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They don't make kino like this anymore
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Was his verdict fair?
That whole era of history is bizarrely underused in film.
Fucking this

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Call me a fag.
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I think you're a cool guy.

The Quiet Earth
Man Dog Day Afternoon was nuts. I was expecting Don Corleone.

Leon: The Professional
The Godfather pt. 1
Citizen Kane and The Boondock Saints

Why are video essays so bad? Most of them just waste 10 minutes of your time slowly explaining things that are already obvious.They're all also titled similarly. "How X Changed Y", "Why X is Important", etc.

Also ITT we make up titles for shitty video essays that will inevitably exist at some point

>How To Do Horror: Analyzing IT
>Zach Synder and the Art of Subtlety
>Justice League Had A Bland Color Scheme - And That's A Good Thing
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It's easy normiebait for views, it makes them feel smart for watching it
This is really all there is to it. Reading an actual essay would be a lot more beneficial
>trying to find instructions for how to replace a turn signal relay in an older car
>top 5,000 google results are twenty minute videos
we have to go back

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Episode two comes tomorrow, and I, for one, cannot wait. Let's chat about the greatest Star Trek show since Voyager.
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It's okay, I'll give it a chance, more technobable and more world building. Less cuck drama and more comfortable sets and I'd be okay.

Inb4 the reason she asked for him to Captain is because a time paradox needed him too.
Nice try, Seth
It will have none of that.

Would you have cheated on Pam with this?
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pam got gross by the 3rd season and cathy was better in every way so yeah
>getting involved with Pam in the first place
Most guys would but not John, hes very faithful and cool, funny, charming etc

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hey what's up
If you could take the autism away, would you do it?

Childhood is defending Homer.
Adulthood is realizing Grimes was right.
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Adulthood is realizing that """"""classic"""""" Simpsons is unfunny garbage
adulthood is not watching cartoons anymore
Every kid knew Grimes was right. Just like how Flanders is always right. That's what makes Homer so funny. He's a fucking asshole.

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Think she'd brap in my face if I bought her things?
No, but you get to look at her!
please tell me shes 18

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Its going to suck, isnt it?
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What was the last great movie from Pixar anyway? The Incredibles?
Wall-E or Up

Toy Story 3 and Inside Out are both overrated.
>goth girl has a black boyfriend
>fast kid is gay
make it happen disney

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Its habbening. Band of brothers in the sky with fuckhuge budget.

It was called "the mighty eighth" But it might be changed soon to "masters of the air"

Expect announcements of this project soon


More proof its in motion


pitch trailer made for the series a LONG time ago.

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Lol, fucken guys cant stand that Nolan outskilled them

sound boring pacific was shit
Stfu Nolanfag, he couldn't even come close to SPR or BoB. A PG war movie, kek

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What really goes on in Hollywood?
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weinstein is not the one you have to worry about...
Same thing that goes on in any other marketplace.

Attractive women trade their only asset (looks/body) for opportunities in an industry that relies heavily on looks.

It's basically prostitution w/o any $$ trading hands.

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The only anime I've watched and I loved it from start to finish. It reminded me of Breaking Bad in it's quality and story telling. Why is the later episodes considred bad?
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The later episodes are boring as fuck and have none of the cat and mouse between L and Light. They just meander around aimlessly for episodes at a time.
Because the later episodes are in fact bad

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What comes next?
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Carnivale seasons 3-6 or a reboot about Scudder and Belyakov's times as Avatars.
Bill Wilson, hopefully.
It depends on what HBO show you've put on doesn't it, you silly billy

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Holy. Fucking. Shit.

What in the fuck was that? Where did it come from? It's like Shyamalaman had amnesia and reset to being fresh 28 year old with energy for making original, tough, mindblowing material. What a fucking transformation. It's like he just shook off himself several decades of making complete dogshit films one after another like it's never happened, just decided to be solid now.

Seriously, I'm blown away.
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it was complete trash imo
Haven't seen it yet, my sister said it was good.
But my sister also unironically likes the newest Transformers so she isn't a reliable gauge on how good a film is.
It grossed close to 300 mil on 9 mil budget with little to no marketing. How many shitty films did you see do that?

what's the most misogynist movie you can think of?
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West side story.
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Lmao can't believe they remade the original Straw Dogs. What a bunch of lazy cunts

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