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What can we expect from this movie?
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widespread critical acclaim regardless of quality

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when is nerd culture going to stop being cool?
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Fuck marry kill

Fuck middle, kill other two
When you stop being a faggot

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>Past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing.

Was he right?
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Yes. Imagine being an adult basement dweller. Drinking coke and eating chili cheese fries whilst posting on 4Chan, scratching your neckbeard, balls and zits and having smelly, sweaty armpits and no gf. That would probably be a bad thing
how the FUCK are you guys able to "discuss" the same exact thing EVERY SINGLE DAY?
The same exact thread and the same exact posts every day, if that's not autism than I don't know what is.
Yeah.. Heheh, imagine that

So what's shittier, Rick and meme or Bojack horsememe?
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the Memepranos
or Mad Memes
or Six Feet Upvotes
delete this right now
Rick and Morty at least has some fun traditional cartoon moments mixed in with the cringey "serious" moments. Bojack Horseshit takes itself too seriously to ever have any fun.

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Batman v Superman is the Thinking man's superhero flick
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The scene where Bruce is handing him down to Diana gets me every time. I can't explain it.
Fuck off, it was shit.
Agreed. Let me tell you why.

For starters, its use of the leitmotif of perception versus reality plays into literally everything happening, up to and including the revelation at the end that Clark was looking at the world through a filter of his own, doing what we all do - focusing on the polarized extremes and missing the whole truth.

For another, it takes the three principles of the film, and uses them to craft an allegorical tale stressing the importance of communication across cultural divides and the perils of succumbing to xenophobia, paranoia, and a biased media.

Lastly, it uses the characters of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to represent different eras of myth in both pop culture and antiquity.

In essence, this film takes what Miller did with DKR, swaps the roles around a bit, and ties them more firmly to the modern geopolitical climate, all while doing honor to the history of comics as a medium in general, and the history of the DC characters in particular.

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Mr. Lynch
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Christopher Nolan
Rian Johnson

I'm being 100% serious
Bela Tarr.

fuk u I don't have a fedora

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Has she been in anything worthwhile besides Dark Matter or does she just get spammed by one guy?
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She worked with Terry Gilliam... as kid. Still.
Patience Buckner in Cabin in the Woods.

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ITT: God-tier tropes

>Protagonist and antagonist genuinely care for each other
>Protagonist and antagonist used to be former friends/lovers/mentor, student
>Protagonist weeps for villain when they die/ villain weeps for protagonist when they die
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The pharaoh was dumb, he just should have let his people go
God hardened his heart, as to make the pharaoh not let the jews go
I fucking hate the old testament.

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>Mexican location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal was shot to death in a violent region in central Mexico Monday while scouting for season four of Netflix’s hit show “Narcos.” The seasoned scout, who worked for Stacy Perskie’s Mexico City-based production company Redrum, has a slew of high profile credits to his name, including, “Sicario,” “Spectre,” “Fast & Furious” and “Apocalypto.”
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This is why we need the wall.
>portray cartel members as a bunch of lisping homo fags
>get kidnapped and thrown in a vat of acid
who didn't see this coming...

Lets have a good old Bond thread
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last night I...pierced the buns of your sister?

That's weak, senpai.
>he's never bondburgered a girl

Live a little chum.
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>We need someone who looks like a recently divorced middle aged loser to wear unbuttoned dad shirts and shill our website.
>I know just the guy.
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mom says this guy is sexy every time he shows up
dad laughs it off and just sits there all awkwardly
Literally who?

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where do I get a thicc 17 year old gf who falls in love with you after you kidnap her?
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do you look like vincent gallo?
>you kidnap her
I'm sure you can figure it out yourself
You need to expect to kidnap a lot of women if you are going to find the one that's right for you.

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>Back in 2015, after shooting finished on the Bond movie Spectre, 007 actor Daniel Craig said he would rather "slash my wrists" than play James Bond again. That quote has been making the rounds for the past two years, and, now that Craig is confirmed be playing Bond again, he has cleared up some confusion about the quote and what he really meant.

>Appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Craig clarified that he gave that quote in an interview that took place just two days after Spectre finished filming. It must have been a demanding process to shoot such a massive movie, so it's understandable he wouldn't want to dive right back in in that moment.

>"There is no point in making excuses about it, but it was two days after I finished shooting the last movie," Craig recalled. "I went straight into an interview and someone said, 'Would you do another one?' And I went, 'No.' And instead of saying something with style and grace, I gave a really stupid answer."

>Colbert then jumped in to say the situation is like asking a woman who just gave birth if she would like to have another child with Donald Trump. He suggested that the woman might say no at that moment but would be open to the idea of having another child with Donald Trump later. Craig said he doesn't exactly agree with the comparison. "I can't compare it to childbirth. I would get in a lot of trouble with Donald Trump," he said.

Powerful stuff. Thoughts?
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clever girl
He had to bring Trump into the conversation. He will never get over it, will he ?
And I'll never get over the hilarity of people still defending Trump when he has been a terrible failure of a president. Oh, what's wrong little baby, you don't like me criticizing your god emperor? Get over it, he's a loser.

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is there any reason why you wont be seeing blade runner 2049 in cinemas oct. 5?
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If it gets good reviews I'll see it in IMAX, and I don't see many movies.
No I'm going with my dad who love the original.
He's not a big fan of Ryan Gosling but he likes Jared Leto.
Hopefully we can have a fun time together.
>He's not a big fan of Ryan Gosling but he likes Jared Leto
What a strange sort of faggotry

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