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Stage 166: The Broken Star.

You're not very well put together, really.

It's not something that a demigod is supposed to admit, even in private to themselves, but you were never much of one for false modesty. Having a mother who could ferret out the truth even without Fire Eyes would do that to anyone. You're also not much of a liar, though you can conceal the truth very well; again, your mother's talents at play.

The issue, of course, is that you're fairly high strung at the best of times, and since time is slowed to a truly Yomi-like crawl of foreverness, this is not the best of times. Your Daimyo has placed you in a position of extreme awkwardness, and she is planning on enjoying your discomfiture to the fullest if you allow it. Though it is less a matter of 'allow' than 'put together some kind of plan that will let you get out of this without insulting a Yakuza bodyguard, your Daimyo, or making a fool out of yourself.' The latter you are pretty good at avoiding, usually.

Ryuu Ryukusa is standing next to her seated priestess, who is dressed in a beautifully outrageous yet utterly perfect oni-girl costume that bares an awful amount of skin for the teenager she looks like. Her seat is behind you, while she is standing in front of yours. Her is also occupied by one of the bodyguards for the chief of Yakuza operations in this district, a man by the name of Shinkai Yamada. You were informed Ryukusa would be seated next to him, but neglected to take that into account when she cleverly inserted herself between you and Kiku-sama.

You know she planned it. And you suspect this is why she planned it. The question remains, how can you work around it? Because the gleam in her sapphire Dragon's Eyes tells you that she is very much interested in seeing how you cope with having her svelte, toned body pressed up against yours, especially with her perfect, firm breasts, and those soft silk, the glittering jewels of her eyes fixed on yours....
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Your heart is racing and you can feel your blood perilously close to burning its way free of you yet again. The lightheaded rush of excitement and shame that swirls around you must be palpable to the woman who is the reincarnation of the Demon Kamuy That Chases the Gods, Poronitne Kamuy, known to your Japanese friends as Ame-no-Horobi-no-Mikado, the God of Destruction. Because her wicked smile is only becoming more wicked.

You were very much not cut out for this sort of thing!

>Inau-kun may only select one choice, though write ins are accepted as always. Inau's choice of “Listen to the Whispers” is an option that allows her to literally hear the voices of the kami and kamuy around her, aiding her in her decisions and informing her of their desires (which may or may not coincide with hers or those of her new clan).
[] Buy some time while you have the chance, you can ask the Yakuza to vacate her seat for her.
[] Steel yourself for the upcoming battle, you should be the one to take the first step towards your Daimyo.
[] Let the leader of your clan make the first move, because you're close to blowing a gasket already.
[] Ah....well, you see....ummm....yes, this is a problem....such a nice body, so feminine....
[] Listen to the Whispers.
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Twitter: @XsQuestmistress

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1806346/

Interlude: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/37879167/

Kissing! http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/574453/

Threads in Chronological Order, including writeups by XS : http://pastebin.com/Z53TyK0N
or search for tag: Ryukuza on Suptg

Barrier Combat Guide: http://pastebin.com/rZLwzvGx

>Ryukusa's Treasures

Her name: Ryuu Yorihokura

Rie, the God's Eye Nekomata that protects your Family.

Matagama-no-Shitoki, a necklace kami in its own right that protects Ryukusa from inimical magic.

Ame-no-Omukade-no-Musume – Ryukusa's mukade possessed wakizashi; a kami. “Daughter of my Centipede of Rain.”

Gendai-no-Muteki-no-Buki - Invincible Weapon of the Present Age, a secret kami-blade given to Ryukusa by Wakaba that appears to be made of some alloy of titanium.

Seido-no-Shinpi-Tekina-Ken – a mysterious bronze sword given to Ryukusa by the mermaids of Japan; actually found to be the legendary blade Ame-no-Ohabari.

Go-Yurei-no-Rensa, the Five-Ghost-Chain, used to summon or send messages to your (actual) older sister Ryuu Nabiki.

Her Penthouse in the Secret Apartments of Tsathoggua in Shikoku prefecture, Tokyo.

Shikoku Naya, her fashion teacher and seamstress.

Hisaka Subaru, her weaver and dressmaking teacher.

Ryukusa's Family.

