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[Yggdra's Roots] embarks on their first adventure as Dunndirk's champions and protectors, rooting out the advancing hordes of Moblins and Rootfallen creatures that have begun to gather at the exposed knot.

Here, they engage the sahaquin on the running waters of their sewer, and the endless mobs that have grown in number at the news of Odin's fall.

Indeed the hard times were beginning, just as it was written in this book...


> [World Tree] is a party based skirmish where each player takes control of a single adventurer. As a successor to the Floors name, it uses a retouched system that will solve the problems its predecessor had. Players must work to explore the roots of the World Tree. New players may [Wander in] anytime however will be placed randomly.

> As player populations begin to grow, we approach the cap of 30 players in a field, there maybe those that require botting or those that can simply be dismissed. Take note.
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Act Phase continues as [Dragon] Party beats back the hordes single handedly - however to attain victory , assistance will soon be needed !
File: DunnDirk_Turn51a.png (3MB, 2508x1771px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2508x1771px
Hero and Delver continue their support and defense of Dunndirk in their watch.
File: DunnDirkHighwall_Turn51a.png (2MB, 2504x1771px)Image search: [Google]
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Our two warriors brave the highwall - for the once.. with only one to return from it.

The conflict ended years ago, but the war was still alive and well. Your alien neighbors, a people your kind have shared the solar system with since you first discovered one another, sits ready to end everything your people have strived for since the dawn of civilization. It hadn’t always been like this, your races once had such great hope for one another. You were both born of your system’s star, and had both looked longingly to the other’s world, hoping for an answer on whether or not you were alone. When you discovered each other, there had been happiness, and a mad dash to discover and learn everything about each other. It was a golden age that accelerated both your people’s beyond the bounds of your worlds gravity well.

That had been so long ago, and no one knows just what one thing lead to the current state of things. Some believe it was many small things, differences that could never be reconciled between your peoples/ Other say there had been one great factor that had tipped things past the breaking point. Whatever it was, it has lead to this long war.

A shaky ceasefire has come, the fear of mutual annihilation steadying ships and calming minds. In the first time in a hundred years, your fleets stood still, glaring at each other and waiting for the war to begin again.

The Age of Expansion begins, while an Age of War decides whether to finally end or to continue once more with greater fury.

And during all this, at the edge of your sensors, The warden stands guard, blocking any hopes of escaping your system. Whatever comes of the future, you will be forced to face it, as there is nowhere to run to.


You will be playing a space faring civilization, one that shares their system with another species who you have been at war with for most of your modern history. A cold war has begun, and both sides try to expand their control and heal from the conflict.

Despite possessing FTL technology, both you and your rivals are trapped in your system by The Warden, an alien space station that prevents all attempts at escaping your star’s light.

You will have three resrouces to balance: HR (Human resources or population), Materials (Ore, gases, anything used in the construction of anything else), and research (Your civilization’s scientific power). Hr is used for your actions, as they represent the workforce you can dedicate to certain tasks, while materials are spent to produce ships, improve the infrastructure of your planet, basically to fund your actions. Research is used to fuel your advancement in technology, weather that be for military or domestic purposes.

All resources cannot be stored, and each turn whatever isn’t used is not carried over to the next turn.

More things will come into play as the game progresses, but for now we must create your species.

>Go through species creation?

>Choose 1 of three Premade Species?

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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Forgot to include my name, that's a bit embarrassing XD
>Go through species creation?
>Go through species creation?

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fae forest 1.jpg
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Glory to Alainn!

You are Cathal Rathais, one of the chosen elite, the 13th Legion, scouting a world 4231 years after your country won the Grand War and placed itself in cryostasis to allow the planet to recover.

You have assumed the false name "Ace Locke" for your hunter identity. So far, only two people have seen through it, one of which can read minds.

You are currently in the Other World, Earth, trapped in a hellish wasteland Vee called 'California.'

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Current Party Members:
You, Cathal Rathais.
>Elite soldier of Alainn.

Almeda Irnan.
>Elite soldier of Alainn, your best friend. Lover.

Lady Pisteia Var
>Mercenary Princess of Salarcul.

>Former Terminal 48 of Kantrel, Ollamic Database.

Clark Howard Thule
>Demigod, conduit of forgotten gods, enforcer of forbidden magic.

Uriel 'Rumor'
>Bard Conjuror, son of Garvelton

Samantha White
>Hazard soldier of FEATHER

Rhea Ranger
>Scavenger, Fae forest remover. 'The Incinerator'

>Greater Fae. Powerful Fae magic user.
Looking for her mistress.


Vee Two Trost
>Military android daughter of Jeremy Trost, very durable.

