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>An: "MOMS. You want your kids to eat healthy."
>An: "KIDS. You want your mom to eat a lead sandwich so she'll quit lookin' all smug talkin' shit about your REAL dad to her new husband."
>An: "Eat breakfast Os. It has vitamins. It has cancer. It has prizes! The prize is cancer."
>Fat Tony is munching on a bag of salt n' pepper fried crickets
>He decided to give them a try after Alabaster dragged you all to his favorite all-organic foraged foods gas station
>Al: "We shall need energy and refreshment while we await the opportunity to strike."
>Nick was not down for the health food
>Even if he also hated Steve Buscemi's insistence on take-out boxes from the Indian joint
>N: "So get a granola bar."
>Al: "I am a horse. Not a white woman."
>S: "All I'm sayin' is. We know the Jews own Hollywood...but it's not nearly as important as who owns the jews."

>Steve is wanting to engage banter
>Fat Tony has like, an entire snack stash hidden inside this new car you picked up
>A 1970 Plymouth Barracuda
>With forced induction
>All leather interior
>He even picked out the red one

>You are all piled in and parked outside of Mayor Greason's Mansion
>The courtyard looks clear, but you just rolled up

>You could head right in
With my disguises applied, of course.

>You can stake the place out for a moment
>Which allow time for sick banter
>You're a 14 year old in a super team
>Shit is actually pretty lit
>Or anything really
>It's your adventure

>You are Anonymous

What do?

Character sheet and allies (Currently only Alabaster statted due to friendship level)

>Current party

>Steve Buscemi
-The brains and looks

>Nick Cage
-The Gun
-The hero

>Fat Tony
-The driver

>Alabaster Damocles
-The Magic Horse
-The better looks

>That's you
>You are Anonymous
>The ???

Although, I rather fancy you as a Prince. Or a little general. Look at this adorable army you've amassed.

Show these lamentable leeches not a single ounce of mercy.
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Stake out to get them witty banters!
Stake out the house for a little longer. If a cultist happens to step outside for a smoke or something, scissor him into the car for some light questioning.
i'll support

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Welcome to Do Your Best Quest. A slice of life adventure with supernatural elements where our poor main character is trying to do his best out of the situations at hand, but don’t worry, just trying your best is good enough for him.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QM91m
Discord: https://discord.gg/AmjbaTR
Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=do+your+best+quest

You were literally summoned to ‘the Distant Frontier’ by Constance and her partner. Unsure of what’s going on, you asked the most sensible question in this situation.

“What’s going on?” You repeat yourself.

“She said this is her gift to us for saving Constance.” Philonune responds.

“Hey Johnny! Look! I can jump here!” Constance jumps around. Seeing her full of energy weirds you out.

“Don’t pay attention to her for now; we don’t have much time to waste.” Her entity says. “Come here.” She grabs Constance between one pair of her arms.

“I don’t see any presents here, lady.” You look at the nothingness around.

“Hehe… My name is Athelone, I’m Constance’s partner and one of the judges for this deadly game you’re partaking of.” She ignored you.

“Judges? What? I never heard about any judges before.” Philonune says.

“During the fated days, when the game starts, someone has to prepare the battlefield and make the crystals visible, you know?”

“How does that makes you a judge? You’re more like an organizer of sorts.” You question.

“I was given extra tools to make sure you naughty boys don’t cheat and try to kill us and make this a one round game. And I have other obligations I can’t fully disclose…”

“So you stealing those thugs’ flames was part of your abilities as a judge?”

“Indeed, you’re a smart boy.” Knowledge level 3, bitch. “I have other abilities, but this one is the most useful one for you.”

“So I’m taking this as you aren’t participating at all.”

“Correct. I’m just here to watch and maybe aid my friends a little.”

“But what’s the point? You don’t want to be queen of our world?” Philonune retorts.

“I was made specifically to do this job. When I’m done I’ll become one with this cute little girl and heal her wounds. Constance may live a normal life if the winner is someone with a good heart.”