Akari – Black Jade Centipede (Mukade)
Er Yin – Black Jade Scorpion (Sasori)
Kiki – Black Jade Toad (Hikigaeru)
Kiku – Black Jade Lizard (Tokage)
Yui – Black Jade Snake (Hebi)
Inau – Black Coral Ear Cuff (Amatsukami)
Ryuu Ryukusa is tall at 5' 8"; 6' in her true form. She is fully grown. Lesbian top.
Matagama Kiku is 4' 1” for ever and ever. Lesbian submissive.
Ryuu Akari is 5' 3" and has another few inches to grow. Sexuality is weird, switch, cosplayer.
Ryuu Yui is 6' 3” and will only grow due to circumstances beyond her control. Dyke, switch.
Ryuu Kiki is 5' 6" and is at full growth. Bisexual bottom.
Er Yin Long is the tall at 5' 10" and is fully grown. Lesbian dominant.
Ryuu Jinyuu is 5' 7" but persistently hovers an extra three inches. Straight.
Hinata-hakase is 6' 3". Sexuality is terrifying.
Hidesato is 5' 5". Straight.
Kushinada is 5' 8". Straighter.
Taisho Ryoga is 5' 9". Who knows.
Hyun Chisato is 5' 4” and is fully grown. Lolicon with plausible deniability.
Rie, just Rie, is 8” tall or 5' 5” and is fully cat. Her sexuality is cat.
Hagyu Genso is 12' 5” standing upright. He is by and large gay.
Mizumi Shoko is 7' 2” is fully grown. Bisexual top.
Yuuhi is 4'11” and is fully grown. Yuuhi a cute.
Tokei Isusangi, Inau-kun is 5' 3” and is much lessl confused.
Reiha is 5' 5 1/2” and is milfy.
Peta is 3' 2” Peta is \>.</ aka Her Most Imperial Highness Patanjali Piri Yokuhime Kuronogitsune Pa
Detective-san aka Mugon Chujo is fully grown at 5'11” and straight.
Kenji Soomi is 5' 4” and gothic lolita.
Musumi Kanako is 5' 6.5” and is pretty straight.
Hebiki Naoto is 5' 9” and belligerently omnivorous, sexually. You hope only sexually.
Kodachi Umetsume is 5' 4” and fully grown. Practicing asexual.
Melinda Blitzenberg is scattered to the winds and blessed in death.
Toshida Ginka is 5” 3” and fully grown. Turtles have a reputation.
Ryuu Wakaba is a head shorter and also deceased.
Margaret Steinhausen is gratefully dead.
Ryuu Sakumo is dead and spread far and wide.
Ryuu Nabiki is 5' 3” and fully transformed. Embarrassingly straight.
Ryuu Shinju is 4' 11” and fully grown. She is coy, maybe a dodomeki-child.
Ryuu Himeyuri is 5' 5” and is supposedly straight.
Ryuu Fuuta is 5' 6” and slightly less soft.
Kaga Kei is 5' 4” and fully grown. Might be experimental.
Kyubi-san is 6' 3” and fully grown. Hard to say.
Hisaka Subaru is 5' tall and 9' tall, and peculiar as all get out.
Shikoku Naya is 5' 4" (not including heels) and is fully grown. Entirely flexible.
Shinkai Yamada is 5' 7” and is straight.
Shinkai Mikurabe is 5' 2” (without heels) and is probably straight.

File: IMG_0066.jpg (861KB, 1563x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The girl’s name is Ophelia ‘Ivy’ Yvonne. She lives on “Earth 91721”, otherwise known as “Enchantment Earth.” In this universe, humans have acquired the power to enchant inanimate material, bending it, giving it special properties, and lending it temporary life on wim. It’s been 6,194 years since the discovery of enchantment. The strongest enchanters have risen into the throne, passing down their crown from generation to generation, but in the past 250 years or so, political ideas have changed and constitutional monarchies have been put into place among the 7 major domains. You are located in what we would call “South America”. To Ivy, it’s called Wuscon, but does that really matter? History has been littered with wars and past conflicts but with the Modern Era comes an irrelevancy for war and in it’s place comes technological and cultural competition. Cities, towns, and Metropolitans have popped up in familiar places. In fact, culturally and technologically speaking, this earth is quite similar to ours. They don’t know this though and you can't do anything to warn them. Luck for you, you'll have some choice in this world if any choice at all. Speaking of which, let's get started…

Ivy is currently 2 years old, it's the year 6194 and your parents are still married and still living happily in the city you were born in. Ivy has recently discovered how to walk and talk although she still needs to practice doing them at the same time. Ivy has just been let loose in the backyard of her family's cottage. All her toys are at her disposal.

