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You are Captain Kusajishi Riku, and your morning was supposed to begin at seven.

Loathe as you are to roll out of bed, it's something that unfortunately you can't avoid forever. You eventually manage the feat only fifteen minutes behind schedule, rather unceremoniously, with a loud thud against the floorboards. Good thing Yoruichi sleeps like a dead woman when she's tired enough to sleep in like this, otherwise you'd have woken her. That's... not been great in the past.

You're not entirely sure how you manage to slip out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen without being noticed, and you're even less sure how you manage to brew a pot of coffee on top of that. By the time you've finished your first cup it's a quarter till eight.

Teeth brushed, mouth rinsed, face washed. You managed to stumble your way through a shower last night and you're just going to be hard at it all day today, so you skip that for the time being, but you do take some time to comb and carefully arrange your hair. The familiar silver hairpin goes on as the final touch, a band of wooden beads goes round your wrist, and you preen your uniform for any stray hairs or creases that would mar your perfect presentation. Finding no such infractions, you quietly declare yourself ready to be seen by the public at large.

You're still fifteen minutes behind where you wanted to be in your routine, and it's such a lovely morning that you skip your typical warm-up exercises to simply spend the next forty minutes in quiet contemplation.

Setting aside your two zanpakuto you seat yourself in a half-lotus position, take a deep breath, and shut your eyes. You sense the cool, crisp morning air wash over you, the sound of birds tittering among the trees, the smell of the grass and the water and the flowers. And in this you know you aren't alone, as Tenkotsuki and Rosa drink them in with you. One with a calm, poised grace that you still find a little frustrating at times, the other almost reluctantly, but both very much at your side.

And then someone has to go and ruin it.

“You're ten minutes early,” you tell Madarame Ikkaku upon noticing his presence.

“I thought it would be better to be early,” he argues.

“You thought incorrectly,” you reply, eyes snapping open. “You could have used those ten minutes to prepare, you could have spent less energy getting here and saved it for training... hell, if you'd spent it sleeping at least you'd be here more rested.”
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“So you're saying...”

“Basically any other use for your time would've been better, yes,” you tell him. “I told you I'll begin at precisely nine, didn't I?”


“Then you get to wait for eight minutes and thirty seconds,” you conclude, shutting your eyes once more.

The beguiled officer simply stands there at first, struggling to come up with a response... which is precisely the point. You'd suspected that Eleventh Division had mostly attracted brawlers under Zaraki's tenure, and Ikkaku's time management seems to confirm it. His technical skills are all there, but when it comes right down to it he fights purely for the love of fighting. As a fighter, all evidence you've managed to glean about him is that he's deliberately inefficient, joyfully reckless, almost devoutly headstrong.

While you certainly understand the sentiment, and despite your own style having been accused of reckless abandon a few times before, there's a point to it in your case. A constant stream of attacks from every angle, using whichever form of shinigami combat seems appropriate at the time, isn't aimed at killing immediately. That's sometimes just a happy side effect of having picked the right tool for the job and succeeded with it beyond your expectation. Instead it's meant to control tempo, to frustrate and overwhelm an opponent nearly at or even somewhat above your own level of power and skill.

That it also happens to overlap your idea of 'fun' is another happy side effect.

Eventually it seems Ikkaku decides to waste five minutes pretending to meditate, as you have been doing. There's zero chance that he'll fall into the right mindset for a long enough time for it to matter, but you allow him to try anyway.

At least until five seconds before nine, that is.

>Announce that you're heading for the Valley of Screams for a little privacy.
>Grab him by the face and take him there yourself, kick it off exactly on time.
>Attack him from a seated position, try to get a better feel for his style and skill.
>ignore the spoiler tags
>my mouse has been randomly double and even triple-clicking uncontrollably
>a new one should arrive today
>>Grab him by the face and take him there yourself, kick it off exactly on time.

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Last time, on Naruto Jounin Quest:

“Don’t worry,” you say, hand on her shoulder. “Although normally you aren’t allowed to kill an allied shinobi, the Chunin Exams are in only a few months. Finish him then.”

She turns to look at you. You give her a thumbs up. She seems confused for some reason. You don’t know why.

Ah, the ramen’s ready! Time to dig in!
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Is it time for bullying?
Yes best Naruto quest is here!!
You’ve only encountered the village’s resident jinchuuriki on a few occasions. After all, you never had a reason to seek him out. Why would you? You’ve had the unfortunate experience of facing one of them in the field before, so you’re very well aware of how unstable human weapons of the demonic variety can be. No need to accidentally trigger the poor brat to rampage inside of the village instead of outside of the village, like he was supposed to. Now, the Third Hokage claimed that the will of the Fourth was for the jinchuuriki to be renowned as a hero, yet even he considered that overly idealistic. Thus the secrecy of the matter to the younger generation. If that was really what the Fourth desired, then he would have been severely disappointed.

The only reason you’re thinking about this is because of your latest encounter with the whiskered brat. Specifically, because he’s decided to start talking to your team’s dog boy. Because you’re sitting right next to the whiskered brat, they’re actually talking over you as you’re trying to eat your ramen.

“Oi, Kiba! I haven’t seen you since graduation! How’s being a genin?”

The dog boy is about to say something, but then turns back to look at you. You slurp up some noodles, ignoring his stare, but still observing him from the edge of your peripheral vision. His mouth closes. Then it opens again.

“Uh, fine,” he says. Finally, some progress.

