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War, war never changes.


Last Thread

You are the Courier. Building a nation from the ground up is not easy and comes with growing pains, and dilemma's of character fortitude in the pursuit of power, and yet like the robots that form the backbone of your society your nation steels itself onward. Ever new lands, new persons, and new abilities come under your sway.



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It's fine. Nobody plays Fallout 4 for the story anyways, it's kinda shit.
Pretty much, all you need to know is that there are androids and you're the last dude from a vault and you spend all of your time building cool scrap cities and modifying all your scrap guns.

Also, The Silver Shroud is the best fucking questline in the game.
And Curie is the best waifu
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The Courier turns his attention to Wendy Gilbert. A soldier he first met in Boulder City, as a hostage of the Great Khans. When she and her squad were rescued, they discharged her for cowardice. Her home had always been Boulder City, where generations of Gibert's lived since the Great War. One day, she intends to return to there again with her son, when the Legion are gone.

For now, she enjoys her new home. Certainly better than the shack she had, she's adjusted well to being a mother, cleaning cooking and clothing for her son Richard, who dreams of being a soldier like his mum.

A shiny clean home of old world appliances and comforts. Soft, smooth, and dull.

She needs a break from a break. The reason she joined you in the first place was in search of an adventure. And so an adventure is exactly what you treat her too.

You ask her if she's ever gone flying. She hasn't. Then today's her lucky day.

You tell her to get changed, on the spot, because we're going somewhere. Richard is with his aunt, the house is fine, lets go. Soon enough she's soaring through the air on your UFO (which in your spare time you figured out to have two seats), her heart pounding at the speed and height, gripping you for dear life while you laugh. Eventually she calms down enough, and you show her what the world looks like from the air.

"Pick a spot" you say, "any spot. And we'll land there."

You take her to the tops of cliffs overlooking the grand canyon. Playfully searching through curious old world buildings for interesting items. Hunting wild critters that you skin and roast on an open flame.

You filled your day with new sights and wonders, all the while chatting and getting to know her more.

By nightfall the moon is up, and you take her to the clouds. The UFO hovers, quietly, watching the stars as you eat deliciously seasoned Bighorner Jerky and baked potato's and sipping on ancient old world wines. Candles in an aircraft aren't the best idea, so instead you bring a little Light Switch 02 lamp that bathes the interior of the cockpit in a pinkish hue.

Both of you are full, more than a little drunk, and tired from the days activities.

But not too tired.

The stars and moon begin to fade away as you stare into each others eyes. You are so close you can feel the warmth of each others breathe and hear your beating hearts, and as you smell the wine still fresh on each others lips, soon you find your eyes shut as you taste them.


The night is long and sweet.

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Frontier OP.jpg
855KB, 1345x2065px
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MercCommand

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Frontier%20Knight%20Quest

Stat List: https://pastebin.com/K2SwLBKf

Other Quests: https://pastebin.com/TrNWfAke

You are the TEMPLAR, a holy knight sent to clear the frontier of monsters and heresy!

Currently, you were leading your party up in the mountains to hunt down a particularly large Manticore that had taken up residence there. Fortunately, this was a private request from your own Templar Order and not an official quest from the Guild, so running into rival adventurers or anybody from Eisenwand likely wouldn't be a problem.

However, mountainous terrain and heavy armor really did not mix all that well. In addition to having to carry extra weight uphill, but the uneven terrain and sheer drops meant that falling over to your potential death was always a constant risk.

Not that you were particularly afraid, though. But risks always had to be considered. At least the rest of your party didn't seem too troubled by the terrain. Niko and Naru seemed used to the difficult trek, while Morgan was going out of her way guiding Nino through the paces while Romulus followed close behind.

>Offer to carry Nino up the mountain.
>It's best she learn while she can.
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>>It's best she learn while she can.
>>It's best she learn while she can.
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The Red Knights.jpg
1MB, 1400x900px
>>It's best she learn while she can.

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SF Patch.jpg
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In which the QM has no fucking idea what he's doing

You were trained for this. You are a member of the proud United States Air Force, Specialty Security Forces. You are posted at Fairchild AFB, Spokane, Washington, and you can hear rifle shots and screams. When they started you were in

>the barracks
>the mess
>the security office
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>>the security office

I'm telling you... I'M INNOCENT!!!!
Wow, I really fucked that up.
Supporting this.