Which toy shall she play with?
>Her Jingle-Jangly Metal Baby-Keys.
>Her wooden Horse-On-Wheels.
>Her little stuffed Cow (known as “Moo-Moo”).
>Her Rittle-Rattle Plastic Baby-Rattle.
>Screw toys! Let's play in the dirt!
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>>Screw toys! Let's play in the dirt!
>>Screw toys! Let's play in the dirt!
If we wanna learn how to walk and talk at the same time, we gotta practice multitasking!

>Play with Moo-Moo in the dirt!

File: SAY 10.png (21KB, 620x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
SAY 10.png
21KB, 620x472px
A portal to hell has opened, and demons are ravaging the world. Luckily the heroes (and some desperate villains) off the world have teamed up to stop Satan.

This game is simaler to my other games, using no stats, but having occasional rolling and occasional visual aids.

This is the character sheet you should use for this game (and yes it does take inspiration from an earlier failed post that someone else made)
>Real Name:
>Moral alignment: (Chaotic good, lawful neutral, etc)
>Archetype: (Paragon, Force of nature villain, Tragic hero, antihero, etc)
>Role models:
>Distinguishing Features:
>Power Limitations: Please be specific
>Abilities: Non-super things the character can do
>Physical Weaknesses:
>>Mental/Emotional Weaknesses:
>Theme song:
>Backstory: (Please keep it short, we don’t need a novel, just a synopsis)

It is REQUIRED that you have a picture (Even a shitty stick figure) of your hero/villain if you aren't taking a premade character.
In this, each poster can control their own character if we get enough posters, or, if you decide, you can all control the whole group. But that is up to the players. If you wish, a single player can control a partner/sidekick duo

Game start:

A demon flies through the cloudy, city, covered in red blood of murdered citizens. When the demon flies through the window of an office building they are greeted by....?

(Premade characters coming in a second for those who want them)
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I'll be Jackrabbit & Megaton. Instead of high schoolers can they be in thier 20s and work boring cubicle jobs?

The Demon bust into the Building to find The Jackrabbit and Megaton evacuating office workers out of the building. The demon makes a loud crash as he enters!

File: U72DVoe.png (2MB, 1139x1118px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1139x1118px
Guys, Ever played Minecraft RP? Either way, I would like to cut straight to the chase.

I belong to an emerging Kingdom and we're actively looking for citizens. Our political system is an offshoot of Feudalism for now, with hopes of expanding into more centralized systems such as a Republic and hopefully Empire if we become numerous enough. I'd love to throw more details about us so ask away

Post your RP profiles

Discord: https://discord.gg/tYjtuS8

Come talk to us"
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So is this a Minecraft ad or a quest?
File: armour.jpg (134KB, 470x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I assume it's the technology and society are based upon the Middle Ages, but when in particular? Early, High, Late?
He's made at least 3 other threads like this. It's not a quest, he's just a troll.

>This will be a chill, relatively slow paced civ style quest. We will control a Insect Queen and her hive of Grubs. Rolls will be d20, higher is better.

The soft, pliable cocoon of your Queen is parted by a chewing mandible, the membrane torn torn apart by the awakening Queen and her attending Grubs. Large spadelike forelimbs push away the soil and chewing mouthparts mix the earth into a cementlike mix before smoothing the short tunnel toward the surface. Your Queen bursts through the surface, eying the rising sun skeptically

>Mother! Grubs wake with mother!
>Grubs work work! Grubs dig!
>Grubs build! Grubs make!

The simple minds of her trio of Grubs brings a tinge of joy to her as she reaches up a ponderous, soft limb and pulls down a tree branch, gnawing on the tender wood. It appears her mother only left her with three Grubs to serve her once she finished Pupating. Hives have been built with less she supposes.

The meter long, fat Grubs look at her with the adoration and reverence of loyal dogs. Their large, shovel like forelimbs scratching in the earth as their beady black eyes glitter in the morning light.

>hive pop
>1 Queen
>3 Worker Grubs
>Hive Structures-

>Have Grubs Build something

>Have Grubs gather food

>Have Grubs scout

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>Have Grubs Build something
Have them construct a simple den or hole near the tree and then
>Have Grubs gather food
Ok so have 2 grubs build and 1 grub gather food. Roll me 2d20
Rolled 18, 16 = 34 (2d20)


File: THEFEDERATION.jpg (70KB, 572x317px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 572x317px

Welcome to the Federal Service. . For whatever reasons, you decided to join the Service. Whether it be for citizenship, to have a child, or to run for office. You signed the papers, and took the oath.

