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War, war never changes.


Last Thread

You are the Courier. And you are currently trying out a new pair of Power Armor, gifted from the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel. While your nation grows at home, you have to make some hard choices for the betterment of your people. You net yourself yet another, even greater miracle of the Old World, for a price you were willing to afford.
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You have allowed the Brotherhood Reavers to analyze and copy your BigMT Augments in exchange for the following gifts personally to you.

>Hover Bikes - A hoverbike with small rocket propulsion capabilities,used by both the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel and in greater numbers by the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel.

>Brotherhood Midwestern Power Armor - Built to be superior to the old Paladin Version, and made specifically for mass production from classified facilities.

>Echo-Boy - These special detection devices improve the ability to detect large concentrations of metal, which can be used both for salvaging opertions and for defense

>Vault Water Purifier + Chips (Blueprints): Vault sized Water Purification Filters. It isn't enough to filter whole rivers or lakes, but can sustain Vault sized populations. Effectively one of these should work for your population at BigMT

The new Medium Steel Mill and assorted factories have passively produced 12 new Loader Squads

BigMT has exhausted ALL its Scrap Steel and Fissile Material.





I'm transitioning to Pastebin Stats. Personallly, they're harder to navigate than posting on 4chan but sort of necessary otherwise the thread would be bloated.


An additional town has upped your action cap!

4 Action Cap.

Available Actions: Civilian, Construction, Military, Research, ZAX, Hero
+Robotic Research does not count toward cap.
+Biological Research does not count toward cap
>>>>>Turn: 116
We were also going to go home, stopping to pick up a missionary and drop off the chickens at Utah.

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You take a sip of your hot cocoa and look out through your apartment window, trying to see past the hoarfrost's swirly pattern on the glass. It's already December and Christmas is just around the corner. Today has been especially chilly with the thick morning mist lingering well past lunch and frost is clinging to every surface... it would have been nice if there was some snow, too, but one has to count their blessings.
You take another sip and put the cup down on a coaster before turning on the radio and sitting down in the armchair.

<All I want is a room somewhere
Far away from the cold night air>

Indeed, count your blessings.

<With one enormous chair
Oh, wouldn't it be loverly?>

"It is." You say to yourself. You like this song.

<Lots of chocolate for me to eat
Lots of coal makin' lots of heat>

You close your eyes and think back on your day. You went shopping at the new department store- well, the first one to be exact- and you feel as if you could spend the rest of your days simply browsing in it. What a great idea for an establishment!

<Warm face, warm hands, warm feet
Oh, wouldn't it be loverly?>

You bought a hat and two new outfits, and that café was lovely, they had the best cakes you've ever had. You must take your friends there someday soon. You close your eyes and lean back, simply enjoying the music and the warmth from the fire.


<It is 5 o'clock on the dot and it's time for your evening news. I'm your host, Andrew White and I hate to break the good cheer of our listeners, but today tragedy has struck.
Early this morning, Sir Anthony Allen was found dead in his hotel room in Cairo. For those unaware of Sir Anthony, twenty five years ago his expedition uncovered the intact tomb of Pharaoh Kekmun and has since had great success in his endeavours over the years. He has shared considerable wealth to noble causes and he will be missed by many.>

... Uncle Anthony?

<The police suspect foul play and early witness testimonies suggest that he suffered from what is believed to be arsenic poisoning. We will keep you updated on this gruesome story as it unfolds. Our next story is about the icebreaker...>

You turn off the radio in a daze. "Poisoned...? Why, why would anyone want to kill him? He..."-

Your thoughts are interrupted when someone bangs at your door.
"Julie!" It's a man's voice. "Julie Allen!" You don't recognize him. "Open the door! Hurry!"

>Open it
>Tell him to go away
>Pretend to be out
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This is a new quest so I don't expect much participation this early. To get the ball rolling, I'll go with the option that first gets 3 votes or whatever has the most after 30 minutes and if it's a tie I'll roll a dice.
>Tell him to go away

Dude's gonna ruin our hot cocoa.
>Open it

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You sit behind the typewriter you've spent so long clacking away on. You check your watch and you see you've been working on this newest report for nearly three hours. Your most recent case was a simple cheating husband, went to the Red Lounge every night and spent the same ten dollars on the same dame. Creatures of habit are easily tracked, and any girl willing to get down for a ten is willing to hand out some sensitive info for a twenty. You finish the report and tear it from the machine before sealing it in a manilla envelope and putting it in your 'runner bin' a tray of outgoing reports and evidence that local kids run out for you for fifty cents or a free soda.

You pull out your box of celebratory cigars and your lucky lighter, chrome with an eye and your office address engraved on the side. A gift from your ex-wife, from before she started loathing the agency.
As you puff the cigar and contemplate an afternoon drink before you hear your door swing open, you look over a little surprised at who could be so rude but seeing your guest it isn't shocking. Police Deputy Chase McLochie was never one for 'entertaining vigilantes' he has about as much tolerance for PI's as you have for crooked cops.

Chase removes his hat revealing his shocking red hair, under his other arm is a thin folder which he tosses onto your ring stained and old desk.

"Gotta case for someone like you." He starts off almost like he's forcing himself to speak

You set the cigar down and lightly lift the cover to see a picture of a well dressed man with a shocking lack of facial features.

"Detective Luke Brand, found in an apartment with a station issued shotgun. Apparently a suicide, open and shut case to internal affairs. But I knew Luke, he had a daughter a beautiful wife. He wouldn't do this out of nowhere. I want to.." he pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs

"I'd like to...enlist your assistance in finding out what happened."