“Your kind only picks sick people?”

“Yes, we’re extending their lifespan by making this pact; we only needed a bridge to connect us to your world. Little Constance should have died a long time ago.”

“But I’m fine! See!” Constance smiles.

>”What other abilities do you have?”
>”Why the green flame?”
>”So what is exactly my present?”
>Write In.
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>”Why the green flame?”
>Write In.
Thank you for helping Constance. She's a nice girl and she'lucky to have you helping her
>You look pretty cute yourself.
>inb4 charm fail

You watch the water run down the outside of the window as you sit waiting.

“Nine nine oh four,” you think to yourself. A number, your number -- your name. You remember when you got it. You were crying along with all your brothers but a smooth voice called out to you in a hushed tone. They placed their fingers on your forehead and told you that you will be something one day. That was the day you were born.

You watch from the reflection as the rest of your brothers enter the room -- ninety-nine batch all of them. You turn from your window and nod at them and watch as the last member of your class enters the pristine white room. Not a brother but another, Mal Wolru, your teacher. Ever since you can remember they were there along with your brothers. They were odd people, but they were the ones who raised you. It has been six years and counting that you’ve been with them but it never felt like they were family. Not like how you were with your brothers. Your brothers understood you, they liked you, they were you -- to a degree. Kaminoan the teachers called themselves; they didn’t call you or your brothers kaminoan even though Kamino is your home too. Clones they called you; people born from another through direct genetic sourcing.

“Class.” Mal says as he motions with his arm toward the window you were once staring out of, “Today you will be learning from the bridge of one of the ships the Republic had designated you to serve in. Once the Republic returns to find their army they expect us to provide specialists who can maneuver and operate their ships. Today you will tour the Acclamator-Class assault ship designated “Dust”. This will take the day and the transport will be provided via LAAT which you should remember from class last week as well as the various flash training programs you’ve all underwent.”

Some of your brothers whistle, others cheer, and some, like you, look back to the diamond in the sky with your brothers blue and red tunics moving about in the reflection. Before you could think about what was going to happen an elbow presses against your side, “Monk, would you look at that beauty? I was hoping to do more with the star fighters today but a ship is a ship.”

Monk. Other than 9904, Monk was your name. A name given to you by your brothers but you’re not too sure why you were given it but the first time you heard it was three years back when a few of your brothers started calling each other names, yours being Monk.

“Bim.. If you kept that head out of the sky you’d do better in the sims.” One of the others remarks before cracking a wide grin and Bim swings at him with a open hand. He steps back one and slaps Bim across the back of his head. 9900, or Klo, is supposed to be the lead of the class but under his perfect scores he’s just another brother and those who were bred to fight tend to fight amongst themselves even if they were only playing around.

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File: Acclamator.jpg (3MB, 2978x2094px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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“Nine Nine Seven One, Nine Nine Zero Zero stand down before you are detained and dealt with. You all will behave this entire trip or there will be no trip and you will be on crew quarters duty for the next week.” Mal says sternly before motioning the class to follow. Bim sticks his tongue out at the kaminoan and pushes Klo one last time before joining up into formation. The class files through the blast doors situated at the end of the room leading down to the landing pads where several LAATs are sitting ready for the cadets. Mal looks over the class as you gather in the rain in formation. The Kaminoan points to the several squads assigning them to the transports. Finally your squad is herded into the furthest LAAT to the right. As you climb onto the LAAT you are handed a small headset by another Kaminoan before he leaves to tell the pilot to lift off. Static fills your ears for a second and then the familiar voice of Mal reaches you. “The Acclamator-Class is a capital class,, specialization, assault. Created by the Kaut Drive Yard in the yea…”

The Kaminoan drones on “Atop the main hull is a small T-shaped command tower, with two..” You hold onto the handles that were lowered for the cadets. It takes ten minutes to reach the ship but for you it felt like two as you watch the small Kaminoan city below slink into the distance below. “...and ventral turrets, granted the ship a good arc of fire.”