First things first, we need to get some information. What branch did you get accepted to?

> Military Intelligence

A more cloak-and-dagger type of quest. Think James Bond meets the Cold War.

> Fleet

Star Trek. Literally. Be on a ship.

> Mobile Infantry

Boots on the ground. Morita in hand, fighting whatever dumb bastard crosses the Federation.

>Would you like to know more?
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that's quite an ambitious mission you've set out on, OP.

how do you infiltrate the bugs? Could be pretty cool though.
this will be challenging given how destructive space combat can be, as in destruction of a given ship more matter of chance and statistics than individual decisions
>Mobile infantry
probably the most straightforward choice

in any case, good luck on your quest OP!
Honestly, the first part of this would be focusing on Separatist activity. A nation the size of the Federation would near always be fighting some kind of rebellion of some kind.

Yeah, I know. I ran a quest with Fleet-based shit a while back. It's boring, but I wanted the option to be up for people to choose if they wanted. Man of the people.
>Mobile Infantry
I agree. This is my bread and butter. Seps, bugs, skinnies, and.. some other shit.
>> Mobile Infantry

Welcome back, Mechjockeys of Phaeton, to the ninety-fifth installment of Mecha Space Pirate Quest. I'm your host, Wong, as always, and today you are still Pirate King Roarke Susan Starwind, Rightful Ruler of the Asteroid Belt and pilot of the undefeated Knuckle Kaiser. Also a newlywed husband to six women.

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Mecha+Space+Pirate+Quest%2C+Collective+Game%2C+mecha
Master Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/sSHs0QmF
Upgrade Menu: http://pastebin.com/QQQzkFZe
List of Moves: http://pastebin.com/HSdyCe2y
Rogues' Gallery: http://pastebin.com/E9ZcDLfG (finally updated)
Brazilia's Kawaii Space Jam Gallery: http://pastebin.com/pZtRmbWS

Today is a day of reckoning for General Hermione Fairchild, mistress of the Super-Battleship Iulia Maesa, pilot of the Rose Queen mark 6. Today her many horrible chickens come home to roost.
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Welp.. time to see what bitter harvest Fairchild reaps.
File: 21c.gif (2MB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x281px

File: PersonaUSAOP.png (10KB, 678x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 678x240px
You are James Baker, a wild card according to the mysterious figure known as Igor. After living in Birchland for some time you discovered "The Rift" with your friends. The Rift has been causing people to act like cliches and sterotypes.

After putting down the mysterious figure that was maintaining The Rift, you sought out an exit. Sadly the exit came in the form of another open Rift. The exit rest in a campsite surrounding a large stone tower, which in your world is in front of the People for Humane Animal Treatment local HQ.

People inside are for sure being effected, your source confirmed that. The source turning out to be Carson's usual assistant, Natalie, is worrying. From what you can tell they also have something drastic planned, but what could it be?

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Crab%2C+Persona

Discord: https://discord.gg/CkH8dwp

Announcements: https://twitter.com/TheCrabQM

James Stats: https://pastebin.com/8Rk4zhiz
Social Links: https://pastebin.com/Rda5aB89
Personas & Party Members: https://pastebin.com/g8z3egL9

Song of the Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC_q9KPczAg
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File: PHATQH.png (347KB, 635x421px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
347KB, 635x421px
With all the eyes on your, you clear you throat. "Well someone from our school, Natalie, confirmed there was a change in behavior. She's also going to our way to find out more, because it sounds like they are planning something drastic."

"Sadly I was unable to get any information. The people were either busy making posters and signs or just sleeping," Trish says as stretches in her seat.

Zoey turns around in her seat to you, "Wait, blond hair, too nice?"

"Yeah, you could describe her like that," You reply.

"She's a goody two-shoes, what is she doing with these people?" Zoey asks half to herself.

"Actually I have some questions before we continue," Martin interjects.

You motion for him to keep going, so he continues. "One, aren't they going to notice us driving here all the time? And the bigger one is what about Natalie? Like won't she get changed too eventually?"

There is a moment of silence as the thought sinks in. Your eyes drift to the other side of the car to the entrance of the P.H.A.T building, if she got changed there goes your only lead. Zoey groans, "Just what we needed."

