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Despite your attempts to convince your mother that you were, in fact, a clumsy oaf that simply fell and hit a door did nothing to aid your case on why your nose was bleeding so profusely. The dorky face you made didn’t help either. You settled with just trying to convince her not to call the hospital at the time. Your dad didn’t seem like he was fooled by the door lie at all, but he didn’t push it.

Probably because he knew better than to try and interrupt one of your mom’s… scenes.

Thankfully the bleeding stopped, but your family was still worried about you. Well your father seems more suspicious that you are hiding something, your sister Emily was more of just interested in what was wrong with your nose, but your mother more than made up for the whole family with her fretting. To be fair, you were kind of worried too. You might not been that much into book smarts, but you could put 2 and 2 together. Your power somehow caused this, and from your experience you can do it unconsciously, so it might be best to get them under control before you have a serious aneurysm by accident.

You were able to get your mother off your back by claiming you needed rest, to be honest the blood loss made you a bit light headed anyway, and you were able to get off scot free this time. A good rest was definitely what you needed.

You being able to roll out of bed as the sunlight shined into your room was an indication that it was Saturday. If your mom hadn’t bothered to wake you up to get your ass to work, it was usually the weekend. Still half asleep you mentally push some dirty clothes away from your face.

So it wasn’t a dream, that’s nice. Getting your sorry ass off the floor you stretch a bit. Seeing as you don’t have to work today you might be able to test more things with your powers…

>Stay in your room to experiment
>Go to the town junkyard to experiment
>Write in
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General info for thread:

Please quote the post you are voting in, not really a rule but it helps me a lot
If you are changing your vote, please quote the original vote you had as well as the post the vote is taking place in, once again mostly for my convenience
All rolls unless otherwise specified are 1d20
Wait for the vote to be done before making any rolls
Crits are enabled

Last Thread:

Other Threads;


Twitter for quest:
>Go to the town junkyard to experiment

i hope this quest isn't dead
Whelp it isn't now, will give it another 5 minutes for any other votes before writing.

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This quest takes place in the DC Universe with characteristics mainly pulled from the animated TV series and films.
You are Battery, a teen recently brought in to HIVE Academy by Brother Blood after having seen your powers in action. Here you will learn how to successfully become a full-fledged villain, but you also hope to find some answers for your robotic origin. Recently you've upgraded your suit and received a strange message, urging you to meet with a stranger.

-15 Minute voting period after each post
-Some actions (typically combat choices against non-generic enemies and certain social situations) will require 3 D100 rolls, using the best of the 3 rolls for said action.
-Critical successes/failures are 100/1

Link to previous thread


QM Twitter



MC Powers and Inventory
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“Oh yeah, that reminds me...” Control Freak grumbles, taking you out of your focus.

He reaches into his sci-fi trench coat and pulls out what appears to be a jet black cup, decorated with the same laughing skull emblem that's on your back.

“Blackfire said to make you this or she'd crush my balls harder than she did yours.”

You just blink and quietly take the cup.

“Okay, now that I don't have to think about that anymore...” Control Freak quietly remarks, shuddering as the thought enters his mind for the last time.

You thank Control Freak for everything and leave him with his show.

You're now back in the hallway, with your communicator in your palm as the message remains displayed on the screen.

It seems that you've attracted the attention of another ominous individual, probably as nefarious as Brother Blood judging by his praise of your fight with the Titans.

You're curious about who this could be, but you also consider yourself spoken for seeing how you're still with HIVE.

A: Respond to the message.

B: Ignore it.

C: Just go back to Blackfire, you can figure this out later.
>A: Respond to the message.
i need to know
>A: Respond to the message.

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fleets%20Of%20God
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pixel_Anon
To quickly preface, there won't be a quest next week, as I start college again and I need to fix my shitty sleep schedule. After that, I'm thinking I can probably still run, but maybe for just 12 hours in total over Friday/Saturday night.

Translation back into normal space is as violent as the way you transcended it, and your thrusters flare in a desperate bid to impart some kind of lateral movement. The precaution is well-founded, as glittering green bolts flash across space through where you were just a moment ago. They almost blind your sensors, but the two enemy destroyers picketed at the jump point were apparently just as surprised to see you, so the quick-fired plasma flies harmlessly off into interstellar space. In response, your broadside lasers reach out, and neatly core each of them. The wrecks of the Legion ships tumble away as you continue your headlong sprint into the system.

It appears that you are still ahead of your pursuers as your survey the system- almost empty, but there are the remains of a battle here. A small Legion flotilla are scavenging the remains. It's hard to tell at this distance, but the ovoid ships appear to be enveloping debris whole, which doesn't bode well for chances to study it. There doesn't appear to be any remains of a planet in this system, either, which doesn't mean much. They would have definitely seen your entrance (or will, in about nine hours or so) with the flare of radiation upon your arrival followed by the destruction of two destroyers.

