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Hello trying to start a DC universe. Roleplay using FB messenger here is the character sheet we use

Basic Info
Legal Name:
Birth date:
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Color:
Hair Type:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Distinguishing Features:
Powers and Abilities
Power Limitations:
Physical Weaknesses:
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses:

Personality and Relationships
Romantic Interests:

Also include your facebook username ill send a request from mine dan perry
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>Also include your facebook username ill send a request from mine dan perry

My "Kidnapping and violent anal Rape" sense is tingling!
4chan has no notifications so using fb messenger makes it easier and faster to respond

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In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of the thousands of Imperial provinces that form the front line in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But the Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commissioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale.


Chapter Chronicles and starting point for the novice initiates:

Datalogs from the previous thread:

Battle voxcaster frequency, all allies are welcome to join:

+Aiming well always is better than swinging hard.+
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To recap from last thread.

1. What does Alderon Belladon think about the soothsayer's words? Does the 'warriors with white shields' mean anything to him? Organisations related to a white shield?

2. Nearby SoBs thoughts on what we've gotten out of the witch so far. Her thoughts on Ursus now.

3. Defer to Garant regarding the weakened witch. Ask some gentle questions but don't push her.

4. Get Laxenos in here with us to help us figure out what this psychic presence inside her is.
>3. Defer to Garant regarding the weakened witch. Ask some gentle questions but don't push her.
To clarify, be gentle and try and don't press her any more but don't just leave the room and leave her alone. So CM & Laxenos (and Garant? He's a psyker) can figure out this presence.
>1. What does Alderon Belladon think about the soothsayer's words? Does the 'warriors with white shields' mean anything to him? Organisations related to a white shield?
also ask SoB. but dont tell them where we got that from.

>3. Defer to Garant regarding the weakened witch. Ask some gentle questions but don't push her.
>4. Get Laxenos in here with us to help us figure out what this psychic presence inside her is.
also ask Garant


Choose Cult Deity
Choose Cult Settlement (tribe, village, city)
Choose Cult Weapons (1h/2h)
Choose Cult Armor

Units: 50hp, 10 AC

Spear: -2 atk, +2 AC
Sword: 0
Club: +2 atk, -2 AC
Axe: +2 crit, -2 atk
Dagger: +4 crit, -4 atk
Bow: +5 atk, -5 AC (only 2h)
Shield: -2 atk, +2 AC (only with 1h weapon)
Dual Weild: 2 attacks, -5 atk

1h: 1d6 (19-20)
2h: 1d8 (20), -2 atk

Cloth: +1 AC, -1 atk
Leather: +2 AC, -2 atk
Iron: +3 AC, -3 atk

Deity List Incoming (6)
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Qi’Naka of Blood and Tar
> Qi'Naka is an ancient diety that lusts for power above all else. He uses the blood of sacrifices to fuel his power and make him strong.
> Agenda: To gain spiritual power through blood sacrifice.
> Taboo: Can’t grant enemies clemency, surrender or call off a war.
> Boon:
- Abomination of Blood: Sacrifice 10 units for permanent +10 HP to all units.
- Bloodlust (10 bp): All units gain 20 temporary hit points at the beginning of combat, these hit points are lost last and are removed at the end of combat.
> Special Unit Type: Tar Warrior [+2 AC]
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Helios of the Sun
> Helios is a God of the people. He inspires hope among the oppressed and wishes to destroy all evil and tyranny in the world.
> Agenda: To liberate the world from tyranny.
> Taboo: Can’t lie or keep secrets or force or enslave units with coercion.
> Boon:
- Resurrect Dead (10 bp): Resurrect 3d6 followers that were killed the previous turn.
- Remove Enchantment (10 bp): Remove an enchantment from a group of units (this includes boons) until the end of turn.
> Special Unit Type: Sun Crusader [Heal (dmg undead): 1d6 (1h, ignore armor and weapon AC adjustments)]
The next four deities have been claimed.

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Githyanki Ladies.jpg
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The Raiders – Part 29

True to your word, you have soothed, tormented, and laid down the law for your trio of lovely (and one irascible) slaves. Cyrillian's mind is sharp, very sharp, and restoring her sanity has given her a stronger and more interesting emotional base with which to experience the world, as limited as those experiences must be for her. It is still a temptation to see exactly how useful she might be as an infiltrator, but the fact of the matter is you're not sure how far you would trust her just yet with a fully functional mind, as twisted as that mind is by both enslavement and the necessities placed into it by her former masters.

Mayune, of course is delightfully on edge, still entirely drowning in your cruelty and your affection. She can hardly bear to think of anything save your pleasures and desires, even in a realm that is home. Despite the danger, you are half tempted to give her access to a book of cantrips just to see what she would do with it sans orders. You strongly suspect she would hide it and not dare anything at all with it, just because she fears your wrath so.