"Are we just going to tell her to stop doing her activist work and not explain why?" Martin asks.

Trish looks up and down the street from her seat, "Maybe there is another parking lot shes parks at, these streets are awfully full."

Of course there is always the one option nobody is saying. After entering The Rift and awakening a Persona you all weren't changed, but can you really just do that every time you want someone to be safe? From your spot you see notice Natalie wave back to the building and starting to walk your way.

>Wait and watch, The Rift may not even do anything.
>Run out and try to stall her with small talk.
>Get to her and say you want to join P.H.A.T
>Hurry over and ask she had any plans tonight.
>Wait and watch, The Rift may not even do anything

File: tot1.jpg (5MB, 1200x7000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5MB, 1200x7000px
This will be an RP of a very extensive CYOA: http://imgur.com/a/HncTR

Image Dump will be Below.

To Start we will vote on traits and determine what type of leader and nation we will have, then move on to the RP, once set up is finished.

This seems like a really cool World so I hope you guys enjoy.
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Oh hey, that CYOA. I remember it.
Is this singleplayer or multiplayer?
Multiple Players controlling 1 MC and Nation.
I don't think I have the DM Skills to Control several nations honestly.
File: tot2.jpg (3MB, 1200x6450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 1200x6450px

Previous: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1757108/
Char Sheet: http://pastebin.com/fUKdUWLF
Blood stored
2 bloody attacks
Masks as white as bleached bones, freshly fallen snow or even my own hair fill my sigh, hollows of all shapes and sizes rushing towards us like an army of the vengeful dead. My hands twitch, lowering my blade so I may swing through the first one that's going to feel its kiss neck. Tosen stands beside me, holding his zanpakuto to his side as he runs beside me, his expression hidden by his mask. For a brief moment, before we clash with the horde my mind wanders for just a second at the glimpse of Kaname's mask.

It almost reminds me of a mempo. Though in his case it'd be a Somen I suppose...it brings back memories none the less. The thundering charge of a thousand or more men, the cries of war...proper, honorable war. Even if it was just merely skirmish or battles between me a friend or two if I was lucky and a couple of disrespectful bastards. It has the same feeling, it calls to my blood in the same way. Rushing besides Kaname, it reminds me....reminds the blood in my veins of the many times I charged to battle side by side the men who I could call comrade. I take a step, a smile flowing on my lips as the two spirits in my zanpakuto both howl out for blood....or maybe its my own soul? things become so muddled in combat after all.

Yes, the foes may be different. But battle will never find itself distasteful to me, a chance to prove my skills and now strike down hungering, deprived beasts. Nostalgia rises in my heart, along with the flames of war.

The moment ends, I move my arms to strike hearing the song of my zanpakuto as it cuts through the air along with Tosen's.

Then my memories are soured, and replaced with rage. The sound of gunshots, smoke filling the air. Blinding light fills my eyes, tinted blue. Hollows cry out, howling loudly as my smoke flows freely around me.

Of course the coward would use firearms. As if she hadn't tainted our battle enough already, the whore. Can't even fight with her own body, and even then she won't fight like her family did, up close and personal.

My ponytail dances behind me as I stop a step away from the hollow line, my grip tightening with my anger.

What do I do?
[] Strike as I planned, chopping through the hollow in front of me's neck 1d100
[] Aid Tosen in taking down his opponent 1d100
[] Cut the Quincy's bullets down 1d100 (arrow breaking)
[]Turn, striking as many hollows as I can with one strike 1d100 (Whirlwind)
[] Grab a hollow by the mask, and use it as a living shield 1d20+strength
[] Charge through the lines, calling the quincy a coward 1d20+endurance and nearly hollow
[] Gut a nearby hollow 1d100 (blood letting)
[] Unleash a drowning torrent of blood 1d100 *bloody attack*
[] write in

Heyoh, sorry about the delay. Again.
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>[]Turn, striking as many hollows as I can with one strike 1d100 (Whirlwind)

It's cool HM, you need sleep like the rest of us.
Rolled 35 (1d100)

Rolled 45 (1d100)

[] Cut the Quincy's bullets down 1d100 (arrow breaking)
[]Turn, striking as many hollows as I can with one strike 1d100 (Whirlwind)
>Make it a bloody attack

File: PlumpQuest4.png (334KB, 660x754px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334KB, 660x754px
In ages long past, the Lussurian Empire spanned the known world. The empire's supreme magical might secured the nation's prosperity for centuries. The nation's opulence grew over time and its citizens became increasingly decadent. Corruption spread, misuse of magic skyrocketed, and in time; the whole of The Empire collapsed under its own weight. Civilization vanished.

