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Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Beast%20Wars%20Quest
Character info pastebin: https://pastebin.com/fqsyvZJw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeastWarsQuest

General Rules

15 min voting period after each main post. Write-ins votes are welcomed/encouraged. Votes that are non-contradictory and add to the narrative will be considered. Think 'Rule of Cool'

Combat mechanics/skill test will be done using best three out of five rolls of 1d100, unless otherwise specified. Modifiers may come into play depending on the MC's statistics which can improve odds and vice versa as the QM sees fit. The QM will do their best to inform players of when such modifiers will come up during votes. (Example: Aim at a target at long range with a scattershot weapon will require a higher roll to make a successful hit than a normal blaster weapon).

Training with other bots and successful missions can add to your overall abilities. Strong character relationships with your comrades can also benefit the MC as it will improve battle synergy and moral (less likely to want to fall back/retreat). Of course the vice versa can come into play as well. A failed mission may have consequences but result in unforeseen outcomes (In the show, Tarantulus, Blackarachnia, & Quickstrike were supposed to secure an energon post. The Maximals interfered, resulting in the loss of the post BUT Tarantulus gained a new lair.).

Keep an eye out at your energon build up levels; too much time in robot mode outside of a structure, such as a base can cause negative impacts on your combat maneuvers/skill test, including potential loss of spark. In the event of loss of spark, pending the results of a vote, a time lapse in the narrative will happen and a new stasis pod will fall. (Roll for new character or with a high relation level, a blank protoform will descend and your allies will reignite your spark)

Last time on Beast Wars Quest
You and Rattrap investigated the energon grove and had a minor encounter of arachniods. You had to decide on whether or not to stick around and seek the source of the driods or walk back to camp with Rattrap
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Hey everyone! Glad to be back and running again.

At the end of the last thread we had a tie for the closing vote so we'll resume where we left off

>Stick around the grove. Rattrap will be fine heading back to the Axalon
>Stick around the grove with Rattrap, maybe there’s more to scan or investigate here
>Better stick with him. Wouldn’t want someone else to take him out.
>Write in
>>Stick around the grove with Rattrap, maybe there’s more to scan or investigate here
>>Better stick with him. Wouldn’t want someone else to take him out.

This quest takes place in the DC Universe with characteristics mainly pulled from the animated TV series and films.
You are Battery, a teen recently brought in to HIVE Academy by Brother Blood after having seen your powers in action. Here you will learn how to successfully become a full-fledged villain, but you also hope to find some answers for your robotic origin. Recently you've been contacted by another linked to your past in what appeared to be a dream, but you're totally lost as to what it's intentions were.

-15 Minute voting period after each post, I will now specify how many votes are allowed per post.
-Some actions (typically combat choices against non-generic enemies and certain social situations) will require 3 D100 rolls, using the best of the 3 rolls for said action.
-Critical successes/failures are 100/1

Link to previous thread


QM Twitter



MC Powers and Inventory
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It's now morning in the hidden facility of HIVE. You've been awake for some time, but your alien lover has remained latched onto you in her sleep.

Blackfire currently has her strong, orange arms wrapped tightly around your torso as her snoring head nuzzles into your bare chest.

You'd spend more time admiring the sight of your girlfriend making you her teddy bear if you could, but you had other things you needed to focus on today.

First, there's the matter of your punishment assignment being due. Even if the one-eyed creep from last night warned of his treachery, you imagine that failing to hold up your end of the discipline would only make things worse.

Thinking about the man you visited last night also reminds you of what else he revealed. Whoever he is, he's currently able to access your school's network and has been tracking you through it since you first arrived. You don't know who you can trust anymore, but it might not be a bad idea to inform Blood of the intrusion.

There's also Umi, the Oni member you captured. Currently he's being kept in one of HIVE's holding cells, so he's not going anywhere any time soon. However, it might be best to hurry and interrogate him while you have time.

Though there's nothing you can do directly, your mind is occupied with the supposed dream you had last night. You don't know what you could do, but the urgency to get answers about your female doppelganger is clouding your thoughts.

You delicately brush some of Blackfire's dark hair away from her slumbering face, frowning as you come to terms that you'll have to her loud beauty sleep. As she audibly snorts, you can see a content smile spread across her lips.

It's time to wake her up and start your day.

A: Find Cheshire and tell her about Umi, then go to interrogate him.

B: Check your HIVE Communicator for details on your assignment. It'll be best to get that out of the way.

C: Go see Brother Blood about what happened last night.

D: Something else... [Write in]

[One vote permitted.]
>A: Find Cheshire and tell her about Umi, then go to interrogate him.
let's take care of that.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/MercCommand

/tg/ Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Kantai%20Collection%20Pacific%20Strike
/qst/ Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Kantai%20Collection%20Pacific%20Strike

Other Quests: https://pastebin.com/TrNWfAke

You are the former United States Navy warship USS HOEL, now returned as a shipgirl and ready to kick Abyssal ass!

"Jeez, I swear that this place is getting colder every time we come back!" Johnston whines as she sneezes for the millionth time.

"I warned you to layer up." Heerman sighs, comfortably snug in a surprisingly stylish fur lined jacket. "We ARE sailing around in the Arctic, after all."

"It makes me feel too bulky." Johnston pouts.

"You're ALREADY too bulky." You roll your eyes, pointing to your sister's prominent torpedo bulges.

"Well fuck you too, Hoel!" Johnston sticks her tongue out at you.

"This is going to a be real long mission, isn't it?" White Plains groans as she counts her planes.

Well, you suppose it was a good thing that your sisters were accompanying you on this mission. In between the both of them was the tied up and drugged up Re-class Abyssal, all wrapped up like a present for the Stranger, who had showed an interest in her and promised additional assistance if you could capture her on His behalf.

What a fucking weirdo.

However, it wasn't just you and your sisters on this mission. The Captain has also seen fit to assign...

>Some Japanese destroyers.
>A couple Japanese cruisers.
>Portland and Indy.
>North Carolina
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>North Carolina
Time for boats!
>>North Carolina

It'd be nice to have the fire power she represents, if our last excursion this way is anything to go buy.
>>Portland and Indy.
I would have liked to see more PANPAKAPAN or MC trio but I guess it's better for us to work with familiar faces.

Bote time best time

File: 1472256753348.png (3MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1920x1080px
Stage 167: A Ethics of Questions.

Inau-kun, blushing and barely maintaining her blood pressure below the breaking point, tell you, Kiku-chan, and Er Yin-sensei about her date. It is, unsurprisingly, a fairly ordinary date in comparison to yours, which surprises no one. It started as an assignment from Akari-niji-chan, a request to scout the theater and determine what kind of security would be needed. Shoko, being the major domo for Horobi's household was familiar with matters of security in general, while Inau-kun would determine what other situations would be potentially difficult by her nature as a hunter, turning the tools she would use to hunt into plans to kidnap Kiki-hime (or worse, take pictures of her in her dressing room).

