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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your wee fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1075736
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Reponting for New thread:
Hey guys, male peruvian applying to a full Masters degree scholarship in Nipland.

Once there, What can I expect?

>Semi White
>good looking
>Huge weeb unfortunetly
recommended budget for a month long trip? don't plan to spend that much and would like to do a couple of days of hiking mostly in cold places
anyone know how to get a japanese pen pal? I'd love to visit tokyo someday but not without a local who could show me around a bit. I'd be willing to do the same if they want to visit my town (in Texas).

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what should i know about italy before traveling there?
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Pic related.

Do it to your waiters, to your receptionists and every Italian you meet on the street (not really though).
they wont fuck you.. sorry
>you wont get laid
>finger wag isn't an offensive gesture, it just means "no"
>never joke about Satan or things being possessed; they are superstitious as fuck
>in general don't blaspheme, oldschool catholicism is king
>you will never be able to finish your plate. They're happy if you try though.
>in smaller restaurants/cafes, outside of tourist traps, the rule is often pay what you think the meal is worth, but don't abuse this system.
>tips are not calculated per se but think 20%ish. Dont penny pinch, its rude
>tourist restaurants are easy to spot... The food will be good but not great and super overpriced
>be on high alert for gypsies
>buy food ahead of time for Sunday. NOTHING will be open.
>they are the polar opposite of Italian Americans
>people are super emotional. If someone curses you to death and gets red faced screaming, wait 5 minutes and they'll like you again.
>people are ridiculously fashionable.
>dont try to blend in, you wont. Just dress nice and sensible. Nobody expects more from tourists.
>there's a lot of street punks and anarchists, they're hygienically challenged but nice folk mostly
>great rock/metal scene oddly enough
>dont expect to get into many night clubs wearing a less than $600 outfit

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Hello.I apologize for my poor English.
I am a Japanese 27-year-old.
I go to Vienna and Prague for a trip a few days later.

But,I have not been for overseas travel and can't speak other language.

Please give me some advice.
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don't worry, poor English is good enough
With your current level of English you should be able to hold conversations. Just enjoy your time there, do not let your language hold you back.
You have never been travelling overseas before?

Post the #1 best/coolest photo you have from your travels. Try to make us all jealous.
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>inb4 ladyboys
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You really dropped the ball by not making the filename "An American in Paris"

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What are some good places to travel alone?
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Literally anywhere. Just hop into any thread on this board. A lot of people travel by them selves. There are both pro's and cons of traveling solo. But I find it overall easier compared to when I traveled with friends. Anywhere that you can travel with a group you can do solo and vise versa.
Anywhere with casinos and gambling. Sit down at a table and make some new friends.
>What are some good places to travel alone?
Anywhere, like another said...cept cruises, they're a bit lonely alone.
Anywhere with museums that you wish to do, cause you can indulge yourself at each painting or artifact as short or as long as you wish. Read allllll the signs, or not! Economically speaking, renting a car and your hotel isn't splitable alone, so cities with good public transport evens it out a bit.
DC is awesome alone, and it's got this transient town thing going on where everyone is temporarily on business, on assignment, on vacation, and food/nightlife is awesome.

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Hey guys, I'm going to be travelling to the US in June and was hoping you fellas could give me some things to do in NYC as well as travel tips for the city.

Cheers in advance :)
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why do people do this?

maybe give some more info so we can help you better, asshole
I don't know what else to give? I'll be staying in NYC for a week in the month of June this year. What are some good things to do that aren't really mentioned on other travel websites?
In this type of post you typically have to provide some specifics or your interests and hobbies. I like hiking and cycling. I wouldnt suggest places to go mountain biking to somebody visiting my area unless he suggested that he was into that.

A city like New York has the standard tourist sights that can be suggested to you on any travel website. If you asked something like.. "Which restaurant is the best for...?" "Is it worth it to visit...?" or "Which neighborhood should I stay in?" then you can get some genuine responses. There isnt some underground culture that you are going to find yourself in if you dont know what you are looking for.

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Considering taking amtrak from nyc to boston. Is it as terrible as I might think? Would be nice not to put the miles on my car.
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Not particularly terrible. What are you concerned about?
Worried that it's gonna be the filth of the earth all packed in like sardines.
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Wow, you sound pretty sheltered.