One thousand years hence, several countries have since sprung from the ashes, magic seen as a dangerous but necessary tool. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in that fallen empire. Scholars believe that the magic of old may yet be used properly, but lore of those times is all but gone. The ruins of that mighty age still stand, and scholastic fervor has summoned a new profession; the Treasure Hunter.

But the magic of the old empire still lingers in the unexplored ruins, and is dangerous to body and mind.

In more ways than one...
147 posts and 12 images submitted.

You are Alex von Delceia, Spirit Warden and graduate of The Circle of Rocca. You were born a ritual accident fusing two fraternal twins together into a hermaphrodite form.
You with your Sorceress friend, Saturia, decided to travel to the Country of Goruda to make your fortune. With the patronage of the portly Elvish Antiqutairan Molla Nosa, you headed to the south eastern corner of the country to follow a lead to a Shrine, A place of great significance to The Old Empire. You depostied your loot with your employer and enjoyed a well earned rest

However after you spend the day in well earned relaxation, the next morning you find Saturia's bust had doubled in size! After doing some peliminary Magical examination, you find that the Statuette of the goddess is most likely to blame for this! You attempted to track Molla Nosa down, but to no avail. You are now at Molla Nosa's villa, and her house maids have informed you that she has taken a trip, most likely by ship. The maids have invited you in, claiming they have run of the house hold in Molla Nosa's absence.
Old THread

Last Story Post

Alex von Delceia The Human Spirit Warden
>Class Features:
> ---Spirit Auto-possession: At Dawn, Noon and Midnight: you may perform a ritual that summons a heroic spirit into yourself, gaining their skills and their powers.

> ---Spirit Binding: Store standard spirits (ex. Wind spirits) into fetishes (objects) to do your bidding later. Create one use magic item.

> ---Cantrips: Every magic user can do cantrips, it's how you learn! But don't discount the ability to levitate small objects, or create light from rocks.

>Specialties: (Leadership) (Appraisal)

>Character traits: (Body: Hermaphrodite); (Adventure: Fast Healer) (Mind: Deviant Tastes) (Mind: Sweet Tooth) (Body: Fertility Icon)

>Physical Description: Your former trim and corded muscle supports a new, soft and mildly motherly physique . Your chest balloons out to more than full melons now. your stomach pouches out a bit. Your hips are wider than your shoulders and your thighs rub together slightly.


Alex's Inventory.

Channeled Spirit:

Bound Spirits


Held items
-Badge of Graduation, Circle of Rocca
- Amber Jewlery (stored mana for spells)
- Short Saber x2
- Spirit Warden Armor
-Bullet Resistant Vest
- Spirit Fetishes (The objects, again)

Stored Items

- Lewd lingerie
-Winter clothing
-2 weeks of good rations
-Love potion
- four bags of Hard candy
-2 pounds of chocolate
-Portable Tub
-assorted cookware
-Adventuring Basics for the traveler
-Spirits and you; a traveler's guide
-Beast folk breeds, illustrated Guide
- Romancing the Civilized races, A guide to the novice Ladykiller
- The Venus, nude renditions of the epitome of beauty. Illustrated.
- how to attract men, a novice's guide
- Small picture of two young children, Alexis and Aaron von Delceia (Deceased)

Accept the invitation! ! We have an opportunity to get some lore!... and a free breakfast

File: Skullgirls-Banner.jpg (146KB, 1220x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You are a Gigan under the named Glewvar. Though you are ten feet tall and weigh in at seven hundred pounds, you are still smaller than your average Gigan. What inspired you to fight was the unstoppable wrestler Grendal. Every Saturday night, you would tune into the Gigan Wrestling Federation to watch Grendal fight to defend the GWF Belt. When you heard he was going to the Canopy Kingdom to fight their champion Beowulf for not just the Gigan title but the Canopy Kingdom heavyweight championship belt you couldn’t contain your excitement.