You wake up cold on the damp stone floor. Dim torchlight makes a faint glow around the room. "Peter. Wake up." a familiar voice says to you. "Its almost time."

> Time for What? Where am I?
> Im awake. I have been looking forward to this for a long time now.
> Why didnt you wake me up earlier! There is so much to do!
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> Im awake. I have been looking forward to this for a long time now.
>Time for what? Where am I?
> Why didnt you wake me up earlier! There is so much to do!

Previous: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1778514/
Char sheet: https://pastebin.com/zh3cZW7G
Other char sheets: https://pastebin.com/HG1rwg7e
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheHeadMasterTG

Alright, I'm in the den of what had been my nightmares for years and it isn't actually that bad. I mean Its about as dirty as my old home in here....with a bit more dirt and fur everywhere to be entirely honest. I try my best not to look awkward or uncomfortable as I sit one one of the kind of itchy furred pillows set on the ground willynilly, since I guess Juniper and her brother yew can't really sit in chairs comfortably considering they used to be wolf beasts....or maybe they just prefer the floor? I mean neither of them exactly care for manners or proper behavior so it could very easily be the latter.

Adjusting my legs, I scoot a bit closer to the middle of the pillow as Yew sits across from me, staring as Juniper runs back and forth, grabbing and fiddling with things to try to make me feel at home. If I wasn't used to Juniper's antics, I'd be a little disturbed with how her brother is just looking at me but now I'm just kind of used to it....at least he's stopped sniffing me and accidently insulting me.

"Ah, so that's how the air conditioner thing works!" Juniper says, with a nearly smug grin as the stuffy air in the cave turns cool and starts to finally flow, making it all feel a little less....well choking "now if only I could get the tv working"

"Gah, that things terrible sis" Yew groans as Juniper hops next to him, leaning against him as they both sit on their haunches, Juniper scratching her ears with her foot before she stops and smiles

"So what do you think? Nice huh? Better than just some pit in the ground, for you at least right" She snickers "glad there's that ice thing that keeps it from getting too hot in here now"

"yeah yeah" Yew says nodding "never realized how horrible it was to fall asleep sweating"

"isn't that rude to say in front of guests?" Juniper asks, furrowing her brow before she shakes her head, apparently forgetting about it as she leans over me with a fangy smile "So, do you like it? Huh, huh? come on, tell me Carol!"

"Stop making so much noise!" Yew barks, making Juniper growl

"Oh stop whining, we have a guest and you making just as much noise as I am!" She yells back at him

"And you're making her scared like a sheep!" he says, pointing a claw at me "aren't you supposed to be friends or something"

"We are but you aren't letting her talk with your whimpering" Juniper says, lowering her ears

"Wanna fight?" yew snorts as I just sit here quietly like a good guest, not want to make whatever this is worse than it already is

Juniper glances at me, and frowns

"I wanna fight something" She says

"Her? you'd break her" Yew snorts "remember? humans are like twigs!"

"Not her you idiot!" She roars, shaking the whole cave as her locket glows. Yew just winces and turns to me

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"What?" He asks tilting his head, like it isn't obvious why I'm staring.

what do I do?
[] just sit here silently
[] compliment their home
[] ask if they always fight like this
[] tell juniper we can fight something later
[] try and steer the conversation away from violence
[] relax for a bit and just enjoy their company.
[] So....do you two have separate rooms or?
[]do you have anything to eat?
[] write in
>[] compliment their home
>[] ask if they always fight like this
>[] tell juniper we can fight something later
>[] try and steer the conversation away from violence
>[] relax for a bit and just enjoy their company.
>[] So....do you two have separate rooms or?
>[]do you have anything to eat?

We'll save sillier questions about their house/lifestyle for later.
>[] just sit here silently
>[] ask if they always fight like this
>[] relax for a bit and just enjoy their company.
>[] So....do you two have separate rooms or?
>[]do you have anything to eat?
>[] tell juniper we can fight something later

Sure could use some free ac.