Inau-kun noticed the change in Shoko-san's attitude almost immediately, and with a few gently probing questions realized she would be amenable to 'strengthening their relationship'. “You mean might be interested in more than friendship,” demands Kiku-chan flatly, which earns her a silent but stern warning from her master. Inau-kun nods in response, and you lean on the arm of your seat, smiling at the shy prince.

While they couldn't very well take time off from their duties per se, Inau-kun called Akari-niji-chan and asked if she might be able to break for lunch with Shoko-san. Being the wise dragonette she is, Akari agreed readily, and then suggested a particular small cafe that she knew of in Shibuya, near the theater. It wasn't far from the route, and Inau-kun readily made it clear that this was not merely lunch, but if Shoko-san was interested, perhaps a small but important first date.

“You would not believe how dark her skin turns when she blushes, aniki,” the blushing Ainu huntress murmurs softly to you and your companions. As you refuse to disabuse her of that assumption since this is her tale, she goes on to explain that they found the restaurant, and proceeded to enter, surprised it was open so late. “Apparently, it's very famous, but I didn't realize why, of course, and Shoko-san, being new to it as well, wasn't exactly ready either.”

“....let me guess. Little BSD?” you ask, grinning like a madwoman.

“....Little BSD,” she agrees, blushing harder. You hand her a handkerchief and she cleans up the trickle of crimson.

Kiku-chan and and Er Yin look confused, though Er Yin is more bemused than confused, as always. “It is a cosplay themed restaurant. The theme is....well, diabolical.”

“In what way is it evil, aniki?” asks Kiku-chan, misinterpreting.

“No, that's the theme.”

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Inau-kun has her head tilted back and you ease her blood pressure a bit.

“It was....very strange to experience the humans pretending to be demon-children, aniki, and we both had a very hard time not laughing and giggling. It was really a lot of fun, and kind of...well....” she blinks and holds her head back again and Kiku-chan sighs in exasperation.

Shaking your head with that grin still plastered on, you lean over and give Inau-kun a kiss on the cheek. “I am glad that you have found each other, Inau-kun, and I will help you make some more time together when we can.” She nods, though carefully and not to vigorously at all, a winning smile painted on her own lips. A sharp clack indicates there are fifteen more minutes before the show begins; the musicians begin to filter into their seats, and the crowd's murmur subsides to an intense, anticipatory hum. You drop the barriers that filtered your family's conversation from everyone else – more muffling than complete silence of course.

[] Ask about her new sleeping arrangements, should she need them....
[] Relax for a moment and try and calm your increasingly jumpy nerves.
[] Contact Akari through the Void and get a personal report.
[] Invite Shinkai-san to speak with you, without so many words involved
[] Take a moment to excuse yourself and go see Kiki-hime for yourself.
Twitter: @XsQuestmistress

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1829483/

Interlude: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/37879167/

Kissing! http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/574453/

Threads in Chronological Order, including writeups by XS : http://pastebin.com/Z53TyK0N
or search for tag: Ryukuza on Suptg

Megaupload of the RTF document of Ryukusa Quest (links to archive included): https://mega.nz/#!Biwj0bIb!r0TxRfhDf6PeTXNE9N1EQFF6mmGzFho3u_IcQvC7Ga8

Barrier Combat Guide: http://pastebin.com/rZLwzvGx

>Ryukusa's Treasures

Her name: Ryuu Yorihokura

Rie, the God's Eye Nekomata that protects your Family.

Matagama-no-Shitoki, a necklace kami in its own right that protects Ryukusa from inimical magic.

Ame-no-Omukade-no-Musume – Ryukusa's mukade possessed wakizashi; a kami. “Daughter of my Centipede of Rain.”

Gendai-no-Muteki-no-Buki - Invincible Weapon of the Present Age, a secret kami-blade given to Ryukusa by Wakaba that appears to be made of some alloy of titanium.

Seido-no-Shinpi-Tekina-Ken – a mysterious bronze sword given to Ryukusa by the mermaids of Japan; actually found to be the legendary blade Ame-no-Ohabari.

Go-Yurei-no-Rensa, the Five-Ghost-Chain, used to summon or send messages to your (actual) older sister Ryuu Nabiki.

Her Penthouse in the Secret Apartments of Tsathoggua in Shikoku prefecture, Tokyo.

Shikoku Naya, her fashion teacher and seamstress.

Hisaka Subaru, her weaver and dressmaking teacher.

Ryukusa's Family.

Akari – Black Jade Centipede (Mukade)
Er Yin – Black Jade Scorpion (Sasori)
Kiki – Black Jade Toad (Hikigaeru)
Kiku – Black Jade Lizard (Tokage)
Yui – Black Jade Snake (Hebi)
Inau – Black Coral Ear Cuff (Amatsukami)
File: Shinkai Yamada.png (303KB, 1293x1572px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shinkai Yamada.png
303KB, 1293x1572px
Ryuu Ryukusa is tall at 5' 8"; 6' in her true form. She is fully grown. Lesbian top.
Matagama Kiku is 4' 1” for ever and ever. Lesbian submissive.
Ryuu Akari is 5' 3" and has another few inches to grow. Sexuality is weird, switch, cosplayer.
Ryuu Yui is 6' 3” and will only grow due to circumstances beyond her control. Dyke, switch.
Ryuu Kiki is 5' 6" and is at full growth. Bisexual bottom.
Er Yin Long is the tall at 5' 10" and is fully grown. Lesbian dominant.
Ryuu Jinyuu is 5' 7" but persistently hovers an extra three inches. Straight.
Hinata-hakase is 6' 3". Sexuality is terrifying.
Hidesato is 5' 5". Straight.
Kushinada is 5' 8". Straighter.
Taisho Ryoga is 5' 9". Who knows.
Hyun Chisato is 5' 4” and is fully grown. Lolicon with plausible deniability.
Rie, just Rie, is 8” tall or 5' 5” and is fully cat. Her sexuality is cat.
Hagyu Genso is 12' 5” standing upright. He is by and large gay.
Mizumi Shoko is 7' 2” is fully grown. Bisexual top.
Yuuhi is 4'11” and is fully grown. Yuuhi a cute.
Tokei Isusangi, Inau-kun is 5' 3” and is much less confused.
Reiha is 5' 5 1/2” and is milfy.
Peta is 3' 2” Peta is \>.</ aka Her Most Imperial Highness Patanjali Piri Yokuhime Kuronogitsune Pa
Detective-san aka Mugon Chujo is fully grown at 5'11” and straight.
Kenji Soomi is 5' 4” and gothic lolita.
Musumi Kanako is 5' 6.5” and is pretty straight.
Hebiki Naoto is 5' 9” and belligerently omnivorous, sexually. You hope only sexually.
Kodachi Umetsume is 5' 4” and fully grown. Practicing asexual.
Melinda Blitzenberg is scattered to the winds and blessed in death.
Toshida Ginka is 5” 3” and fully grown. Turtles have a reputation.
Ryuu Wakaba is a head shorter and also deceased.
Margaret Steinhausen is gratefully dead.
Ryuu Sakumo is dead and spread far and wide.
Ryuu Nabiki is 5' 3” and fully transformed. Embarrassingly straight.
Ryuu Shinju is 4' 11” and fully grown. She is coy, maybe a dodomeki-child.
Ryuu Himeyuri is 5' 5” and is supposedly straight.
Ryuu Fuuta is 5' 6” and slightly less soft.
Kaga Kei is 5' 4” and fully grown. Might be experimental.
Kyubi-san is 6' 3” and fully grown. Hard to say.
Hisaka Subaru is 5' tall and 9' tall, and peculiar as all get out.
Shikoku Naya is 5' 4" (not including heels) and is fully grown. Entirely flexible.
Shinkai Yamada is 5' 7” and is straight.
Shinkai Mikurabe is 5' 2” (without heels) and is probably straight.