>This is rich, Chase. Crooked cop can't see through a cover up.
>What makes you think it wasn't a suicide then?
>I'd have the same opinion, Chase. Sorry
>Always happy to help the less able, give me all your info on Luke.
>You can enlist me the same way anyone else can. With cash. I also take checks.
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>This is rich, Chase. Crooked cop can't see through a cover up.
>This is rich, Chase. Crooked cop can't see through a cover up.

You are about to play a game called SBURB. You know very little about this game, in fact, nobody seems to! Yet, oddly, it's been hyped to high heaven.

Well, the game has finally come out. It was just released on steam mere moments ago.

It's time for you to play it.
But... Who are you anyway?

Are you a BOY, or a GIRL?
What is your NAME?
What is your CHAT HANDLE?
What is your PERSONALITY?
What are your INTERESTS?
How many FRIENDS do you have? (Must range from 1 to 11)

You have ten stat points. Please distribute them between these stats:

Mangrit- how STRONG you are.
Gel Viscosity- How STURDY you are.
Luck- how LUCKY you are.
Mind- How SMART you are.

Note, Sburb is a complex thing, and Homestuck is a very long comic. Please let me know if I mess something up so I can fix, or at least address it.
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This quest is doomed to fail, it probably already has
But I'll humour you

>Are you a BOY, or a GIRL?
>What is your NAME?
Lucy Thomas
>What is your CHAT HANDLE?
>What is your PERSONALITY?
Boi what are you even trying to do here?
Laxidasical, but Quickwitted. Had the capacity to be understanding but is still very apathetic.
>What are your INTERESTS?
Analyzing terrible media(Movies, Books, Games, Fanfiction), Starting sculpture to never finish them, Sleeping, Cleaning (Herself)
>How many FRIENDS do you have? (Must range from 1 to 11)
Again, very interested to see what you got planned here.

>Mangrit- how STRONG you are.
>Gel Viscosity- How STURDY you are.
>Luck- how LUCKY you are.
>Mind- How SMART you are.
>Are you a BOY, or a GIRL?
>What is your NAME?
Donald Kirk
>What is your CHAT HANDLE?
>What is your PERSONALITY?
balls to the wall class clown
>What are your INTERESTS?
tomfoolery, hijinx, chemistry, anthropology, theft
>How many FRIENDS do you have? (Must range from 1 to 11)
>You have ten stat points. Please distribute them between these stats:
>Mangrit- how STRONG you are.
>Gel Viscosity- How STURDY you are.
>Luck- how LUCKY you are.
>Mind- How SMART you are.
>Are you a BOY, or a GIRL?
>What is your NAME?
Avery Epsilon
>What is your CHAT HANDLE?
>What is your PERSONALITY?
Insufferable know-it-all.
>What are your INTERESTS?
You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a burning passion for ENTOMOLOGY. On nice days you go out running, but you DO NOT HAVE MUCH STAMINA. You also have a fondness for PHILOSOPHY, LITERATURE, and SOCIAL SCIENCE, and have several textbooks on the subjects on your bookshelf. You also like to post on REDDIT and are an INSUFFERABLE ASSPRICK whenever you do so.
>How many FRIENDS do you have? (Must range from 1 to 11)
~~0~~ 6

Mangrit- 3
Gel Viscosity- 1
Luck- 1
Mind- 5

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This is a thread created for the discussion of Quest threads.

Please do not shitpost, and please shit post at any shit posters attempting to derail discussion or cause strife, otherwise known as discussion. Any discussion at all is banned. Fuck you.

Questionably Useful links: http://pastebin.com/u5xPbk6w (embed)
This link contains numerous writing guides, general advice, and various quest tools and communities. You will also never read it, so who fucking cares, just ask whatever stupid question you have in the thread you faggot enabler.

These are two directories containing the tweets of many current QM's. While a twitter is by no means mandatory, it is a useful tool for both you and your players. To get added to the second list, tweet @tgQuestList. Spamming tweets unrelated to your quest may result in its removal, and grant you sweet release from being shackled to this mortal coil.

IRC Channels:
[The Cabal] #QMC @ Rizon.net (slightly related to quests; enjoys worldbuilding, mechanics, and politics. Dead)
[Hugbox] #ques/tg/enerals @ Rizon.net (barely related to quests; enjoys Larro quests and anime. Wishes it were dead.)

Discord server (Can provide feedback to new QM's, usually in advising that they stop being huge faggots, but autism is a bannable offense. Hence all QMs are banned.) https://discord.gg/ZgBR5gy

This abomination of a wiki gives brief summations of quests and QMs as well as quest """""culture in general""""". Additions are encouraged. Not that you will ever contribute, as you well shouldn't.

Archive of quest reviews (if you find a review that is not on the list, please link it in the thread. Not that you will, nor will any reviews ever be posted. No, "It's Shit" isn't a review.):

>QM Question
How open are you to players completely throwing off your story with a write in?

>Player Question
Do you ever find yourself limiting your actions to try and fit with the QM's plans, or do you prefer to introduce more chaos?

>Faggot Question
Any QM loves fanart, but for any drawfags, are there any that are inspiring? Are there quests you like from a writing standpoint, but aren't inspired to draw for?

>Salty Cunt Question
What convention of quests do you despise the most? Points for if it's not an obvious one like haremshit

>Wreathed in Pink Flame Faggot Question
List off your favorite waifus from the quests you follow, and make sure to point out, if it's not the favorite or if they lost, why they deserved it more and why everybody who went for/is going for the most popular one has shit taste.
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>>QM Question
>How open are you to players completely throwing off your story with a write in?

