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Is anyone pissed about . This is what domino should look like.
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No of course not anon why would nerds get angry about anything
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Domino was a very early comicfu of mine. I don't give a shit about race or diversity in movies (most are so fundementally garbage that the cast is the least of the issue), but dont fuck with muh comicfu.

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Roland Tembo is the best character in the Jurassic Park film series, prove me wrong.
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he's bald
I find this so comfy, I wish Hammond wouldve done it

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Shit, was Fassbender in 300?
thats his twin brother
I really don't get the flak 300 receives about using historical inaccuracies, it even uses historically accurate phrasings. Sure, Greek historians loved to blow shit out of proportions, but there are no other sources to base opinions on.

Also, what the fuck is this meme that the Persians, an invading army, were the actual good guys?

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>I'm ... going outside .. to .. stalk ... Lenny and Carl

Sneedposters will be shot
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>Not if you're planting gummy bears!
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Last season is literally nothing but SJW lecturing, what the fuck happened?
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you watched a netflix show and wondered why it pandered to the average netflix viewer
isn't it a cartoon for furries? what did you expect?
Pretty much this.

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What went wrong?
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trump unironically
Bong genes and gluttony

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>faces blurred out
why does that make it more lewd?
Letterboxd users are not human beings.

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lovecraftian pan.jpg
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Is this a thread about things that are lovecraftian?


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Can you name a movie that /tv/ doesn't hate?
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the upcoming Trump biopic directed by Mel Gibson with Cint Eastwood as the president and Sam Hyde as Putin
I hate every single movie ever made
I loved the new beauty and the beast fuck all of you

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Did it ruin her career or the opposite?
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Pretty much nothing happened. She's still working.

Why would have anything happened? She's pro at masturbating.
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>ruin her career or the opposite?
The Fappening had absolutely no effect on anyone's career

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>People with a knowledge of film understand it
>The average filmgoer does not
>This means the critics were bribed

It's clear already you're not very bright, but explain why you think it doesn't deserve praise?

There was literally 6 people in the cinema including me. This was marketed as a spooky horror but you got nothing of that sort. It was just another pseudo-intellectual, religious Darron Assmonkey film with trippy visuals.
So you are telling me these people are not bribed?

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Bull-shit. a) That's subjective as fuck b) Get used to high FPS and then low FPS looks like slide-show garbage c) Ironically, reality is "high FPS" so low FPS can look fake.
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With 24fps you are in that sweet spot where the blur of motion is at the right amount to make everything "believable", while at 60fps everyone looks like actors acting infront of a camera, no matter how "used to" it you get.

>reality is "high FPS" so low FPS can look fake
I hope this is bait because if not you're an actual retard.
Next time you're hoping to have a discussion, don't start your thread with a straw man. It makes you look like a dumb fuck begging for attention.
The Hobbit looked like everything was fake, even the real stuff. Enjoy those extra frames of CIA subliminal brainwashing, anon.

Can men be funny?
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This is sexist!
I think I might legitimately hate Paul Feig. Like if I saw him get hit by a car, I don't think I'd help him
Would you help me clean my car?

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Is Star Wars an embarassment to mankind at this point?
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Did anyone else read the Entertainment interview she did? Apparantly she had a never ending period during shooting and Boyega goes on to say he could even smell ''it'' during heated scenes.
Star Wars was always crap. Always.

Mediocre stories, mediocre acting, mediocre physical sets, decent effects. It's always been fucking shit.

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okay, WHO THE FUCK came up with this premise

this is so fucking stupid it's almost great again

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that bitch in the yellow sweater needs to get her asshole licked by me
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it's fraiché I like et.
>Kristen Wiig
Fucking awful taste but that's what you like, eh?

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