New Avalon Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=New%20Avalon
Colors' Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gq9ZEFrwnYjQpSeuMg1a_7UepedMrQUSEwbrHWntFCo/edit?usp=sharing
Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1813361/

You are Colors Eriksdotter, shockingly drunk (and here's Vickie, opening a second bottle for herself while you look at the quarter of yours still remaining and weigh your pride against your continued desire to live) and having a conversation with your new friend. So far you've managed to dig up a bunch of baggage, which you guess is the point? You're still not solid on the nature of this exercise.

"You remember when I asked you what you like about New Avalon even though you hate this town?" you ask. Vickie looks up from topping off her glass and nods. "So...what'cha like about bein'...y'know. A Darkling."

"...Huh. Never been asked that before," Vickie admits, thoughtfully.
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File: Darkling.png (112KB, 771x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 771x500px
"If you don't want to answer..."

"No, no, it's cool, I've just never been asked. I guess folks don't like to talk about it. Big fuckin' surprise, right?" Vickie takes a drink and sets her new bottle down on the counter. "I guess the poison tolerance is pretty rad. Like, other people joke about trading their heart for another liver so they can drink more and care less, but..."

"Wait -"

"Not literally."

You let out a sigh of relief. Vickie gives you a knowing look but doesn't comment at the way you rub the back of your hand with your thumb.

"Anyway, um. Y'know, I was never much of a night owl before, but...like I said earlier, the world's different a night. And that part's nice. Lights in the fog, the city sounds. The odd little diners and businesses that stay open. I like that." The Darkling gets a distant, wistful look. "Darkness ain't so bad once you get to know it either. Friendly, like. So many people are scared of the dark, wondering what it's hiding, and they never stop to realize that one of the things it's hiding is them. 's fair, like that, y'know?"

"It could see that," you admit. "And you seem to have fun with some of the other stuff. I have a hard time believing a pastor's daughter was a pickpocket or street magician."

Vickie honest-to-god blushes. "Yeah. That kinda thing. You?"

You shrug. "I like glass, but...of course I like glass, you know? But because of all this I found art as a hobby, which has been really rewarding. But honestly, like...the biggest relief is that I don't have to be like Him. So many folks I talk to, they turn out like their Keepers. Rachael, with her whole Aztec thing, f'rinstance. But the Giant, he's not...this." You gesture around your face. "I don't remember a lot, but I remember His face, His look. The Glass Mountain that He ruled was full of the beautiful things He hoarded and dared others to take from Him."

Vickie is silent for a long while. "I never knew my Keeper," she murmurs. The oven dings, and she hops off the counter to attend to her pies; she gets out a pair of oven mitts, removes the cookie sheet, and checks their internal temperature before nodding to herself. "And the Lord said, let there be pie, and there was pie and He saw that it was good. Got a beef and a chicken apiece, you want a bowl or something?"


"I usually dump both of mine into a bigass bowl and fuck 'em up with a fork, then eat it," Vickie admits.

"...Y'know, sure. That sounds new."

You have a ceramic bowl absolutely fucking full of mixed-up pot pies in short order. Vickie sits down at the other side of the table with hers. She slides her cross out of her sleeve and murmurs a grace; you sign the Hammer over yours and murmur thanks to Sif and to Freyr for the bounties of the Earth.
File: Clarity.jpg (43KB, 330x729px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 330x729px

The pie itself reminds you of the kinda food Dad used to make. Factory food, he called it, hearty and large but not complex on flavor. Vickie eats like she's never going to eat again, not that you have much room to talk in that arena. Potatoes are much in evidence.

"Hey," you speak up, about halfway through your pie. Food in your belly has given you the courage to top off your glass of Jack. "What's the dumbest shit mortals just do?"

"Oh man, the list is so long," Vickie agrees. "Um. Lemme think. They don't check their corners."

"Throwing out moldy cheese instead of scraping the mold off?"

"Fuck yes! Walk around unarmed?"

"Get picky about what specific kind of dead animal they're eating?" you propose.

"There's good eating on rat," the Darkling comments thoughtfully. "Need to check my snares soon, thanks for that. Picked up the taste for it when I first escaped and did a brief stint with Winter."

"Why would Winter -"

"Field assignment. I didn't bring enough food or money."

"That'll do it. Why'd you leave?" you ask, tilting your head.

Vickie shrugs. "It was time, honestly. It's a common story. I stopped being as scared as I was and my heart changed, and Winter gave me a good report to King Leo when I asked to join Summer. You didn't do a spell with 'em?"

You shake your head. "Came out of the Hedge swinging, took down three guys before I realized I was back home. Summer signed me up as fast as they could get me."

"Nice." Vickie scrapes her bowl with her fork, getting the gravy and the remnants of her crusts. "Your turn," she adds, before popping the last survivors of her pie into her mouth.

"I dunno...what're you gonna use your favor on? Misery put pretty specific conditions on it."

Vickie swallows. "Been thinkin' about that," she admits. "And honestly, like...it's almost too big, you know? And Misery scares the hell out of me. Anything I ask him he's gonna remember, and maybe use against me later. But...there is something I want."

"Yeah?" you ask.

"I want my church back. I want those limp-wristed cunts running the place gone, and I wanna own it free and clear. Hell, if I can throw it in I want the assholes squatting in my fucking church to leave in disgrace but I'll take the building." Vickie scowls and downs what's left in her glass. "What about you?"

"I dunno," you hedge.

"C'mon, gimmie somethin' here Fearless Leader."

> I've been thinking of spending it on someone else.
> I was going to ask to know more about how Philly's doing after...all this.
> Money. I need a steady source of money besides the paycheck I get from Ramona.
> I'm interested in learning new Contracts. Misery's got a reputation there.
> Write-in?