You could continue heading for the next jump point, as you should have enough initial speed to cruise right past them. However, then you'll broadcast your presence in the next system you get to, and there could be way more Legion ships. If you decelerate to a zero/zero intercept with the jump point, however, the ships in this system will be able to catch and follow you. You could even try going dark and sneaking through now, but that would add days if not a week to your travel time, and definitely allow pursuing ships to catch up with you. Plus you only have enough missiles for one more engagement, and will need time to find an asteroid with the right materials to refill your resource bunkers... There aren't too many good options.

>Continue full speed to the next jump point.
>Slow to sneak through the jump point, and risk a battle/tail.
>Fight the enemy ships before you go.
>Go dark and sneak to the jump point.
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>Go dark and sneak to the jump point
>Go dark and sneak to the jump point.
>>Continue full speed to the next jump point.

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Story so far: http://lom678.deviantart.com/gallery/63645625/NotQuesty-The-Search-For-May-s-Soul

Discord: https://discord.gg/wr6bSKV
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part 81
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finally updated the trainer list

Oh shit, her lewd levels are too high!

Ehh, try to fight lewd fighting with cute flying, send Sinnohan Rowlet! Surely there's a rock-paper-scissor element between the trio of sexy-cool-cute!

Meanwhile, Cynthia tries to tempt Kekita into the lewd side, saying that only by following her teaching she will become as powerful, cool and sexy as older students are.

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scavenger mech.jpg
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Glory to Alainn!

You are Cathal Rathais, one of the chosen elite, the 13th Legion, scouting a world 4231 years after your country won the Grand War and placed itself in cryostasis to allow the planet to recover.

You have assumed the false name "Ace Locke" for your hunter identity. So far, only two people have seen through it, one of which can read minds.

You are currently in the Other World, Earth, trapped in a hellish wasteland Vee called 'California.'

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so far you have:
>Updated your bunker database
>registered to the Hunter's guild (and flirted with the receptionist)
>Recruited Pisteia, the Mercenary Princess (Knight)
>Completed Nissa Estalise's quest
>Eliminated a raider stronghold
>Taken control of Outpost Charlie and looted it.
>Repaired a Raider buggy
>Repaired the lift to the outpost garage
>Secured an Otharthurian Outrider
>Secured a Patrol tank
>Met with the Archivum
>Got a lot of money
>Went to Lethbridge
>Discovered and recruited fellow 13th legion soldier Almeda Irnan (Adriana Hammer)
>Acquired quest from Captain Hendrick to obtain his ship.
>Entered the Ruined Ollamic City of Kantrel
>Secured an Ollamic luxury floatcar
>Looted the underground city of Kantrel
>Secured Terminal 48 and renamed her Artoria.
>Obtained a large cargo ship
>Repaired the tank, moved vehicles to ship.
>Recruited a mercenary dragon hunter temporarily
>You slew a blood dragon
>you obtained a plot of land and are building a rather large palace and homes atop it.
>You traveled to Inisvale in Inis Duchy
>You recruited Clark Howard Thule, conduit of forgotten gods.
>You observed the current base of FEATHER forces
>You recruited Uriel 'Rumor,' the bard of phantasms.
>gained party member ???? the ????????????
>Did battle with a faerie
>Recruited Dr. Alleria Trost, Shapeshifting Scientist and FEATHER director.
>Recruited Lily Tekel Trost, Eldritch shapeshifter.
>Brokered an alliance between FEATHER and Alainn
>Killed Duchess Inis
>destroyed Garvelton's operations in a major battle
>Gave Inis duchy to FEATHER.
>Turned in items for reward from the Archivum.
>Traveled to Dise duchy.
>took part in harvest festival of Vor'Ma preparations.
>Spent harvest festival with Almeda
>Went to Titan's Arm mountains.
>Obtained an airship
>Went to Sky Fortress Lothos
>Entered Professor Trost's Lab
>Activated modified golem
>Met the madman and Vee
>Was cured of fae influence
>Helped Professor Trost take control of the Skyfortress
>Agreed to visit Earth
>Freed Artoria from her programming
>Recovered Clark
>Entered the Anomaly
>destroyed three bioweapons in accessing Lab 3
>Teamed up with Dr. Vira Krasis and was betrayed by her.
>United with FEATHER Hazard Team
>Looted a Laboratory Armory
>Killed an escaped test subject.