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Despite your attempts to convince your mother that you were, in fact, a clumsy oaf that simply fell and hit a door did nothing to aid your case on why your nose was bleeding so profusely. The dorky face you made didn’t help either. You settled with just trying to convince her not to call the hospital at the time. Your dad didn’t seem like he was fooled by the door lie at all, but he didn’t push it.

Probably because he knew better than to try and interrupt one of your mom’s… scenes.

Thankfully the bleeding stopped, but your family was still worried about you. Well your father seems more suspicious that you are hiding something, your sister Emily was more of just interested in what was wrong with your nose, but your mother more than made up for the whole family with her fretting. To be fair, you were kind of worried too. You might not been that much into book smarts, but you could put 2 and 2 together. Your power somehow caused this, and from your experience you can do it unconsciously, so it might be best to get them under control before you have a serious aneurysm by accident.

You were able to get your mother off your back by claiming you needed rest, to be honest the blood loss made you a bit light headed anyway, and you were able to get off scot free this time. A good rest was definitely what you needed.

You being able to roll out of bed as the sunlight shined into your room was an indication that it was Saturday. If your mom hadn’t bothered to wake you up to get your ass to work, it was usually the weekend. Still half asleep you mentally push some dirty clothes away from your face.

So it wasn’t a dream, that’s nice. Getting your sorry ass off the floor you stretch a bit. Seeing as you don’t have to work today you might be able to test more things with your powers…

>Stay in your room to experiment
>Go to the town junkyard to experiment
>Write in
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General info for thread:

Please quote the post you are voting in, not really a rule but it helps me a lot
If you are changing your vote, please quote the original vote you had as well as the post the vote is taking place in, once again mostly for my convenience
All rolls unless otherwise specified are 1d20
Wait for the vote to be done before making any rolls
Crits are enabled

Last Thread:

Other Threads;


Twitter for quest:
>Go to the town junkyard to experiment

i hope this quest isn't dead
Whelp it isn't now, will give it another 5 minutes for any other votes before writing.

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1MB, 1920x1080px
This quest takes place in the DC Universe with characteristics mainly pulled from the animated TV series and films.
You are Battery, a teen recently brought in to HIVE Academy by Brother Blood after having seen your powers in action. Here you will learn how to successfully become a full-fledged villain, but you also hope to find some answers for your robotic origin. Recently you've upgraded your suit and received a strange message, urging you to meet with a stranger.

-15 Minute voting period after each post
-Some actions (typically combat choices against non-generic enemies and certain social situations) will require 3 D100 rolls, using the best of the 3 rolls for said action.
-Critical successes/failures are 100/1

Link to previous thread


QM Twitter



MC Powers and Inventory
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“Oh yeah, that reminds me...” Control Freak grumbles, taking you out of your focus.

He reaches into his sci-fi trench coat and pulls out what appears to be a jet black cup, decorated with the same laughing skull emblem that's on your back.

“Blackfire said to make you this or she'd crush my balls harder than she did yours.”

You just blink and quietly take the cup.

“Okay, now that I don't have to think about that anymore...” Control Freak quietly remarks, shuddering as the thought enters his mind for the last time.

You thank Control Freak for everything and leave him with his show.

You're now back in the hallway, with your communicator in your palm as the message remains displayed on the screen.

It seems that you've attracted the attention of another ominous individual, probably as nefarious as Brother Blood judging by his praise of your fight with the Titans.

You're curious about who this could be, but you also consider yourself spoken for seeing how you're still with HIVE.

A: Respond to the message.

B: Ignore it.

C: Just go back to Blackfire, you can figure this out later.
>A: Respond to the message.
i need to know
>A: Respond to the message.

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2MB, 2279x1019px
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fleets%20Of%20God
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pixel_Anon
To quickly preface, there won't be a quest next week, as I start college again and I need to fix my shitty sleep schedule. After that, I'm thinking I can probably still run, but maybe for just 12 hours in total over Friday/Saturday night.

Translation back into normal space is as violent as the way you transcended it, and your thrusters flare in a desperate bid to impart some kind of lateral movement. The precaution is well-founded, as glittering green bolts flash across space through where you were just a moment ago. They almost blind your sensors, but the two enemy destroyers picketed at the jump point were apparently just as surprised to see you, so the quick-fired plasma flies harmlessly off into interstellar space. In response, your broadside lasers reach out, and neatly core each of them. The wrecks of the Legion ships tumble away as you continue your headlong sprint into the system.