File: Cold Soldier faction chart 2.png (97KB, 1438x722px)Image search: [Google]
Cold Soldier faction chart 2.png
97KB, 1438x722px
Current tasks:
>Go to Earth and recover Jeremy Trost's materials.
>Locate Vivianne's mistress. (The heir to the throne or the queen)

Current factional standing displayed

Your current score:
Land Claimed: Koro Duchy Manor.
Vehicles obtained: 5 (+1 extra)
Airships: (Unnamed) - Archivum cargo airship
Permanent party members obtained: 10 (2 unavailable)
Allied factions: FEATHER
Harvest Festival Partner: Almeda Irnan
>Memento: Vor'Ma's Tankards. - an item you and Almeda have one each of from the same set. It is an omen of a strong bond between the owners if both tankards are from the same set.
>Special Weapon: Anti-Fae Gun - An item that will outright kill lesser Faerie in combat.
>Special Weapon: Matter Reformatter - A basic Transmogrification weapon with a 50% chance of hitting the user.
>Special Weapon: Audio Disruptor - A weapon that uses sound to liquefy the innards of a target.
>Special Weapon: Life Siphon - drains the vitality of other and gives it to you and your party.

so far you have:
>Updated your bunker database
>registered to the Hunter's guild (and flirted with the receptionist)
>Recruited Pisteia, the Mercenary Princess (Knight)
>Completed Nissa Estalise's quest
>Eliminated a raider stronghold
>Taken control of Outpost Charlie and looted it.
>Repaired a Raider buggy
>Repaired the lift to the outpost garage
>Secured an Otharthurian Outrider
>Secured a Patrol tank
>Met with the Archivum
>Got a lot of money
>Went to Lethbridge
>Discovered and recruited fellow 13th legion soldier Almeda Irnan (Adriana Hammer)
>Acquired quest from Captain Hendrick to obtain his ship.
>Entered the Ruined Ollamic City of Kantrel
>Secured an Ollamic luxury floatcar
>Looted the underground city of Kantrel
>Secured Terminal 48 and renamed her Artoria.
>Obtained a large cargo ship
>Repaired the tank, moved vehicles to ship.
>Recruited a mercenary dragon hunter temporarily
>You slew a blood dragon
>you obtained a plot of land and are building a rather large palace and homes atop it.
>You traveled to Inisvale in Inis Duchy
>You recruited Clark Howard Thule, conduit of forgotten gods.
>You observed the current base of FEATHER forces
>You recruited Uriel 'Rumor,' the bard of phantasms.
>gained party member ???? the ????????????
>Did battle with a faerie
>Recruited Dr. Alleria Trost, Shapeshifting Scientist and FEATHER director.
>Recruited Lily Tekel Trost, Eldritch shapeshifter.
>Brokered an alliance between FEATHER and Alainn
>Killed Duchess Inis
>destroyed Garvelton's operations in a major battle
>Gave Inis duchy to FEATHER.
>Turned in items for reward from the Archivum.
>Traveled to Dise duchy.
>took part in harvest festival of Vor'Ma preparations.
>Spent harvest festival with Almeda
>Went to Titan's Arm mountains.
>Obtained an airship
>Went to Sky Fortress Lothos
>Entered Professor Trost's Lab
>Activated modified golem
>Met the madman and Vee
>Was cured of fae influence
>Helped Professor Trost take control of the Skyfortress
>Agreed to visit Earth
>Freed Artoria from her programming
>Recovered Clark
>Entered the Anomaly
>destroyed three bioweapons in accessing Lab 3
>Teamed up with Dr. Vira Krasis and was betrayed by her.
>United with FEATHER Hazard Team
>Looted a Laboratory Armory
>Killed an escaped test subject.
>Recruited Samantha White, FEATHER Hazard Soldier.
>Obtained FEATHER ground vehicle.
>Recruited Rhea Ranger, Scavenger Mercenary
>Recruited Vivianne, Renegade Faerie


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107KB, 730x500px
CIV thread.

Multiple choice, crowd input for extra options (outside of the settings/races) very welcome. I reward creativity and critical thinking. I will test you, I will maim you and kill you if you fail. This world is vast, luscious, and dangerous. Pay attention to the details! Are you ready to live the story we're going to create? Are you ready for the greatest CIV thread of your life? Most of all, are you ready to have a lot of fun?

Pick a race first. Setting options will be listed after.

First to 3 wins
Dark Elves
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Dark Elves
1 for dark elves!

Previous Thread: >>1827560
/qst/ Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1827560/

Quick Recap of Chapter One:

>You are Benjamin Ford, 19, a dweller of Vault 41. You grew up independent of parents, learned the value of things working as a storekeep and spent class time daydreaming about high-tech weapons and military equipment.