The hardy half-orc slave has been shown once again that you will tolerate her arrogance and disdain only so far before demonstrating that she might be 'alive' at the moment but she is still in the hell you make for her. You haven't really hurt her, but rape is just as traumatic – and cathartic – for her as always, and you are leaving her tied up in the bed she will be sharing with the other two. You haven't need of her services just yet, but upon waking, you will most certainly need her to direct the others as well as prepare a forge for you.

You have an idea for the void-glass you've received from the knight and his remaining cadre and your new acquisitions.

The others sleep, for the most part. Tzanzi is awake, and of course Yzia sleeps even less. You don't need it – as always, the growth of power leaves you empowered and fully capable, though you wouldn't mind the rest. Especially if it comes without a visitation form Her Majesty. You could definitely do with less of those.

[] See if Tzanzi could use some companionship to get to sleep.
[] Release Yustuoc and see if she's more pliant again.
[] Time to indulge your dragon in many things, and question her.
[] Explore your new found power a little more. Roll 1d20+30
[] Questions and play must wait. You really want actual rest this time.
[] Write in?
Siobhan always wants to play, duh. Tzanzi might need the reassurances though.
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/XsQuestmistress

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/5H8tWFRe

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1797480/

Akko, like all her kind, has a measure of psychic ability. She will simply use most of these powers without prompting, instinctively, when appropriate. Her spells are another matter.
>She is a high ranking Gish, and may give orders to low ranking Knights; mid-ranked Warriors; high ranking Spellcasters, Skulkers, and Murderers; and any Gish lower ranked than herself.
>True Silver Sword: Siobhan
Siobhan offers her opinions and advice on matters when a vote is called for, drawing on Akko's potent intellect and voicing subconscious thoughts for her to consider.
>Current Spell Selection
Slaver Set Enhanced (Marauder) – heavy subdual and mass combat, moderate utility, moderate defense/buffs + a few really destructive spells.

>Current Cadre:
Yzia:Yzia: Mythic Solar Dragon, lover and companion. She may carry Akko and five others.
Falna: Mid-ranked Warrior (Unstable position); Class:Slayer, bound by Oath.
>Silver Sword: Malnae
Yashi: High-ranked Illusionist (Your Spellcaster); Class: Illusionist Wizard, Bound by Oath.
>notSilver Sword: Fehr Vaed
Tzanzi: High-ranked Murderer (First in Command); Class: Pureblade Slayer, Bound by Oath and Friendship.
Auena: Mid-ranked Gish (Yzia's new quarry); Class: Psychic Warrior, Bound by Oath.
Schechei:: Mid-ranked Gish (mated to Falna); Class: Magus, Bound by Oath
>Silver Sword: Tiagothe
Kteine: Mid-ranked Gish (your adoptive daughter and acolyte); Class: Psychic Warrior, bound by Oath
>Silver Sword: Achris

>Akko's Current Supreme Leader
Dunzamn, a Lord Knight with a True Silver Sword (Voorsi), leader of the Raid upon the Elven and Human Kingdoms of Iridaiya and Boggsteading, respectively.
>His dragon companion Jacinth, whose true name is an unknown, and is an ancient creature.

Character Sheet always In Progress: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1009380

Spell Book: http://pastebin.com/WjH8UfyY
>[] Time to indulge your dragon in many things, and question her.
>[] Time to indulge your dragon in many things, and question her.
That's always a good time, and I'm kind of interested in seeing what questions we have for her.
Hi XS, thanks for making time to run despite everything

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In the last episode of the Torienor Adventure Series; A quiet secretive old elf man, named Riddick, aproached our group of antiheroes, and made a proposal. The Heist of the lifetime, the royal vault in the elf capital. Our heroes agreed, and follower him. As they went up the mountain, they made it to white lake, where they awoke a fairy. This fairy seemed to know Jame's old Wizard teacher, whom he impersonated and got a blessing from, though he didn't know what the blessing did. That's where we leave off on this exiting new episode.

>What is this game?
This is a RPG built mostly around rollplaying with occasional non-stat rolling. There's sometimes accompanying images, and sometimes not.

>How do I play?

Just say what you want the group to do and they'll do it. for the most part it's first come first serve.

>Who do we play as?

You play as the entire main party, controlling all 3 of them as a thread, those three being Brief, James and Hoyt

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59KB, 1970x1046px

What do you do from here?
Continue towards the capital

Well we are on our way with Kali to meet Markal the best commander we know and go drinking with him because fuck it it's been way too long.