However, once the day came and you turned on your TV to watch, you knew something was off as soon as he stepped into the ring. His movements seemed more erratic than in most of his matches and he was much slower as well. Maybe it was just pre match nervousness, then he started to loose. No, he couldn’t lose! HE’S GRENDAL THE UNSTOPPABLE, HE CAN’T LOSE TO JUST A GUY WITH A WOLF GIMMICK AND A STEEL CHAIR! Glued to your TV, you watched as slowly, Grendal was withered down until, that singular blow, knocked him down. Your mouth hanged open as the referee announced the winner… Beowulf, the resident champion of the Canopy Kingdom. A technologically advanced kingdom but one filled with weaklings who rely on gadgetries rather than their might. After that, your nation became laughable, only to be mocked as one of the Gigan nations best was defeated by a joke. It angered you and filled you with bitterness and anger unmatched by anyone or thing around you. Yet, despite Grundal’s defeat, you still kept your morale high. In fact, his defeat only hardened your resolve as you began your training and career as a wrestler.

Training in grappling, you use your opponents own weight and clumsiness to your advantage, you’d slam and throw them around, all the while making use of submission holds to tire them out or lead them into more grappling techniques. Soon, and by soon you mean a decade later, you became a wrestler just like Grendal. Fighting your way up the ladder, you became one of the Gigan nation’s best wrestlers, even claiming the GWF championship belt. Holding the gold for the first time, you were approached by Gilgamesh himself, the king of the entire Gigan nation. He gave you a mission, to hunt down some monster that terrorizes the Canopy Kingdom and destroy it.

Something called a “SkullGirl”, it uses powerful magic and it protects the “Skullheart”. From all the reports that came in it sounded strong and looked strong, with a big bounty on its head, and its reward was untold amounts of glory. Maybe, just maybe, if you could defeat this Skullgirl and Skullheart you could restore your nation’s former glory! Gilgamesh pays for your ride over to the Canopy Kingdom an air zeppelin. With determination in your eyes and years of wrestling under your belt to hunt them down and by man or god nothing will get in your way. Not unless they want their spine to be worn like a necklace.
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Landing in the Canopy Kingdom, you can truly feel its massive size and technological advances. Multiple air zeppelin dot the skies with steam pouring out of them, trains shoot by like bullets, cars and taxis beep and creep along the road. You have no idea where to even go, let alone look for the Skullgirl...

>Check out the River King Casino, someone must have an idea on where she could be...
>Head to the New Meridian Arena. it would be nice to get in some training in before beginning the hunt.
>Other (Write in)

>Check out the River King Casino, someone must have an idea on where she could be...


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Castle Diluvium.png
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Previous threads:

Previously, our protagonist Jack picked up a lizard chick in a swamp, had a near-death experience with feral beasts, and got his plans for incest ruined. He's currently having a serious chat with his grandpa about that.
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>[]Shit... I need to apologize to Rose.
>[]I regret nothing!
Grand pa y you argest banging cusins and sisters to keep thr blood line pure?
I thought she would be more tolerating, or have a sense of humor at least.

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I'm intending for this civilization game to be something of a mixture between standard civ fare and some of the more hard-core civ threads we had a few years back.

I'll need three votes for our race, and three for our place.
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Fairy nigga FAIRY





Oh "That guy which always picks Fairies", why do you always pick fairies?

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Welcome to Rainbow Tribes
In this game you will take control of a tribe and along with the other players of your tribe, you will develop culturally, technologically, and historically in order to progress and prosper.

> Each turn is 2 weeks
> Each turn you can do 5 things. Actions, Research, Trade, Diplomacy & WAR.
> Each turn you are limited to 1 research, 3 actions, 1 trade, 1 diplomacy & 1 war.
>If infrastructure is built you may do more of each (e.g. university, military barracks, embassy etc)
> To avoid salt from other races, turns must be feasible and believable considering the situation and knowledge of the race at the time ("Done IC"). Being specific in turns are also preferred as it reduces salt & helps writing
> WAR MUST be declared the turn before any war action happens, once war is declared, an attack may happen at any point until PEACE is declared
>No Secret turns
> You MUST be in discord to play

To clarify what the types of moves entail:
-Actions (Literally doing things, building, traveling, gathering).
- Research (Developing new Ideas & techs, Upgrading/changing old ideas & techs)
- Trade (Exchanging 1 thing for another
- Diplomacy (Making deals with other tribes/NPCs)
- War (Moves aimed at destroying another faction.)

>If a turn is viewed as particularly creative or well thought out, it will be given the INNOVATIVE or PLANNED bonus. Giving +10 to it's roll or a bonus effect. Both simultaneously may be given the INGENIOUS bonus of +25 on rolls & maybe a bonus effect.

