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In ages long past, the Lussurian Empire spanned the known world. The empire's supreme magical might secured the nation's prosperity for centuries. The nation's opulence grew over time and its citizens became increasingly decadent. Corruption spread, misuse of magic skyrocketed, and in time; the whole of The Empire collapsed under its own weight. Civilization vanished.

One thousand years hence, several countries have since sprung from the ashes, magic seen as a dangerous but necessary tool. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in that fallen empire. Scholars believe that the magic of old may yet be used properly, but lore of those times is all but gone. The ruins of that mighty age still stand, and scholastic fervor has summoned a new profession; the Treasure Hunter.

But the magic of the old empire still lingers in the unexplored ruins, and is dangerous to body and mind.

In more ways than one...
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You are Alex von Delceia, Spirit Warden and graduate of The Circle of Rocca. You were born a ritual accident fusing two fraternal twins together into a hermaphrodite form.
You with your Sorceress friend, Saturia, decided to travel to the Country of Goruda to make your fortune. With the patronage of the portly Elvish Antiqutairan Molla Nosa, you headed to the south eastern corner of the country to follow a lead to a Shrine, A place of great significance to The Old Empire. You depostied your loot with your employer and enjoyed a well earned rest

However after you spend the day in well earned relaxation, the next morning you find Saturia's bust had doubled in size! After doing some peliminary Magical examination, you find that the Statuette of the goddess is most likely to blame for this! You attempted to track Molla Nosa down, but to no avail. You are now at Molla Nosa's villa, and her house maids have informed you that she has taken a trip, most likely by ship. The maids have invited you in, claiming they have run of the house hold in Molla Nosa's absence.
Old THread

Last Story Post

Alex von Delceia The Human Spirit Warden
>Class Features:
> ---Spirit Auto-possession: At Dawn, Noon and Midnight: you may perform a ritual that summons a heroic spirit into yourself, gaining their skills and their powers.

> ---Spirit Binding: Store standard spirits (ex. Wind spirits) into fetishes (objects) to do your bidding later. Create one use magic item.

> ---Cantrips: Every magic user can do cantrips, it's how you learn! But don't discount the ability to levitate small objects, or create light from rocks.

>Specialties: (Leadership) (Appraisal)

>Character traits: (Body: Hermaphrodite); (Adventure: Fast Healer) (Mind: Deviant Tastes) (Mind: Sweet Tooth) (Body: Fertility Icon)

>Physical Description: Your former trim and corded muscle supports a new, soft and mildly motherly physique . Your chest balloons out to more than full melons now. your stomach pouches out a bit. Your hips are wider than your shoulders and your thighs rub together slightly.


Alex's Inventory.

Channeled Spirit:

Bound Spirits


Held items
-Badge of Graduation, Circle of Rocca
- Amber Jewlery (stored mana for spells)
- Short Saber x2
- Spirit Warden Armor
-Bullet Resistant Vest
- Spirit Fetishes (The objects, again)

Stored Items

- Lewd lingerie
-Winter clothing
-2 weeks of good rations
-Love potion
- four bags of Hard candy
-2 pounds of chocolate
-Portable Tub
-assorted cookware
-Adventuring Basics for the traveler
-Spirits and you; a traveler's guide
-Beast folk breeds, illustrated Guide
- Romancing the Civilized races, A guide to the novice Ladykiller
- The Venus, nude renditions of the epitome of beauty. Illustrated.
- how to attract men, a novice's guide
- Small picture of two young children, Alexis and Aaron von Delceia (Deceased)

Accept the invitation! ! We have an opportunity to get some lore!... and a free breakfast

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You are a Gigan under the named Glewvar. Though you are ten feet tall and weigh in at seven hundred pounds, you are still smaller than your average Gigan. What inspired you to fight was the unstoppable wrestler Grendal. Every Saturday night, you would tune into the Gigan Wrestling Federation to watch Grendal fight to defend the GWF Belt. When you heard he was going to the Canopy Kingdom to fight their champion Beowulf for not just the Gigan title but the Canopy Kingdom heavyweight championship belt you couldn’t contain your excitement.