> Keep drinking. Lightweight indeed
> You've had enough
>> I was going to ask to know more about how Philly's doing after...all this.
> Keep drinking. Lightweight indeed

File: DGA-Ryoji.png (982KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
982KB, 1280x720px
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bookerman32
Discord: https://discord.gg/yz7sDra
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Dark%20Gate%20Academy
Character Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/s9JM8xxW
Quest Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA0UX2NDDwA

Far off, nestled in an otherwise small Japanese town lies the Dark Gate Academy. An institution of tremendous size, the Academy holds a long kept secret. Unknown to the outside world, this unseemly town is home to a tear in our reality. A gate between our world and a bizarre dimension known as the Darkworld. The inhabitants of this hellish world breach this gate and attempt to flood into our reality and spread throughout the world on a regular basis. However, the Dark Gate Academy is home to students of truly extraordinary abilities. The ability to sense the presence of these evil Darkworld creatures, and defeat them in combat, sending them back through the gate.

They cannot close the rift between our world and the Darkworld, but the students and staff of Dark Gate Academy have dedicated their lives to using their amazing powers to hold back the darkness that plagues our world, even if it costs them their lives. They have risen up to the challenge and in secret have become great heroic defenders of the world as we know it.

For many years, Dark Gate Academy has held back the forces of the Darkworld, kept this unspeakable evil contained within their walls in secret. But now, with their existence revealed, a great cloud of change looms over Dark Gate Academy.

>Previously on Dark Gate Academy...
After the climactic battle, the Academy's secret was revealed to the world at large. Whoops.
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File: Saki106.jpg (151KB, 1000x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 1000x1600px
“They're ready for us out there.”

It feels like it's been a hell of a lot longer than three days, that's for damn sure.

You never expected much out of Dark Gate Academy when you first showed up there last April. Just another stop in a long string of schools you would go to and be expelled from for being a complete jackass. Oh, how wrong you were... it's only now, and you stand in a suit that's annoyingly tight, standing behind the curtain in a studio where you're about to interviewed as one of “The saviours of Japan” that the true absurdity of it all has finally managed to sink in. You'd laugh, but this piece of crap tie is practically choking you as it is.

Saki stands before you, in a garish long dress, her short frame all the more apparent while she's drowning in the cloth, rapidly tapping the heel of her foot as she waits.

“The real question is are you ready?” you point out.

“Ughh...” Saki nervously groans. “Is this dress okay? I wanted something that looked professional and wasn't too revealing... but maybe I went a little too out of date?”

“Sak, it looks fine,” you reply.


“Yeah,” you reply. “Assuming this is the first tv broadcast ever, your get-up is only about 40 years outdated.”

“Ryojiiiii!” Saki whines. You've been missing that whine the last few days. With the stream of attention on the school, it's been all business as Wei and the government attempt to deal with Dakugeto's big coming out party to the rest of the world. You've barely slept in that time. Saki meanwhile hasn't slept at all.

“I don't see why you're so nervous,” you sigh. “You're head of our class, you're used to given speeches and acting professional. Professional is your default state.”
File: Ryo.jpg (79KB, 700x990px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79KB, 700x990px
“But I always prepare those speeches a thousand time beforehand!” Saki worries, clenching her fists, her palms sweating. “I mean, I did categorise the two hundred most likely questions we'll be asked and prepare adequate statements for each... but I haven't had enough time to review that folder! And what if we get thrown a curveball? I won't be able to handle-”

You wave a hand in front of Saki's face, grabbing her attention before she continues down her train of thought. “Sak, you're doing that thing again, where you overthink everything and become a panicking mess,” you remind her. “Look, you fight demons for a living. Three days ago, you summoned a giant dragon and defeated a God.”

“Oh... yeah, I did do that,” Saki mutters with a small smile of pride.

“Yes, and it was awesome. You can handle one tv interview.”

Saki sighs. “But what if I can't? This is the school's first real impression with the outside world, what if we screw this up-”

“Hey, if the questions get too much and you're a little lost out there, just squeeze my hand. I'm right next to you.”

Saki pauses, then gives a confident nod. “Right! Let's do this Ryoji! Oh, and I forgot to ask! What does The Stranger think of all this?”

“I'll ask him,” you reply.

Ryoji...” Nina mutters. “We both know that's not happening. Stranger hasn't materialised since the battle ended...

“I know,” you think. “But no need to worry Sak with that. Whatever's keeping him quiet, we'll find out in our own time.”

Stranger... it's strange. Despite the voice in your head almost driving you insane at every opportunity... you go three days in silence and you actually start to miss his snide commentary. Maybe that's all Stranger's doing right now, trying to make you miss him, some sort of lesson about appreciating what he's done for you or some other bullshit... maybe he's just camera-shy. Either way, you don't like it. Not one bit.
File: Antonio Sakaguchi.jpg (870KB, 380x636px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Antonio Sakaguchi.jpg
870KB, 380x636px
“You're on in ten,” a stagehand reports to you and Saki.

“Minutes?” Saki asks.


Cue to nervous hum from Saki.

As the studio band begins to play, you hear the words of the host, Antonio Sakaguchi, from behind the curtain. You can also hear the anxious buzz in the crowd, for what is sure to be one of the most anticipated interviews in the countries history.

“And now, for the moment you've all waited for. On New Years Day, we bore witness to one of the most large scale disasters of all time... something once that belonged in the world of science fiction fantasy. Giant monsters from another world, attacking our cities, our people... but from that disaster, we witnessed something else. Hope. The greatest hope for humanity... saviours... superheroes. And now, for the first time ever, we can finally speak to two of these heroes. Please welcome, from the elusive Dakugeto Institute of higher education... Saki Kobashi and Ryoji Shida!”

The audience applauds and sits in reverence as the two of you enter onto the stage. It's strange... in appearance, you and Saki are regular high-school students, but the people... they look at you like they're seeing something from another world. Something from out of a comic book. It's hard not to feel weird as you take your seat in the studio... you never fancied yourself a Superman.

“Wow, these lights are bright...” Saki nervously chuckles to you as she takes her seat, trying hard to hide her anxiety in front of the crowd. She's desperate to make a strong impression on the people... you meanwhile casually plop yourself down, your long legs spread out in the chair as you hunch over.

“It's a pleasure to have the two of you on my show,” Antonio greets you.

Saki nods. “A pleasure to be here. We've both been very excited to properly introduce ourselves.”

“Then by all means, go ahead. Introduce yourselves, and we can slip right into the interview,” Antonio smiles.

Saki smiles back and turns to the audience, her anxiety turning to excitement as she slips into a tone of hers you're used to. It's the same tone she develops when she's eagerly presenting powerpoints and lectures... she certainly has her hobbies.

“Well, I'm Saki Kobashi, head of Class 2 in the Dakugeto Institute for higher education, my Grandfather is the current principal of the academy. Next to me is another... highly valued member of the school. I'll allow my classmate to make his own introduction.”

“Yo. I'm Ryoji.”

You sit there, as many in the audience lean forward, waiting on you to continue.