“Really? I just went on my first D-rank mission. I had to babysit some stupid kids.”

“Oh. Lucky you...I mean, uh, that sucks.”

“I know, right? I wanna do something cool! Save princesses, battle enemy ninja, and…well, other cool things, -ttebayo!”

“We are not allowed to perform those types of missions,” says Shino, “Why? Because they are above our level of experience. As genin, our primary goal is to increase our level under the tutelage of our jounin-sensei.”

“I don’t really get what you’re saying. But if you’re trying to say that I’m too weak, then I’m not! I graduated just like everyone else! Oh, and speaking of jounin-sensei, how’s yours? Mine is a lazy asshole cyclops who wears a mask all the time.”

You did hear he was on Kakashi’s team.

“Ours is…” Kiba turns to look at you again. You nod. “He’s the guy sitting next to us.”

“Oh, that old guy? Is he really a jounin? Hey, old guy, are you really a jounin?”

Urahara candy shop.

At the recommendation of Yata Garasu, your trusted ally, you just approved the development of a very dangerous weapon.
One that could potentially wipe out all members of the Quincy race who have declared war on you.
And even Urahara Kisuke himself has agreed with your decision after a surprisingly small amount of persuasion.
You suspect that his apparent resentment over the idea might have been just for show.

But now that all of that is said and done you are left in the shop itself with two of the smartest people you know.
"Well... now that that's settled, do you actually have a plan about what to do next?
Or was your speech about using that bomb of yours as a last resort just for the sake of appearance?"
Urahara asks you.

"Actually... I have something to tell you two."
You respond.
"Apparently the group that attacked Hueco Mundo were members of a Jagdarmee.
Erm... a hunting unit.
But after I killed their captain the rest of them scattered like insects."

Urahara begins stroking his chin.
I think I see what you're getting at.
You're saying that with this unit gone it's unlikely that the assault on your home will continue."

You nod.
If their orders were indeed to inflict as much damage on us as possible then the soldiers wouldn't just run like that once their leader is eliminated."

"It could be that they just realized it's fucking stupid to fight against you."
Yata speaks up in his typical snarky tone.

But you shake your head at that.
"That's very unlikely.
From what I've seen they are heavily indoctrinated.
Even their leader was not only prepared but eager to kill himself if it meant dragging me with him... Or at least heavily wounding me.
I'd say that based on how much they know about me they'd all sacrifice their lives if it meant taking me down.
How many men would it take? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand?
They'd probably think that to be an acceptable trade.
The only logical reason why they'd cut their losses like that is if that was never their intention."

"... What?"

"Let me explain what Kaizar is thinking."
Urahara steps up to Yata and pats his shoulder, to which your bird friend elbows him in the nose.
"Basically, Kaizar suspects that the Quincy were only meant to distract him."

"I see.
And with their forces gone like that...
We'd remain defensive for a while just in case they attack us again!"

You nod.
"They've proven that they are willing to sacrifice hundreds if needed just to achieve a greater goal.
It's very likely that all of this was just a very expensive decoy. Meant to remove us from the fight for at least a while."
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"But that still leaves one thing..."
Urahara interrupts you.
"Why did they attack the Kurosakis then?
Surely not for the same reason.
Hell, if they didn't do anything then they wouldn't be any wiser about the Quincy offensive against two planes of the afterlife..."

"What if that's exactly what they want?"
Yata speaks up.


"I mean... Isn't it possible that they want the exact opposite as with us?
What if they WANT those humies to take notice of this?
They ARE quincy, aren't they?"

"I see where you are going.
They simultaneously made sure that the hollows are busy guarding their borders AND that the Kurosakis are sufficiently baited into getting entangled in this mess."

Raising from your seat you look at Urahara.
"That leaves only one place that is guaranteed to be hit!"

"Soul Society..."
Uraharas expression darkens.
"This... is troubling to say the least."
He entwines his fingers and cracks them.
"Well, I believe it's time to call in a few favors."

"Good idea."
You respond.
"There is a group of fullbringers in town.
See if you can't get them to help.
In the meantime I'll inform the Kurosakis and-"

>Ask them for help
>Tell them to stay put


>Ask those at home for to mobilize
>Order them to stay put while you go and clean up
>Ask them to stay put, they are a target it seems.

>Moblize the army for deployment
>Tell them to stay put
If Quincy Hitler wants them involved, then it's best that they don't get involved.

>Ask those at home for to mobilize
At the very least, bring out a few of our heavy hitters. Maybe leave a few back as a contingency. I'd be in favour of dragging Marr, Dante and Nnoitra along while leaving Nel, Tia, A.A. and Starrk as goalkeepers.

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Five years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza's armies. Since that day, the Saiyans have acted as the emperor's loyal servents, sent first onto dozens of worlds, exterminating all who oppose Lord Freeza's rule. As mighty conquerors, destroying all who have stood against them, the Saiyans quickly made a name for themselves as some of Freeza's most powerful and loyal subjects.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 736. You the players control Karn, a Saiyan Brawler with a powerlevel of 41893 and are a leader of your own attack squadron. Your current teammates are: Meloka, Tunnip, and Tatsu.