Though there is the small question on why he is here, last time we talked to him he was stationed on the Ordo's HQ and was not supposed to leave.

Then there is the problem of this planet being on lockdown since it seems that the cult was not an isolated cell and shit went to hell when you knocked out from using the Big E's power to obliterate a demon and everything behind it.

On top of that Thera is back and we have no contact with Mirasi or Terisa. We also still have the mystery of who is the traitor on our ship.

Eh that can wait because the power of alcohol.

Welcome to Guardsman Quest
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alright quick and dirty, this quest is not for die hard lovers of cannon since fun and shenanigans beat cannon for the most part. Though I will accept info about the warhammer 40k universe general rule of thumb is fun is king here

Here is the link to the Doc archive https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N6DV3ou3h5MO0TZi61pc9jGoMBA4p3S4fJ0rCI6qooM/edit?usp=sharing

here is a link to the character's stats https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VEdRRmqRN2wb661ea1Bz2iXQwqQl2JVgl1OdrmHk3Tk/edit?usp=sharing
You decide you are going to surprise the old bastard, with drinks and witty comments because fuck it. you turn towards Kali and smile "Well do you know the easiest way to get into the building undetected?"

"why are you asking me a stupid question?"

"because I want to surprise Markal."

"you know that may get you shot."

"it will be worth it I assure you."

Kali sighs and shakes her head "you are absolutely insane you know that?"

"well than you work for a madman so get used to it."

"Fine, fine you win this one. easiest way is though the front door since all other entrances are monitored at all times. Just use a hood or something."

you nod and exit the vehicle and head inside, as you enter your a greeted by a less than enthusiastic guardsman "hello who are you."

"Inquisitor Simun."

the man immediately straightens up "S-SIR!"

"calm down soldier, I'm here to see Inquisitor Markal now I want you to lead me to him but do not alert him. This meeting must not be recorded for inquisition reasons."


"Do not question me."

"I'm now but I am under direct orders from Inquisitor Markal to alert him, and I already sent the message."

Son of a bitch "Alright but turn off the cameras."

"yes sir."

you and the guardsman head out of the room and down the hall, behind his back you do grab two glasses and a bottle of whisky.

as you arrive at the room Markal is in the guardsman bows and leaves. you crack your neck and enter. As you do suddenly you are pulled into a bear hug.


>[1] offer the drinks, stat.
>[3] remain as you are until he releases you, then question time. why is he here and where is Valirsa because hell will come if she finds out that you are not actually Sasha.
>[4] write-in

>/qst/ Thread Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Beyond%20the%20Gate
>QM Twitter: twitter.com/SmileytheQM
>General Info (Updated as I go): http://pastebin.com/ffH25ciB

You spend a while doing a strange 'back and forth' thing with Derrick, taking turns attacking and defending. Meyu says it's good practice, and you have no reason to think he's wrong.

"Alright boys, let's call it here" Meyu says.
"Already?" You ask.

Meyu tilts his head towards the door, where one of the maids is standing.

Now that she has your attention, she clears her throat. "The king requests the presence of the two of you in his chambers" She says.

Derrick frowns. "Did he say why?" He asks.
"Only that he wished to speak with the princes" The maid says.

With that done, she bows and goes on her way.

"I guess you two are dismissed. Go see what His Majesty wants, and then pack your things" Meyu says. "Maybe take a minute to wash up, too"

You and Derrick put away your practice swords and head out, stopping only momentarily to grab Coral from her bench.

>What do you think he wants?

>I've got your back

>Are we in trouble?

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>>What do you think he wants?
>I'm not going to get billed for property damages, right?
>>What do you think he wants?

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As the sun rose over Iti'a'Ropku, lightyears away war continues to wage throughout the Bastion system. The invaders continue to clash with the Armadan forces outnumbering their Arc Surge enhanced warships. Heroes of the Armada, both undead and the living, fight and struggle to protect the Ahkam's targets.

While the blockades had been unable to prevent invaders from slipping past their blockades the surface defenders made them pay for every inch they took. The battles would leave many scars, locals displaced as their homes and villages came to be battlegrounds as the Arc charged storms rage across both Rukor and Bastion.

In the Urdir system, home of the Necrolyte Legion, the influx of Ahkam invaders mercifully seemed to be abating. The last Storm Gate to deposit a fleet in the system appearing several hours prior. The tactics and guidance of Rethak and Valresko, along with the unexpected assault by the Sun-Eater Wraiths, served to drive the Ahkam fleets from their worlds. They were forced to fight in the void between planets, the hours of battle and damage forcing several Ahkam serpents to retreat for repairs.