“Landing in three, two.. “ The pilot says over comms before motioning with his long gray fingers to the doors. The doors slide open with a pneumatic hiss before submitting to the dissonant sound of various classes talking. Inside the wide hanger you see the Kaminoan engineers working diligently on maintenance and spot several teachers with their large one-hundred-student classes. Over the comms you can hear Mal start talking about the subsystems of the Acclamator while also directing the clones to the door over to the far left of the room. The LAAT you arrived in takes off as the rest of your squad leaves the transport. Looking about the somewhat littered hanger you watch as several other LAATs land and take off as well as mountains of crates piled up in storage sections of the hanger/hold. Your squad, designated Whiskey, joins in file with the rest of the class as they leave through two large doors. Leading the platoon-sized class through the winding white and black corridors, Mal talks over the hundreds of footsteps on the comms about various specs of the Acclamator. One of the topics that you latch onto are about the turrets as you all enter the side turret emplacement station.

Several Turrets line the right wall with a team of hired men standing around a chair with what you assume to be the controls. Mal walks across the room as the class moves in for formation standing at a distance to the men at the station. Mal finishes speaking with one of the instructors and then stands off to the side.
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“Alright master Kal, you may begin.”

“Fire.” The human instructor, a Cuy’val Dar, motions with an open hand to the man sitting in the control seat. A small disc shaped target flings out of the bottom of the turret before the man swings around and fires a single shot destroying the target. “Mechanical skeet. Each packed with explosives for target practice. This turret emplacement is identical to the ones you will find on the field and I am here to ensure you are to control and fire one of these correctly and efficiently. Now..”

He looks at the class and points at one of your brothers who is standing near you-- Thyck. “You there. Take the gun.”

Thyck looks around his brothers and then points at himself dully before walking over to the turret. The boy fidgets with the controls and then steadies before giving the instructor a thumbs up. The rest of the class gathers around the viewing window of the turret seat quickly before they could miss any more. The instructor then places a hand on the shoulder of the man at the station and a small skeet flies out from the bottom of the turret. The boy quickly fidgets with the controls again shooting in wide arcs into the empty space missing the target entirely.

“Not even close. Next.” the operator says muffled by a cloth rag over his face.

“But I only..” the boy insists. The instructor walks over to the boy and sternly looks at the him.

“Oh no, you’re done. You only get one chance, you’re enemy wouldn’t give you more. Hardly gives you one.” He states with his arms behind his back before looking to the class. “Next.”

>What do you do?

>Raise your hand and volunteer to be the next to try your hand at target practice.
>Step back a bit and wait for some of the other members of the class go and learn from them.
>Talk to one of the other clones, (Of what)
>>Who? (Klo, Bim, Thyck.)
>(Write in)
>Step back a bit and wait for some of the other members of the class go and learn from them.

Be patient like a monk.

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Come One, Come All; Welcome to ANOTHER ICARUS RISING QUEST

I am your humble QM, Weaver!

Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1819746/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Weaver_QM
Discord: https://discord.gg/vBgY2s2

“We have to go, Yang.” You tell her quietly and for a moment you see a flash of something in her eyes before she nods and rolls off of you. Sitting up you do your best to bury the feelings of slight disappointment you feel at the loss of her presence before walking to the other side of the room to retrieve Ariadne.

Slipping the compact weapon to your back you look to see Yang and give her a nod, to which she only replies with a grin.

“Race ya.” She says with a wink, and by the time your brain realizes what she said she’s bolted out the door.

>Wat do?
>A. Accept the challenge, after her!
>B. Let her run, take your time.
>C. There’s no way you're losing, to the window!
>D. Other
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>A. Accept the challenge, after her!