It appears that you are still ahead of your pursuers as your survey the system- almost empty, but there are the remains of a battle here. A small Legion flotilla are scavenging the remains. It's hard to tell at this distance, but the ovoid ships appear to be enveloping debris whole, which doesn't bode well for chances to study it. There doesn't appear to be any remains of a planet in this system, either, which doesn't mean much. They would have definitely seen your entrance (or will, in about nine hours or so) with the flare of radiation upon your arrival followed by the destruction of two destroyers.

You could continue heading for the next jump point, as you should have enough initial speed to cruise right past them. However, then you'll broadcast your presence in the next system you get to, and there could be way more Legion ships. If you decelerate to a zero/zero intercept with the jump point, however, the ships in this system will be able to catch and follow you. You could even try going dark and sneaking through now, but that would add days if not a week to your travel time, and definitely allow pursuing ships to catch up with you. Plus you only have enough missiles for one more engagement, and will need time to find an asteroid with the right materials to refill your resource bunkers... There aren't too many good options.

>Continue full speed to the next jump point.
>Slow to sneak through the jump point, and risk a battle/tail.
>Fight the enemy ships before you go.
>Go dark and sneak to the jump point.
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>Go dark and sneak to the jump point
>Go dark and sneak to the jump point.
>>Continue full speed to the next jump point.

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Story so far: http://lom678.deviantart.com/gallery/63645625/NotQuesty-The-Search-For-May-s-Soul

Discord: https://discord.gg/wr6bSKV
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part 81
File: trainers.jpg (685KB, 1470x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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finally updated the trainer list

Oh shit, her lewd levels are too high!

Ehh, try to fight lewd fighting with cute flying, send Sinnohan Rowlet! Surely there's a rock-paper-scissor element between the trio of sexy-cool-cute!

Meanwhile, Cynthia tries to tempt Kekita into the lewd side, saying that only by following her teaching she will become as powerful, cool and sexy as older students are.

File: scavenger mech.jpg (211KB, 1600x873px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
scavenger mech.jpg
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Glory to Alainn!

You are Cathal Rathais, one of the chosen elite, the 13th Legion, scouting a world 4231 years after your country won the Grand War and placed itself in cryostasis to allow the planet to recover.

You have assumed the false name "Ace Locke" for your hunter identity. So far, only two people have seen through it, one of which can read minds.

You are currently in the Other World, Earth, trapped in a hellish wasteland Vee called 'California.'

71 posts and 7 images submitted.
so far you have:
>Updated your bunker database
>registered to the Hunter's guild (and flirted with the receptionist)
>Recruited Pisteia, the Mercenary Princess (Knight)
>Completed Nissa Estalise's quest
>Eliminated a raider stronghold
>Taken control of Outpost Charlie and looted it.
>Repaired a Raider buggy
>Repaired the lift to the outpost garage
>Secured an Otharthurian Outrider
>Secured a Patrol tank
>Met with the Archivum
>Got a lot of money
>Went to Lethbridge
>Discovered and recruited fellow 13th legion soldier Almeda Irnan (Adriana Hammer)
>Acquired quest from Captain Hendrick to obtain his ship.
>Entered the Ruined Ollamic City of Kantrel
>Secured an Ollamic luxury floatcar
>Looted the underground city of Kantrel
>Secured Terminal 48 and renamed her Artoria.
>Obtained a large cargo ship
>Repaired the tank, moved vehicles to ship.
>Recruited a mercenary dragon hunter temporarily
>You slew a blood dragon
>you obtained a plot of land and are building a rather large palace and homes atop it.
>You traveled to Inisvale in Inis Duchy
>You recruited Clark Howard Thule, conduit of forgotten gods.
>You observed the current base of FEATHER forces
>You recruited Uriel 'Rumor,' the bard of phantasms.
>gained party member ???? the ????????????
>Did battle with a faerie
>Recruited Dr. Alleria Trost, Shapeshifting Scientist and FEATHER director.
>Recruited Lily Tekel Trost, Eldritch shapeshifter.
>Brokered an alliance between FEATHER and Alainn
>Killed Duchess Inis
>destroyed Garvelton's operations in a major battle
>Gave Inis duchy to FEATHER.
>Turned in items for reward from the Archivum.
>Traveled to Dise duchy.
>took part in harvest festival of Vor'Ma preparations.
>Spent harvest festival with Almeda
>Went to Titan's Arm mountains.
>Obtained an airship
>Went to Sky Fortress Lothos
>Entered Professor Trost's Lab
>Activated modified golem
>Met the madman and Vee
>Was cured of fae influence
>Helped Professor Trost take control of the Skyfortress
>Agreed to visit Earth
>Freed Artoria from her programming
>Recovered Clark
>Entered the Anomaly
>destroyed three bioweapons in accessing Lab 3
>Teamed up with Dr. Vira Krasis and was betrayed by her.
>United with FEATHER Hazard Team
>Looted a Laboratory Armory
>Killed an escaped test subject.