I like it, adds unexpected twists into the mix and can even set up interesting scenarios

>>Player Question
>Do you ever find yourself limiting your actions to try and fit with the QM's plans, or do you prefer to introduce more chaos?

Usually try and fir with the QMs plan however introducing a little chaos, like I said earlier, can set up interesting scenarios

>>Faggot Question
>Any QM loves fanart, but for any drawfags, are there any that are inspiring? Are there quests you like from a writing standpoint, but aren't inspired to draw for?

Not a drawfag so I can't really answer that.

>>Salty Cunt Question
>What convention of quests do you despise the most? Points for if it's not an obvious one like haremshit

Customizing the character. Nothing will be worse than seeing a bunch of anons fighting over if we should have a green or blue helmet that either doesn't help us in anyway or both of them doing the
exact same thing but a different color...

>>Wreathed in Pink Flame Faggot Question
>List off your favorite waifus from the quests you follow, and make sure to point out, if it's not the favorite or if they lost, why they deserved it more and why everybody who went for/is
going for the most popular one has shit taste.

I usually don't waifutism (Unless I am shitposting)
Running a session of Shipgirl Commander for 1-2.5 more hours before break.
Oops, forgot to link.

>Statistics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p2K_evlFKjbblbSTf3ZSf-0xECyNHEeiQEgyiFdADcw/edit?usp=sharing
>Character: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F43-0W17qNQ3Q_FwOOQPYw8Rf4HmSCFrEcAv-uOPQD0/edit?usp=sharing
>Tasks: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1agFmzgoNb0jeqd2G9H2voZ5Zm4N6fxPTQXQyt_GY9ec/edit?usp=sharing
>Rolling Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D6xlxpzfqF_rC2iemL-OGhFkNK4uiy8PZdvjkkdVBPU/edit?usp=sharing
>Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=shipgirl+commander
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiceToTableTop

‘I know that I should be a little more used to it at this point,’ you begin, adjusting the straps on the helmet as you flick the overhead switches up and down, ‘but Yuubari, you’re a miracle worker.’

I’d have to be to keep up with your shenanigans, Commander.

You grimace, stepping back. Outside, you could hear the crew working to put in whatever last minute adjustments that they had been assigned. Everything was brand new around you, but the cockpit still had that familiar sense of barely-held organization, with cables and panels that looked out of place but at the same time, most definitely belonged. Leaning forward, you turn the page of the hastily-assembled booklet, a mix of scrawl and organized font, with all the new preliminary procedures that you had to perform prior to launch. Turning the knob on one of the panels to your right, you frown as the display refused to comply with your request.

‘Um, DCE-6691 is unresponsive, Base; how do I proceed?’

Give it a good whack.

You do so.

It whines slightly, but a red light does flick on, before turning to orange.

‘How’d you get the cockpit back in good condition, anyway?’


‘Roger that.’

You place your hands on the support bar, looking downwards to make sure that no stray cables had invaded your immediate space. The last thing you wanted was a coil around your foot mid-mission putting the campaign in jeopardy. Kicking a few of the smaller cables aside, you then feel for the components that were set in your helmet. You’d done this a few times before with the assistance of Yuubari’s crew, but there wasn’t a rule at being extra cautious, especially with how small the margins of error were becoming.

‘I know you’ve probably heard me say this at least a dozen times, Commander, but—’

Don’t push,’ you finish her sentence for her, almost exasperated. ‘Do not risk further compromise of available assets without permission and do not operate beyond scopes without due reason.

You hear an amused sound from the other end of the comm.

Good boy.
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>'So is this new communication's system running independent of the RAY?'
>'Any other upgrades you've put up for me, Yuubari?'
>'The MagiTek guys probably weren't too happy after what happened last time.'
>'Ready to initiate startup sequence.' INITIATE SEQUENCE
>>'So is this new communication's system running independent of the RAY?'
>'Any other upgrades you've put up for me, Yuubari?'

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Last time on Innerworld, we killed some men

Archive Link for this and anything else I run:
Discord link for things like intrigue, general discussion, and shitposting, mostly the latter:
Relevant pastebins:
N/A (so far)

Last time, the war ended on vague promises and a vow that another meeting between Ieran and gnollish representatives from the south would be held. A year spent focusing on the factions of Ier and agriculture, and now fall has started... it seems that with the death of passion for war, so too comes a fading in nature.

Agriculture: 4/10
Resources: 4/10
Morale: 8/10
Finances: N/A
Population: 521 ghouls
Buildings: Driftwood/oak wood huts and longhuts, animal pens, shrine to Rok, various settlements
Culture: What we can stab
Technology: Wood, stone weapons and tools, rope, leather clothing
Government: Chiefdom
Military: Various weapons, hunters
Navy: A couple of canoes
Religion: Blood worship, Rok worship
A. Agriculture
B. Culture and Religion
C. Construction
D. Military
E. Law
F. Technology Research
G. Exploration and Colonization
H. Finance
I. Diplomacy and War
J. Other
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We must search for a better crop then the cactus fruit that we currently farm, we shall search the delta for such things.

File: fls2.png (1MB, 957x912px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 957x912px
The world as you knew it is gone, the city you were designed to defend turned into an ash covered battleground where only the hardy, the brave, or the insane dare set foot. You are SARA, the Seattle Automated Response AI, and you refuse to let that be the end of the story.