“Aaaaaand...?” Antonio Sakaguchi drags out.

“What, you want more?” you ask.

Saki laughs off your statement and tries to recover. “Oh, that's Ryoji! He's a very forward man, always straight to the point!”

File: desert_stream.jpg (889KB, 849x565px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
889KB, 849x565px
Welcome to the start of a brand new quest! It's a kind of fantasy apocalypse thing, wanted to see if it would work. Just a note, expect very little of elves/dwarves/potions/other fantasy staples. The fantasy will mostly be non-tolkien systems and such. A kind of challenge to myself to be creative.

You grew up on the island, the island of mesas and sagebrush. Your people were simple but happy, only concerning themselves with the matters of the island's great cities when it came to paying tribute. Then, one day, your world ended. The island drifted an astonishing distance from the Continent, as if it was dragged. Obelisks ruptured the ground in thousands of places, reaching to the sky. A great blue beam struck the center of the island, and from the point where it struck a wave of blue energy flowed outwards across the island. The obelisks repelled this energy, breaking the wave like the churning sea against jagged cliffs, and those close to them were safe. Those who were not, however, were warped into monstrosities. Some simply gained a finger, an eye, a limb, and they could continue as survivors, only warped mildly, and in body, not mind. However, many were twisted into awful beasts, having their heads replaced with animal skulls, their heads lost and their mouths moved and made great toothy maws, their hands replaced with masses of tentacles, and more. No two of these horrors are alike, but they are almost all hostile to some degree. The beam has struck again, twice every day at sunrise and sunset, and those too distant from an obelisk must pray that their mutations are minor and that they can continue their lives with only a third ear or clawed fingers.

Welcome to the end of the world. You have survived 4 days, and you have decided it is finally time to leave the safety of this small obelisk and see who else has made it.

Are you a Male or a Female?



>Leave ambiguous
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>Leave ambiguous

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Previous thread Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=bugworld

Party: Littoreus the rock crab, Ealaqa the medical leech, Pardo the wolf spider and Proto the damselfly animal companion.

Last time: You defeated one dragonfly, but another is lurking in the towering grasses, likely waiting to strike.

You are Ealaqa.

At times like this you sometimes wish you were not a leech. Or more specifically, you wish that you had eyes, instead of this patch of photosensitive skin.

As you reload your rifle through practiced motions, you turn your head around. It's not like looking at what you're doing would help much either. You can just about make out where Littoreus's legs are around you, each one likely twice as tall as yourself. It is as if Cancer himself has sent this crab to watch over you.

Even over the taste of saltwater that follows Littoreus, there are other flavors on the air. Smoke from your shot that went wild just moments before. Black powder from your snailshell flask as you pour it. The hot breath from your party's panic, mostly your own. Dirt kicked up by Proto's wingbeats.

That special scent of death that follows a predator, faint, but growing stronger.

Before you know it, you've loaded Daddy's Little Girl, braced her against the spot where your right tentacle meets your body, and curled the tip of that tentacle around the trigger guard, just as you practiced time and time again.

You don't know how much time you have before that red dragonfly strikes again, who it will attack first, or whether you will be fast enough to do anything about it. But you know you're not alone. Not only because of Cancer's everpresent grace, but also because of the scent of your friends.

What will you do with this moment?

>Pray for mercy

>Pray for steady aim

>Taste the wind once more

>Speak to someone

48 posts and 18 images submitted.
>Pray for steady aim
good to see you bug, thought you died on us
Speak to someone
Sorry for the delay, I got called into work. It's the expectation of stuff like this that's kept me away so long. With any luck, I'll post an update tonight.

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a road beyond.jpg
826KB, 1920x1080px
The forest you call your home, cutting through which is a decently traveled road. Enough at least for bandits to make a living, such as you do! A robbery of a goods wagon here, sticking up a coach there, and you're able to get by. You, and the not-so-merry little band of robbers you belong to. The rumors you hear of war abroad may explain why some group of soldiers doesn't come along and put you all down, though facing off against a sheriff and assorted enforcers is enough to keep you all from getting too bold.

Still, if it weren't for the occasional crossbow bolt fired by an armed coach driver, or the chainmail (or even plate) armor of a hired guard, you could say it was quite a life. Dangerous, risky, but never boring! Though, you suppose it could always be better...
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File: hunter's moon.jpg (2MB, 5184x3456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hunter's moon.jpg
2MB, 5184x3456px

But one has to wonder, how does a lowly peasant, a farmgirl come to take up with forest bandits? Well, when stricken with the wolf's curse of the full moon, you don't have a lot of options. Partly the folks whom you stumbled across while fleeing an angry mob, but mostly the only folks whom would take you in. With ample caution of course, at first, though it's been some time and having pulled your weight you feel you can count yourself as a trusted member of the group. Or as much trust as bandits can muster.

Perhaps enough to share though, since there's only five of you, each belonging to the group in your own ways. Similar stories of being cast out or rejecting society, but different in all the ways that matter. You of course know them well enough, but the more immediate question is where do you all dwell? What's your home in the forest?

>An open-ended, written quest. First off, where do you live? Some forest location of your imagining...
The Tulgey Wood in South Westhamsterhaven
Ah yes, the venerable Tulgey wood. A great, old forest and prominent feature of the region on which many depend for their various livelihoods. In theory it (or the land at least) belongs to a few local lords of South Westhamsterhaven, shared between their domains, and they certain support any efforts to "police" the forest. However as vast and deep as it is, and as dangerous as it can be, much of the woody expanse is wild or in the hands of locals or even dwellers of the wood.

A place like this could be verdant and welcoming to some, or dark and hostile to others. Your little group does actually live within the forest as to avoid being caught, though you're not natural dwellers per se. How is it then that you're able to live in such a place? Where do you sleep at night?

>What, if anything, does your group dwell in? A forgotten stony watchtower? Among the branches of a giant tree? Or something else you can think of...

>Twitter: https://twitter.com/Judge_Presiding
>Last Thread: >>1824784 (http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1824784/)
>Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=American+Arcana
>Linkbin: https://pastebin.com/Nrccskfg
>Discord: https://discord.gg/7Jpsyrq

When last we left off:
>>Can we just get a pair of supremes?
>>We've been dealing with this guy named Leroy recently- I heard you know him?
Sofia is alarmed you bring him up, probably because her uncle snarls when he hears the name. "Bastard, probably really." He becomes cold and focused when you mention the man has stolen from Black Cover. "Never learns. When I am younger he comes in and buys pizza, does not pay. Next time he comes in we don't serve him. He threatens my father, Papa pulls shotgun with salt out from under counter. His brother comes in later and is sorry, pays for food. That man we never have problem with."