Yet as the battles continued, the Arc Surge only seemed to grow in strength within the Bastion system. What were initially mistaken as forming Storm Gates were concentrations of Arc energy that took the appearance of storm clouds. They marked the sites of intense fighting, Arc discharges of detonating reactors or weaponstrikes and particularly where Ahkam themselves had been injured or slain. Arclight flashed within them, crackling with the energy and distorting the light in a wide enough dispersal that the Eyegores and other sensors were starting to have difficulties peering through.

In the Predators Temple of Rukors moon more of the anomalies began to appear around the battleship sized Arc Condenser that Nekris had forged and sparked with his own power. Bolts of the blue-purple energy flicker and arc between structures and the walls, forming temporary webs of the energy. Knots of twisted light and sparking energy bounce through the halls, drifting on unfelt winds.

The Disciple that was once known as the Legionnaire Orvca was sent back to the Temple by Eiton after the worried Think Tanks contacted him about the strange events. The air felt like walking through electrified nets, the Disciple passing through unhindered only because of their own power. She enters the chamber with the Arc Condenser that crackled and pulsed with energy. Approaching it was like walking into a wind-tunnel as the unseen currents of Arc energy whirled around it like an ethereal storm. The Disciple was momentarily worried by the sensations but she moved to seat herself at its base.

Her meditation had hardly begun when she was shocked out of it, a voice whispering on the winds of the Arc throughout the chamber, audible but faint rather than scratching at her mind.

"The hour of reckoning looms, the Storm approaches, she is nearly here."[/blue
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One way or another,we will regret our actions this day. I just hope we minimize it.
Let's do this.
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Welcome back to Death Among the Stars Quest!

Pastebins: http://pastebin.com/u/ceronull
Make sure to follow my twitter where I announce the threads: https://twitter.com/CeroTheNull
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=death+among+the+stars
Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/DeathAmongTheStarsQuest

Seated in the Charnel Vault as it travels at ftl speeds toward Bastion you look through your connection with the Deep Rot to observe the conflicts.

You sense the Arc Disciples confusion then frustration as she attempts to communicate with the strange voice but it does not respond to vocal or mental attempts. Instead she begins meditating once more, reaching her mind out through the Arc while centered in the nexus of the energy. It did not take long however, for her to confirm the whispered warning. A great source of Arc energy approached, the Disciple momentarily awed at the sheer strength she detected.

Ruscuv and the Fury had withdrawn temporarily back to the fleets, the Ahkam managing to score several blows against it as it feasted on broken warships. The ancient lich had been forced to compel the young bioship to withdrawn, not wishing to face the Matriarch with a too injured warship. So now she soothes its disgruntled annoyance, Bloat Carriers docking with the bioship as they pump raw Cauldron-fluid into it like some grotesque blood transfusion.

The fleets still clashed but the Ahkam and Armada forces took the time to regroup and assess their damages. Ships link and crews are transferred from heavily damaged vessels leaving only the barest crew for them. They would become the shields to protect their still operable allies, the Think Tanks and Reconstructed on board willingly offering up themselves.

Battles still raged on Bastion but the tide was quickly turning against the Ahkam that managed to land on the moon itself. Lead by Muic the Reconstructed and native loyalists of the Lavafather rose up against them, turning the very landscape of the moon against them as landslides and waves of magma rolled over beachheads and marching formations. The damaged orbital platform manages to hold its place in orbit with portions of it reduced to burning slag, the Wormstar Finger holding strong as it still vibrates like a plucked string from the attacks.

Her sister was joined by Tlacex, the Punisher and Illuminator combining their forces in their battle against the large Ahkam fleet that still presses their attack against the gas giants moon. Arc storms crackled among the debris fields, Agona ordering volleys of Necrotic Flayers and Flensers in efforts to burn them away. Waves of green flame and crackling energy seem to consume the storms like kindling, the Necrotic feeding on the ambient Arc in vibrant displays of light.


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thug quest cover.jpg
195KB, 900x1200px
In the year 1986, crime in America is at an all-time high. Criminals, drugs, and guns flow into the country from everywhere in the world, and the gateway to it all is the coastal paradise, Heat City. On the neon-soaked streets of this beating heart of scum and villany, you can get whatever you want -- if you can pay the price.

You are Johnny the thug, and ever since you agreed to take one small job for the Bratva, your life has gone sideways. One thing led to another as you made enemies of one half of the city's underworld, then the other half. With the help of some new friends -- Alex the enforcer, Nick the thief, and the Yamada family -- you went all-in and led a daring heist on the Triad's skyscraper fortress, Dragon's Nest. It went great until you got shot and fell off the roof, twenty-five stories down.