The following is information you have collected:
>The Archivum is a worldwide network of academic nature that is studying the ruins of the past. They pay well for artifacts.
>Nissa returned to Korlanis
>the 14th legion turned on Alainn and are now the raiders under the orders of a general
>Kantrel fell apart underground due elitism and pale horrors lurking in the underground sea
>Ollam used humans as nodes of their data network
>A very prolific Archivum archaeologist might have an idea about who you are.
>Clark was present during the disaster of Otharthur that led to the ban of magic.
>Pisteia is a princess
>Clark can read people's minds
>Uriel is Garvelton's son
>Faerie exist in another world called Earth and can pass through anomalies.
>FEATHER has come from somewhere called Earth and bear weapons comparable to Alainn.
>Alleria is a fae, and her daughter is a shapeshifting creature.
>Alleria, Lily and Clark are stabilizing Inis and repurposing it for FEATHER.
>Jeremy Trost appears shortly after the Flying Specter does.
>Garvelton got away during your battle.
>Harvest Festival is in celebration of Vor'Ma, a god of an Alainn religion.
>Almeda went to the Grand General (your glorious leader) directly just to be deployed in the same area and time as you.
>Jeremy Trost left behind crops.
>Dragon Rangers are interfering with Archivum activities in Titan's Arm
>Raiders have a main base in Titan's Arm.
>Vee is destroying golems in Lothos.
>Jeremy's laboratory is filled with fae dust from killing fae. A pale horror was destroyed almost instantly.
>Jeremy's laboratory bears patterns and tech that is impossible.
>The Flying Specter is in Lothos.
>Jeremy Trost is afraid of FEATHER tracking you, and has infiltrated the Hunter's Guild.
>Jeremy Trost is the Madman
>Vee is an android
>Anti-fae weaponry exists, Jeremy makes it.
>FEATHER has rapidly altered Inis.
>Feather controls the human population of the current region you are in, although Fae control most of the region.
>Lab 4 has gone silent. Fae have not reached it.
>Lab 3 is run by Dr. Vira Krasis, one of Jeremy's and FEATHER's enemies. They and other labs want him and Vee.
>Jeremy's weapons were found in the Lab 3 armory
>FEATHER wants Laboratory information and equipment.
>Lab 3 has a section sealed off for containment. It is not secure.

Current tasks:
>Go to Earth and recover Jeremy Trost's materials.

Current factional standing displayed

Your current score:
Land Claimed: Koro Duchy Manor.
Vehicles obtained: 4 (+1 extra)
Airships: (Unnamed) - Archivum cargo airship
Permanent party members obtained: 7 (3 unavailable)
Allied factions: FEATHER
Harvest Festival Partner: Almeda Irnan
>Memento: Vor'Ma's Tankards. - an item you and Almeda have one each of from the same set. It is an omen of a strong bond between the owners if both tankards are from the same set.
>Special Weapon: Anti-Fae Gun - An item that will outright kill lesser Faerie in combat.
>Special Weapon: Matter Reformatter - A basic Transmogrification weapon with a 50% chance of hitting the user.
>Special Weapon: Audio Disruptor - A weapon that uses sound to liquefy the innards of a target.
>Special Weapon: Life Siphon - drains the vitality of other and gives it to you and your party.


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