However, once the day came and you turned on your TV to watch, you knew something was off as soon as he stepped into the ring. His movements seemed more erratic than in most of his matches and he was much slower as well. Maybe it was just pre match nervousness, then he started to loose. No, he couldn’t lose! HE’S GRENDAL THE UNSTOPPABLE, HE CAN’T LOSE TO JUST A GUY WITH A WOLF GIMMICK AND A STEEL CHAIR! Glued to your TV, you watched as slowly, Grendal was withered down until, that singular blow, knocked him down. Your mouth hanged open as the referee announced the winner… Beowulf, the resident champion of the Canopy Kingdom. A technologically advanced kingdom but one filled with weaklings who rely on gadgetries rather than their might. After that, your nation became laughable, only to be mocked as one of the Gigan nations best was defeated by a joke. It angered you and filled you with bitterness and anger unmatched by anyone or thing around you. Yet, despite Grundal’s defeat, you still kept your morale high. In fact, his defeat only hardened your resolve as you began your training and career as a wrestler.

Training in grappling, you use your opponents own weight and clumsiness to your advantage, you’d slam and throw them around, all the while making use of submission holds to tire them out or lead them into more grappling techniques. Soon, and by soon you mean a decade later, you became a wrestler just like Grendal. Fighting your way up the ladder, you became one of the Gigan nation’s best wrestlers, even claiming the GWF championship belt. Holding the gold for the first time, you were approached by Gilgamesh himself, the king of the entire Gigan nation. He gave you a mission, to hunt down some monster that terrorizes the Canopy Kingdom and destroy it.

Something called a “SkullGirl”, it uses powerful magic and it protects the “Skullheart”. From all the reports that came in it sounded strong and looked strong, with a big bounty on its head, and its reward was untold amounts of glory. Maybe, just maybe, if you could defeat this Skullgirl and Skullheart you could restore your nation’s former glory! Gilgamesh pays for your ride over to the Canopy Kingdom an air zeppelin. With determination in your eyes and years of wrestling under your belt to hunt them down and by man or god nothing will get in your way. Not unless they want their spine to be worn like a necklace.
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Landing in the Canopy Kingdom, you can truly feel its massive size and technological advances. Multiple air zeppelin dot the skies with steam pouring out of them, trains shoot by like bullets, cars and taxis beep and creep along the road. You have no idea where to even go, let alone look for the Skullgirl...

>Check out the River King Casino, someone must have an idea on where she could be...
>Head to the New Meridian Arena. it would be nice to get in some training in before beginning the hunt.
>Other (Write in)

>Check out the River King Casino, someone must have an idea on where she could be...


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Castle Diluvium.png
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Previous threads:

Previously, our protagonist Jack picked up a lizard chick in a swamp, had a near-death experience with feral beasts, and got his plans for incest ruined. He's currently having a serious chat with his grandpa about that.
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>[]Shit... I need to apologize to Rose.
>[]I regret nothing!
Grand pa y you argest banging cusins and sisters to keep thr blood line pure?
I thought she would be more tolerating, or have a sense of humor at least.

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I'm intending for this civilization game to be something of a mixture between standard civ fare and some of the more hard-core civ threads we had a few years back.

I'll need three votes for our race, and three for our place.
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Fairy nigga FAIRY





Oh "That guy which always picks Fairies", why do you always pick fairies?

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Welcome to Rainbow Tribes
In this game you will take control of a tribe and along with the other players of your tribe, you will develop culturally, technologically, and historically in order to progress and prosper.