>>Did you ever know Agatha Milani?
He snorts. "How do you know this name? Yes, I know her." Sarpino begins to reminisce when he comes back with the pizza. "Ah, yes. Is when I am younger as well. Delivering by bike to hospital bed room where little rich boy Clover is. Had his legs broken by mob, still orders from Italians," he laughs. "So I go there and there is this girl, her damn brothers beat me once for fun. She is bringing him food she made herself in secret, it is pretty good. She and Clover boy share pizza, I go home with Sunday Gravy and Rigatoni- test for poison first though. I think she still makes that for him, been some time since they come in. Son comes in, though."
The pizzamaker raises an eyebrow. "Why do you ask?" You manage to dodge the question and thank him, trying to remain calm at the fact that he knows who Aurelius is. You can't ask him now, he might get the wrong idea.

>>Ask Sofia if she knows about Clover visiting or not, she might have an idea.
She thinks. "He only gets delivery, never sits in. Uncle says he never has enough time. It's a bit awkward walking up to such a big building and telling them I have a pizza for the CEO. He never receives it in person, either, but he tips twenty dollars a pizza."

It's getting late, and while your stomach is full, you feel like you really should be taking the day off tomorrow. It might give you more time to study over the weekend- not like you need to.

LATE MORNING, Friday September 14th (Weather: Light Rain. Forecast for tomorrow: Moderately Cloudy.)
You wake up late, and your nose hurts like hell. You've been given the day off, which means that you should probably take it easy and not get into any trouble.
Also, you have a text from Sofia, as well as from Donna, Ruth, and Keith.

>>Morning Business
>Do some studying for later exams
>Call someone/Reply to a text
>Buy something from a school store
>Buy a snack/drink from one of the vending machines
>Check Anonymouse
>Great time to brush up on Starcraft
>Just rest and relax
>Think a bit more
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>Check all the text
>Check all of the texts
>Great time to brush up on Starcraft
>Check all of the texts

>SOFIA: Are you feeling better?
>SOFIA: I've finished those socks. You can pick them up after classes end when you're able.

>DONNA: man Im srta mad u gt outa tsts bt brkn nse's gota suc
>DONNA: u wana get ice crm r wut?

>RUTH: Just wanted to follow up and make sure you were okay. Reply whenever you can- I figure everyone is worried about you.

>KEITH: Dude are you gonna be on to watch the game tonight? I'm sure Martinez won't mind, but might be good to keep you outta your room
Hoo boy. You ponder how to reply and consider what else you can do this morning before things get really confusing.

>Great time to brush up on Starcraft
Trying to relax yourself, you play a quick set of games against someone you've never seen before, blowing them out with Zergs. You have experience with all three armies, but one of your best matchups is Zergs versus Terrans.
This player may be fast, but whoever he is, he lost his concentration and made a bunch of mistakes with setting the pace of combat and failing to defend his expansions. You eventually overwhelm him with superior numbers and win as he continues to pump expletives and questions about your heritage and sexuality into the chat. With your nose hurting your focus, you think you might have lost had he simply kept his cool.

Light rain begins to sprinkle outside. It won't stop Martinez's game unless it starts to thunder.
(You get +1 to all rolls for today!)

It's nearing noon when you get off the computer. You feel a bit famished, and figure the cafeteria should be open at the moment.
You remember that the doctor gave you painkillers, but that they're supposed to make you drowsy.
>Head to the cafeteria to chat with someone
>Go get lunch elsewhere
>Get a bite to eat then come back to nap
>Take a single painkiller
>Take painkillers until the pain in your nose is gone
>Answer texts accordingly <Write-In>

File: IMG_0018.jpg (102KB, 736x535px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 736x535px
Welcome to Drow Quest. This quest will be updated once daily, with intermittent supervision on my part.

You will play the part of a cast of beings from the Underdark, a party of strange, otherworldly creatures from a mix of the Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms WotC settings.

In the exposition, the party will be built and the setting firmly established before the party moves on into further adventure.

The first choice, the regions of the Underdark from whence the adventurer's venture...

>Erelhei-Cinlu: A major Drow metropolis, Lolth the Spider Queen wishes for the sacrifice of foreign blood, and a mix of slave populations and foreign presences make this city as diverse as it gets in the Underdark. (1 Drow Priestess, 1 Hobgoblin guard, 1 Dwarven Slave, 1 Kuo-Toa Monitor)

>Gracklstug: This Duergar port city lies on the shores of the Darklake. This place has a strong elemental tie to the earth, and the Duergar and their enslaved miners take full advantage. The Deepking of the dark dwarves has his seat here.( 2 Duergar Elite, 1 Stone Giant)

>Sloopdilmonpolop: The holy city of the Kuo-Toa, it is filled with an organized hive of the fishmen priests (Whips) and their holy warriors(Monitors). The great pool doesn't draw many outsiders. (2 Kuo-Toa Whips, 2 Kuo-Toa Monitors)

>A ragtag group, you met in a tavern over a good cask of stolen Elven Wine. (Randomly creates 3 characters)

Tomorrow, when the votes are counted, the party will be fleshed out with stats, names, and equipment lists.

There will not be posters assigned to characters in this thread, posters will vote on party actions and which path they take on their adventures in the Underdark.
34 posts and 5 images submitted.
What kind of races can we choose from
Pick one of the options. The party will be composed of the creatures listed at the end of the descriptions. You will make choices for the whole group.
>>A ragtag group, you met in a tavern over a good cask of stolen Elven Wine. (Randomly creates 3 characters)


File: alien bombardment.jpg (127KB, 1500x825px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
alien bombardment.jpg
127KB, 1500x825px
Rolled 62 (1d100)

the study and experimenting on the mutants went awry. In the form of them somehow all escaping...while the entrance remained seemingly untouched except for the dead guards.

One small group of soldiers is carefully scouting the ruins room by room paranoid they'll suffer yet another mutant ambush which they barely survived. The mutant they killed was dissected and revealed never before seen mutations. It's believed that its not alone in this particular instance.

Out of sheer desperation while other preperations are underway. A chemist volunteers to find a solution believing that looted alien technology may hold the key in understanding their biotech that resulted in the mutants.

Thus a chemist walks down a long hallway and past the particularly menacing guard on watch if he weren't busy doing paperwork and complaining about it under his breath. The chemist goes inside and initially has very little luck until he finds a strange package in the traitor loot.

X-TREME Human Amplifier Experimental Series #25AB000FDO Dosage as prescribed.

Effects may be permanent and can include loss of sanity. Bouts of irrationality. Hyper amplification that may prove permanent. Severe Internal Hemorrhaging. Heart Failure. Diarrhea. Stroke. Indigestion. Memory Loss. Organ Failure.

Please alert your nearest officer before take this experimental solution and have a medic on standby.

The chemist stares at the strange medicine before going 'ah fuck it' and drinking it down in one shot.

A short time later very strange noises and insane laughter started coming from the room. Only to be interrupted by shouts of 'I AM A GENIUS. NO NOT AN ORDINARY GENIUS BUT CLEARLY A SUPER GENIUS! BOW DOWN BEFORE MY AWESOME PROWESS'.