With luck or fate on your side, and the help of your friends, you survived to tell the tale. But you haven't forgotten that someone out there has been playing games with you, pitting the city's criminal syndicates against each other with you caught in the middle. You're going to find out who it is, and make them pay.
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Updates: http://twitter.com/ravenkingquests

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Thug%20Quest

Discord: https://discord.gg/3HegtNU
File: sunrise.gif (328KB, 498x372px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
328KB, 498x372px

Radio: Khemistry - Can You Feel My Love (1982)

The sun hangs high in the sky over Heat City, a scorching hot afternoon. It doesn't help that your throat and eyes are still raw from letting the twins use tear gas on you. Still, it was a productive morning. Windows rolled down in your Lincoln, a few extra buttons on your shirt undone, the breeze makes the heat almost tolerable as you drive north into the Pines district.

Stopping at a red light, you see a young man in a hoodie running full-tilt down the sidewalk. A gang of balding, heavyset men in track suits and chains chase after him at a leisurely jog, laughing and calling out in Russian and broken English. The hoodie reaches the corner only for a car door to swing open in his path and knock him down. Another tracksuit steps out of the open door and cracks his knuckles.

The light turns green, and you shake your head and drive off. Just another Z dealer getting acquainted with the new king shits around here: the Russian mob.

This neighborhood, and others like it, used to be Triad territory. But ever since a certain mysterious gang of thieves in gas masks broke into Dragon's Nest and made off with their $20 million cash reserves, the Tong has been on the back foot. They've scrambled to maintain face and standing with their allies, and defend their holdings in the city, with less success every day.

Wherever they prove weak, the Bratva moves in. You can see the evidence everywhere: tracksuit thugs shaking down small-time dealers, petty thieves, and legit store owners; Chinese restaurants and clubs closing up shop or being burned down, being replaced by hastily thrown-up dive bars with signs in bright neon Cyrllic letters; even the alley walls are spray-painted with gopnik slang.

Until recently, the war was finely balanced. Neither the Russians or the Triads could gain the upper hand. They spent most of their energy maintaining their borders, watching each other, and crushing competition from the seething mass of small-timers below them, desperate to reach those exalted heights.

Now the Russians are winning. Gaining ground on every front. And it doesn't look to slow down any time soon.

Are you responsible for this?


This all started back in that diner, months ago, because Ivan set up you and Alex. Then he burned down his father's house, and assumed control of the Heat City Russian mafia. You wanted revenge, but ever since then, you've been tangled up in something entirely different.

Instead of chasing down Ivan, you ended up helping to open an entirely new front in the war: Catherine Yamada vs the "Pacific Rim alliance" of Triads, Yakuza, and Vietnamese dockers. And now the only thing standing between her and the combined might of three powerful criminal syndicates is one dumb thug who should never have gotten involved in all this, but was too stupid to know any better. You can't just casually get up and walk away from this now, though. It's too late. You're involved. And although it's hard to admit, Cat is too important to you for that now.

You can't afford to slow down, either. Word on the street is the Triad Dragon has put a bounty on the heads of each man involved in the heist, and double for the woman responsible for the plan. And from what you know of Masamune Kojiro, losing a few of his elite fighters isn't going to stop him from gunning for the Yamadas -- and probably you as well.

You're committed to this clash with the Triads and Yakuza, whether you like it or not.

But it pisses you off to realize that, by doing so, you're helping Ivan in his rise to power.

Your head goes around in circles as you drove east into Blue Ridge and pull into the parking lot of a huge shopping center. It's true that you've got a lot of crime-related bullshit to deal with right now, but there's one other important fact you can't lose sight of.

You're a home owner now! A respectable citizen. And the marshland manor still needs a lot of work, so you've come here.

You get out of your car, putting thoughts of gunfights and crime wars out of your head, and head into the mall to go shopping, just like a respectable citizen would. Studiously ignoring the strange looks you get from ordinary folks who shield their children from the huge, scarred man who just walked in, you head straight to MegaMetro, the department store that has everything.

Choose 2 Rooms in the Manor to upgrade:

>Crime Office
>Your Room
>Guest Rooms
>Living Room + Kitchen
>Bar + Lounge
>Gun Workshop
>Training Ground

Rolled 25 (1d100)

You're in charge of a resistance group fighting against the alien occupying forces. There is no more human military or government. They saw to that. Now you among others do your best to fight them and the human traitors who now serve them.

So far its been a bit more then half a year since the aliens showed up without a warning and targeted humanity. They first went after the governments and militaries. After that they got lazy. Weren't as thorough and unleashed things they probably shouldn't have. Resulting in what first people thought to be a zombie virus...it didn't take too long for that to be proven wrong. Turned out to be a nasty kind of mutagen.