> Each turn is 2 weeks
> Each turn you can do 5 things. Actions, Research, Trade, Diplomacy & WAR.
> Each turn you are limited to 1 research, 3 actions, 1 trade, 1 diplomacy & 1 war.
>If infrastructure is built you may do more of each (e.g. university, military barracks, embassy etc)
> To avoid salt from other races, turns must be feasible and believable considering the situation and knowledge of the race at the time ("Done IC"). Being specific in turns are also preferred as it reduces salt & helps writing
> WAR MUST be declared the turn before any war action happens, once war is declared, an attack may happen at any point until PEACE is declared
>No Secret turns
> You MUST be in discord to play

To clarify what the types of moves entail:
-Actions (Literally doing things, building, traveling, gathering).
- Research (Developing new Ideas & techs, Upgrading/changing old ideas & techs)
- Trade (Exchanging 1 thing for another
- Diplomacy (Making deals with other tribes/NPCs)
- War (Moves aimed at destroying another faction.)

>If a turn is viewed as particularly creative or well thought out, it will be given the INNOVATIVE or PLANNED bonus. Giving +10 to it's roll or a bonus effect. Both simultaneously may be given the INGENIOUS bonus of +25 on rolls & maybe a bonus effect.

>Last time on Rainbow tribes

-Splintered red's got involved in the mountain war. Scarlets fled looking for protection & Maroons are standing their ground, risking it all for the glory of the rat goddess

Greens became Gray messengers, set up a town and are attempting to become switzerland

Blues liberated the goblin capital, pulled the strings in the goblin war, moved to volcano island and have just become religious fanatics of quetzalcoatl

Oranges dealt with a werewolf curse, allied with purples and waged war on the goblins.

Previous thread >>1733082

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Scarlets develop shoes to help them walk further and keep their feet in good condition. They can now walk a little further each turn

Scarlets send a group to lie in wait for the purple in the long grass of the surrounding meadows. They ambush and kill him. Purples know what direction the scarlets fled in, but not where they went...for now. Scarlets have a singular horse which Red Leader Stoppu now rides upon.

Scarlets arrive at the gray town , begging for asylum. They have been hunted, traveled far and have women and children. They have sacrificed much. Scarlets offer grays their services as exceptional craftsmen in return for asylum, and a place to call their own. Grays agree, seeing no point in wiping out this small band of refugees. They dislike the purples anyway.

Grays place scarlets near the river by their capital, giving them the tools to build and craft. THey also give them a small section of land surrounding to grow their own crops.
Scarlets will be requested to create a commission for the king every turn, they will be paid and IF duty calls far down the line, grays expect scarlets to repay the debt by assisting grays. Grays will supply scarlets with crafting knowledge (if they know it) and the materials to create the commissions.

Grays use their new forges to finish their bronze tools.

The king wishes for scarlets to prove themselves decent craftsmen and requests a large shipment of iron horseshoes.
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Marroon 17.png
24KB, 1152x648px
Maroons are in desperate times, they need to attempt to kill orcs from far away, close range they are completely fucked. Maroons create poor bow & arrows from animal sinew, wood & copper.

In the face of this huge threat and imminent death, the maroons are scared shitless. Many are tempted to run away and defect . Fuck red rat!

Red Rat gives them a rousing speech about the glory of battle, and the rewards of victory. The joy of the state and how they are the chosen, destined to rule. That they must prove themselves worthy and deserving of the great rat mother's titties.
The great painter draws an emaculate portrait of the rat goddess. This is his finest, and he fears, maybe his last great work. The maroons gather round and have a somber fap together for possibly the last time. Hand in hand some weep , others finish. This is their day of reckoning...there is no running... Rat mother be with us.
INNOVATIVE No maroons flee and despite their terrible mood, they are willing to die to protect what they love. This massive porn piece of the great rat mother. They are also able to actually make all the stuff they need thanks to the mystical powers of porn and facing death and OP's heartstrings.