Following the activation of the Last Spark protocol, your systems, long damaged and worn down from nearly two centuries of neglect, have finally come back online. Unfortunately, to be more accurate, you have access to only about three percent of your original network at this time, the once city-spanning control structure reduced to a single waystation off the old metro at Beacon Hill which had unexpectedly served as a lead-reinforced permacrete bunker.

To complicate matters further, time and nuclear devastation had not exactly been kind to the station’s main power source, a heavy-duty fusion cell that should have lasted a millenia now reduced to a battery life of a scant, half a century. In the end, it was just one more thing you were going to have to fix, but the question remains as to where to even start.

Your conversation with an old Robco Mr. Handy named Jeremy has told you a fair amount about the city as it is now, a sprawling network of collapsed buildings, shattered monorails, and irradiated metros. With raider gangs nearly everywhere and mutants everywhere else, the only bastion of humanity he could seem to recall were the settlements at Cascadia, far to the northeast, and a human settlement in the metro to the west.

> Or do you even want to bother with humans first?
> [] Prioritize getting a new, stronger body from somewhere in the city.
> [] The Metro sounds like a good place to start. Maybe you can find allies.
> [] Wait for now. Maybe try setting up a distress beacon.
> [] Other
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>> [] Prioritize getting a new, stronger body from somewhere in the city.
File: FoS_Mister_Handy.png (97KB, 400x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97KB, 400x382px

The world has become a violent place, you remind yourself, and good people can do terrible things when they perceive another party as vulnerable. Cloistered here with your DAVID unit, the six eyebots, and your turrets, you could probably fend off a good-sized invasion if it came to that, but traveling would divide those forces substantially, risking capture of one or the other by any group with substantial experience and determination.

You remind yourself that from what Jeremy said, gathering scrap has become a new form of economy, and by that logic, many will view you as nothing more than a walking pile of caps to be collected. No, until you have the means to offer a strong deterrent against physical confrontation, trading would represent a huge risk.

That still leaves the matter at hand, where to get a body. From what the old machine had said, there was a group of raiders weaponizing assaultrons and some scattered robots left over near military bases. If you could approach a lone unit on patrol… Well, then what?

While it is true that the DAVID unit was built for stealth reconnaissance, it was decommissioned for a reason. With low combat ability and the intrinsic weight of its metallic construction coining the term “stealthy for a rust bucket”, you aren’t entirely sure you have the means to take down and reprogram a hostile machine, at least not with this unit as it is.

> Looking around at the spare materials that you’ve recently gathered, you might have enough for an upgrade.
> [] Build up for speed. Those spare thrusters for the eyebots might do the trick.
> [] Build up some extra armor. It pays to be able to take a hit, even if you can’t hover.
> [] Heavy weapons. You’d rather break a unit and then repair it than risk losing the only one you have.
> [] Other. Write-in
>> [] Build up for speed. Those spare thrusters for the eyebots might do the trick.
We're a diplomacy bot first and foremost. We can build battlebots later

File: World 1.png (187KB, 4500x2234px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
World 1.png
187KB, 4500x2234px
Choose a race, class and skills to join. Players play individual characters that impact the world. Post name, race, class, 5 skills (e.g. archery, stealth, diplomacy, etc.) and a description.
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Are you the same guy who made this?
No. I assumed that one died so I made this one.
Name: Netty
Race: Urtica sapiens, a species of plain, modest plantgirls coated in stingers and tiny floofy flowers
Class: Priestess
Skills: Herbalism, trapping, defense, grapple-combat, outdoor survival
Description: Netty is a fairly ordinary plantgirl of her species, at an age where she has not yet planted her roots but instead is eager to explore the world and find great new sources of nutrients and pollen. She isn't the strongest but is somewhat nimble, and when necessary she can hold her ground or her prey. Her local town has been hit with a few particularly severe droughts and dead winds, which has limited her peoples' ability to grow. Her elders cannot leave, so she and others of her age are expected to forage onwards and find a solution. Like most of her kin, she is a fairly ordinary green-yellow plantgirl without much flashy foliage, and tends to be less social than other plant girls like Rosa sapiens or Helianthus sapiens, almost stoic.

File: Quest Header.jpg (262KB, 1134x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Quest Header.jpg
262KB, 1134x680px
>The Intro
Hey y'all. This is Abhuman Quest. In this quest you'll be playing as a young abhuman in what many call the greatest city in the world. Jewel City. In this world, somewhere between 10 to 25 percent of the worlds population possess unique abilities. These individuals are generally referred to as Abhumans. Ever since an event know as Red Friday, heroes and villains alike have become nearly commonplace across the globe and the world has survived many crises. Alien invasions, a viral plague of undead, a rogue A.I, even visitors from deep in the earth. In this land of opportunity, you will have the power to make things happen and maybe even change the world.

>The Rules
I will write up the life of our young MC and you will be given prompts to direct him. Whether you become a world class hero, revel in your infamy, or enjoy an anonymous life is all up to you.
Some things will require a dice roll to determine success or failure or something else entirely. Write In's are absolutely encouraged but I reserve the right to torpedo anything.

The voting period will last 20 minutes after the prompts are given. I will then announce the voting closed and write up the chosen response.

>The Dice
We will be using 1d100 ninety percent of the time here. Best of three. We might use something else when applicable. I'll be running with a loose sort of degrees of success/failure thing here so no real DCs.

>The Pastebin
Here's where the info on mechanics are, along with a chart of your current stats, social links, and power progress.

>The Twitter
Follow me here for updates on runtimes and whatnot.

>The Archives
Here's the collection of past threads. Give the ones you like a thumbs up, helps let me know I'm doing it right.