This is what the inside of an amtrak train is like. Riding the T in Boston or the subway in NYC is infinitely more crowded, dirty and aggravating. Have you honestly never done either of those things?

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neutral zone.jpg
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I went to an international school in Asia. I think I still speak with a bit of accent when I speak English (and no ones wants to sound Asian when they speak English). When I travel aboard, some people can even pinpoint the area I am from just by hearing my voice. How to speak with a neutral accent like the people in this video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-KNPGCRmD8
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>How to speak with a neutral accent
why the fuck would you?
>t like the people in this video
this girl have annoying asian accent, not so strong but still
Nobody likes an Asian accent.

Anyone here did birthright "Free 10 day trip to Israel?" My mother is pressuring me to go since I turn 27 by next summer and its the last chance I can do it.

My main worry is that I will be completely and utterly miserable due to sleep deprivation. In high school I went to some weekend or 3 day retreats with Jewish youth groups like USY and BBYO, and barely got any sleep because of people fucking around in the room all night long. The result being in zombie mode super tired for most of the trip and couldn't handle it. And if its a fast paced traveling trip its not like I can go back to the room and nap during the day if I need to. How is the sleeping arrangement, and do people actually get to sleep 7 hours a night or does everyone party all the time and barely sleep?

I also noted groups for aspergers and special needs, which claim to be slower paced and more relaxed. I have aspergers, but would be worried that the trip would be more for the full retard type of autists, and its not available in summer anyway as I just checked. I really would like to just go on a regular trip, one with local residents I can stay in touch with after, but am genuinely worried I'll be stuck with party people who don't mind sleeping 4 hours a day for 10 days, while I'm having microsleeps and no energy to socialize or enjoy myself. Give me your experiences please.

Also, how does the air travel work, and are there options to explore other places/extended travel plan as well?
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A jewish mother pressuring her son?

Birthright measures the intermarriage rate of jews who take the trip, and jews who don't. The more likely you are to marry a jew after is how they measure success.

From what you have posted, and what I've heard about birthright, you wont like it. I think it's usually two bed hotel rooms, so maybe you could get lucky and have a quiet room mate. The average age is younger, and the guides encourage people to have fun and there's quite a bit of drinking and sex.
I think I'd just stick to /r9k/ OP.
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Just moved to Singapore about a month ago to work. Not exactly enjoying it so far. What is there to do here?
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Look at marina bay sands every day.
Count your Money.
Spend it.
Just explore the rest of SEA while you live there

Traveling with a coworker there. She's been there before and this is my first time going - but when we went to Chicago, we had a lot of fun because I got to also show her some places I knew.

Does /trv/ know of any fun places to explore in Vancouver? We hit the entire spectrum: we love small dive bars with bad beer and we also enjoy fancier places to drink and dance. Thanks in advance, any advice is appreciated.
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Take her to the Capliano suspension bridge during the day, it's even good in the rain
then go to the Narrow lounge on Main st
Wow, both places look amazing. Thank you!
How is the Capilano bridge, exactly? Is it a day trip? Something we can cover in a few hours? We'll most likely be busy until end of day, possibly one of the days we'll be able to go out midday for some traveling. Narrow Lounge looks like exactly the kind of stuff she loves.
I got you homes.

Capilano Suspension Bridge: A very thin bridge that goes across a river way down below. A couple of hours, maybe 2-3, should do it. Bring your camera.

In Vancouver, I'd recomend:
-Any art gallery: They're pretty common and pretty good.
-Vancouver Aquarium: Our local aquarium, and it's very pretty. Not much to say, apart from go there to see our sea life.
-Vancouver Port: Man, anything on the waterfront is really cool. Just looking over it is nice. Find a bench and just watch the boats go on by.
-Grandville Island: A ferry boat ride away, Grandville is a pretty nifty and quaint place, but it is a tourist trap. Be warned. Still pretty though.
-Steamworks Brew-Pub: My personal favourite restaurant in Van. It's all train themed and rustic.
-Playland: Our amusement park. It's pretty nifty if you like that kind of thing.