Maroons position themselves at the tops of the paddy walls and attempt to shoot the orc army, ready to stab any who get too close. Many orcs laugh while others get angry with confusion. Orcs hold up their shields and sprint at the rice terraces, aiming to parkore their way up for that maroon booty. Orc crossbowmen shoot from behind and ramps are brought to the front to make scaling each tier easier. Reds manage to kill a few using their bows and arrows through the armour at each layer before being forced to retreat. Each terrace , less and less maroons survive the arrows. In the end maroons made a good dent thanks to the terrain advantage and the rat goddess liking them, each taking an orc with them at least. 15 orcs died for the 15 brave maroon defenders. Shot in the backs as they attempted to defend their right to porn.

Orcs have reached the maroon entrance! They rush in and are quickly killed by the traps. 10 more orcs die from stupidity before the orcs stop. Orcs set up camps at the entrance. Orc warriors and crossbow women are stationed outside the exit while orcs think of what to do. They occasionally send a goblin down the tunnel to double check the traps are still there. Yep.
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Greens improve their ships for the purposes of transporting cargo and goods by adding hulls.

Greens build a pier and shipyard for their planned naval activities, making green town a port. Greens have more ships

Greens begin to breed their horses. Greens have more horses

Greens deliver their message to yellow-gray harbor, greens get paid.

Gray's request you deliver food estimate documents between the mayors of gray towns this fortnight. Winter is coming, will grays be ok?

Greens love exploring the world and meeting people, but dislike the fighting. Greens decide to attempt to host a meeting between the known clan leaders. Greens want to be a neutral messenger and transport nation!
This meeting will take 2 turns to organise.

>Twitter: https://twitter.com/Judge_Presiding
>Last Thread: >>1804524 (http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1804524/)
>Linkbin: https://pastebin.com/Nrccskfg
>Discord (New!): https://discord.gg/7Jpsyrq

When last we left off:
The rest of the weekend passes in a series of rainstorms. There’s a memorial of the victims of 9/11 observed on Tuesday, and while you personally weren’t alive when the tragedy occurred, heavy rains and in-class discussion help remind you that your uncle was part of New York’s Bravest during the attack- thankfully, he was not killed in the effort.

Young boys often aspire to be firefighters, and you sure did after seeing what his job was like. You wonder how many lives he was responsible for pulling from danger, and feel thankful your parents weren’t in either of the towers at the time.

EARLY MORNING, Thursday September 13th (Weather: Moderate Rain. Forecast for tomorrow: Light Rain.)
>>Gold Day Schedule:
>Computer Studies
>Science (Chemistry)

You’ve been studying your bottom off for the exams this week, and have a baseball game after school. Martinez’s first game is tomorrow, you remember intending to attend.

>>Try to get to breakfast early and see if they have anything special today
Interestingly, they have glazed cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Good, because that other one was getting a little stale. Or maybe you ate it. Come to think of it, what happened to all those consumables you had?
You shrug, figuring you must have eaten or used them all and forgotten about them.
(Got Cinnamon Roll! Consume during or outside battle to heal slightly and calm your emotions!)

>Meet up with someone before school
Evelake is just finishing up a healthy breakfast with a hesitant snack of the same treat you got. Maybe he's concerned about eating too much sugar?
Despite his demeanor being cheerful already, he brightens up even more when he sees you. "Oh! Hi, Boss!"

>>Ask what he was up to yesterday
"Oh, you mean what I was doing at the convention?" he hesitates a bit. "Well, I got to talk to one of Walt's friends." he visibly blushes. "She was really cool, and we got to talk a bit about combat and Myths and..."
His blush fades and he stares at the table with a pained expression as if he were sick to his stomach. "And about... my accident. She's the same sort of person, you see. Like me."

>>She's the same sort of person, you see. Like me.
>Like what? You're not any different from the rest of us.
>Was she hot? Blonde?
>Did you want to talk about your accident?
>I meant to ask: Why does that Harpe lady scare you so much?
>Keith and I are going to the football game tomorrow. Wanna tag along?
>Speaking of 'Walt's friends', I want to talk to you about Mr. Bennett.
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>Was she hot? Blonde?
>Did you want to talk about your accident?
>I meant to ask: Why does that Harpe lady scare you so much?
>>Was she hot? Blonde?
"Yes and yes," he says before he can 'correct' himself. The younger boy squirms, and you're sure he's self-conscious about having a crush on someone much older than he is.