It also meant that little resistance groups like yours were able to thrive among the survivors of the invasion who didn't go the camps the aliens set up for humanity. The resistance only really kicked off however was when the primary invasion forces of the enemy pulled out. Leaving behind just some occupying forces...now its time for action.

Time for revenge.

No longer is it just about survival. Now its time to make them pay.

So far you already wiped out 2 alien patrols and ruined one of their larger operations. You also found out the mutants apparently didn't like their creators much more then you did. Except they were willing to eat said creators without hesitation.

Currently your back at base having tallied the newest gains and looked at the newest reports relating to research. Most of your forces are combat ready except for a few of the more severely wounded. Those meds the aliens gave to their traitor allies were something else and those were just field medicine.

While the aliens and the traitors are an obvious foe. There is the problem of the mutants. They kept on mutating becoming stronger and smarter. For some reason something has gotten them to concentrate in far greater number then their usual. Something has them riled up...or is luring them. Unfortunately to find out what's causing it you'll have to get past all those mutants...
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Rolled 24 (1d100)

As if the aliens weren't bad enough...and that is only the start of it. See humans weren't the only ones who mutated. Now there are monsters, but they are only particularly common outside the urban areas. Instead you get to deal with lots of mutants.

Then there are the aliens...nobody really knows much about them besides the propaganda they started playing once they finished wiping out the governments and offered a new better life in their camps. A sickening number of people took them up on that offer.

You don't really know much about those camps besides them crawling with traitor scum. Hopefully that will change with the saboteur you sent out to investigate. Not sure when he'll come back but hopefully he'll have some answers.

Otherwise your gonna get stuck with hitting patrols.

One thing that bothers you though is what they are building...some time ago they suddenly starting build new structures. They hadn't done that since just after they invaded. They created beachheads and bases for their forces before everyone but their occupying forces left. So you along with everyone else figured they had plenty of room...which is the biggest proof that what they are building probably isn't strictly for their military operations.

In which case...what is it they are building?

Then there are those large convoys. Suspicious for the sole fact that they don't fly far above. Why would they need bother with land convoys with their technology?

So many questions and so few answers...but it helps..

Helps to not think about this all being a hopeless cause. After all their tech is far beyond what humanity could come up with before they showed up. Humanity was just figuring out how to move about in their own solar system. Much less jumping between stars and invading entrire worlds.

Yet...here you are.

An X-Com but without the backing. Just a mere resistance group...one of the many.

but at least your resisting. You will all go down fighting and take as many of those alien fucks down with you as possible. That is pretty much the unspoken agreement in your resistance group and many others. You aren't trying to survive...your trying to resist to the bitter. Leave the surviving to those who don't wanna die fighting.

They aren't the ones who join resistance groups like yours anyway and eventually they'll probably flip just like those traitors did. Go and join those camps...

What do?
>Head out
Rolled 83 (1d100)

old thread.
Rolled 36 (1d100)

We'll need more specialty guys

Specialist Draven removes his helmet, reaches inside the metal crate, and withdraws the neural crown. He places the device on his head as instructed. The marines watch in wide-eyed stares as Draven activates the response toggle and waits the allotted time.
“What the hell is supposed to happen now?” Wiker asks aloud, breaking the silence.
“Maybe we can build a campfire and sing songs,” Vanishe says, chuckling softly.
After 30 seconds elapse, Draven removes the neural crown from his head and leaves the device’s response toggle on. He then stands up, replaces his helmet and walks 20 feet away from the metal case to secure the perimeter. “Come on, boys, we’re going to secure this area until further instructed.”
“I’m on it!” Wiker says boldly.
Vanishe looks around for a moment and then peers back into the box.
Speaking into the communications relay, Draven says, “Package has been delivered and activated. Securing perimeter and awaiting further instructions. Over.”
~Copty that, fire team~ the relay crackles back. ~Prepare for immediate dropship evacuation. Proceed to previous landing zone location. ~
Just as the transmission ends, Vanishe calls out to Draven once more. “Hey! Look... it’s moving.”
The men all turn toward the metal case and witness a small dish arise from the center of the box, resembling a miniature satellite hookup. It begins to spin around slowly, making an audible beeping sound.
Wiker stares at the revolving dish. “Now that is just plain weird,” he says.
Draven hears a power surge over the speaker of the communication relay in his hand. It peaks and then sharply declines until there is no radio static. Wiker looks back at Draven with a concerned expression.

Your move:
A) order the marine detail back to the LZ as instructed
B) continue observing the activated device
C) report back to Command what is taking place
D) attempt to hail the dropship
E) other action
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B) continue observing the activated device

Old thread.
Roll d20 for a Will check against Draven's score of 16... and a roll another d20 for an Intelligence check against Draven's score of 12.
Rolled 8, 3 = 11 (2d20)


New Avalon Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=New%20Avalon
Colors' Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gq9ZEFrwnYjQpSeuMg1a_7UepedMrQUSEwbrHWntFCo/edit?usp=sharing
Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1792556/

You are Colors Eriksdotter, and you are literally fighting one of the demons of your past, not because it had to be this way but because Rainbow John has gone off the fucking deep end.