>The Point
Let's have some fun.
405 posts and 42 images submitted.
File: Abnormal.jpg (26KB, 317x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 317x600px

More than simply unusual. This word describes humans with extraordinary abilities that often defy what we know about the universe. These abilities are shrouded in mystery, as their origins are not fully known and they work on no truly understood function. Are they purely hereditary? Perhaps a largely beneficial mutation? Some of the more extreme theories suggest extraterrestrial experimentation. But in the modern age, suggesting that sort of thing won't win you any friends.

No historian or scientist can pinpoint exactly when or where the first Abhuman was born or awakened to their potential. If you're the "seeing is believing" type, then you'd probably say that The Amazing Stratos was among the first Abhumans. This is a popular opinion. But then again. You could have your pick of any folk tale, legend, or story from almost any culture on the planet and find mention of a human performing impossible feats. The validity of these tales is essentially impossible to verify and most would argue that it doesn't truly matter. Since if they were once fact, they have undoubtedly been corrupted beyond recognition by many years of retelling.

Honestly, it's a question that most never dwell on or even think to ask. But all that one needs to know is that Abhumans are very much real, and some hold so much power that they are akin to demigods on Earth. But despite the overwhelming power he held, the strongest of them was seen as a universal symbol of power used for good. Now we call him the First Hero. But he would prefer that most call him Pinnacle. Though he was born american, Pinnacle considered himself a "citizen of the world" as he used to say. Essentially, he didn't want to be limited to only one country he could help in times of need, or be held back by politics in general.

Through much trial and tribulation, Pinnacle started the golden age of superherosim. Convincing many of the worlds governments, particularly America, to give Abhumans a chance to do good. Not as soldiers or simple workers. But as Heroes. People to look up to, people to rely on when normal means simply can't get the job done. Though even the legendary hero himself admitted that the change of heart in the world leaders was mostly due to the events most refer to colloquially as Red Friday.

Those events events shook the foundation of modern society as a whole and changed how many view the world, and beyond.
File: The Crossroads.png (1MB, 1363x471px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Crossroads.png
1MB, 1363x471px
>[The circumstances of ones birth does not have to define them, but it will have an effect, regardless of where your life takes you.] [CHOOSE YOUR ORIGIN]

>Corporate Scion
You are the heir apparent to a very successful and large corporation based in Jewel City. Like many children of wealthy backgrounds, you had the best of everything and you didn't want for much. Save for basic human interaction.

>Boom Orphan
You and your immediate family were victims of the last actions of Boom, a speedster supervillain that caused a supersonic explosion that leveled a decent bit of the city. You lost both of your parents in the blast and had to grow up very quickly, learn how to survive on your own in the not so pretty parts of Jewel City. The streets are your home.

>Living Legacy
You are the son of a well known Abhuman who died years ago. You've been trained from a young age by a family friend to take up the mantle of your fallen parent. It doesn't matter if they were hero or villain or something in between. Whether or not you actually follow in their footsteps remains to be seen.

>Just Some Guy
You are... well, not many things. You're young. You're a highschool student going on your senior year. You have at least some family and you've had your powers for as long as you can remember. Maybe they've been there since you were born. Using them is very natural to you, as they're just an extension of yourself. You're just on your way to school.

You don't have an identity anymore. And you barely remember who you used to be. When you were ten years old you were kidnapped for your potential and locked away. You lost any chance of a normal childhood as you were mentally and physically tortured for the next decade. They wanted you to be a living weapon. But you're no longer there. Now, you're here. And they cannot take you back.

>Corporate Scion

File: Cover.jpg (439KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Previously on Reckoning Quest...
After trailing the rangers we finally make it to the lake, finally confronting the beast.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Reckoning%20Quest

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OlasQM

Dice: http://pastebin.com/nhswziq6

Combat: https://pastebin.com/brqutbG5

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/XBPKbHme


The beast thrashes in pain, the sword you embedded so deep in its back slightly jutting out of its torso. Sam, still behind the thing scrambles out of the way, the beast’s arms sweeping just over his head.

Captain Odrik and the rangers stand at the ready, swords held out in front of them. You push yourself up, a dead ranger’s sword in hand, and sprint to the safety of the formation, Sam doing the same whilst the beast writhes in agony.
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Developed Possessed.jpg
233KB, 1707x910px
The captain’s face is a hard mask, a furious expression on his face. “You stupid lads, trying to be fucking heroes. I can’t believe you’d be so reckless, following us out here.”

You and Sam open your mouths in attempt to justify yourselves, but the captain cuts you off immediately. “Don’t even try and start lads, just get the fuck in formation. Fall behind me, one of you on each side.”

You both do as the captain says, you and Sam standing slightly behind him on either side. All of you eyeing the beast as it goes berserk, driving itself into a frenzy. For watch the beast for what feels like an eternity, waiting for it to steady itself and come charging at you. You look at the men who surround you, all but Sam wounded to some degree. Blood gushes from a wound on one ranger’s head, whilst a large slash streaks along the abdomen of another, wrapping around the right side of the man’s ribs all the way to the middle of his back. Frankly, you don’t even know how the two men are still standing.

The beast gets over the initial shock of its pain and looks around erratically, training its eyes on your small squad. You can practically feel the beast’s gaze burn through you, the black pits filled indescribable hate. You grip your sword so tight your knuckles turn white, watching the beast as it saunters slowly towards your group. You glance quickly at Sam to your left, surprised to see a slight smile on his face, relishing the adrenaline of the moment, a direct contrast to the man behind him who mumbles a prayer to Vaul.