>>Did you want to talk about your accident?
After thinking it over, David takes a deep breath. "Yes, I think so. But I want to have everyone together when I explain what happened." It's obvious that this accident is deeply important to his past.

>>I meant to ask: Why does that Harpe lady scare you so much?
You note that Evelake's normally the bravest of the group, but he can't produce an answer that satisfies either of you. "I don't know. She just... She just scares me. Like if a giant snake could talk. And fire bullets from its... hands? You know what I mean." Your friend sighs and shakes his head.

He looks at the clock. "Ah! I think classes are starting soon!" standing up and putting his dishes away, he apologizes for leaving so soon. "Sorry, I've just got to make sure I do well on these tests. I've studied really hard for them, I can't waste that by being late."

Dashing away before you can ask any more questions, David barely dodges a small boy carrying papers while jogging through the hall. You've seen the boy he nearly bumped into before- he's the student council secretary, Bill Banks, who's gotten a lot of flak from his last name. Banks gives David a dirty look and makes sure the papers he's carrying are organized before hustling to the Student Council Room.

You should probably get to your classes, too.

OOC: Post got stopped by some embed error on the video. Pretend I put music here.

English first. You've had to read most of the Grapes of Wrath, now it's time to see how much of it you can remember.
>During what time period does the Grapes of Wrath take place?
>>A: Great Depression
>>B: World War I
>>C: World War II
>>D: The Roaring 20s
>Who does Jim Casy represent?
>>A: The impoverished citizens of the United States
>>B: He's a Christ figure
>>C: He represents evil and temptation
>>D: Casy has no symbolic importance.

Once you've completed that test, math is next:
>What is the value of sin(x), where x = (pi/2)?
>>A: 1
>>B: 0
>>C: pi/2
>>D: -1
>Must a continuous function be differential?

Your time spent programming makes Bennett's test a breeze, but you still have chemistry:
>What is the most common element?
>>A: Oxygen
>>B: Kryptonite
>>C: Hydrogen
>>D: All of the above
>What is the atomic number of oxygen?
>>A: 9
>>B: 10
>>C: 42
>>D: 8
>A: Great Depression
>A: The impoverished citizens of the United States
>A: 1
>C: Hydrogen
>D: 8

Is it sad that I'm a computing major, but I only really remember the chemistry stuff off the top of my head?

File: Soul Sister Quest.jpg (441KB, 2000x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Soul Sister Quest.jpg
441KB, 2000x1200px
That bed left you weak and dizzy; you are simply not used to that kind of quality.
Keeping your eyes open towards the Physics teacher is a chore, but if she calls you out
sleeping again it will be worst.

And that breakfast... maybe you had an angel for breakfast. Maybe they can afford that.
Lumina's family reminds you of the Zoldicks, a family of assassins from Hunter X Hunter. You
figure that as long as she doesn't tear your heart out everything should be daijobu.

In front of the classroom, Maki talks and talks. She must be trying to stay awake for at least
half the class. It's chilly, people exhale fog, and Valery is shaking as much as her teeth.
Which is unsurprising since she's only wearing her black top-tank. You, on the other
hand, came prepared. The first fresh breeze of the morning was enough for your girlfriend
to dress you in an extremely expensive leather coat, one of those with a massive fur
coat around the neck. Very furry. And, since you argued that the suit wouldn't make any
sense without a cane because you didn't want to get bullied at school, she gave you one.
Made of gold. And Jade.

And maybe that's why Trish keeps glaring at you.
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Believing in ghosts and dragons is as tempting as it is retarded. Like believing that everything
is gonna be alright just because. Claw your way out of autismo or enjoy thinking yourself
superior to everyone else. That's what this quest is all about.

