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Why was Ross such a piece of shit? He literally cheated on Rachel
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If my girlfriend fucked another guy while on a "break" I wouldnt want her back.
Ross is trash, how anyone could cheat on prime Rachel and then get defensive about it boggles my noggin. ross worse friend by a mile

Gayest thread of the day

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ITT: Absolutely BASED supporting characters
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my boy carrillo
What shows?
fringe is crappy written shit

Just finished episode 7. What the fuck was Tyrions problem at the end?
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He was in love with Dany and got cucked.
He was worried that Jon just contracted all of Daario's STDs and Jon's health is pretty important for leading the fight against the Others
I'm guessing because it compromises both of them

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Villains who did fuck all wrong
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Did nothing wrong? Batty boy? Oh he did wrong alright. He should have had spartacus crucified as soon as he had suspicions about him learning the truth.
>He killed Spartacus's wife
>He had spartacus' friend killed
>this is how spartacus learned of his wifes murder.
>he didn't kill spartacus's wifes murderer.
>he let himself be cucked by crixus
he did plenty wrong and thats what makes him an interesting character you mongoloid

Why didn't Harry end up with Hermione?
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she wouldn't do deepthroat or anal
dullest franchise

Why was Walter White a chemistry teacher instead of a professor?

Clearly good enough to teach university level stuff and it would've quadrupled his salary.
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He was getting his phd at los alamos when he got all buttflustered about his buddy banging his waifu and quit. Walt made bad descisions from the earliest we see him. He literally impregnated and married the first girl that talked to him out of anger.
Walter was a prideful faggot; he could have had a partnership with his university friend but he allowed himself to get cucked from his work and his then waifu. He then spent the rest of his life doing a job he's severely overqualified for until he got cancer from his faggotry.
muh plot

Works On All Fruits and Salads Edition.
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what do you have to say about the show itself?

"background noise the show"

i enjoyed watching the pilot. i was expecting a sitcom because the trailer made it look like it was a sitcom but i'm not disappointed it wasn't. i'm just looking for a show that's not an angsty soapie chick show like std or supergirl.

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I guess he chose Plomo
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At this point what difference does it make?
┐( ̄~ ̄)┌
What a disgrace of a country.
And people give shit to Trump for the wall.

And you know the best part?
Mexico City has fucked up crime statistic so they can say they're less dangerous than mainland US.
There was a thread about this yesterday
I reckon he scouted the wrong part of town
A place apparently known for over the top violence and stupid high murder rates
The irony is not that he got popped but that he went there expecting anything less

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name me some horror movies that are not complete shit
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The Signal
Stephen King's IT(2017)
Warner Bros. IT(2017)
Warner Bros Presents: Stephen King's IT(2017)
Lynch movies
Valentines Day
Event Horizon
Return of the Dead
Final Destination
Tales of the Crypt

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Name a bigger JUST
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Does Hellboy need to have a cross? Can't he be a Muslim?
it looks like an improvement to me
>left MCU
>right DCEU

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Best combination right?
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Replace Jack with Colin from Canada
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Took the words right of my hand.
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Mike and Jessi.jpg
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Replace Jack with Jessi.

I miss her so much, guys.

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Luke probably did but he could have easily written that off as lies
If someone told neo-Nazis that Hitler denounced everything at the end, do you think they'd believe it?
>If someone told neo-Nazis that Hitler denounced everything at the end, do you think they'd believe it?
Hmm. That's actually a good point, never thought of it that way.
But then he must have some alternate idea of what happened on the second Death Star... like what, does he think that Luke killed Vader?
>34 ABY
>falling for Rebel propaganda

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Since most modern movies are made for people with ADHD...

What's your favorite slow-paced movie?

Mine is 2001.
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Brown Bunny

There's slow-placed and then there's 15 minutes of spaceships floating through the air to classical music.

Post your first truthful reaction when you saw him in TDK for the first time
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>Heath Ledger is really good in this
>The writing is bad, especially the dialog
>The War on Terror subtext is stupid
>Nolan really struggles with action scenes... and not-action scenes
>Why does the movie start becoming a sequel to itself 110 minutes in.
12 year old me was genuinely scared of him
I just knew it was going to be at least "very good"

What is the best comedy podcast?
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Waking Up with Sam Harris
aunty donna podcast
i'd understand all of their references better if I was australian but it's hilarious enough anyway
Hollywood Handbook. Although it's currently in a bit of a slump, the old episodes are the best.

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