>History 2C began a very unorthodox program of extracurricular activities over the next few months.

>You beat your rival and the class Chad, Chad Thurman, in a wrestling bout turned boxing match, impressing everyone.

>Mark Miller taught you a technique he uses to recharge spent microfusion cells, and an amateur design of his called the Zap Gun, a device that arcs electricity into targets.

>You couldn't get your teacher Mr. Jones to reveal the big secret, but had a good tumble between the sheets with Valerie Lin anyway, angering Kelly Rivas.

>You received a special assignment to leave the vault with your class to recover components, chemicals and supplies necessary to keep the vault running. The only re-entry code to the vault was uploaded to Chad's pip-boy.

>You were assigned second in command to assist in leading the mission, and left the vault into a deep network of tunnels and large caves.

>During a battle with a large radscorpion, Scott Wylde and Kelly were badly wounded.

>Chad died a hero while protecting your fallen teammates from the radscorpion, and was dragged deep under the earth. The group lost some weapons and much of the extra gear and rations.

>Mary Berg fled the battle in panic and encountered a mutant bear, but wasn't attacked.

>Mark and Valerie performed some basic first aid procedures on Scott and Kelly, stabilizing them for the time being.

>Eight remaining vault dwellers of your team of nine left the caves at last and looked upon the sky for the first time. It is the first time anyone has left Vault 41 in over 100 years.

>Play Holotape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj4mYvz5wQM

There is no lake in front of you, pic not an actual representation
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You emerge from the tunnel, kicking up ancient dust with every step as you continue running through a barren, poured concrete pre-war checkpoint. Mold grows on ancient piles of paper scattered into the corners. Sweat runs down your forehead and through your Vault suit; you turn a sharp corner through a three way intersection, following your comrades' voices. "There!" Zeke gasps, running up ahead. You spend the last of your energy running to a strongly fenced checkpoint with a narrow entry, the gate long since removed. Through the rusty chain-link "windows" of the checkpoint you can see the mouth of the cave, and your feet notice the transition from poured concrete to sheer rock. The air feels cool and refreshing. You emerge from the caves at last, and see the sky for the first time.

You've seen pictures, of course, memorized and dumped the statistics, but nothing could have prepared you for just how... BIG it is; for the visual depth of it. The night sky, dark blue and bright with stars, stretches endlessly above you, and the unfamiliar scent of pine is overwhelming. Before you, a forest of great and gnarly trees, their stretching limbs and foliage blocking your view down the slope you're standing on. Behind you is the rocky surface of the cave, which you now realize is part of a hill, or maybe even a mountain. The air out here is so fresh that you catch yourself sucking it in greedily, as if your lungs want to make up for lost time. The night breeze is cool and bracing to the face and hands, but your helmet and vault suit keep the rest of you comfortably warm.

On the rock before you lie Kelly and Scott - badly wounded, but being further bandaged and tended to by Mark and Valerie. Zeke paces around them, occasionally hopping, asking what he can do to help. Mary leans by the edge of the cave's mouth, arms crossed and unable to stop her trembling as she stares at the bloodstained group on the floor. Regan sits further out in the night, staring at the full moon from the rock's edge.

File: vsecarmor.png (838KB, 884x660px)Image search: [Google]
838KB, 884x660px
Personal Stats:

Benjamin Ford, Level 2 Human
S6, P6, E7, C8, I8, A5, L2
Tagged skills: Energy Weapons, Barter
Perks: None

Party and Equipment:

Benjamin Ford (Cha/Int, Energy Weapons/Barter) - 2x 10mm pistol, baton, polycarbonate shield, personal bag, security armor and helmet, vault suit
Kelly Rivas (Cha/Luck, Speech/Sneak) - 10mm pistol, security baton, personal bag, vault suit, WOUNDED, POISONED
Valerie Lin (Int/Per, Medicine/Science) - 10mm SMG, 10mm pistol, security baton, personal bag, security armor and helmet, vault suit
Mary Berg (End/Agi, Sneak/Survival) - 10mm SMG, security baton, personal bag, security armor and helmet, vault suit
Regan Harper (Cha/Agi, Speech/Guns) - 10mm SMG, security baton, personal bag, security armor and helmet, vault suit
Mark Miller (Int/Per, Repair/Science) - 10mm pistol, security baton, personal bag, security armor and helmet, vault suit
Zeke Baker (Str/End, Melee Weapons/Unarmed) - 10mm pistol, security baton, polycarbonate shield, personal bag, security armor and helmet, large ammo bag (10mm), vault suit
Scott Wylde (Str/Agi, Melee Weapons/Guns) - Security baton, personal bag, vault suit, WOUNDED, CRIPPLED

Every personal bag was packed with 7 days' food and water, a bedroll, medical supplies, survival holotapes, and basic tools like dinnerware and fire starting kits. The ammo bag contains many boxes of 10mm rounds to reload your magazines with. Some of your water and medical supplies were used. Almost all of your party members' personal magazines are empty and will need reloading.