Welcome to Soul Sister Quest. My bathroom is flooding so I'll be posting in an hour or so.
Cane is cool.
Later check if it has a sword in it.
Like a bell, Maki's snores mean that the class is over. She had just sat down to correct some
exercises, and now her head is laying on the back of the chair. Alone, Romina walks up to
her desk, grabs the decks of paper, and goes back to her place. The door opens and it's
Professor Walker, sweating visibly.

"Aight, yo," he blurts out loud, as everyone turns to look at him, "here da thing. Can't teach
shit today. Bad stuff. BAD STUFF, nigga." The "shhhs!" spawn from everywhere. After
noticing the rows and rows of lips under fingers, Umo finally turns to Maki. The Physics
teacher simply lets one out deep, powerful snore. As if making a point. "Damn," Walker
whispers out loud. He looks at the students. "Aight, no class today," he whispers, making
their eyes shine, "so shushu, outta mah swamp."

"Oh fuck yes," Ado whispers as well, barely holding back the excitement. "Ooooh so fucky
fucky yes-"

Slowly, veeeery slowly, everyone stands from their desks, taking the utmost care to not make
any sound. As if not even the air should shake. From the outside it might just look creepy,
seeing all of these guys slowly raising from their desks as if they were zombies.

"HAHAHAHA," you laugh out loud, "SHE'S DROOLING LIKE A BABY!" You yell, pointing
at her and looking around. Everyone stares at you in horror as a single silver line falls from
the commissure of Maki's lips. Your next word pushes back into your throat as if you were
made to swallow a baloon. It doesn't surprise you in the least when you turn and find Trish-
who's death-staring at you. Everyone turns back to Maki. Time halts until slowly, but finally,
she snores. You glance at Ado cleaning his sweaty forehead with the back of a hand. And
to Trish, whose hand is still firmly pushed into your mouth. As if trying to get into it.


"Whyyy?" you loudly complain at Trish, who's simply giving you her casual stern glare.

"Because," she says, "it doesn't fucking fit."

You were positively gleaming at the chance to spend all that boring class time replaying
Hyperdimensional Neptunia. Were. Instead, you are at the school gate watching everyone
leave as Trish demands that you take off the coat.

"No," you declare, pouting.

Getting both hands behind her head, Trish smiles at you. "Fine by me. Valery said that if
you ran away again I wouldn't have to worry about you anymore." Now she's positively

"Why do I have to take it off?" you cry, shaking your fists.

"Becaaaause," Trish drags the word, "this is a school and you look like a pimp who fucks his
own whores."

"I look fancy," you state, "and elegant!"

"It-doesn't-fit," she says, and you can /smell/ the irritation. "That's the point. People here
look at you and think 'what the fuck is wrong with this guy, why is he wearing THAT


File: DOG.DAYS.OP.3.jpg (2MB, 1555x2058px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1555x2058px
"CHAAARGE!" One of the generals at the back of the formation yells.

Slowly, the cavalry seems to close in on Atlas. Those who get to him first are completely knocked out with gentle and fair movements from the monster of a man. He clearly doesn't seem to be paying much mind to the tiny soldiers as they charge him with sticks and swords.

His focus is still fixed on you, and he's smiling.

You are Jack Albator, impromptu general, magnificent fighter, and you appear to have a fan. Despite jumping back into the ranks of your soldiers to maximize your energy; Atlas doesn't seem the least bit deterred. Your defensive maneuver just added more targets between him and you.
That wasn't what you expected, to say the least. You thought that maybe the soldiers could box him in and then you could move in for the kill when he was having to deal with lots of little problems. Now you see that it's completely the opposite; the only little problem he has right now is you.

He easily swats away the small groups of soldiers who step forward to oppose him. Slowly, he walks through entire crowds of people; wading through them like water.
This can't keep going. It's time to change tactics.