It's been a rough week.

You call the glass shards and flowers in your command to your side; they swirl and dance in a sphere around your body, parting like water to admit your snapping strikes with Bifrost. John is caught off-balance, forced to give ground and parry, but every block from him ends in more glass shards buried in his arms and more bright, technicolor blood staining the concrete.

You deal 2 damage

Most people with this level of sheer rage on their face would have lost their shit and attacked you by now, but John's movements are still precise, clean, tactical. You need to push him harder.
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File: 1481578605043.jpg (178KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 640x640px
"You want to throw the Fairest of Lands in my face?" you roar. John crosses his blades, stopping your overhand chop, but that's fine; you punch the flat of his short sword with your Contract-enhanced fist, scoring it deep. "You seriously want to dredge up the Giant, here? I was a slave."

"You were a torturer," John spits. You feel it just before you move; a spike of concrete spears up where you were just a second ago. "You and all of his other lapdogs! You haven't changed. None of you ever change!"

You swing at his sword, hammering it with hits from Bifrost. Your instructor's voice screeches in your memories ("Stop flynning you fucking cunt!") and in a fit of madness you mutter that it's not flynning, you're trying to hit something...

John's higher than he just was.

The Fairest ascends on a tower of stone that pushes out from the moving City-Hedge, taking swings at your head as he's carried out of reach. Stairs spiral out beneath him, and you ascend without hesitation. The first blow that fails to connect with your temple turns out to be John's loss; you smash the flat of his cracked and scored blade with Bifrost's hilt, shattering it into a dozen pieces that you immediately send into his thighs.

Damn your luck, he's still standing, but the rivulets of flashing, pulsing blood are still good to see.

You deal 1 damage

The tower gets higher and higher, clawing its way into the sky, swaying in the wind and with the motion of whatever this structure is. John ascends the growing stairs, getting his distance, and you take a moment to look down.

You are on the back of a massive moving Hollow, whose legs of segmented silver and concrete crash it through the Hedge walls, making it surge through chunks of path towards some strange horizon. The mortal world is no longer in sight; you have gone deep into the Thorns.

You look back up. John throws away the pit of some fruit, his face stained with the healing juices of it.

"Come and claim me, lapdog," the Fairest challenges. "Just you and me."

"You keep throwing that word around, but the only person acting like one of the cousins is you!"

John finally loses his temper. He points his blade at you, but when the tight beam of light bursts from it you're already moving, ducking low to avoid the burning beam. The Giant gave his Daylight Blades to his favorite pets, and the Stained Glass Swords to his soldiers...

You vault the stairs two at a time, Bifrost swinging. John's spiral curves to the right, a design he remembers on reflex, meant to throw off right-handed attackers, but you're a southpaw and he's given you an advantage. You swing with big, savage blows that chip and chunk his blade.

When he tries to retreat higher, realizing the folly of his rage, you manage to smash his sword against the concrete of John's own tower.
File: 1481577932866.jpg (277KB, 900x1273px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277KB, 900x1273px
Without a word, the Fairest turns and leaps, landing on another tower that ascends from the back of his moving Hollow, keeping his momentum to leap again.

You hear an almighty crack from the base of your own tower.

> Jump! (Athletics against difficulty 10, Foot Chases specialty applies, you may spend for Flickering Acumen; gain VALHALLA AWAITS)
> Down! (Athletics against difficulty 7)
And now surprising no one I was riding the line of being late to work and must now flee to Gainful Employment. Votes, obviously, remain open.

Questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and criticisms remain welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

File: 1470088626083.png (232KB, 1280x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Flying across the wasteland is a white blurr.
Fast and deadly, not even the wind dares to stand in its path.

As you move at break-neck speeds you ignore all that you come across and focus on your objective.
The Quincy.

But as your senses pick up something you stop abruptly and start focusing.
If what you picked up is correct then your job just got a whole lot more troublesome.
Concluding that you are not mistaken you slowly release your hold over your energy and start leaking your reiatsu.
The signals you picked up take notice of this and they alter their course in your direction.

Soon enough four arrancars appear on the horizon and you start frowning.
Ggio Vega appears with only a fraction of his unit, all of them in their resurrección, all of them injured and only one of them possesses all of his limbs.

Blood dripping from the stump of his left arm Vega approaches you.
Y-You came!"

"Officer Vega!
What's going on?
What happened?!"