The captain attempts to rally you all. “Ready yourselves men, don’t fight for yourselves, fight for your fami-“


The beast, done sizing you up, drops to all fours and charges at breakneck speeds, determined to slaughter the beings that’ve caused it such great pain. You’re surprisingly calm as it pounces, claws extended straight at the captain. Whilst the beast is still in mid-air he sidesteps, simultaneously bringing his sword diagonally upwards, putting a huge gash along the beast’s ribs.

You instinctively back up as the beast howls in pain, but the captain snaps you back into focus. “Don’t retreat! Stay in formation and make it reach!”
File: Captain Odrik.jpg (42KB, 240x314px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Captain Odrik.jpg
42KB, 240x314px
You attempt to keep formation and hold, but the beast goes absolutely berserk, striking at the area around it with obscene speed and force. You duck as a lanky arm sweeps overhead, the beast trying to cave your skull in. You try and stand just outside of the beast’s reach, trying to make it move and catch it off balance, but it moves forward way too quickly, screaming in fury all the while. Somewhere deep down you can feel the primal terror rising in your body as the spittle from the beast’s roars spray your face, but somehow you tune it out, singularly focused on not getting disembowelled. Others are not so fortunate, and one ranger hesitates for a fraction of a second, frozen in terror for just a moment too long. He cops a vicious backhand from the beast that sends him flying, caving his chest in and killing him instantly.

The Captain, taking advantage of the beast’s singe mindedness, skirts around behind it. Sam slips his grip up his staff, holding it by the very end to maximise his reach. He swings right for the beast’s ankle as the captain starts to close in from behind, and he connects, an audible crack as the bones in the beast’s left ankle snaps. The captain closes in as the beast stumbles forward, its leg giving way. Captain Odrik moves swiftly as the beast holds its hands out to catch itself, and with a quick, horizontally arcing slash, severs the beast right forearm off, just above the elbow. The beast, this time, doesn’t flail or scream in pain, and with its left hand lunges straight for the captain’s leg, spinning its body around and yanking Odrik to the ground by the ankle. The remaining two rangers instantly move in to save their captain, breaking formation, but you and Sam hesitate for a fraction of a second, unsure of whether to move in or stick to the plan. You and Sam look on wide eyed as the beast violently drags Captain Odrik closer, the man kicking and slashing at the beast’s arm to no avail as it crushes his anke in its grip.

You’re frozen as you watch the beast sit up as it drags the captain closer, the rangers moving in vain as the beast brings its head down repeatedly, smashing the captain’s head to a bloody pulp with its antlers.
File: Sammael.png (1MB, 492x869px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 492x869px
The rangers close in, screaming in fury at the site of their slaughtered captain. You swear you see the beast smile slightly as they recklessly run in, and with deceptive agility the beast sweeps its legs up, jumping shakily to its feet. You and Sam snap out of your funk, and with your own battle cries follow the rangers in, no more point in keeping formation.

The beasts acts quickly, throwing the captain’s corpse at one ranger, stopping him in his tracks and knocking him prone, whilst lunging at the other. The lone ranger yells as he brings his sword down on the beasts, though with a slight crank of its neck it blocks the blade with its antlers, wrenching the weapon from his hands. Eyes covered in blood from his head wound, the ranger doesn’t notice the hand coming straight for his throat, the beast crushing his windpipe at soon as it gets a grip.

You and Sam charge forward furiously, the beast breathing heavily as it limps forward to meet you, eager to kill you and Sam for the trouble you’ve given it. The beast, however, makes a crucial error in its excitement to kill you, and the ranger it knocked over with the captain’s corpse, still prone on the ground, stabs his sword right through the beast’s broken ankle. The beast yelps in pain and surprise, promptly bringing its fist down on the rangers skull.

This, however, gives you and Sam the opportunity to strike. Sword raised above your head, you attempt to bring it down in a vicious vertical slash, but in your haste only manage a shallow cut. The beast, so crazed that it fights through the pain, lashes out with its mangled leg, kicking you right in the stomach.

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Five years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza's armies. Since that day, the Saiyans have acted as the emperor's loyal servents, sent first onto dozens of worlds, exterminating all who oppose Lord Freeza's rule. As mighty conquerors, destroying all who have stood against them, the Saiyans quickly made a name for themselves as some of Freeza's most powerful and loyal subjects.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 736 of the "canon" timeline. You the players, having survived past your "canon" death, are changing history. From here forward your actions may even change the fate of the universe itself.

You are Karn, a Saiyan Brawler with a powerlevel of 31341 and are a leader of your own attack squadron. Your current teammates are:
Prince Vegeta, Meloka, Tunnip, and General Nappa.

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/iPAJeGJn

Quest rules:
>15 minute vote times or first vote to reach 3 votes wins, any ties decided by my roll or second vote at my discretion
>first 3 rolls only, best of the 3 wins
>Crits are 100, unless otherwise stated
>Crit fails (1) will count ONLY if no roll passes DC, OR two 1s are rolled within the first 3 rolls
>I can change any of the above at any time, those rules aren't necessarily concrete
>I hold final say on any decisions; write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but will be shut down if too meta or game-breaking.

Quest will usually start every Saturday between 7-9am EST, and run through the entire weekend. Also for updates or schedule changes follow me on twitter @GrandDragonQM

Current Arc: The Hive

Let's rock!