"Yuuki, Dorje!" You call to two other nearby heroes, you have a plan. "To me! We're taking him head-on!"
"We're WHAT?!" Yuuki immediately stops at your suggestion.

"Got it!" Dorje leaps away from his group and lands beside you.
"On three!" You yell.

"Hey, wait! What's the plan?!" Yuuki doesn't seem to get that you never had one.
"Three!" You yell. You and Dorje sail over the soldiers out in front, and Yuuki hesitantly follows behind.

Atlas swats away a small shield formation that tried to poke them with their spears. Which may have worked on someone a quarter of his size.

You land near Atlas, and he immediately turns away from the cat soldier he has hoisted above his head. He unceremoniously tosses him away to focus all of his attention on you.
He's also grinning. A very toothy grin. A very big grin.

>Yuuki! Dorje! Ice+Ground!
>Start your assault with some swashbuckling! You have weapons and he only has fists!
>Three-point attack, let Yuuki and Dorje surround him on his other side.
>Just throw some magic at him and see what sticks!
>Other courageous battle plans?
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Previous Recap threads:
>Yuuki! Dorje! Ice+Ground!
Also, assuming ice+earth immobilizes him to some degree, take the opportunity to shoot him. I don't know if we can boost the magic of the gunshot but do whatever we think is most effective.

File: SWDEBanner2.jpg (360KB, 1224x944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
360KB, 1224x944px
The sensation of mass death washed over you in a turbulent wave of suffering. So much hate, misery and fear. It fed you, sustained you, even more than the actual sight of the carnage did.

Ahead of Tarkin, dwarfed by the Super Star Destroyer was the monstrous, twisted form of a Mon Cal cruiser, one of those your fleet had disabled and boarded. Even now, you could sense your Stormtroopers clearing the ship compartment by compartment. Some rebels resisted, some fled, nearly all died.

Still, of a crew of thousands, hundreds would be taken prisoner where they would continue to serve your Dark Empire, willing or unwilling. They could expect a life, albeit short, of servitude and labor in pitch-dark mines or sweltering factories. Or brief lives of pain and suffering in the dungeons of your alchemy labs. Sly Moore's mages were constantly thirsting for fresh blood to distort and change to monsters or to find new ways to disassemble living beings. Perhaps they would be subjected to interrogation and torture by Isard's agents, or mind-probed by your Inquisitors to collect any useful scraps of information they may know.

No matter their individual fates, you were certain of one thing about the survivors. They would have rather died here.
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I think this is the 50th session of Dark Empire that I've run. Achievement Unlocked: Don't Flake.

Important links:

>The story so far (Get up to speed quick!)


>Pastebin for info dumps

>Twitter feed I use to announce planned game times.

>This is the map system I use for planning

>And this is a gold mine resource for Star wars info, take with a grain of salt since this universe follows its own continuity.

>Official political map

I allow between ten and twenty minutes for voting depending on the importance of the issue and how divided the vote is. If the vote is tied up, I usually allow an extra five minutes for a tie breaker, and if no one votes, I roll for the tie breaker (The will of the Dark Side).

I always try to incorporate (and encourage!) write ins if they don't violate the spirit of voted decisions, though I may edit or tweak them to fit better.

I also am always open for questions should any arise.
The Mon Cal cruiser you watched being systematically cleared itself had no further use, having been too badly damaged in the fight, her memory banks purged by her crew before you could seize them. Unlike her nearly intact sister ship, this MC80 wouldn't even be suitable to convert to a stripped down bulk freighter.

The Rebellion had been beaten here, and soundly. You found the loss of two cruisers acceptable, even if one was Admiral Lobkin's flagship. You felt the scare was good for him. He'd survived the incident, though if this was a blessing for him or a curse, you hadn't yet decided.