Let's do this shit

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You are Lieutenant Richter Von Tracht, officer of panzers for the army of the Archduchy of Strossvald, sole heir to the Von Tracht name, and busy playing at being a deserter while on a secret mission assigned to you by your country’s secret services.
You had completely destroyed the band of Blood Suns- or rather, Death Heads- that you were originally pursuing before finding yourself fortuitously in front of them. Ambushing them in the mountains, you completely routed them and destroyed or captured all of their equipment; that bunch were no longer any threat to you, and would not hinder or rush your efforts to rescue the prisoners they held in their home base deep in the anarchic country of Sosaldt, where you had recently crossed into.

You were waylaid before crossing by a shady sort named Liemanner, an agent of the Blood Suns who, while strangely allowing you to go about your adventure, dictated terms to you that you had to fulfill, or suffer the consequences…before letting you loose into the eastern badlands.

Through a series of meetings, you found yourself face to face with Signy Vang, whom you had thought would have stayed back where you found her in Blumsburgh; apparently not the case, as now she headed an infant union of Sosaldtian territories, and had been dubbed Cyclops.

You had somewhat guessed that she was behind all of this based upon hints given to you by a Sosaldtian before you met with her. Signy had no such forewarning, and her surprise upon seeing you was absolute.

“R-Richter!” she had sputtered, raising her hands reflexively, “What-what-what are you doing here?”

“I should ask the same thing!” you exclaimed, “This is about the last place I expected to see you.” Signy smiled slightly, looking amused, but still fretting over your sudden appearance, “And why are you still wearing that eyepatch?” Your eyes flicked down to her hands, stiff and immobile, despite the rapid movement of the arms before them, “How are your injuries?”

“I-I!” Signy didn’t seem ready to answer everything at once, but she composed herself, and sat down on the chair in front of you. “Gosh…I thought that…aren’t you supposed to be in Valsten, fighting them? But if you’re here, and your tanks look different…you didn’t desert, did you? Why?”

It didn’t seem Signy was going to answer any of your questions before you had addressed this; she was at the edge of her seat, eyes wide.

>Tell her the mission you’ve undertaken, with all details.
>Tell her about your mission, but leave out any personal connections to it.
>Make up some bullshit reason (Write in)
>Insist that you can’t tell her why.

>past threads pastebin @ https://pastebin.com/UagT0hnh
>miscellaneous information pastebin @ https://pastebin.com/k8yuNeuS ---Still barren, because I've been dragging my feet on doing it.
>twitter for announcements is @scheissfunker
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>Well I kinda did desert.
>Remember Maddalyn? She kinda got kidnapped by Blood Suns and I followed them here to kick their asses and rescue her.
Second this

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You are Captain Kusajishi Riku, and your morning was supposed to begin at seven.

Loathe as you are to roll out of bed, it's something that unfortunately you can't avoid forever. You eventually manage the feat only fifteen minutes behind schedule, rather unceremoniously, with a loud thud against the floorboards. Good thing Yoruichi sleeps like a dead woman when she's tired enough to sleep in like this, otherwise you'd have woken her. That's... not been great in the past.

You're not entirely sure how you manage to slip out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen without being noticed, and you're even less sure how you manage to brew a pot of coffee on top of that. By the time you've finished your first cup it's a quarter till eight.

Teeth brushed, mouth rinsed, face washed. You managed to stumble your way through a shower last night and you're just going to be hard at it all day today, so you skip that for the time being, but you do take some time to comb and carefully arrange your hair. The familiar silver hairpin goes on as the final touch, a band of wooden beads goes round your wrist, and you preen your uniform for any stray hairs or creases that would mar your perfect presentation. Finding no such infractions, you quietly declare yourself ready to be seen by the public at large.

You're still fifteen minutes behind where you wanted to be in your routine, and it's such a lovely morning that you skip your typical warm-up exercises to simply spend the next forty minutes in quiet contemplation.

Setting aside your two zanpakuto you seat yourself in a half-lotus position, take a deep breath, and shut your eyes. You sense the cool, crisp morning air wash over you, the sound of birds tittering among the trees, the smell of the grass and the water and the flowers. And in this you know you aren't alone, as Tenkotsuki and Rosa drink them in with you. One with a calm, poised grace that you still find a little frustrating at times, the other almost reluctantly, but both very much at your side.