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/iPAJeGJn

Allies Moves Sheet: https://pastebin.com/D53e3CCt

Quest rules:
>15 minute vote times or first vote to reach 3 votes wins, any ties decided by my roll or second vote at my discretion
>first 3 rolls count only, best of the 3 wins
>Crits are 100, unless otherwise stated
>Crit fails will count ONLY if a one is rolled and no roll passes DC, OR two 1s are rolled within those 3 rolls
>I can change any of the above at any time
>I hold final say on any decisions; write-ins are both allowed and encouraged, but will be shut down if too meta or game-breaking.

Quest will usually start every Saturday between 7-9am EST, and run through the entire weekend. Also for updates or schedule changes follow me on twitter @GrandDragonQM

Current Arc: The Hive

Let's rock!

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Last time on Saiyan Conqueror Quest:
Karn and his team finally return to Planet Vegeta. A god is met, the Prince and General leave the team, an Emperor sparred with, and invaders were mercilessly crushed. Now we rejoin Karn's crew several days later, with Karn and Tatsu sparring in the ship's Gravity Chamber.

Previous threads:
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You quickly raise your left hand, catching Tatsu's right fist inches from your face. Quickly retaliating with a right hook, Tatsu ducks underneath your swing and throws a solid left jab into your ribs. You retaliate with a quick backhand into his face, knocking the older Saiyan away and down onto his back, where he stays catching his breath.

"You're getting faster." you comment, holding a hand down to the aged Saiyan warrior. He clasps forarms with you and you help haul him to his feet, the 10x Planet Vegeta's gravity still a chore to handle.
"Thanks." he says, dusting himself off. "This gravity training's intense. What made you think of using extra gravity to train?"
"Several years back, me, Nappa, and Leyas were sent to a planet with double the gravity of Planet Vegeta." you say, walking to the control console and shutting the chamber down. "Made us a lot stronger and faster. So I figured cranking it up to insane levels with this thing'll produce insane results."
"I see." Tatsu replies, you both walking out as Meloka and Tunnip enter. "We've still got almost four full months before the next mission, any othee training you planning to do?

>Get Tatsu completly adjusted to 10x gravity
>Work on hand-to-hand offense
>Work on hand-to-hand defense
>Learn someone else's energy technique(s)
>Create new energy technique(s)
>Other(write in)

Pick up to two, no vote time limit, first to four wins.
>Get Tatsu completly adjusted to 10x gravity
>Learn someone else's energy technique(s)
We should probably learn power ball for ourselves.


[Yggdra's Roots] embarks on their first adventure as Dunndirk's champions and protectors, rooting out the advancing hordes of Moblins and Rootfallen creatures that have begun to gather at the exposed knot.

Here, they engage the sahaquin on the running waters of their sewer...

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requesting to have this thread deleted since this was posted in error. sorry for the inconvenience

File: Quest Header 2.jpg (165KB, 564x1047px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Quest Header 2.jpg
165KB, 564x1047px
>The Intro
Hey y'all. This is Abhuman Quest. In this quest you'll be playing as a young abhuman in what many call the greatest city in the world. Jewel City. In this world, somewhere between 10 to 25 percent of the worlds population possess unique abilities. These individuals are generally referred to as Abhumans. Ever since an event know as Red Friday, heroes and villains alike have become nearly commonplace across the globe and the world has survived many crises. Alien invasions, a viral plague of undead, a rogue A.I., even visitors from deep in the earth. In this land of opportunity, you will have the power to make things happen and maybe even change the world.

>The Rules
I will write up the life of our young MC and you will be given prompts to direct him. Whether you become a world class hero, revel in your infamy, or enjoy an anonymous life is all up to you.
Some things will require a dice roll to determine success or failure or something else entirely. Write In's are absolutely encouraged but I reserve the right to torpedo anything.

The voting period will last about 20 minutes after the prompts are given. I will then announce the voting closed and write up the chosen response.

>The Dice
We will be using 1d100 ninety percent of the time here. Best of three. We might use something else when applicable. I'll be running with a loose sort of degrees of success/failure thing here so no real DCs.

>The Pastebin
Here's where the info on mechanics are, along with a chart of your current stats, social links, and power progress.

>The Twitter
Follow me here for updates on runtimes and whatnot.

>The Archives
Here's the collection of past threads. Give the ones you like a thumbs up, helps let me know I'm doing it right.

>The Point
Let's have some fun.
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Lilith serious.jpg
90KB, 1000x1389px
This is more than you had expected.

The room you're standing in has low lighting, presumably to help the mood the entire establishment is trying to establish. That of a dark and moody sort of air associated with lounges from a bygone era. The obvious scent of cigarette smoke is particularly thick in here. And clings to the woman who you assume is the proprietor. Lilith. Richard's called her a friend. And compared to the men and women in expensive suits that practically line the wood paneled walls of this room, she is quite familiar with her. Calling her Lilly. But you know who she is.

Lilith, is the undisputed Queen of legal and illegal entertainment in Jewel City. Your directors have mentioned multiple times that her identity must have been scrubbed. Lilith is not her real name and she has never used an alias. She simply appeared about a decade and a half ago and slowly worked her way to the top of her own section of the criminal underworld. She is also regarded as one of the most elusive villains of Jewel City, despite her very public identity. Everything she does is masked in legality, it's known that she has hands in all kinds of things. But one thing should be noted. She holds a passionate hatred for anything even resembling human trafficking or slavery. And she has used her influence, wealth, and power to crush it underfoot many times in the past.

