror film with such huge numbers and a clear sign that the picture is becoming a zeitgeist-capturing event. In just ten days, the film has earned $218m in North America. In just a matter of days, it will pass the unadjusted gross of The Exorcist ($233m, including reissues) to become the biggest R-rated horror movie/scary movie in domestic box office history.

>I don’t know how far It will float in North America, although at this point a $300 million+ domestic total is all-but-certain. If it (optimistically) plays like Annabelle: Creation or The Conjuring from this point onward, it’ll end its run with $355-$360m domestic while a run like Annabelle gets it to $298m. If it gets past $306m, it will be above the adjusted gross of The Amityville Horror ($86m in 1979/$306m adjusted) to be the third-biggest R-rated horror movie ever behind only The Exorcist ($986m adjusted) and, if you count it, Fatal Attraction ($156m in 1987/$353m adjusted). So not only will it be the biggest R-rated unadjusted domestic (and worldwide, with $371m global thus far) grosser by a mile and change, it’ll be one of the very biggest in terms of tickets sold as well.


How will /tv/ ever recover?
Goddamn he looks ghoulish
What a life...

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Who was in the wrong here?
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the balding one
The guy who gets fucked up by pussy and turns on his friends is always wrong. Great character though. I can't recall any other family annihilators in television history.
Shane for not letting lem finish his sandwich first

What does /tv/ think of this Lynchian kino with Lovecraftian undertones?
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I can't believe they actually filmed the gerbil scene
Genuinely creepy scene desu

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Should she fire her agent?
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>if you need to google search the meaning of a movie when you get home, it was a failure

t. brainlets

pretty sure she got the role only cause she's fucking aronofsky

>cast JLaw to attract normies to your obscure arthouse oscarbait movie
>movie bombs harder than Nagasaki

I mean I hope they weren't surprised by this revelation.

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