>Last time on Rainbow tribes

-Splintered red's got involved in the mountain war. Scarlets fled looking for protection & Maroons are standing their ground, risking it all for the glory of the rat goddess

Greens became Gray messengers, set up a town and are attempting to become switzerland

Blues liberated the goblin capital, pulled the strings in the goblin war, moved to volcano island and have just become religious fanatics of quetzalcoatl

Oranges dealt with a werewolf curse, allied with purples and waged war on the goblins.

Previous thread >>1733082

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Scarlets develop shoes to help them walk further and keep their feet in good condition. They can now walk a little further each turn

Scarlets send a group to lie in wait for the purple in the long grass of the surrounding meadows. They ambush and kill him. Purples know what direction the scarlets fled in, but not where they went...for now. Scarlets have a singular horse which Red Leader Stoppu now rides upon.

Scarlets arrive at the gray town , begging for asylum. They have been hunted, traveled far and have women and children. They have sacrificed much. Scarlets offer grays their services as exceptional craftsmen in return for asylum, and a place to call their own. Grays agree, seeing no point in wiping out this small band of refugees. They dislike the purples anyway.

Grays place scarlets near the river by their capital, giving them the tools to build and craft. THey also give them a small section of land surrounding to grow their own crops.
Scarlets will be requested to create a commission for the king every turn, they will be paid and IF duty calls far down the line, grays expect scarlets to repay the debt by assisting grays. Grays will supply scarlets with crafting knowledge (if they know it) and the materials to create the commissions.

Grays use their new forges to finish their bronze tools.

The king wishes for scarlets to prove themselves decent craftsmen and requests a large shipment of iron horseshoes.
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Marroon 17.png
24KB, 1152x648px
Maroons are in desperate times, they need to attempt to kill orcs from far away, close range they are completely fucked. Maroons create poor bow & arrows from animal sinew, wood & copper.

In the face of this huge threat and imminent death, the maroons are scared shitless. Many are tempted to run away and defect . Fuck red rat!

Red Rat gives them a rousing speech about the glory of battle, and the rewards of victory. The joy of the state and how they are the chosen, destined to rule. That they must prove themselves worthy and deserving of the great rat mother's titties.
The great painter draws an emaculate portrait of the rat goddess. This is his finest, and he fears, maybe his last great work. The maroons gather round and have a somber fap together for possibly the last time. Hand in hand some weep , others finish. This is their day of reckoning...there is no running... Rat mother be with us.
INNOVATIVE No maroons flee and despite their terrible mood, they are willing to die to protect what they love. This massive porn piece of the great rat mother. They are also able to actually make all the stuff they need thanks to the mystical powers of porn and facing death and OP's heartstrings.

Maroons position themselves at the tops of the paddy walls and attempt to shoot the orc army, ready to stab any who get too close. Many orcs laugh while others get angry with confusion. Orcs hold up their shields and sprint at the rice terraces, aiming to parkore their way up for that maroon booty. Orc crossbowmen shoot from behind and ramps are brought to the front to make scaling each tier easier. Reds manage to kill a few using their bows and arrows through the armour at each layer before being forced to retreat. Each terrace , less and less maroons survive the arrows. In the end maroons made a good dent thanks to the terrain advantage and the rat goddess liking them, each taking an orc with them at least. 15 orcs died for the 15 brave maroon defenders. Shot in the backs as they attempted to defend their right to porn.

Orcs have reached the maroon entrance! They rush in and are quickly killed by the traps. 10 more orcs die from stupidity before the orcs stop. Orcs set up camps at the entrance. Orc warriors and crossbow women are stationed outside the exit while orcs think of what to do. They occasionally send a goblin down the tunnel to double check the traps are still there. Yep.
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Greens improve their ships for the purposes of transporting cargo and goods by adding hulls.

Greens build a pier and shipyard for their planned naval activities, making green town a port. Greens have more ships

Greens begin to breed their horses. Greens have more horses

Greens deliver their message to yellow-gray harbor, greens get paid.

Gray's request you deliver food estimate documents between the mayors of gray towns this fortnight. Winter is coming, will grays be ok?

Greens love exploring the world and meeting people, but dislike the fighting. Greens decide to attempt to host a meeting between the known clan leaders. Greens want to be a neutral messenger and transport nation!
This meeting will take 2 turns to organise.

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