Quite a few normal civilians thank her for the virtually non-existent human trafficking in Jewel City. That does not sit well with the police. As such, many cases have been leveled against her. But not a single one has been successful. Not to mention that somehow, it is known that she is an abhuman, but her abilities are completely unknown. And the Corp you work- used to work for. Has quite the resources at their disposal. If even their own files do not contain her secret then it must be one of the most well kept secrets in the city.

Richards, or 'Angie' as she's been called by Lilith. Practically flops down into a pristine white chair in front of the villains large wooden desk. The woman herself looks at you with eyes that seem to shift between predatory and pure curiosity. She gracefully slides her waterfalls of raven hair off of her shoulders to her back and smiles again. "Please. Come in and have a seat. I treat my guests well. I can assure you."

As you take another step across the floor to get closer you are suddenly reminded of your quickening heartbeat. You can feel the eyes of each and every one of her employees as you walk the simple several feet from the door to the chair. But Lilith simply smiles and waits patiently. The music emanating from the main room echoes into this room and you can feel it go from the soles of your feet up to the top of your head. The squeak of your shoes against the floor makes your eye twitch. And you can feel cold sweat slowly roll down your smooth head.

"Zee? You ain't lookin so hot, you okay?" Richards reaches out but retracts her hand before she gets too close.

"I- I will be fine, Richards." She frowns, but doesn't say anything else.

You sit in the chair, as it seems Lilith will not commence her end of the conversation until you do so. The villainess seems pleased when you finally do so. "Hmm... I'm not quite sure where to begin. This is quite the fortunate meeting for me. Angie, perhaps we should start from the beginning, I trust you have a good reason for bringing your friend here so I'll get to the point. What can I do for you both?"

The mercenary beside you speaks first. "I know I usually call before I show up, but tonight is kinda sorta an emergency."

Lilith produces an electronic cigarette from her jacket pocket and presses down a button until a ring lights up around the device's opposite end and a slow wisp of smoke forms from the thin tube. "Please, tell me more."

Richards visibly cringes over the sight. "Lil, why do you gotta smoke that crap when you can afford tons of the good stuff!"

Lilith just sighs. "Because Angelica, your traditional product still causes some health issues, despite the companies promoting otherwise. Electronic tastes better, smells better, and won't give me cancer." Her smoke smells like cinnamon, and apples.

"They haven't done that for like two decades!"

She continues to just smile. "Regardless Angelica, you know I do not act without all of the reasonably acquirable information. And so I implore you. Tell me about your night."

"Oh right yeah. So..." Richards recounts events without any discrepancies from what she had told you. All the way up until the ride here. Lilith absorbs it all without saying a word. She rolls her cigarette between her fingers with a slightly distant look on her face.

She is no longer smiling. "And this corporation, are you aware of their name? Mister..."

"My designation is-"

Richards throws up her hands. "Just call 'im Zee for cryin out loud."

She looks to you. "Is this acceptable to you?"

You shrug. "I suppose. If my designation is so inconvenient to the conversation." You find yourself looking down at your suit. "They are known as Prometheus Biotech."

Richards nearly spits at the words while Lilith merely raises an eyebrow. "So, the largest biotech corporation in the world is training their own living weapons. But that raises another question." She points the cigarette in your direction. "Were you made, or were you born?"

"Taken." The word nearly flies out of your mouth. Surprising yourself, you take a moment before continuing. "I was taken, kidnapped when I was 10 years old. I- I was not born there."

Surprising you again, she smiles again, this time it's... warmer. "So you should have a name, not a designation. Do you remember your name?"

Do you remember your name? Do you? You haven't- you haven't thought about it in so long. Your brow furrows in concentration and Lilith just holds up a hand. "It is more than fine if you cannot or do not wish to remember. I know what sort of things you've been put through. Let us focus elsewhere, shall we?" She leans forward in her chair, her white suit becomes illuminated by the shaft of light flowing down onto her desk. "You are out of the hands of those who would control you. You may be overwhelmed, you may be full of ideas. So I ask you, could you tell me how I can help you?"

The question takes you off guard, you feel your eyes widen just a bit and Lilith just holds that same ever calm expression. Seconds pass, and you can't seem to find the words. How can she help you? What you wanted was quite simple not too long ago. But you're no longer there, now you are here. And they cannot take you back. So what do you want? No one is giving you an order, Carver is not here to threaten you, scientists are not here to cut and burn you.

What do you want?

>"Why are you helping me so readily?"
>"...how do you and Richards know each other?"
>"I want the life that was taken from me."
>"I only want to survive, and I never want to go back."

File: 1502429306263.jpg (498KB, 1910x3450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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First time doing a quest so go easy please :^).

Choose of the following :
> A desert. In the distance is a tower and you hear the sounds of battle. 7 horses bound to a pole are near you.

> You feel the waves rock the boat and hear the yells or the captain. The cabin is lavishly decorated, with kraken on near everything you see.

> Cries of ecstacy fill your ears, and smells assault your senses from which you only get the wine, perfume and piss&shit from outside the window. You are in a bed with noone else in the room.

> An all encompassing cold seizes your skin, and every breath you take brings it into your body. You are however not bothering it. Snow is all you see.

> Music, screams of traders and the lapping of water against stone is all you hear. What you see, however, is a black and white door on a Huge stone building about 100meter from you.

Rolls will be 1d6 for non-combat and 1d100 for combat related things.