Leaving the long suffering guard outside yet another thing to grumble and sigh about as he fails and but continues trying to categorize anyway all the weird alien gizmos that nobody can decipher. Only pausing to look up when strange smells are emitted and explosions that cause the ruins to groan.

"...Maybe I should call someone," he mutters to himself.
168 posts and 2 images submitted.
Rolled 89 (1d100)

"Hm...NOW I NEED A GUINEA PIG...ER TEST SUBJECT TO RUN SOME TESTS, shouts the seemingly insane chemist. Hey you guard outside come on in real quick I need you to some...heavy lifting," he finishes by whispering.

"...Yeah okay now its time to call all right," says the guard as he lifts up the radio. "So...the chemist you sorta sent? May have gotten into something he shouldn't have and gone insane."

"What do you mean insane?"

"Like...think mad scientist tier insanity."

"MAD SCIENTIST," says the chemist poking his out from around the door. "I LIKE THAT! Now quick breath in his glowing dust I made. Which may or may not be permanently render you aglow and lethality is still unknown. Don't you worry all of this is in the name of SCIENCE! Your sacrifice shall be remembered!"

"NNOOO-AHHHHHHH," screams the guard as he accidentally drops the radio and fails to evade the glow dust floating in the air.

"MUWAHAHAAHAHAH," crackles the radio over the screams of the guard on the other side where an operator stares down at it.

"Well looks like we just lost another one. This time to...science instead of mutants. So who wants to tell the guys in charge how this little idea panned out,"he asks before looking over.


"Nobody? Really?"

"...Who says the experiment isn't helpful or that its a failure," asks a rookie dumbly.

"WHY THANK YOU," suddenly crackles the radio in that already familiar insane voice. "See someone who isn't like the rest of those dullards and understands the necessary process and sacrifices. I got some great news! I have just figured out a ingenious solution to our escaped mutant problem...but I am gonna need some more test subjects just to make sure. Don't worry about the current one Jerry I think is his name he isn't glowing or anything! Just sorta weeping in a corner...and babbling. Not sure if that is due to the scare or the side effects yet."

"...Uh what solution did you devise," carefully asks the radio operator.

"Why a way to ruin those stealthy mutants day of course! Had to use some alien gizmos and still has yet to be identified compounds, but initial tests are...very promising."

"How promising exactly?"

"Tell how well do you think a mutant that glows can hide?"

"...We're listening," he says before moving the radio away from his mouth as he calls over a rookie before whispering instructions in his ear.

"Good. I thought you would! Now initial tests are very promising using poor Jerry over there and some mutant rats, but I need some more...test subjects. More humans and human based mutants preferably."

"Is it ready to be used?"

"Easy. Can make into paint balls or an aerosol version for gas grenades. You would be amazed at how much glowy juice I squeeze out of some of those alien gizmos and how far a little juice goes."

"Wait...Glowy juice," says the researcher who just rushed in. "Don't tell me he cracked open their containment vessels."

"Oh how did you know? Don't worry its not like its radioactive."
Rolled 81 (1d100)

"Radioactive? Those aliens EXPLICITLY stored in it specialized containment vessels. WHY WOULD YOU CRACK THEM OPEN WHEN WE LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT EVEN IS?"

"...Well for science obviously. Besides I needed something that glowed in order to ruin the the stealth mutants."

"You're at least in a hazmat suit right?"

"Nope. Like you said it wasn't like its radioactive."

"...you are FUCKING INSANE," shouts the trembling researcher into the radio.

"What's that?insanely brilliant! Why thank you how kind."

What do?
>Use the crazy chemists invention to uncover the mutants
>Began a major search using all manpower in the ruins your based at to find them
>Try the mutant lovers solution
>Wait and see what the mutants do
Rolled 88 (1d100)

old thread.

continued from: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1830282/
Char sheet: https://pastebin.com/zh3cZW7G
Other char sheets: https://pastebin.com/HG1rwg7e
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheHeadMasterTG
Alright, I'm in a little bit of pickle here, properly stuck between a rock and a hard place in fact. I'm currently untransformed, but at least my locket is in my hand and the chaos monsters in front of me, the horde of blood borne cats called the "Bloody Nyanhorde", is all focused on me instead of the innocent natural monsters around me. But there's probably more of them if they're actually a horde of cats made up of blood. According to the locket, they're all a bunch of runts and are weak to fire, not sure if that includes nuclear fire but I can hope can't I? But that isn't exactly a good thing since I'm in the middle of the forest and a lot of people and other things could die if it spread.I pout, biting my lip in the moment it takes for me to wrap my fingers even tighter around my now steaming locket, singeing them as more panicked thoughts push themselves forward in my head.

So they have the advantage over me not only in numbers, but also the fact I can't just burn them all up without risking the lives I am supposed to be protecting. I'm not even transformed yet, and if the previous times tell me anything than they'll be swarming over me by time its done unless my bloodthirsty necklace decides to pick up the pace. But the troubles don't end there, oh no all that would be a bit of toil sure, but its nothing compared to what else I know!

These things are born of a stronger monster's blood, which means its at least close by otherwise these things would've wandered off to birth havoc and fear like the previous chaos monsters I've fought. But unlike the rest these ones don't seem smart enough to follow a plan like the others did. Might be able to use that to my advantage, but I don't think I'd be able to herd them like sheep....not sure if they like fish and milk as much as a normal cats either, but I doubt their "owner" would sit by and watch me trick his bloody pets towards their doom, so even if I come up with something I'll still have to fight whoever that is.

So I'm not transformed
Neither is juniper, and even if she was she'd still be wrestling with Yew, since he's raring to fight but doesn't realize these things would rip him apart like a pack of wolves on a lamb....feel guilty just thinking about that metaphor.

And Lyra is in the city, she's probably rushing here already with Holiday in tow, but how fast can she.

I sigh, lowering my head as black smoke, bronze steam and green flames wash over and lick the back of my knuckles. Why am I panicking? worrying is what they want me to do, I should just act and hope nothing goes wrong.

Ah well, even if I fall its not like everyone is doomed anyways
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"ATOMIC LEGIONNAIRE!" I shout as green fire flows over me, expanding with an explosive and ear popping bang, Scorching the ground with hot air as it blooms around me.

In a second, my clothes are stripped away and replaced with my armor and weapons. Lifting my head back up under the weight of my helmet, I face the horde of bloody cats as they surge towards me like a river in a storm.

What do I do?
[] CHARGE 1d100
[] HALF LIFE CENTURION! *Slam my shield into the ground, and hold!* 1d20+ str
[] NUCLEAR RUSH! 1d20+power
[] MELTDOWN 1d20+power
[] Let them come close, and stab one with my hidden blade 1d100
[] decaying wind 1d20+power
[] Fusing twirl! 1d100
[] write in

Sorry again about the previous short thread
Rolled 27 (1d100)

>[] Fusing twirl! 1d100

That should get a few of them down without too much flame. And it's cool HM, you were tired, it happens
Rolled 49 (1d100)


File: america-enclave.jpg (203KB, 800x964px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203KB, 800x964px
War, war never changes.


