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what was the most Lovecraftian monster on this show?
Ahhhh time to make a HP Minecraft thread!!!!

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>characters you get excited about whenever they appear on screen
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this but unironically. i recently watched shanghai nights for the first time since i was young and when i realized CIA was the bad guy i lost my shit
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Also, Jack Spicer

I like this show
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first truly lovecraftian cartoon
>reddit and memey
kill yourself

I unironically think Pickle Rick is the Citizen Kane of our time.

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why isn't anyone talking about this show? I just started watching and it seems bretty good

no spoiler pls
inb4 netflix hate
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I watched two episodes and it was completely mediocre. No memorable characters besides Del and a completely derivative plot.
ozark gets pushed into a locker
its neither hyped like got nor hilariously bad like twd so there is no meat on the bones to pick for /tv/

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it's gonna suck isn't it
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not only that but its attempting to sully the original
It's gonna be an action movie. Which the first definitely was not
Villeneuve directing inspires confidence, but everything I've seen and heard about it makes it look like shit. I'd love to be wrong.

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Why does Hollywood hate Cary so much?

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Fuck off Cary.
where can i read fukushimas script?
Why are you linking directly to clickbait instead of using archive.is

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Iron Man (2008)

>Several directors turned down the movie because they believed it'd flop before Jon Favreau was hired. Louis Leterrier was also interested, and subsequently directed THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

>Sam Rockwell and Clive Owen auditioned for Tony Stark before Robert Downey Jr. was cast.

>Rachel McAdams was approached for Pepper Potts before Gwyneth Paltrow was cast.

>Early drafts featured the Mandarin as a corrupt Chinese businessman who led the 10 Rings and created the Crimson Dynamo armor to fight Iron Man, before Jon Favreau decided to build up to the character.

>Early drafts featured Obadiah Stane only as Stark's estranged mentor, and his descent into villainy would be explored over several movies.

>In early drafts, Stark would fight Stane in the prototype Mark IV armor, which includes a shoulder-mounted gattling gun and would later become the War Machine armor.

>In early drafts, Stark would throw Stane into a vat of acid rather than have him caught in an explosion. When the armor is retrieved, Stane's body is gone, indicating he might have survived.

>The movie was filmed mostly without a script, with actors ad-libbing most of their lines based on a production guideline. Production was so chaotic that both the cast and the producers expected the movie to be a disaster until test-screenings reported surprisingly positive audience reception.
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The Incredible Hulk (2008)

>Mark Ruffalo was director Louis Leterrier's original choice for Bruce Banner, but the studio favored Edward Norton.

>Norton declined at first, and only agreed on the condition that he could revise the script and that all of his contributions would be filmed, but most additions ended up being cut after poor reception at test-screenings. Norton also clashed with Leterrier and the producers throughout production.

>Ray Stevenson auditioned for Emil Blonsky before Tim Roth was cast.

>Stan Lee would originally cameo as the captain of the USS Excelsior, a fishing boat that Banner and Betty Ross hire to take them to Manhattan.

>The Hulk would originally decapitate the Abomination, but this was changed due to poor reception at test-screenings.

>Norton was a fan of THE WIRE and added a subplot about a man, played by Michael K. Williams, who reaches out to the Hulk during the Battle of Harlem to stop the destruction. The subplot was almost entirely cut and Williams' role reduced to a cameo.

>Norton also added an extended comedic sequence where Banner interacts with a computer geek while trying to retrieve data from the Culver University. Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Jason Segel, among others, were approached for the geek before the scene was scrapped and the geek reduced to a cameo, played by Martin Starr.

>Leterrier pitched an cameo appearance by Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, bumping into Banner at Empire State University, but Sony Pictures rejected the idea.
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Iron Man 2 (2010)

>Jon Favreau planned to adapt the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline, but the studio felt it was too dark.

>Early drafts featured Justin Hammer as the main villain, manipulating brothers Ivan Vanko and Boris Bullsky into targeting Tony Stark in order to steal the Iron Man technology. Vanko would die during a fight with Stark in Monaco, and Bullsky would become the Titanium Man to avenge him. Further revisions made Vanko into the main villain and reduced Hammer to a supporting role.

>Early drafts featured Stark developing a relationship with Black Widow, but this entire subplot was cut, and even their flirtatious conversations were toned down after poor reception in test-screenings.