The setting, if you dont already know will be told early on 4 out of 5 times, which depends on your choice. Have at it!
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>Errors because im on phone:
Choose one of the following *
You are, however, not bothered by it.*
About 100meters from you*

If no choice is made in 30minutes the dice gods may choose themselves :^)
>> Music, screams of traders and the lapping of water against stone is all you hear. What you see, however, is a black and white door on a Huge stone building about 100meter from you.
>> Music, screams of traders and the lapping of water against stone is all you hear. What you see, however, is a black and white door on a Huge stone building about 100meter from you.

File: Miranda Styles #35.png (340KB, 577x894px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Miranda Styles #35.png
340KB, 577x894px
Feels like you've been playing this damn card game forever. You know you haven't, but you get the feeling that that's intentional. Just another way that Nero is trying to disorient you. Especially considering you managed to hold out so long. Ziren's busted, having been taken out in his last all-in attempt with the last of his motes. He'd fallen to Rochwald's Full House, much to the laughter and Claudi is struggling as well. Rochwald's comfortable, obviously, and Nero is sitting fine as well, though his stack of motes also were dropping. It certainly didn't help your own pile that he seemed to be asking questions that were innocuous; but to you clearly fishing for some kind of information. You'd kept details fairly light so far, but they still seemed interested. You weren't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

Hello, players, and welcome back to Magical Girl For Hire Quest!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Magical%20Girl%20For%20Hire%20Quest
General Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/MGFHQHandler
Character Details: http://pastebin.com/9J70gqM2 - UPDATED
Miranda's Techniques: http://pastebin.com/eTu7U2PZ
FAQ: http://pastebin.com/8unLWUjF
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MGFHandler

You are Miranda Styles, a relatively unscrupulous magical girl currently working for Silver Eye Solutions, a umbrella corporation for magical girl mercenaries such as yourself, located in scenic The Intersection, a dimensional nowhere and everywhere where you rest, recuperate, live, and get details for your next job. You’ve been embroiled in a card game with some members of Interdiction, the top Outgoer outfit in the Intersection, and they’ve been hinting at something...
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Ziren chugs a glass of wine- he had decided to have a bit of drink to drown his sorrows after he got knocked out, and the rest of the table had elected to have a bit as well. Nero was sipping on some strange green drink, while you had decided to stay sober for this one. Rochwald had also gamely resisted the sweet siren song of alcohol.

"Gah..." Nero scratches his head with the back of his hand. "All this has reminded me; Sis, did you talk to the guys upstairs about the big event?"

“Oh, riiiight…” She has the good grace to look embarrassed. "Forgot. I'll do it right after the game." She turns to you before you can even ask. "Don't tell anyone, but Interdiction's having this big recruitment exhibition in a few days. All the best of the best are going to be out there strutting their stuff in a special arena were we're allowed to really go whole hog. Doing demonstrations, talks, even a little friendly open challenges. It'll kinda be like a fair, and we're gonna hold it in the Festival District, even! Going to be offering sign-ups right then and there too for anyone interested!"

Well, now isn't that lovely.

>What are they doing that for? Aren't they already the biggest?
>Will you be doing anything for it?
>That's a little extravagant, isn't it?
>>Will you be doing anything for it?

I'm guessing this is the reason we were invited
"I've already got a job though." shrug. "Not a fan of show-offs."

File: 1503162825285.jpg (304KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304KB, 1280x1024px
As everyone stands out in the AC airfield, the thought of how abnormal this is really hits you.
The mothership is gone, but every pilots desire to go to space is still stopped by the now automated defence network the vannai left behind.
As you all wait around doing your last minute rituals, the command agent for the day walks u-oh it's tommy and Editi.
Tommy: "Hello everyone! Now you all may be thinking "Hey Tommy, isn't it a commander that is supposed to brief us?"
"Well you're right, but I offered to do it for him... You see there is that nasty defense network that you are being sent to blow up right?"
Editi nods and speaks. "Well Tommy learned a bit more about Vannai automated networks recently and made a bypass to control the network."
Tommy: "Right! If you can get close, you can keep all the people that would like a defence network happy!"
Editi then frowns and becomes serious. "The issue is you all need to get to the 4 sensor satellites that feed the targeting info for the two beam satellites."
Tommy: "Which means you would have to contest twice as much satellites while also avoiding being hit by the satellites you can just blow up."
Editi: "At least the smaller point defense satellites near each kind are less in number about the sensor satellites."
Tommy then smiles. "But that's all for you to pick to fight when you get up there! For now..." He rises up his forarm to bring up a wrist screen.
"I'll just give you all the bypass virus to put into the sensor satellites when you breach their armor. The virus will tell you what you need to do if you don't have hacking tools."
Editi shows a grim smile. "Think of it as the old world game methods of a 'quick time event.'"
As she chuckles, Tommy goes on with his smile. "Any questions?"

>POST 1/2
>Game will start in 70 min!
161 posts and 13 images submitted.
File: Za warudo.png (2MB, 1131x1013px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Za warudo.png
2MB, 1131x1013px
>Mission requires EC 2+3. No exceptions.
>This requirement is partly why the wait time is an hour.
>There are two objectives where there is a mission complete with one completion:
1. Hack or destroy the 4 sensor satellites.
2. Hack or destroy the 2 laser beam satellites .
>While it is impossible to fully escape the sensor network; however it is possible via the small jamming equipment you where given to escape detection after you position yourselves to ride out an orbit to the next satellite.

>Post 2/2
>>Do we post builds now?
"Leave it to me to blast these motherfuckers to kingdom come!"