Last Thread
You are the Courier. Today is a joyous day! A massive stride in your military and economic power has come with the completion of your Corps of Engineers and the bloodless acquisition of an Old World American outpost! The promises of future scientific potential have only just begun, as the base, with its Advanced Cold Fusion reactors and intensive defenses leaves a lot to be research, but tells you of an even greater, much larger military bases from which yet more technologies could be obtained! The great Phoenix Enclave burns hotter and brighter with each passing moment, even as darkness and rivals surround you.
1080 posts and 43 images submitted.
>Automated Mines built
>Corps of Engineering HQ built!

ALERT! We are at 99% energy capacity. We cannot run the Vehicular Assembly Line or the Automated Mines without more power.

>Incomplete projects include the new Underground Farms and the Universal Disintegrator
>Your Legendary Large Tunnel Boring machine is working on building a tunnel north from the divide into the NCR's lines

The new military base will need to be thoroughly explored and any new repairs and power lines built to add it to your nation. This could be extensive, and your scientists request several actions toward this.

Military pride has improved following the construction of the Engineering Corps
Moral has improved now that peoples rations can be converted into meat!


You tell Dandan that you've been considering going out and infiltrating the NCR to get a lay of the land and its people and discover any important military secrets. Dandan is hesitant on the idea. It would pull her away from training the recruits. Despite there being other Crimson Dragoons, she is still their best agent and she already has to make up for lost time following her last pregnancy.

Normally Crimson Dragoons were not supposed to get pregnant, but the Elders overturned this stating the "need to repopulate China." In saying this subtly insinuates you intend to fill her belly again, and it wouldn't be surprising considering you've had three dates in the past months and now have three new and expectant mothers.

Tactfully dodging the question, you remid her that she did wish to learn about the cultures and how to blend in with other people and surely this will add to the Chinese spy program by learning how to infiltrate the NCR. After she almost refuses, you manage to convince her.

>This will count as your hero action for this turn




>>>>>>Materials: Scrap Metal (Low) Fissile (Average)
Hexcrete Bags (Above Average)

4 Action Cap.

Available Actions: Civilian, Construction, Military, Research, ZAX, Hero
+Robotic Research does not count toward cap.
+Biological Research does not count toward cap
>>>>>Turn: 118


Although it does not count over cap, your effective ability to build things has doubled!

4 Action Cap.

Available Actions: (1)Civilian, (2)Construction, (1)Military, (1)Research, (1)Hero

+Robotic Research does not count toward cap.
+Biological Research does not count toward cap
+ZAX Action does not count toward cap
>repopulate China

- Expand our school system. Better tools, curriculum, etc
- Receive applications for clubs and community activities with a companion or two taking this all down. Have them organize a civic participation drive to get everyone involved and debating which clubs to join, start, etc.

(1) New solar plant (medium)
(2) Cold Fusion Reactor

- More engineering squads.
- Clear the military base?

- Cold Fusion Reactors! How to make em, how they work.

Bio Research
- How to cure FEV (until we get sample of SHI plant)

Robotic Research
- Greater modularity between robots beyond chassis

Zax Action
- Help research Cold Fusion Reactors
I don't suppose a working Cold fusion reactor in the Military base will help in anyway with research? *wink* *wink*

File: GCQ31.png (409KB, 1125x1143px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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“Alright, little one,” Iris coos sweetly, a laden spoon in one hand and a sharp-toothed smile on her face. “Say ‘Ahhh!’”

“Nnnnn,” comes the sonorous response.

“Ah, ah, ah!” the beholder corrects, opening her mouth wide to show the small girl how. “Say: ‘Ahhh!”

“Nnnnn!” the green-haired child repeats, clearly missing the main point as her lips stay tightly sealed.

“Come here, runt,” Rosie grunts, propping the child up on her thigh before using one hand to gently coax her jaw downward.

The other grabs the spoon from Iris’ hand, and patiently places the payload of grits inside, waiting for the child to understand.

“Mmm!” she hums appreciatively a moment later as the taste hits her tongue, suckling on the silverware appreciatively.

“Whadda ye know. Guess she was hungry,” Rosie sighs, carefully retrieving the spoon from the protesting child and getting another scoop from a nearby bowl before returning it to her.

“Maybe she didn’t have enough for dinner,” Cici suggests helpfully, brushing her own serpentine hair away from her porridge as they impatiently wait for her to stop watching the spectacle and eat.

“More likely this is just her very first meal,” Iris corrects.

“Wha-!? You mean she hasn’t eaten before?” Cici questions. “Like, at all?”

“Well, probably not in the way you think of it,” Iris explains. “Say what you will of my little friends, but they’re hardly excellent cooks.”

Such had been one of this morning’s many strange revelations, that the unknown child who Rosie had found sitting by the fire was not as foreign as she seemed, having been conceived in all likelihood less than a mile away in the house Iris had been staying in. Now she was here, working her way through her fifth spoonful of grits.

“So, basically, anything they didn’t know how to do themselves got left out?” Rosie questions with a sigh.

“That would be likely, yes.”

“Helluva way to start out life…”

“Nnnn…” the little one mumbles indifferently, small hands far more focused on grasping the next spoonful of breakfast than contemplating the intricacies or shortcomings of her lot in life.

> She probably needs a name…
> Write-In
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39KB, 366x561px

For any new players:

Welcome to Gorgon Child Quest! Where-in you take up the role of a magical talking artifact being wielded by a young gorgon girl named Cici. Living out of the remains of a once great dungeon, the game will focus on exploration, character interaction, and learning as the voices of the players within the amulet help guide her along.

For news about quest updates, my twitter can be found here:

And the archive can presently be found here:
>> She probably needs a name…
Oleander! Green seems to be her thing, and the origin of the name in my world is similar to the origin of your kind.
File: green child.jpg (262KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
green child.jpg
262KB, 600x600px

“The voices say we should call her Oleander,” Cici reiterates. “Cuz it’s a type of plant.”

“Oleander?” Mama asks. “You mean Nerium tea?”

“Anders tend to be names for guys,” Rosie points out.

“Ooh! If we’re going with shades of green, we could call her Jade!” Iris submits.

“The voices also said she’s something called an android… or maybe a golem or cyborg…”

“Well, Cyan is blue,” Iris points out. “I’m kind of stuck on colors here. Maybe Gol-y… Err, Anne?”

“Anne wouldn’t be a bad name,” Cassandra concedes.

“Or Flora, cuz she’s a plant,” Cici adds, “but one of Brienne’s sisters is named Flora…”

The nameless child seems less interested in the conversation than the movements of the other people’s lips as they discuss it.

> Decisions, decisions…
> [] Nerium
> [] Jade
> [] Anne
> [] Other

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