Level 2 perk options:

>Strong Back (less affected by encumbrance)
>Awareness (intuitively analyze a target, identifying weak points and resistances)
>Inspiring Presence (bonus to leadership/morale checks for party members)
>Ambidextrous (no penalty for akimbo shooting or dual wielding)
>Intense Training (choose one primary stat to increase by 1, occurs gradually)
You take in the scene before you, all of it. Chad is dead, and you wonder if any of your group will ever return to the vault, or meet as horrible a fate as his. After things going so wrong you wonder what the mission really is at this point. No matter what though, you have to decide, as the mission leader.

Mark reports that Scott has bled heavily out of an enormous wound, he needs a transfusion ASAP to stabilize and his wound must be cleaned and changed every 4 hours.

Kelly has suffered moderate bleeding out of a gash in her leg, and has a radscorpion sting that's swollen and blackening underneath the bandages. She may soon be experiencing hallucinations, vomiting, excruciating pain, dehydration, or inability to regulate body temperature. A tourniquet has been applied above the sting, the leg is almost sure to die but it might slow the poison. Valerie recommends amputation of the leg, as soon as possible, but this would require a fire.

Decide what the group needs to be doing, this is a plan of your making but here are some options:

>Send (someone) to search for a suitable camp site.
>Send (someone) to find a better vantage point to find out where you are.
>Send (someone) to try to find help, surely humanity survived the war?
>Make camp right here outside the checkpoint and start attending to the wounded, reloading magazines, talking, sleeping.
>There's nothing we can do for the wounded, we leave/euthanize them.
>Get everyone up and moving, up/downhill.
>Consult/give orders to team.
>Write-in plan.

File: ArtificerQuest_GangRyong.png (325KB, 589x793px)Image search: [Google]
325KB, 589x793px
Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lvqwQrtQ_YFvsVdcKJbSEAgpyZi9QrfJfnh_UDzvPKw/edit?usp=sharing

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=StorytellerQM

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Storyteller_QM
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3MB, 250x153px
>it's happening
fucking ninjas


Gang Ryong is just standing there, not making a sound.

To buy yourself some time, you flip your cloak off and pull your hood down. You suppose you have some explaining to do.

The question is how to go about this:
> Ask him why he cares
> Go with the truth
> Other
Hey StoryT in the Character Sheet it says Sierra still has the cloak, but didn't we get it back?

>We are playing a low fantasy, hardmode fairy civ in the desert. Our Queen just passed away at an inopportune time due to sickness. She was the most powerful Watercaller of our people and we only had a few days until the full moon. When she would have enough power to summon the rain once more. The people had to scramble and pull the next best fae for the job, Azore and handmaiden and magical apprentice to the queen. The ritual was long and intense and has left Azore bedridden for a week but it was successful.
>Now with a good supply of food and water the new Quee,n Meri, and an village elder, Firo, who has a good sway over the people, asked his Granddaughter Scorpia to lead the largest scouting party the fairfolk have ever seen.
>The scouting party took the majority of the people's forces and said they would be back in 3 days if water wasn't found and 6 if it was. It is now Night 3 and there has been no word.

The tensions are high, rumors of failure are spreading, the people are scared.

As the sun sets and the fairies all gather, in what is becoming an almost nightly congregation, few speak up "Can we scry or send a signal? How do we know they are ok?"

Firo steps forward "We must trust that they are safe and have hope that this means they found water. We can send up a smoke signal but that has two possible ramifications, they think we are in trouble and return early compromising the mission, or worse we attract the attention of a predator."

This insights a roar of murmurs as every talks to their neighbors at once. A voice rings out that quickly silences the crowd
"Fairfolk, it will be ok, Scorpia has proven her ability out in the sands. If we are still worried in two more moon rises we can see if Azore can scry on them for us." The Queens voice has an almost magical effect of easing the tension.

The fairies accept this and return to their homes for the evening. Family's gather in the cracks, crags, and alcoves of the rock in which they live. Pieces of animal hide and sun-dried plant leaves dot the crag making it look like some sort of natural favela. Not then most secure but fairly well hidden. A creature would have to get within 15 feet to see the homes.