File: Dramallamamon.png (410KB, 666x686px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410KB, 666x686px
It's time for you daring denizens to defend the Digiverse from danger and disaster.

Three meddlers, two siblings, or a lone "hero" - take control of the story of your choosing and fight to protect two worlds. What evil has befallen these realms? Who could be responsible? How can you hope to stand up to the odds? Find out in DIGIMANZ: the QUEST!
46 posts and 32 images submitted.
File: MECHANICS.jpg (47KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 320x320px
As opposed to giving you a wall of text to scroll through before the story, I threw this together: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1OGEqZJag0d

The main points are:
- There are three stories to tell, each with it's own setup
- The quest will be chapter-by-chapter, not post-by-post
- Updates will hopefully be weekly, but may end up bi-weekly to start
- There's some stuff we want your input on at the end of this thread

PS lemme test something here:
Hello WORLD.
dice+ 3d8

There will be no chargen in this quest, but you DO need to pick what story you want to start with:
File: TeamAwesomeSample.png (1017KB, 1078x1808px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1017KB, 1078x1808px
I love botching things.



Team Awesome is the story of three jerks that get stuck in the digital world and have to do adventuring that they'd rather not be bothered with. Think Tamers when it comes to this world - the Digimon franchise exists, but our heroes know little to nothing about it, which results in poor choices and terrible mistakes. However, the forces of evil won't be putting on the kid gloves any time soon. Can they manage not to get killed long enough to save two worlds?


Twin siblings come across an amazing and magical circus that seems to have appeared overnight just outside their hometown without a single mention of it's coming; nobody else even seems to notice that it's there. A mystery too good to resist, the pair set out to investigate, only to get caught up in an adventure full of wild animals, clowns, acrobats, and all that you could imagine. However, things aren't all fun and games; something in the shadows hints that there's more to this show than what it seems. Can the twins make it through, or will this be their final bow?


File: Thornback.jpg (98KB, 1100x621px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 1100x621px


If you were to describe the USS Thornback in one word, comfortable wouldn't even come close to that word.

The cramped submarine of the Tench class was not built for comfort anyways, the 84 souls residing inside this metal coffin spent most of their time shirtless or in vests and shorts, as the dark innards of the submarine remained somehow hotter than the sun-drenched deck. There were not enough bunks for everybody, so the crew "hot bunked", where-in multiple men would share a bed and would take turns sleeping in the bed according to their work scheduled.

Thankfully, as a passenger on this journey you didn't have to abide by this rule.

The journey had begun as soon as you had grabbed your weaponry from Camp Hancock's armoury. You had grabbed your equipment and some ammunition and left in a hurry. Yourself and your unit quickly arriving at the main gate and boarding a deuce and a half bound for Congree Army Airfield. You and your unit sat at the back, close to the cab, with the rest of the truck filled up with empty crates. Both to keep you covered from any prying eyes and to keep up the outward appearance that Camp Hancock was simply a boring supply base, not the home of the OSS's most dangerous units. Your truck stopped 3 times, 2 to fill up on gas and the final stop on the base's flight line. Where your skytrain waited for you. The former civilian airliner having been taken into service as a transport plane, with all of it's airline trappings remaining, barring the paint job and the hostesses of course. The trip cross country took nearly a day, and only a few hours after landing, you were back in the air again in for the flight to Hawaii. Finally, around 2 days after you were given the mission, the submarine cast off.

The trip had been fraught with danger, from the Japanese base at Midway to their roaming patrols around the numerous pacific islands. Thankfully, you weren't detected so your arrival was to be unexpected by all aside from a pair of OSS teams in the area that you would be landing. One of the teams was the one that you were to meet up with for a briefing on the area, while the other would take your place on the submarine and leave the area.

As the submarine began to surface, you stood with your team by the forward hatch, ready to get on deck and disembark as soon as the hatch opened.

"You two doing allright?" Logan asked as he held onto one of the handrails with his left hand, his other keeping the bag of ordanance that he had packed steady as the boat surfaced.

>"I'm doing well, all things considered."
>"I'll be better once we're outside, and out of this slow cooker."
>"I'm a bit worried, but we should be fine."
>Other (write in)
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>"I'll be better once we're outside, and out of this slow cooker."
>"I'll be better once we're outside, and out of this slow cooker."
>"Out of the frying pan, as you could say."

"Black Hearts. Cold Steel. Dark Deeds."

These are the words of the Black Company, the infamous band of mercenaries that has been on one side or the other of every major conflict on the continent since its founding.
The Company has seldom cared who they fight for or the cause so long as they are paid, and paid well, when the killing work is done. Though they may be considered by some to be little more than glorified brigands, it cannot be said that the Black Company is not good at what they do.

Recently the Company has taken up a contract with a new employer, one more powerful than any that have come before. An employer with endless ambition, as well as the means and lack of moral scruples needed to pursue it. An employer that pays well...


Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackCompany666
/qst/ Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Black%20Company%20Quest
Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1702597/
Religion and Magik Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/5xVyU6G3
Factions and Annal Entries: https://pastebin.com/7bAmG5XZ
7th Kreigstrom: https://pastebin.com/91JRN5zD
Lieutenant 'Prince': https://pastebin.com/xsXQsstH
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7th Kriegstrom Platoon
Comprised of the most well-armed and armoured troops, 7th Platoon offers the meanest, fiercest and, given the mortality rate, dumbest soldiers to be found in the Black Company. A more bizarre collection of fighting men and women has likely never been seen. Down-on-their-luck heroes with a magic swords and brooding pasts like Cairsun; escaped slaves with a penchant for magik like Nissar; disgruntled veterans of the Nuemunster Legions like Corporal ‘Jack’ Marcus; Scarred Wildborn ‘Smiles’ (because fighting is really all a Wildborn knows); aging Skald huscarls like Hirstun of Ligh that should have retired long ago. You even have a mute rotten undead warrior, ‘Mask’, which is one even you haven’t heard before. Nevermind the fekking Dragon.