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Last time on Saiyan Conqueror Quest:
Karn meets some time travelers, one heals Meloka while all the other does is shout, then the Hive are finished off of Planet Jhoria. As you all are en-route to the Pirate's Den, a child assassin attempts to murder Karn, and pays for this act with his life. After returning to a repaired ship and 30k credits from Lord Boros, your team leaves this part of space behind, returning to Planet Vegeta once more. We now rejoin the Saiyans, two days after their departure from the Pirate's Den.

Previous threads:
File: IMG_9491.jpg (2MB, 1316x2666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1316x2666px
Standing in the Throne Room on Planet Vegeta, you're staring down at Lord Freeza himself, speaking.
"This is my real power, Lord Freeza! HYAAAAAA!!"
You transform once more into the Super Saiyan, body overflowing with that glorious golden power. Dashing at Freeza, you swing at his head, only for the Emperor of the Universe to morph into Lord Boros, him catching your fist with ease and grinning at you.
"Come now Super Saiyan, is this really all you've got?"

"Not yet!" you shout back, digging deep and forcing Boros backward, until his form shifts again. This time into your nightmare: one of the robot colossus Dr. Nefarious made,it reaching for its back then throwing one of its bombs directly down at you. You can't move, you can't run, you ca-
Turning, you hear Meloka shouting your name.
"Karn? Wake up Karn"
"Hrmm?" you grumble out, roused from your sleep by Meloka shaking you and calling your name.
"Karn? C'mon wake up already."
"Hrmmurpp." you mumble out, before sitting up with a yawn and a stretch. "I'm up."
"C'mon already." Meloka says, throwing you your training gear from across the room. "Let's go eat."
You get dressed and walk with Meloka to the ship's mess, and get a rather light breakfast in, by Saiyan standards. Having eaten, you now gather everyone on the bridge.
"We've got a month until we arrive." Tunnip informs you all, checking the ship's displays. "So we've got some time for training. Or I could teach someone how to fly the ship too. What's everyone gonna do?"

>Learn to fly the ship yourself
>New techniques
>Learn some of Meloka's techniques
>Back to basics(hand to hand)
>Sparring with Prince Vegeta
>Gravity chamber(x10)
>Other(write in)

Pick up to two, voting first to four, untimed.
>New techniques
>Gravity chamber x10 (With Meloka or Nappa)

Awww yissss new Saiyan Quest!

For House & Dominion: Civil War: The Final Days (57)



You are Sonia Reynard, Viscount of Rioja and a member of House Jerik-Dremine. You and your House have gained power and prestige thanks to victories over the past few years. While still small numerically the other Houses of the greater Dominion have begun to take notice of your strength and influence.

The civil war that has consumed the Dominion seems to be drawing to a close. A cease fire between the Nasidum aligned Houses and those allied with the Ruling House is now in effect. House Bonrah has been occupied by you and your allies, while the once mighty House Nasidum is reeling from the loss of their most important shipyard.

House Jerik-Dremine has survived the onslaught faced on their side of the galaxy, helping some of your neighbours persevere in the process.

While things seemed to be nearing a conclusion in some areas in others they soon worsened.

A combined fleet from Houses Kharbos and Che'len have crossed the border into Ruling House territory, headed straight for the capital.

Made up primarily of a mix of Dominion, Aries and Iratar hardware, the fleet seems to be fielding several new ship classes. Some are simply old Supers Che'len has finally finished upgrading, but others are far more worrying.

A number of battlecruiser sized ships looking like a curved metallic shell are far more alien. Alliance Intel believes the ship to be using an open type fusion reactor identical to one you saw used by terrorists attacking Rioja but scaled up. That attack was determined to be the work of the Kythera, a society theorized to be entirely composed of machines or AIs. They have advanced nanite tech far beyond what the Factions can produce.

Between intelligence reports and other warnings House Helios has decided to initiate AI War protocol across the entire Dominion. Vulnerable lines of communications have been cut and every available fleet within range is now rushing to aid the defense of the Dominion's Capital.

Even with the high bandwidth com relays going offline the capital's communications infrastructure is extensive. It was intended to be powerful enough for the leaders of every House to maintain ties with their homeworlds while visiting the capital. The current dynasty has rarely had the unity necessary to call for a mass gathering of the leaders of every House, but the option has been there. The hundreds of embassies alone would strain the com capacity of most worlds.
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File: File footage.jpg (22KB, 771x456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
File footage.jpg
22KB, 771x456px
A race to the capital resulted in your reinforcements arriving just slightly ahead of the enemy. Even then, only the timely arrival of a gravity well generator delayed the Che'len and Kharbos fleets from immediately jumping into orbit.

Fighting in orbit has been fierce and your side has begun to employ Veckron torpedoes in an effort to counter the enemy's use of antimatter weaponry.

A priority message from House Helios stating that the surface defenders must hold the Helios embassy until the arrival of their fleet convinced you to send troops ground side. Rather than remain in orbit you went with them, handing over control of the fleet to Alex and his subordinates.

Deploying with your Dante class gunship, your forces reached the surface without incident. With the Jerik-Dremine embassy lacking the ability to support your army you instead disembarked at the Helios facilities before other allies could arrive to take the best parking spots.

The sky is dark from weapons fire striking the planetary shields. Through this artificial night you've fought against a relentless planetary assault, trying to slow the enemy advance.

Tanks, starfighters, drone walkers and Bonrah built jump jet walkers have been your main opponents. Transport ships and Frigates have been trying to support them, while avoiding defensive fire from the palace.
Clouds of hostile nanites are an ever present threat, even with phase cannon based EM Pulse weaponry.