Two more moons pass. It is Day 5 since the scouts left and there has been no word. What would you like to Do?
>Wake Azore and have her scry (Will be difficult)
>Send up a smoke signal

Current Standings

>Queen: Meri

>Fairies: 49 (15 Scouting, whereabouts unknown)

>Food: 2 weeks stockpile

>Water: 12 days supply (24 - 3 days - 5 days for party)

>Moon: Waning Gibbous

>Season: Summer

>Technology: Basic spears, clay pottery, baskets, stone weapons, fire

--Questions from last thread--
>Hopefully the home description helped you understand the level of security
>Yes they can work clay into jugs, I meant to fix that in later posts. Think of tech as stone age or pre-columbian Americas.
>Running on Mobile today pardon ant weird typing!
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Previous Thread
>Send up a smoke signal some distance away from the camp
How would the smoke signal alert the predators? Animals are afraid of fire.
Also are we the only sentient race in the world OP ?
>Wake Azore and have her scry (Will be difficult)

>prepare the tribe to move

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The first person to reply to this thread has the Death Note.

Everyone else is a potential target if they share a name and a face. You may also share the name and face of other people.

Dubs decides the killing method, and only dubs can kill the target at all.

If you get dubs and are not planning on killing anyone just yet, you must post a name and a face, making you a target if you haven't already done so.

Trips gets the Death Note, the original owner is unharmed.

Quads gets the Death Note, the original owner dies.

Quints destroys the Death Note.
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I want it
It's all yours. What's your name?
Colin Doherty

File: 1.png (175KB, 2000x4100px)Image search: [Google]
175KB, 2000x4100px
OH SHIT NIGGER(s) it's an adventure about killing vampires n shit.

3 vampire hunters, 1 little girl and a robutt, is going to infiltrate a vampire castle to kill the head vampire there for casting a spell than kept the world at perpetual night time.

While on the Vampires' side there's Bob the Vampbeast given the mission to stop these hunters.

Currently, the hunters are engaged in battle with the next Elder Vampire they must destroy: Walter. But first they must get through Mark, an Elder Vampire ther hunters have defeated before, now revived and demoted to mid-boss.

Each character needs at least 1 player to be the voices in their head to tell them what to do n' shit.

Just name yourself something with the highlighted title under the character to identify which team you're going with. Example: Regular Hunter Faggot -> Controls Oswell the regular Hunter

Need at least 1 player for each dude, DOESN'T mean each character is limited to 1 player.

The more players each character has, the more rerolls that team gets.

Previous threads:

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Wake up and pull fist from Jon's ass

Also hello
Activate Titanium body and punch self in face
Bing bing

File: tegaki.png (12KB, 600x500px)Image search: [Google]
12KB, 600x500px

This is Alhamdillia quincereliaoda Mcmuslimface,

You can call him Muhammad for short.
Muhumad wants to blow something up.

Muhumad currently has:

1 backpack
1 box of grape juice
2 raisins
and a sick beard.

Help him along, will ya?
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Declare the Raisins Haram! Thow away the juice for daring to sound like the word jews! Shriek Allah over and over again then attack your host family for daring to give you such offensive food.
File: tegaki.png (13KB, 600x400px)Image search: [Google]
13KB, 600x400px
He throws the Juice on the ground!
He declares the raisins Haram!

He left him family back in islam, but he still yells at random strangers whom walk by!
Go to the Hardware store to look for Bomb Materials.

File: download (5).jpg (10KB, 133x172px)Image search: [Google]
download (5).jpg
10KB, 133x172px
Hello everyone and welcome and welcome to the start of a crusader quest! You'll be tasked with building up your own chapter of holy crusaders to retake the holy land and slay the demonic hordes that dwell beyond the Walls of the last human kingdom. To start your journey need someone to play as and to begin that process you need a template so, what race do you belong to!?

>Skin Wolf?
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We must be a vampire, please anons
I do like night creatures as holy warriors.

File: mushroomclooudquest.jpg (12KB, 320x180px)Image search: [Google]
12KB, 320x180px
The year is 2018, the world would have been burning in atomic hellfire if it wasn’t for a rogue group who stopped most of warheads ,“The Peacekeepers” as they were named after the incident .
Even so, most of the great countries are in shambles being the main focus of the attacks . DC, Moscow, Paris, London,Berlin, all leveled,alongside with any of the bigger cities . what were once the underlings now are complete powerhouses fighting over farmland and uncontaminated water . Militias have formed all over the world , war is everywhere . This , is the Aftermath
You are part of a militia called “The Phoenix “ your goal is uniting as many small settlements and militias to form your own nation built upon the ashes , away from the bickering of old countries . You have been assigned to a vehicle alongside with a partner . the two of you are like brothers experiencing the worst the new world has to offer . the pair of you come from different backgrounds , you are from..
>Eastern Europe
>Western Europe
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>Western Europe
File: 1280px-Flag_of_Lithuania.svg.png (989B, 1280x768px)Image search: [Google]
989B, 1280x768px
>Eastern Europe
>Western Europe

File: Githyanki Ladies 2.png (683KB, 1100x626px)Image search: [Google]
Githyanki Ladies 2.png
683KB, 1100x626px
The Raiders – Part 30

To say that you have the attention of the elves present in this room would be incorrect.

