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Why can't europoors make kino?
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we donĀ“t have any risk takers
>implying amerifats can remove the chinese audience cock out of their mouths to make a good movie
we do you're just to lazy to read subtitles

Why was he so upset over Vito being a gay?
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Fags aren't trustworthy people.
because he didn't spend 20 years in the can just so his sister can marry a faggot
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>yes goy, waste your life stuck in traffic, ruin your health and back driving all day, it can be a lot of fun. good goy.
t. 35 year old mentally ill basement dweller

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>co-created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett

>An animated comedy from real-life best friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg about the glorious nightmare that is teenaged puberty.

How is this crap allowed?
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Why are americans so afraid of sexuality?
Jewish humor is gross

>"If God is all powerful, then he cannot be all good. And if he is all good, he cannot be all powerful."

>"Does anyone have any orange slices"
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I wonder why Kathleen the cunt even hired Terrio when he's just going to get fired anyways.
>middle school philosophy vs unfunny quips
all capeshit is terrible OP
how would marvel/disney handle the first encounter banter between supes and bats?

>dc: Next time they shine your light in the sky, don't go to it. The bat is dead, bury it. Consider this mercy.
>tell me, do you bleed? - you will

>marvel/disney: uh im putting you on time out
>you and what army?

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>Closes a book over a man's head hard enough to crush his skull
Are we on the same page?
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>Climax of the film takes place at a construction site
>Villain is an effeminate gay
>Shoves a four foot level all the way up the villain's ass, killing him

You look straight to me.
Kek what movie was this?
>sucks a guys cock so hard he dies from dehydration

He didn't semen that cumming

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B-but they were nice to him
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No honor among thieves
He didn't ram them in the truck on purpose.
Just happened that way
Seriously, Baby is an enormous asshole. The bit at the end where everyone says HE'S A GOOD BOY HE DINDU NUFFIN was completely absurd.

And the idea that the girl would stick with him, when they barely knew each other and it turns out he's a fucking murderer who got her mixed up in the worst kind of shit?

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Imagine the salt when this guy ends up winning the Emmy.
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>but most of all, I would like to thank Donald Trump, for being such A FUCKING MORON and giving me fresh material on a daily basis!
*deafening applause*

>Thank you, thank you, Herr Drumpf! Mein fuehrer! Mi amor! The most incompetent, dumbest man on the planet! I hope you get syphilis from your Russian hookers.
*mic drop*
I read the second quote in his voice, nice one

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what the fuck happened, this is just a meandering pile of preachy bullshit. This is going nowhere, and Im sick of seeing Diane's stupid chink face.
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>have chink character
>played by a whitie

what did they meme by this?
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Can I get a quick rundown?
t. guy who stopped after S2.
She's not Asian you dildos. Look at those eyes. You never see the whites of Asian eyes.

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Kelly Ripa is underrated

Anyone agree?
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Attractive older women who clearly keep themselves together are never underrated imo.
She's fucking disgusting and has the worst fake tits in the world.
This desu senpai

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it's incredibly insulting dude "we're white saviors in asia lmao" "we're not invasive foreign colonists at all lmao"
Japan just wanted to secure a future for their children.
Both of these ideas were put forward in the movie and both were explored/criticized extensively. Stop being retarded.

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The International Federation of Kinography has tasked you to save Jennifer Lawrence's career. You as the new director are given her and a budget of four hundred million dollars to make a film for the ages.

What kind of film would you make?
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Make her play an hot annoying dumbass like American Hustle, only role she's had that I actually liked.
Cast her for the main role in Sweetness in the Belly.
Porno movie starring only me and her, 12 hours of footage compiled from 2 years worth of work.

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You've been teleported into the world of IT. Pennywise/IT takes the form of your worst fear. What are you afraid of, /tv/?
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all things Lovecaftian
my dad
Cute girls

>assaults a man then brags about it on live tv
>stupid, low iq tramp who's fucked her way to the top
>thinks it's 'funny' to recount that the guy was crying after the assault

Boycott her movies and let her fall into oblivion.
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who did she assault?
She always comes off as dumb white trash to me.
Boo hoo

Four flops in a row
Is her career over?
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God I hope so. I hate her stupid face so much.
They're already lining up the next shiksa
what are the other ones, I don't pay attention to her movies usually.

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