And then someone has to go and ruin it.

“You're ten minutes early,” you tell Madarame Ikkaku upon noticing his presence.

“I thought it would be better to be early,” he argues.

“You thought incorrectly,” you reply, eyes snapping open. “You could have used those ten minutes to prepare, you could have spent less energy getting here and saved it for training... hell, if you'd spent it sleeping at least you'd be here more rested.”
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“So you're saying...”

“Basically any other use for your time would've been better, yes,” you tell him. “I told you I'll begin at precisely nine, didn't I?”


“Then you get to wait for eight minutes and thirty seconds,” you conclude, shutting your eyes once more.

The beguiled officer simply stands there at first, struggling to come up with a response... which is precisely the point. You'd suspected that Eleventh Division had mostly attracted brawlers under Zaraki's tenure, and Ikkaku's time management seems to confirm it. His technical skills are all there, but when it comes right down to it he fights purely for the love of fighting. As a fighter, all evidence you've managed to glean about him is that he's deliberately inefficient, joyfully reckless, almost devoutly headstrong.

While you certainly understand the sentiment, and despite your own style having been accused of reckless abandon a few times before, there's a point to it in your case. A constant stream of attacks from every angle, using whichever form of shinigami combat seems appropriate at the time, isn't aimed at killing immediately. That's sometimes just a happy side effect of having picked the right tool for the job and succeeded with it beyond your expectation. Instead it's meant to control tempo, to frustrate and overwhelm an opponent nearly at or even somewhat above your own level of power and skill.

That it also happens to overlap your idea of 'fun' is another happy side effect.

Eventually it seems Ikkaku decides to waste five minutes pretending to meditate, as you have been doing. There's zero chance that he'll fall into the right mindset for a long enough time for it to matter, but you allow him to try anyway.

At least until five seconds before nine, that is.

>Announce that you're heading for the Valley of Screams for a little privacy.
>Grab him by the face and take him there yourself, kick it off exactly on time.
>Attack him from a seated position, try to get a better feel for his style and skill.
>ignore the spoiler tags
>my mouse has been randomly double and even triple-clicking uncontrollably
>a new one should arrive today
>>Grab him by the face and take him there yourself, kick it off exactly on time.

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52KB, 1024x576px
Last time, on Naruto Jounin Quest:

“Don’t worry,” you say, hand on her shoulder. “Although normally you aren’t allowed to kill an allied shinobi, the Chunin Exams are in only a few months. Finish him then.”

She turns to look at you. You give her a thumbs up. She seems confused for some reason. You don’t know why.

Ah, the ramen’s ready! Time to dig in!
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Is it time for bullying?
Yes best Naruto quest is here!!
You’ve only encountered the village’s resident jinchuuriki on a few occasions. After all, you never had a reason to seek him out. Why would you? You’ve had the unfortunate experience of facing one of them in the field before, so you’re very well aware of how unstable human weapons of the demonic variety can be. No need to accidentally trigger the poor brat to rampage inside of the village instead of outside of the village, like he was supposed to. Now, the Third Hokage claimed that the will of the Fourth was for the jinchuuriki to be renowned as a hero, yet even he considered that overly idealistic. Thus the secrecy of the matter to the younger generation. If that was really what the Fourth desired, then he would have been severely disappointed.

The only reason you’re thinking about this is because of your latest encounter with the whiskered brat. Specifically, because he’s decided to start talking to your team’s dog boy. Because you’re sitting right next to the whiskered brat, they’re actually talking over you as you’re trying to eat your ramen.

“Oi, Kiba! I haven’t seen you since graduation! How’s being a genin?”

The dog boy is about to say something, but then turns back to look at you. You slurp up some noodles, ignoring his stare, but still observing him from the edge of your peripheral vision. His mouth closes. Then it opens again.

“Uh, fine,” he says. Finally, some progress.

“Really? I just went on my first D-rank mission. I had to babysit some stupid kids.”