>Mickey Rourke created an elaborate backstory for Vanko to make him a more sympathetic character, but most of these scenes were cut to streamline the narrative. Rourke was displease and disowned the movie, swearing never to work with Marvel again.

>The original ending where Vanko forces Stark to surrender to him by kidnapping Pepper and is killed by War Machine with the ex-wife missile was scrapped due to poor reception in test-screenings.

>Emily Blunt was cast as Black Widow, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts and was replaced by Scarlett Johansson.

>Al Pacino was approached to play Hammer before the character was reinvented and Sam Rockwell, who had originally auditioned for Bullsky, was cast.

>The cast once again ad-libbed most of their dialogue. Favreau was unhappy with the movie, believing that the rushed production schedule that didn't allow him to refine the script as much as he wanted, and declined to return for IRON MAN 3.
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Thor (2011)

>Matthew Vaughn was originally attached to direct the movie. Guillermo Del Toro was also approached before Kenneth Branagh was hired.

>The first draft of the script was a dark epic set in the Viking Age and modeled after THE LORD OF RINGS, but was scrapped for being borderline unfilmable in terms of budget.

>Liam Hemsworth, Charlie Hunnam, Joel Kinnaman, Alexander Skarsgard and Tom Hiddleston auditoned for Thor before Chris Hemsworth was cast. Hiddleston impressed the studio and was offered the role of Loki.

>Josh Hartnett and Charlie Cox auditioned for Loki before Hiddleston was cast.

>Brian Blessed was approached for Odin before Anthony Hopkins was cast.

>Jessica Biel and Diora Baird auditoned for Sif before Jamie Alexander was cast.

>Alexander Townsend was originally cast as Fandral, but was fired due to his erractic behavior. Zachary Levi was approached to replace him before Josh Dallas was cast.

>Early drafts featured Thor's human alter-ego, Dr. Donald Blake, but the concept was scrapped for being needlessly convoluted.

>Early drafts featured Thor and Loki's other brother, Balder.

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>"There's an infinite number of realities, Morty, and in a few dozen of those, I got lucky and turned everything back to normal"

If they are infinite, why did he only achieve that in a few dozen?
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Very Lovecraftian dialogue.
The writers take MANY liberities with the use of infinity in this show. I mean so many. But for one, in an infinite number of timelines, one galactic empire would get ricks portal gun.
Infinite doesnt always end in infinite if you have infinite people fucking with infinite worlds

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*blows out your eardrums*
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>mfw the last thing I hear is one of the best sound editing in film
It isn't even that loud. Only indoors the noise is hurting.
Truly kino reload

was this one of the biggest forced romances of all time

it was like the acting was bad that their attraction to each other looked very fake and consciously done.

or am I just imagining shit?
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do white males ever stop whining
No you're right. It was very forced.
It's from the comic

What is the best Lovecraftianesque ₭Jɳó?
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Ear shattering fart noises

reading his book you disgusting negroid
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Pic related, you autistic fuck

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Which actor if any could have played Tywin as well as Charles Dance?
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Idris Elba
Christopher Lee
Tom Hardy

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Why didn't she fight back or leave him later on?
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it's women's most common fantasy for a reason
This. It's evolution. Our entire species is the product of rape. She was probably unhappy about it but I don't think she cared in the end.
This. Rape is only bad when it's a beta doing it

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Why was this shit?
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I liked it, very Lovecraftian
fuck you
it wasnt

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Holy shit did anyone have their //horrorkino// ruined by teenagers? I've never experienced anything like this, even during capeshit people are in general very quiet (i'm norwegian and people have way better cinema etiquette than the states)

>half the audience showing up late, with flashlights on their phone while trying to find their seats
>teenage girls that arrives like 10 minutes into the movie and starts snapping with the fucking blitz on
>that wave of people small - talking and giggling after every.single.jump scar
>girls squealing like dying seals
>people talking during the intense, quiet scenes "oh here comes another jump scar"

i even turned around and told the people behind me to shut the fuck up but it was like trying to put out a forrest fire with a water pistol, just hopeless, everyone was talking

is it just something about horror movies that makes people think it's okay to talk during the film, i don't even
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>going out to watch movies where normies will congregate
literal subhuman swine pig shit fuck
You don't go and see popular movies like these in the first couple weeks
>Not going to nearly empty morning screenings
Pleb detected.

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