Shortly after the battle had concluded, you'd received a priority message from Director Isard that the Brak Sector had officially collapsed, the last of her ships surrendering after their defeat at the Battle of New Cov. This freed up an estimated ten to twenty rebel capital ships, at least half of which were likely en route to reinforce Corellia. The others were potentially proceeding to another hotspot, either the border with Thrawn and Zsinj or perhaps one of the numerous warlord factions on the Rebel's flank.

Now may be the best chance to dislodge the Rebels from Corellia. At the same time, the forces available to you in the moment had been through heavy combat in the last few days and may not stand up against the enemy arrayed against you.

The decision ultimately lay with you, if you continued to press your advantage and attacked Corellia or called it "good enough" here.

>Strike while the iron is hot! We will attack
>Don't press our luck, we have other concerns
>Let one of my military advisers make the decision, either Zahn or Lobkin
>let's hear what our so called military advisors suggest then make a decision

Welcome one and all, to hunter x hunter quest! this quest is set in the canon hunter x hunter universe but follows the story of Derrick holums, An aspiring hunter from Yorknew city who aims to become a hunter to live a better life and repay all those helped him in his life (and make some good cash himself). Join me as we head into a journey of a lifetime: one of fun and hardship, Adventure and battle and even life and Death.

>Current Arc: Hunter Exam

The Hunter Exam is a test that happens once every year, it is known to have an extremely low pass rate and an even higher mortality rate, The Exam is a set of physical, mental and possibly even spiritual tests that push everyone who takes it to their limits and even further beyond, those who pass the test are shown to be the best of the best and are given a hunter license, which allows them access to 90% of the entire world, 75%access to restricted places in the world, free use of all public utilities, almost 0 legal consequences for murder and most importantly, A lifetime of wealth and fortune.
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>Last time on Hunter x Hunter quest.

Derrick decided that he would take on the hunter exam after months of perparation and training, he said goodbye to his home at the Drowned sorrow bar and promised that he would come back home a successful hunter. he got on a flight to the Kukan'yu Kingdom where the hunter exam is to take place. Derrick gets on the flight and quickly heads to bed only to be awakened by an announcement saying that a couple had been murdered and so he was forced to seek out the killer to end his crimes, with the aid of a woman named Rea Springfield and a man named Noell Cromwell in tracking down the killer, he finally corners him in the pools of the airship and now a battle of life and death is about to begin.
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"YOU WANT BRING JUSTICE!!TO BRING PEACE TO THE SHIP!!WELL! ANSWER ME!", as he brings his blade up in both hands, you glare at him with all the hate you can hold in your heart, you respond calmly, "Nah."

"I just want to kill you.".

You bring your body low and spread your legs to shoulder length, you turn your left foot to the side and bring your fist up and wait, you wait till the very final moment of his attack, feet firmly planted on the ground and eyes focused.

As he begins to swing his blade downwards you wait until the blade is a few meters away from your face then you quickly turn on your heels and dodge to the side of the attack. At this angle it's impossible for him to dodge a direct hit, you pull your fist back to deliver a skull shattering blow to the side of his head.
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His eyes immdeitaly turn to look at your fist in mid-swing, he pulls the blade back at surprising speed, instead of smashing his skull, your fist smashes into the sword's hilt and sends him sliding across the pool's edge.

He stands up from your strike and readies his stance, he brings his blade low and grips it with both hands, puts his left leg forward and right leg back while bending his body forward. Switching up your fighting style you take a kick-boxer's, bending your front knee slightly and pulling your back leg up slightly, you bring up your fist and prepare for another attack.

He speaks, "That was good, i blocked that attack and yet i could still feel a shock run through my head, a punch like that is the product of real life or death battles, those fist can and have killed before." He begins to laugh to himself, "How can you demonize me for murder when your a murderer yourself?"
"That's where your wrong."
"Every life I've ever taken, I've done so because i was forced too, you kill people because it fulfills your sick desires"
"Don't give me that shit, you've never felt angry at someone and killed them before? , you've never felt vengeful and destroyed someone for hurting you or someone you care about? You never had that kind of feeling before?"

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