This is not really a shock to anyone involved because having a massive dragon crashing through your ceiling and inflicting blindness upon anyone within her area of influence because she is the draconic representation of every sun in the universes pretty much demands all attention everywhere forever. Which is just fine by you. Blinded and panicked enemies are enemies that aren't hurling eldritch fire, sorcerous enchantments, terrible curses, enchanted arrows, or mystical spears at you.

Your Cadre has dismounted – or in two cases, been set down – and you are all using Yzia to protect you from one side of enemies. With three exits and around twelve to sixteen or so living and unblinded elves around you, you have a number of options to take. Two things are on your side at the moment: one, the scouts and spies you passed were almost universally blinded by the passage of Yzia; two, she's killed almost a dozen elves just upon landing and a few tail-swipes and wing beats. So it you eliminate everyone in this room, you'll have bought a significant amount of time.

Auena is already ensuring Yashi is close by and protected, while the others immediately form a wall between the elves and Yashi, using Yzia as a bulwark to make their stand with. That's strictly temporary; they're expecting you to provide as much guidance as they can stand. Within reason of course – they are githyanki after all.

A sweep of the room with your Arcane Sight augmented eyes tells you plenty. There are three wizards, two priests (you're not absolutely certain what gods they represent, but elves are all warriors regardless) and three who are definitely warriors. This you presume because of the magical equipment they wear combined with styles of clothing. The others, though armed, are not nearly as armored, nor do they sport the equipment and magical tools and weapons of the warrior castes. You are not actually what they are called here, so 'castes' works fine for now.
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The main issue are the casters, of course. The warriors a close second. The guards at the doors – at two of the three doors – are included in the warriors. In a room that is fifty feet around with lots of now-shattered glass windows in addition to the crushed and splintered ceiling, it gives you a goodly amount of space to work with. Hasted as you all are, there is nothing to stop you from sending your people into their midst for slaughter.

>Please include a 1d20 roll with your vote.
[] You'll take the two wizards that are close together, Tzanzi can take the other, all others to concentrate on warriors. Yashi on Crowd Control.
[] Falna and Schechei can take the two wizards, you can take the third, everyone else warriors.
[] Have Yzia deal with the two wizards while you take the third, everyone else can do the warriors. Yzia will extract a price from you.
[] Have Tzanzi deal with door guards, while you eliminate warriors; Schechei and Falna will have to take out the casters.
[] With this many people, in this enclosed an area, Chained Firebolts will eliminate most every enemy at this point.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>[] You'll take the two wizards that are close together, Tzanzi can take the other, all others to concentrate on warriors. Yashi on Crowd Control.
Hooray for the Raiders doing some Raiding, hope things at least haven't gotten worse for you this week
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XsQuestmistress

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/5H8tWFRe

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1816772/

Akko, like all her kind, has a measure of psychic ability. She will simply use most of these powers without prompting, instinctively, when appropriate. Her spells are another matter.
>She is a high ranking Gish, and may give orders to low ranking Knights; mid-ranked Warriors; high ranking Spellcasters, Skulkers, and Murderers; and any Gish lower ranked than herself.
>True Silver Sword: Siobhan
Siobhan offers her opinions and advice on matters when a vote is called for, drawing on Akko's potent intellect and voicing subconscious thoughts for her to consider.
>Current Spell Selection
Slaver Set Enhanced (Marauder) – heavy subdual and mass combat, moderate utility, moderate defense/buffs + a few really destructive spells.