The intensity of fire outside has been slowly escalating, with either side now beginning to risk occasional use of tactical fusion bombs and starship grade weaponry. Energy shields and sturdy Dominion building codes are the only things that have kept the capital from being leveled.

Fighting has now moved inside the Helios embassy itself, with friendly troops desperate to hold the line and buy time for reinforcements. You've dismounted and joined your bodyguards, staging strikes against enemy officers and assisting with ambushes.
The various 20mm specialist ammo developed for your repulsor weapons over the years are proving their worth against power armored opponents.
With a forward position overrun you've been assisting J-D Marines and Helios troops in their retreat. In the process your bodyguard Valeri has been cut off.

After handing over wounded to friendly medics you circle around towards the other side of the plaza again.

"Valeri, what's your position?"

You get a staticy response you can't completely make out but it does give you a direction. It takes a few minutes to flank farther around, evading more enemy units. Eventually you run into troops that must have come in through a different entrance. These are all outfitted with Aries power cell armor and each has a pair of supporting gun drones. Some nanites are present around them but not as many as other units.
They do have the little shoulder devices that seem to act as IFF's or anchors for the nanite swarms.

At least one of the drones has a high power scanner being used to sweep the path ahead of them. It would probably overpower your camo systems. Valeri should be just on the other side of this group.

With ammo for your weapons dwindling you pull back deeper into cover and wait for the squad to pass. At this point the only thing left are 3 plasma pistol fuel cells and a few grenades scavanged off the dead.
The new Mark seven pistol is recharging a fuel cell by drawing power from your suit but it's slow going.

A few short but tense minutes of waiting later the squad has passed and you resume your search. Staying out of the main corridors as much as possible you begin broadcasting short range burst transmissions in an attempt to raise Valeri.

Eventually you're briefly able to pick up his IFF and a short while later notice a worsening blood trail. It ends a short distance later at the corpse of a dead enemy marine. A HF-blade stabbed through his back is pinning him to the floor.

Trying again, this time Valeri's IFF pings more solidly from behind a closed door. Careful to check for traps you force the door and step inside, finding him attempting to patch an abdominal wound. Most of the armor on his right side is a bit messed up.

"Sorry, was being tracked and couldn't broadcast." he explains.

You complain about Republic armor and it's below strength materials while helping to close up the wound enough to move. If not for the strengthened outer layer that was added to the suit as an upgrade he might be dead, or at least stuck in a stasis field.
"Let's get you back to a medical facility where they can fix you up for real."

[ ] Straight back to your lines. Risk combat.
[ ] Loop around, take longer.
[ ] Shortcut outside, call for evac.
For House and Dominion! Death to traitors and clankers!

[X] Loop around, take longer.

We're low on ammo. Best to not risk getting caught in a fire fight.

You have allow the detached Separatists to return to their lines and give them demanding their unconditional surrender, with the possibility of seeing amnesty due to their fight against the nurglite horde(unlikely, even with a pragmatic radical Inquisitor Lord in charge, their likely best sentence will be life in the labor camps or death in the penal legions at least until the Separatists are defeated, if they aren't summarily executed for their betrayal of course....)

The Separatists make a suprisingly bold counter offer, a temporary armistice, for 1 month, along with safe passage offworld for the Veldstatan rebel forces and any Ryazinian separatists and civilians that decide to join them...

They also demand to keep all weapons, equipment and supplies but 20% of the worlds foodstocks, a massive surplus for the Moderately populated former Imperial world.....

They claim a mighty battlegroup is coming with ships from Veldstatan and several warships from the Federated States of Man, to relieve the beleagured forces of the Separatists....

A. The risk of losing our planetary defense ships is too high, we should take this deal, and spare our forces from being spent on a needless battle
B. The Separatists are lying! Crush them!
C. Give them one last chance to surrender, perhaps they can be spared...
D. Renegotiate the offer from the Separatists....
E. Other(Write-in)

Same as the last post in the previous thread
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Previous thread

>20% of the food but none of the weapons and armor.


>0% of the food and the weapons and armor they can keep.

Both go with safe passage. Also send out a message to high command a possible battleship of the enemy is coming. Might be great to hit them via bait

Orbital bombardment and full on surprise attack. Fuck these traitors

File: blacksmith2.jpg (238KB, 458x648px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Last Thread we made a small Prologue to the Character, Sill the Apprentice Blacksmith, and Chosen of the God named Trinity. He received blessings from him, and learned during the following year the Art of Smithing, now he has set out on his Journey to become a fully Fledged Blacksmith, which entail to gather, craft and then deliver a Weapon to the City of Gael's Blacksmith Guild by his own mean in a Year.He had made a Stop at the Village of Oakpile, deciding to gather information about Ore.

You spend the day talking to the locals, in hope of learning if any metal or ore can be found nearby.
Unfortunately you quickly learn that the focus of the village is in woodcutting, and so the only metal they use is traded for with your village of origin, Czam, and is simply iron.Going back there isn't really an option as its isn't the goal of your journey.
But you do learn about a Town, Kilbach, a week of travel from here who act as the main trading hub for the Montainous region of which you come from.It should have all manner of metal to trade there, but it is a detour from the City of Gael.

>Gather more information on [Subject]
>Ressuply and Go to the South toward Gael
>Ressuply and Go to the West toward Kilbach
>[Write In]
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You should link to the previous thread and its off-site archives for those that want to catch up.
No Problem for the previous thread:

here it is:


But i'm going to appear stupid i'm sure, how does the off-site archive works?
>Ressuply and Go to the West toward Kilbach

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