If I think of anything else I'll put them up here. Are you cool with leaving Vancouver, or do you just want to stay in the big city?

I have a little company in Italy that makes me earn around €3000 - €4000 per month. It's an eCommerce and it's completely outsource (I can work from my computer, I just need Internet).

I would like to go in place like the one in the pic.
Consider the €100/day before tax (so, if the Income tax in the country is 30% it would be €70/day).

I'm single and I'd like a place with young people.
After selling my house I'll have €340k to €370k (the realtor isn't even sure with the current market)

Please HELP, I got bored of Rome (and Italy in general)
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Literally anywhere in the world except San Francisco.

I personally recommend a hostel in Bora Bora.
That looks boring as fuck, OP. Where's your ambition? You just want to party with young people and have sex on a beach until your business dies?
just for 2 or 3 years (and no, my business won't die)

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Hello /trv/, I am from Texas and plan to travel up to Alaska by vehicle this March, so I have a very long road trip ahead of me and seek tips from people who have traveled similarly, particularly through Canada to reach the frozen state.

The issue is, I have never been on a road trip this long, nor have I ever crossed the border to Canada (although I have read I don't need anything special besides proper identification). The farthest I have traveled is up to Wyoming, and had no problems there. The difference, however, is that I slept at hotels every night for that particular trip. On this trip to Alaska, I want to cut those expenses and take it more "naturally", if you will, as in sleeping in my car or tent. My vehicle is a "single guy" manual-shift car.

What advice would you give me? If you have had such trips before, what problems have you encountered?
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I haven't done what you're planning on yet, but I'm going to at some point.

I suggest driving to a national park near you, parking, and sleeping in your car overnight for one night. It will give you a good idea of what you need and won't need.

Good luck.
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284KB, 1097x729px

Very good point, I've camped near my car before but never actually slept in it

i've never been to Alaska but im from BC and have been pretty far north on road trips...

make sure you have good car!!! tires and wind shield wipers.

you should pre book a hostel in vancouver, spend a night in the city, buy some weed.

once in BC get some tim hortons coffee and a toasted bagel with cream cheese.

everything in Canada will be 40% cheaper to you.

march will be wet through most of pacific north west.... further north probably some snow?

sleeping in your car will be worse in the colder places... doable, but worse.

god speed

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I want to leave my job and start to travel in a budget. What to bring in my backpack?
What could be essential stuff ?
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Multi-tool (leatherman, Alien tool if you're a cyclist, Rambo knife if you're delusional)
Duct tape (wrap it around the sharpie to save space)
Standard 50' clothesline you can get at Walmart (holy shit, I never used it as a clothesline but it was fucking invaluable)
Learn to use a straight razor, they're great. Or just buy disposables, whatever
Smartphone (Let's not play games, it's the best thing ever)
Small flashlight
Deck of cards/ hacky sack/ social game of choice (Make friends, stupid!)
why the compass dude? there are also many knifes. Will they be neccesary?
#&%/"@ I found gold...!


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Are any of you polyglots? Sinuous learn in travels where you stayed or did you study at home before hand? What are the benefits?
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I speak portuguese as a native language (Brazilian), speak fluent english and good german,and am learning japanese and spanish now, probably gonna go for italian after i'm done with spanish. I would recommend studying a bit at home first, as it speeds the learning process when you travel, at least for me learning before helped a lot in germany. The benefits vary really, it may help you landing a better job, but if that would be your reason, you would be pretty much set with just english and spanish, as half of the world speaks that, maybe throw in chinese and you are done, but those are heavily dependant on what job you have. I learn it because i think it's fun, and it helps me understand a bit more of the culture and all of that
it also makes you a bit less subject to scams when you travel to places you understand the language
I'm polyglot. Native speaker of English, fluent in Thai (lived there for a number of years, studied the language formally as an undergraduate, read and translated many thousands of pages of Thai stuff as a grad student), good/working command of Spanish and Russian (university and travel), basic-or-better command of five or six other languages.

Both Spanish and Russian have been useful to me in multiple countries, and as far as Thailand is concerned, nobody has ever tried to rip me off in a serious way, or to scam me, that I can recount, despite the common stories. People seem to assume that if you speak the language, you know the deal and will recognize scams (which is true).

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