“Oh. Lucky you...I mean, uh, that sucks.”

“I know, right? I wanna do something cool! Save princesses, battle enemy ninja, and…well, other cool things, -ttebayo!”

“We are not allowed to perform those types of missions,” says Shino, “Why? Because they are above our level of experience. As genin, our primary goal is to increase our level under the tutelage of our jounin-sensei.”

“I don’t really get what you’re saying. But if you’re trying to say that I’m too weak, then I’m not! I graduated just like everyone else! Oh, and speaking of jounin-sensei, how’s yours? Mine is a lazy asshole cyclops who wears a mask all the time.”

You did hear he was on Kakashi’s team.

“Ours is…” Kiba turns to look at you again. You nod. “He’s the guy sitting next to us.”

“Oh, that old guy? Is he really a jounin? Hey, old guy, are you really a jounin?”

Urahara candy shop.

At the recommendation of Yata Garasu, your trusted ally, you just approved the development of a very dangerous weapon.
One that could potentially wipe out all members of the Quincy race who have declared war on you.
And even Urahara Kisuke himself has agreed with your decision after a surprisingly small amount of persuasion.
You suspect that his apparent resentment over the idea might have been just for show.

But now that all of that is said and done you are left in the shop itself with two of the smartest people you know.
"Well... now that that's settled, do you actually have a plan about what to do next?
Or was your speech about using that bomb of yours as a last resort just for the sake of appearance?"
Urahara asks you.

"Actually... I have something to tell you two."
You respond.
"Apparently the group that attacked Hueco Mundo were members of a Jagdarmee.
Erm... a hunting unit.
But after I killed their captain the rest of them scattered like insects."

Urahara begins stroking his chin.
I think I see what you're getting at.
You're saying that with this unit gone it's unlikely that the assault on your home will continue."

You nod.
If their orders were indeed to inflict as much damage on us as possible then the soldiers wouldn't just run like that once their leader is eliminated."

"It could be that they just realized it's fucking stupid to fight against you."
Yata speaks up in his typical snarky tone.

But you shake your head at that.
"That's very unlikely.
From what I've seen they are heavily indoctrinated.
Even their leader was not only prepared but eager to kill himself if it meant dragging me with him... Or at least heavily wounding me.
I'd say that based on how much they know about me they'd all sacrifice their lives if it meant taking me down.
How many men would it take? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand?
They'd probably think that to be an acceptable trade.
The only logical reason why they'd cut their losses like that is if that was never their intention."

"... What?"

"Let me explain what Kaizar is thinking."
Urahara steps up to Yata and pats his shoulder, to which your bird friend elbows him in the nose.
"Basically, Kaizar suspects that the Quincy were only meant to distract him."

"I see.
And with their forces gone like that...
We'd remain defensive for a while just in case they attack us again!"

You nod.
"They've proven that they are willing to sacrifice hundreds if needed just to achieve a greater goal.
It's very likely that all of this was just a very expensive decoy. Meant to remove us from the fight for at least a while."
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"But that still leaves one thing..."
Urahara interrupts you.
"Why did they attack the Kurosakis then?
Surely not for the same reason.
Hell, if they didn't do anything then they wouldn't be any wiser about the Quincy offensive against two planes of the afterlife..."

"What if that's exactly what they want?"
Yata speaks up.


"I mean... Isn't it possible that they want the exact opposite as with us?
What if they WANT those humies to take notice of this?
They ARE quincy, aren't they?"

"I see where you are going.
They simultaneously made sure that the hollows are busy guarding their borders AND that the Kurosakis are sufficiently baited into getting entangled in this mess."

Raising from your seat you look at Urahara.
"That leaves only one place that is guaranteed to be hit!"

"Soul Society..."
Uraharas expression darkens.
"This... is troubling to say the least."
He entwines his fingers and cracks them.
"Well, I believe it's time to call in a few favors."