They’re your men (and women). Mercenaries, that kill for money. Warriors, with the right degree of pride and stubbornness. Soldiers, that fight for the man next to them. You never wanted this position, deciding who dies where. Dark Father knows it’s only a matter of time before you get them all killed.

It all comes down to this. Or several days of 'this'. Every choice you’ve made, every success and every failure. It’s all led to you and the Company fighting to stave off the marshalled strength of the entire Free Alliance from the walls of some northern town while you wait for your dread employer, The Necromancer to relieve you with his fell host. Maybe you fekked up somewhere along the line, but for the life of you its impossible to figure out exactly where.

You lost men, brothers. Some you didn’t know too well, it’s the harsh reality of your position as an Officer. A battle is one thing, hours of movement and running around followed by minutes of terror and screaming. One way or another, it's all over soon enough most of the time. Humans weren't meant for sieges, days and days on end of the same pants-shitting terror knowing it will happen all over again tomorrow, if they live that long.

You thrive in this hell, you and people like Bad Hand. You feel better now than you did before the siege started. But your lads... they're only human, you wonder how many will survive this. If any of them will. The butcher's bill grows steeper every day and you still don't know your esteemed employer will bother to keep you among the living.
Like it matters after we killed kid.
File: 'Bad Hand'.jpg (56KB, 570x950px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
'Bad Hand'.jpg
56KB, 570x950px
Kresden Town, Northern Wall Section, Early-Evening Day 3

Two days the Free Alliance has come at the walls and two days you have beaten them back. With the damage Asgorga wreaked in their ranks, they’ve lost the taste for any more action today. The winter winds promise a chilly night as you order your men to set the would-be hero Chevalisse Paladins up on spikes. To further spite them you have the corpses of the Chevalisse peasant maintained intact while their noble leigelords are treated far less carefully. The Northern Wall was a macabre display before this evening, the Vampires display their kills with pride, but the salt in the wound will be that some of the finest warriors on the continent shared a similar fate. Wreathed in blessed, embroidered cloth or wool that smells of pigshit, the Dark Father looked at every corpse much the same.

>[Additional +5DC to Northern Wall Section, the Torkrum Addict debuff will be randomly reallocated each day]

You and your Sergeant look out across the wall to the setting sun, beautiful streaks of orange and purple across the growing clouds as the scattered snowflakes continue to fall. The sight is somewhat marred by the giant fekking Free Alliance encampment located a mite bit closer than the distant sunset. It’s SGT ‘Bad Hand’ that breaks the silence, puffing out his cheeks. ”Your pet project has been a little… ‘off’ lately. She alright? In the brainpan that is.”


File: image (2).png (85KB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
image (2).png
85KB, 400x225px
Feel free everyone to make your own civ and character and just kick back and enjoy the threads.And we shall soon have a new map so everyone will have more space so please don't worry about that.

To those unfamiliar with what this is, this isn't your standard quest, since we were booted out of /tg/. This is a lighthearted role-playing thread, were anyone can play the role within the galactic federation. Please visit the discord in order to read up on the races and to get info about the Galactic Federation Setting as a whole. And Map is not to scale we still need to update it.

Feel free to make up an alien species and join on in everyone is free to join. And we have our own combat system as well to settle interstellar debates.

And we have a Discord if you just want to hang out and be cool:

Green and red spoltches represent population density
Blue dots are ringworlds
Gold lines are major trade routes.
Massive red border-Federation memeber and asscociate states.
Light Blue-Noo Liberty Union
Orange in federation-Mankind Dominion
White next to federation-Border Regions
Black with red cross-Terminus Vaie
Purple-Eortan Kingdom
Orange outside the Federation-The horde
Teal splotches-Perfected Megallanic Clouds

Notable locations
1)Beacon of Liberty
2)Rumar ARK
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File: ILOVEALLOFYOU.png (358KB, 918x430px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
358KB, 918x430px
OOC I wanna die just post you fucking lunatics. And it is a map,a map for ants.
Hello there. Karl, we need to go. Now. To Aurora.
To where?

The Hunter Association is an organisation of the best and brightest humanity has to offer, the members are tasked with the protection the people, knowledge, culture and the natural world.

To become a hunter, one must pass a test known as the Hunter Exam. The Hunter Exam is a test that happens once every year, it is known to have an extremely low pass rate and a high mortality rate, The Exam is a set of physical, mental and even spiritual tests that pushes everyone who takes it to their limits and even further beyond, those who pass the test are shown to be the best of the best and are given a hunter license, which allows them access to 90% of the entire world, 75%access to restricted places in the world, free use of all public utilities, almost 0 legal consequences for murder and most importantly, A lifetime of wealth and fortune.

Now without further ado, Let's go on an adventure!
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Last time on hunter x hunter quest

Derrick and Rea track down and Defeat the killer in a head on confrontation, they then learn that entire mystery was an optional test created by the Hunter Exam to test the passenger's mystery-solving abilities and combat prowess, having passing the test, the duo are handed maps of the Kukan'yu kingdom and told to go the Moonlight Forest which is the only way to reach the Hunter Exam site.