>Current Cadre:
Yzia:Yzia: Mythic Solar Dragon, lover and companion. She may carry Akko and five others.
Falna: Mid-ranked Warrior (Unstable position); Class:Slayer, bound by Oath.
>Silver Sword: Malnae
Yashi: High-ranked Illusionist (Your Spellcaster); Class: Illusionist Wizard, Bound by Oath.
>notSilver Sword: Fehr Vaed
Tzanzi: High-ranked Murderer (First in Command); Class: Pureblade Slayer, Bound by Oath and Friendship.
Auena: Mid-ranked Gish (Yzia's new quarry); Class: Psychic Warrior, Bound by Oath.
Schechei:: Mid-ranked Gish (mated to Falna); Class: Magus, Bound by Oath
>Silver Sword: Tiagothe
Kteine: Mid-ranked Gish (your adoptive daughter and acolyte); Class: Psychic Warrior, bound by Oath
>Silver Sword: Achris

>Akko's Current Supreme Leader
Dunzamn, a Lord Knight with a True Silver Sword (Voorsi), leader of the Raid upon the Elven and Human Kingdoms of Iridaiya and Boggsteading, respectively.
>His dragon companion Jacinth, whose true name is an unknown, and is an ancient creature.

Character Sheet always In Progress: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1009380

Spell Book: http://pastebin.com/WjH8UfyY
...doesn't she ever sleep?

File: Dragon Quest.jpg (209KB, 1600x1051px)Image search: [Google]
Dragon Quest.jpg
209KB, 1600x1051px
Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1799716/

Twitter: @The_Renexizious

Discord: https://discord.gg/BbzTura

Character Sheet(Full!):https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jI0aGxA_2h3SAcPYri-1fdgskbK3IbtfEzSLJ7VY9gU
Character Sheet (Renexizious Only!): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xgNKMzLUZS9L05DUCxmsvuYs-bGPIRpQsFv5k7oaBBk

Last time on EDQ, we removed the waifus.

Simple as that, really.

Elizabeth is acting much more friendly, happy, and generally sweeter then usual, not to mention the fact that everything seems to be running smoother.

You seemed to have gotten control over Persia, Cuba, and Syria.

Elizabeth has also seemingly gotten control over Egypt, and most of Northern Africa.

...You seem to still have a somewhat rebellious population at home, but at least the Finns still like you, it seems.

Of course, some rather poor things have happened.

Mostly the fact that America is no longer controlled by Viktor, but rather by Eisenhower, who so far has been isolationist and defensive, and has condoned many of your actions, and his election has been primarily based around freeing the European countries peacefully.

China itself seems to have been taken over by the Chinese Communist Party, and America has placed an embargo on China, but has done little more. China is still rebuilding after it's civil war, however.

Your relations with Rome is rather poor, and Rome has been rather millitant towards you, demanding you give their scholars full unrestricted access to the surface.

Of course, so far talks have been civil, but the threat of embargo or American intervention still is a slight possibility, but so far he seems to be attempting to contain your imperialism and expansionism, and you have found a few of your officers on the payroll of the CIA.

Spain is still in a civil war.

Japan has remarkably become a democracy.

Russia has Elizabeth running for Tzar, to little success, while the far right manage to get power.

Of course, now about your kids...
218 posts and 1 images submitted.
Renexizia seems to have largely developed the same, and judging from what Elizabeth says, she seems to be trying her luck in being a director, and making "action movies", and hopefully good ones.

Charlemagne seems to be more friendly and generally a rather good obedient son, and seems to be happy around you, and both of you seem to go to church often together.

Viktor seems to have taken over a small Caribbean island called Haiti, and has set up a fascist dictatorship, although insisting he's a "president".

...Last you heard, he was (and still is) going through a large power trip, but has at least send you postcards and also free timeshares.

Revenaris seems to have taken to living in Milan and painting, and seems to be living a bachelor life.

Basil is of course, still attending college, and also running a small bank.

Maria is appparently alive, and not a vampire, and is still in Serbia, and getting along well.

Julius seems to be the same.

Michael is a bit different, and apparently has become a "professional food critic" using the family's legendary hunger.

...Apparently, he's rather successful, and has quite a bit of money.

Your bastard son Mikhail with Katariina is still around, not much has changed

Of course, now about your friends...
Kryos is still a dragotaur, and it seems like the two of you are good friends... Mostly in terms of drunken shenanigans/card games/generally messing around. He seems to be good company, if a bit easily provoked to violence, and also seems to be rather intelligent.

Victor is still not really bullied anymore by you, and the two of you have gotten along decently, but politically ideas really have kind of conflicted a bit, and he has a habit of speaking his mind and criticizing you.

...Vasura is erh... Vasura. You still have a bit of a... Friends with benefits thing going on, but she's a sweetheart still, and tries to help you once in a while...

...You have to admit, she's cute, and far more sweeter here, but still a bit lewd, but not nearly as much...

You don't seem to have any 40k tech or that tech priest, still.

You notice that the necklace your dad gave you is gone, for some reason, and notably that you don't really have any memories of your mom.

It could be a side effect, but who knows what could of happened once you changed the timeline?