"Good idea."
You respond.
"There is a group of fullbringers in town.
See if you can't get them to help.
In the meantime I'll inform the Kurosakis and-"

>Ask them for help
>Tell them to stay put


>Ask those at home for to mobilize
>Order them to stay put while you go and clean up
>Ask them to stay put, they are a target it seems.

>Moblize the army for deployment
>Tell them to stay put
If Quincy Hitler wants them involved, then it's best that they don't get involved.

>Ask those at home for to mobilize
At the very least, bring out a few of our heavy hitters. Maybe leave a few back as a contingency. I'd be in favour of dragging Marr, Dante and Nnoitra along while leaving Nel, Tia, A.A. and Starrk as goalkeepers.

File: IMG_0466.jpg (20KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 320x320px
Five years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza's armies. Since that day, the Saiyans have acted as the emperor's loyal servents, sent first onto dozens of worlds, exterminating all who oppose Lord Freeza's rule. As mighty conquerors, destroying all who have stood against them, the Saiyans quickly made a name for themselves as some of Freeza's most powerful and loyal subjects.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 736. You the players control Karn, a Saiyan Brawler with a powerlevel of 41893 and are a leader of your own attack squadron. Your current teammates are: Meloka, Tunnip, and Tatsu.

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/iPAJeGJn

Allies Moves Sheet: https://pastebin.com/D53e3CCt

Quest rules:
>15 minute vote times or first vote to reach 3 votes wins, any ties decided by my roll or second vote at my discretion
>first 3 rolls count only, best of the 3 wins
>Crits are 100, unless otherwise stated
>Crit fails will count ONLY if a one is rolled and no roll passes DC, OR two 1s are rolled within those 3 rolls
>I can change any of the above at any time
>I hold final say on any decisions; write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but will be shut down if too meta or game-breaking.

Quest will usually start every Saturday between 7-9am EST, and run through the entire weekend. Also for updates or schedule changes follow me on twitter @GrandDragonQM

Current Arc: The Hive

Let's rock!

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Last time on Saiyan Conqueror Quest:
Karn and his team finally return to Planet Vegeta. A god is met, the Prince and General leave the team, an Emperor sparred with, and invaders were mercilessly crushed. Now we rejoin Karn's crew several days later, with Karn and Tatsu sparring in the ship's Gravity Chamber.

Previous threads:
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You quickly raise your left hand, catching Tatsu's right fist inches from your face. Quickly retaliating with a right hook, Tatsu ducks underneath your swing and throws a solid left jab into your ribs. You retaliate with a quick backhand into his face, knocking the older Saiyan away and down onto his back, where he stays catching his breath.

"You're getting faster." you comment, holding a hand down to the aged Saiyan warrior. He clasps forarms with you and you help haul him to his feet, the 10x Planet Vegeta's gravity still a chore to handle.
"Thanks." he says, dusting himself off. "This gravity training's intense. What made you think of using extra gravity to train?"
"Several years back, me, Nappa, and Leyas were sent to a planet with double the gravity of Planet Vegeta." you say, walking to the control console and shutting the chamber down. "Made us a lot stronger and faster. So I figured cranking it up to insane levels with this thing'll produce insane results."
"I see." Tatsu replies, you both walking out as Meloka and Tunnip enter. "We've still got almost four full months before the next mission, any othee training you planning to do?

>Get Tatsu completly adjusted to 10x gravity
>Work on hand-to-hand offense
>Work on hand-to-hand defense
>Learn someone else's energy technique(s)
>Create new energy technique(s)
>Other(write in)

Pick up to two, no vote time limit, first to four wins.
>Get Tatsu completly adjusted to 10x gravity
>Learn someone else's energy technique(s)
We should probably learn power ball for ourselves.


[Yggdra's Roots] embarks on their first adventure as Dunndirk's champions and protectors, rooting out the advancing hordes of Moblins and Rootfallen creatures that have begun to gather at the exposed knot.

Here, they engage the sahaquin on the running waters of their sewer...

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requesting to have this thread deleted since this was posted in error. sorry for the inconvenience

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