The duo promises the examiners that they would reach the Hunter Exam even if it killed them. The next morning they learn the quickest way to the Moonlight forest is through the dangerous Barry's street but our heroes will press on regardless of the danger to prove they won't back down in the face of danger and death.

And so our story continues.....!
File: Rea Springfield17.jpg (64KB, 1016x787px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rea Springfield17.jpg
64KB, 1016x787px
You rush out of the Dining hall with Rea as you prepare for your plan in one hour, you have just taken on an insane risk by choosing to go through Barry's street despite it's dangerous reputation as a "lawless" no-go zone that even the local police won't explore out of fear of death. You Remember the words of Jesper, the examiner of the optional test, "The further you walk down this path, the scarier and deadlier the monsters you'll face, will you continue to move forward even if it means seeing hell?". Your answer still hasn't changed, you would rather walk through hell itself with metal nails beaten into your feet then head home a failure!

As you re-affirm your promise one more time, Rea begins to speak, "We have one hour before landing, this plan will need extensive preparation if we don't want to die painful deaths."
"Come on cowgirl, this the prime chance to live up to your namesake! Desperado Rea takes down infamous Blackwood gang. Great headline right?"
"Please take this seriously Derrick" you stop at your room and turn to Rea as you open the door, "I am taking this seriously, It's better to go in joking and confidant that you'll come out alive then go then it is to go in thinking your going to lose and end up dead, that way the fear won't screw up your concentration and kill you."
"I just don't want you to make any mistakes and then you end up dying, preparation is key in any operation, this isn't like the serial killer incident, we won't win with fist alone."
"The only mistake here is you thinking I came here un-prepared. I made sure to bring some "Special equipment" to this exam." you walk into the room and reach under the bed where you grab a duffle-bag.
File: Weapon stash.jpg (267KB, 1200x784px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Weapon stash.jpg
267KB, 1200x784px
you pull out the duffle-bag and drop it on the floor, you then unzip it and present it's interior to Rea who gives a small look of surprise, "Are those supplies?"
"Yep, Most of these are food and drink that i bought for this trip, but if you look a little deeper underneath then you'll find the real treasure." you dig under the energy bars and mineral water to reveal to Rea the reason behind much of your confidence, her eyes open wide from seeing the "Special Equipment" you've been hiding, You smile at her reaction and continue, "These are my weapons, I trained with them all my life so i made sure to take them with me, I wasn't expecting that fight with the serial killer but with these i'll be even stronger then I was there. these are what will take me through the hunter Exam and maybe even my life as a hunter."

As she stares into the bag with amazement, she sees.....

>You will get a choice of two weapons, one close range and one long range. No matter what you pick, you will receive a +5 bonus to close and long range combat rolls, However enemies may be resistant to specific weapons and every weapon has it's own distinctive weakness which an enemy can and will exploit, so choose wisely. You only get one of each

Close-range weapons

>Retractable Spear: Long reach and excellent picering power but Weak defense and un-reliable in small spaces
>Steel knuckled Gloves and boots: Very Quick with Great striking power but weak against weapons with long reach and relies on the user's agility to defend.
> Metal Baseball bat: Easy to parry with and possess brutal blunt force but cannot pierce armor and weak to piercing weapons

Long-range weapons

>Throwing knives: Highly adaptable and can used in close quarters combat but has little to no piercing power and do low damage (Unless striking a fatal wound)
>Ranger Bow: Extreme piercing power and high accuracy but High recoil and takes time to be notched.
>Sniper rifle: Can cause the enemy to stagger and can be used from extreme long-range but makes you lose the element of surprise and you cannot move while you use it

File: NEW LIFE OP.png (31KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 500x500px
Let me know when you are here, guys.
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File: approved.png (144KB, 822x713px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144KB, 822x713px
Hi hi


Lyann helpos Zoe dress up and brush her hair. There's something heat-warming about seeing her act like a older sister, holding a hair pin in her mouth as she gently brushes Zoe's snow-white hair-

"Ah, brother, can I stay for a bit longer?"
"I promised mom I'd take you back for breakfast."

"Oh that's right. Mako, I need to take Zoe back, can I meet with you afterwards."
"Alright. Then, please go to the hall of law when you come back."
"Will do."

We kiss Mako softly, and take Zoe back to mom. Lyann got her a change of clothes, so she's carrying her previous day's clothes in her [Item box]

By the way, alquian Zoe is cute. The clothes are mostly white cotton cloth and silk, so it goes really well with her skin tone and hair. It gives up a pure white bride-like feeling.

We emerge on a tree at the manor's garden, and go in to find that grandfather left early, and uncle Wolfric is having breakfast together with the family.

"Eldric, Zoe, good morning." - he greets us - "Did you have breakfast yet?"
"Good morning uncle. No, not yet."
"then have a seat."

Mom greets us and Zoe, then remarks on how cute Zoe looks.

Breakfast is quite nice, with mostly local products, since uncle wanted our siblings to try local things while they had the chance. They seem to have fallen in love with the local pastry types, in fact.

Well, we don't have cream-filler pastry in Albion since it needs cream and we don't have a regular source of milk in any of the dungeons.

>Let's volunteer our pets' milk for the family breakfast
>Somehow... our pets milk would be sort of wrong?

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