Reinhold still seems to be around, and you still seem to be a Catholic, although you apparently never declared yourself pope or anything, and you've grown more casual. Reinhold's still a pretty cool guy who's on your council, and typically keeps you from doing stupid shit when you get mad.

What do?

....Maybe investigate why you can't remember your mom at all.
>...Visit a friend or kid to see how they're doing?
>...Spend more time with Liz.
>Head back to D&D land.
>...Eh, just go to ruling.
>....Maybe investigate why you can't remember your mom at all.

File: owq 23 logo.jpg (131KB, 595x842px)Image search: [Google]
owq 23 logo.jpg
131KB, 595x842px
In a time of global conflict, the elite international task force Overwatch was formed. Soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities: together, they ended the Omnic Crisis and restored peace to a war-torn world. For a generation, the heroes of Overwatch protected the world, inspiring an era of exploration, innovation, and discovery.

After many years, Overwatch became troubled, and was finally disbanded by official U.N. order. Soon world conflict and terror rose again. Governments weakened by strife ceded power to mega-corporations. Militaries were replaced by private security forces. Some omnics returned to war with humanity; others remained peaceful, but faced fear and violence from humans affected by the war. The global crime syndicate Talon, in the absence of their perpetual rivals, rose to vast wealth and power, pushing entire nations into chaos.

You are a young man who's been many things: adventurer, treasure hunter, freedom fighter, and international criminal. But before all that, you dreamed of helping defend the world with Overwatch. When you encountered Tracer on that fateful night and agreed to help her rebuild, you didn't quite realize what you were getting yourself into. Joining as the first new recruit of the reborn team, you soon found yourself as unofficial leader in coalition with Athena, apparently the world's only benevolent Mind.

In the weeks since then, you, Tracer, and your new friends have travelled the globe, recruiting former agents and newcomers to the cause, and doing what you can to protect the citizens of Earth from the forces of chaos, oppression, and war. Although most people don't realize it yet, Overwatch has returned. But against Talon, Anubis, and the allied megacorps, is one small team of vigilantes really enough?

The world needs heroes, and you're trying to be one of them.
507 posts and 34 images submitted.

MC Status:

Athena & Base Status:

Previous Threads:


File: kilimanjaro slopes.jpg (366KB, 999x608px)Image search: [Google]
kilimanjaro slopes.jpg
366KB, 999x608px

With the transport aircraft busy taking agents to the Talon strike in India, getting down from the volcano proved to be a lot more difficult than getting up it in the first place.

You remember staggering through rocky badlands, ash and smog clogging the sky, down the long, shallow slope of Kilimanjaro, for what must have been hours. The burns on your back made walking painful, but Mei tirelessly supported your weight and encouraged you the whole time, talking about what a great thing the two of you had done by moderating the extent of the eruption, how many people and towns you'd saved, how much wild habitat would survive now.

Finally you heard a car horn honking in the distance, and saw a civilian hovercar climbing the slopes below you. Mercy was in the passenger seat, and her healing stream quickly assauged some of the pain from your volcanic scorch. With Mei's help, she dragged you out of the compromised environmental suit and into a sitting position against a rock.

Mercy gently touched your cheek. "Stay with me, Logan. How do you feel?"

"Like I was hit by a volcano."

"We should have you back to the base soon enough. For now, this will help." She took a step back and activated her Caduceus staff. The yellow healing beam flowed around you like sunlight, melting the pain of your burns, and you sighed with relief as the biotics did their work.

"What's the status in India?" you asked Mercy.

"Our teams are still in transit," she said. "Reports say that Talon and the Junkers have come to a standoff with Vishkar corporate security forces."

And Overwatch is sending an undermanned squad in there, to get in the middle of this. The Shimada brothers can take care of themselves, but maybe McCree, and especially Reinhardt, might get it in their heads to do something brave and suicidal.

Well. If you remember right, you told them that their mission is only to do what they can. You'll just have to trust them not to get themselves killed.

The driver of the hovercar that brought Mercy is an ordinary Tanzanian citizen who she'd convinced to help. He told you that he could provide transport to a nearby airfield, where he claimed to know a pilot sympathetic to your cause. Having sent both your air transports to India, you weren't in a position to find an alternative, so you:

>Travelled to the airfield, and asked the pilot to take you to Portugal, where you made your way to the Watchpoint.
>Travelled to the airfield, and asked the pilot to take you to India, where you made your way to the battle.
>Thanked him and declined, not wanting to endanger another citizen. You waited for the action to die down, and the transports to be available.
>>Thanked him and declined, not wanting to endanger another citizen. You waited for the action to die down, and the transports to be available.

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