"We... we walked into a trap Sir!
Those damned Quincy lead us straight into an ambush!"

"So it was all a set-up?"

"Y-Yes Sir...
They set it up for our strongest and smartest fighters!
We didn't stand a god damn chance!"
Vegas voice cracks and gives out.
"Choe and Nirgge... They are dead!
Got slaughtered like... some sort of animals!
In our rage we unleashed our Chimera but it was useless!
That damn monster! H-He just devoured Enkidu like he was a snack!"

"Did you just say DEVOUR?!"

"Yes Sir...
When we saw it we just.... froze.
Once we snapped out of confusion we ran for it."
He grasps the area where his arm got severed.
"And we didn't have any serum left to fix these..."

Frowning at this you slap each of their stumps with a generous clump of goo, except Luppy who appears to still have all his arms, and watch as their flesh slowly gets restored.
"Do not consume yourself over this soldier!
They were warriors, just like you. They knew what they signed up for.
But you should retreat for now, assist the others in the defense. We repelled the invaders but we can't know for how long.
In the meantime... let ME handle this mess!"

"Thank you Sir!"
Vega nods and signals to his underlings.
"All of you, retreat!"
Then he looks back at you.
"One more thing Sir...
I know it's a lot to ask but..."

"Out with it Soldier!"

"Charlotte... he's... probably alive.
We saw him being captured by the enemy.
And judging by that sadistic bastards tendencies he's probably still alive.
Please! Save him!"

In an attempt to suppress your rage you smile at Vega.
"That's a bit of a useless request isn't it?
I would've done it anyway!"

Wiping away those few tears that began to form under his eyes he bows deeply to you.

Giving Vega a thumbs up you kick the ground as hard as you can and shoot off to where Vega and his fellows came from.
On the way there you clench your hand into a fist in anger.
"I promise Vega.
I will!"
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Once you started feeling the hiding Quincy you stopped in your tracks.
As you slow down to a walk you start pondering why exactly the Quincy captured Chuhlhourne, or why him for that matter.
You suppose it must be because he was the most physically powerful of Vegas group so he had to be isolated.
And if Vega is to be believed then he is being tortured even now.

Standing just outside of the Quincies field of vision you start thinking about how to do things.
According to Ggio there is a trap set just for the likes of you.

>Walk in with righteous fury. Blow up everything and break the trap as it springs to life
>Sneak your way in. Ambush the ambushers.
>Walk up to them and demand they show themselves.
>Other? (write-in)
>Sneak your way in. Ambush the ambushers
sneeki beeki, also I dont want to tangle with what took down an chimera
>>Sneak your way in. Ambush the ambushers.

File: Iceman_Courtesy_WEB.jpg (305KB, 1000x665px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 1000x665px
TO: Anon387731

Target is Edward Weymiller. His daily routine involves going to the coffee shop on Ambrose Ave and Hillhurst Ave, for breakfast and lunch. 20,000 USD will be wired upon proof of his death.

FROM: Anon915574

The underworld of modern crime is a vast one. Whether it's cyber crimes holding companies for millions, or the simple run-and-gun hit at a cafe, everyone in it can recount on how they made their way into the seedier, grittier version of society they now call home.

In fact, you are

>Eddy, a former store owner that lost everything in the 2008 Recession.

>Todd, a former security guard that due to lack of work, were unable to renew your license.

>Richard, a ex-con who's done time in the past, but for nothing violent.
35 posts and 1 images submitted.
>Eddy, a former store owner that lost everything in the 2008 Recession.
>>Todd, a former security guard that due to lack of work, were unable to renew your license.
>Eddy, a former store owner that lost everything in the 2008 Recession.

File: IMG_0014.jpg (486KB, 2104x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
486KB, 2104x1200px
You are a traveler, with a thirst for the open road, the wind in your face, and adventure. You wish to travel and gain prestige, the mark of a man's ability. You desire to see the world, and show it who you are.

Wanderlust aside, who are you?

Travon Ironbuckle, a young dwarf of some means. You wish to grow a caravan as an investiture of your allowances.
>Gains prestige for every commodity gained.

Malketh Gilbral, human and Knight Errant of the Order of the Seventh Circle of Holy Destiny. You wish to raise an army to defeat an unholy enemy.
>Gains prestige for growing his number of followers.

Aluward the Wise, arcane scholar and eleven wizard. You wish to travel abroad, studying what you can and discovering unknown secrets.
>Gains prestige for every new place visited.
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>Malketh Gilbral, human and Knight Errant of the Order of the Seventh Circle of Holy Destiny. You wish to raise an army to defeat an unholy enemy.
Going to flip a coin here if no tiebreaker soon.

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