The following is information you have collected:
>The Archivum is a worldwide network of academic nature that is studying the ruins of the past. They pay well for artifacts.
>Nissa returned to Korlanis
>the 14th legion turned on Alainn and are now the raiders under the orders of a general
>Kantrel fell apart underground due elitism and pale horrors lurking in the underground sea
>Ollam used humans as nodes of their data network
>A very prolific Archivum archaeologist might have an idea about who you are.
>Clark was present during the disaster of Otharthur that led to the ban of magic.
>Pisteia is a princess
>Clark can read people's minds
>Uriel is Garvelton's son
>Faerie exist in another world called Earth and can pass through anomalies.
>FEATHER has come from somewhere called Earth and bear weapons comparable to Alainn.
>Alleria is a fae, and her daughter is a shapeshifting creature.
>Alleria, Lily and Clark are stabilizing Inis and repurposing it for FEATHER.
>Jeremy Trost appears shortly after the Flying Specter does.
>Garvelton got away during your battle.
>Harvest Festival is in celebration of Vor'Ma, a god of an Alainn religion.
>Almeda went to the Grand General (your glorious leader) directly just to be deployed in the same area and time as you.
>Jeremy Trost left behind crops.
>Dragon Rangers are interfering with Archivum activities in Titan's Arm
>Raiders have a main base in Titan's Arm.
>Vee is destroying golems in Lothos.
>Jeremy's laboratory is filled with fae dust from killing fae. A pale horror was destroyed almost instantly.
>Jeremy's laboratory bears patterns and tech that is impossible.
>The Flying Specter is in Lothos.
>Jeremy Trost is afraid of FEATHER tracking you, and has infiltrated the Hunter's Guild.
>Jeremy Trost is the Madman
>Vee is an android
>Anti-fae weaponry exists, Jeremy makes it.
>FEATHER has rapidly altered Inis.
>Feather controls the human population of the current region you are in, although Fae control most of the region.
>Lab 4 has gone silent. Fae have not reached it.
>Lab 3 is run by Dr. Vira Krasis, one of Jeremy's and FEATHER's enemies. They and other labs want him and Vee.
>Jeremy's weapons were found in the Lab 3 armory
>FEATHER wants Laboratory information and equipment.
>Lab 3 has a section sealed off for containment. It is not secure.

Current tasks:
>Go to Earth and recover Jeremy Trost's materials.

Current factional standing displayed

Your current score:
Land Claimed: Koro Duchy Manor.
Vehicles obtained: 4 (+1 extra)
Airships: (Unnamed) - Archivum cargo airship
Permanent party members obtained: 7 (3 unavailable)
Allied factions: FEATHER
Harvest Festival Partner: Almeda Irnan
>Memento: Vor'Ma's Tankards. - an item you and Almeda have one each of from the same set. It is an omen of a strong bond between the owners if both tankards are from the same set.
>Special Weapon: Anti-Fae Gun - An item that will outright kill lesser Faerie in combat.
>Special Weapon: Matter Reformatter - A basic Transmogrification weapon with a 50% chance of hitting the user.
>Special Weapon: Audio Disruptor - A weapon that uses sound to liquefy the innards of a target.
>Special Weapon: Life Siphon - drains the vitality of other and gives it to you and your party.


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Vault 41, cut off from the world above, has managed to last over 120 years since the bombs fell and annihilated the former United States of America, well past the 92 year expected lifespan of the vaults. On the day the bombs fell, a compassionate Overseer opened the vault doors to more than the few listed occupants that made it during the mass panic, saving hundreds of lives and rejecting the callous philosophy behind Project: Safehouse. New generations have grown up and passed on in the Vault, knowing the history of the world above them only through books, holotapes, and education by resident teachers. The vault dwellers of 41 and their descendants have worked out whatever factional disagreements and friction existed from the beginning of their long underground tenure, and cultivated a society of diligent workers, moral values, and happy, obedient youths... for the most part.

Life isn't lax in 41, and everyone earns their keep. Though the birth rate has been carefully managed according to a long-term survival plan, the decades have taken their toll on the Vault and its resources, and sections have been powered down over the years, or cannibalized when beyond repair. Six days a week are dedicated to education or work, and vault dwellers interact mostly with their families, classmates and immediate co-workers. But on Sundays, citizens are free to enjoy a day reminiscent of pre-war America, preserving a little of what used to be. Church in the morning, social gatherings, free time... the girls dress as they like and let their hair down, football and volleyball games are held in the rec chambers, couples can be seen on dates, and home cooked meals bring everyone together for a taste of something decent.

This is the world you grew up in, the only world you've known. Far above your home, another world exists - the remnant of an era when humanity bent both nature and technology to its will and ruled the earth and stars. A world unknown, dangerous, and forbidden by decree of the Overseer. You are a vault dweller, and unbeknownst to you, your legend is about to begin.

>Welcome to Legend of the Vault Dweller, an adventure set in the Fallout universe.
>Please tag the post you're voting or rolling for, all dice rolls will be 1d100 and taking highest roll.
>Character creation voting/proposals begin next post, quest begins in 4 hours from time of this post.
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Reply to this post to vote/submit a proposal for the quest's MC. You are a young adult and vault dweller, decide on:

Your name. If it's androgynous pick a gender.

>As a vault dweller, you've enjoyed a higher standard of living and have 42 S.P.E.C.I.A.L points (baseline 6) to distribute into your primary statistics. You will receive bonuses/penalties to related actions, and possibly special interactions in encounters. A 1 represents pathetic/incompetent ability, 5 is average, 10 is peak human ability.

Strength - Raw physical force, carrying capacity, melee damage
Perception - Shooting, enemy/trap detection, initiative, intuition
Endurance - Stamina, resistance to poisons/rads/illness, toughness
Charisma - Dialogue, barter, seduction, leadership
Intelligence - Repair, computers, science, medicine, history, etc.
Agility - Movement speed, dexterity, initiative, speed of action
Luck - Crit success/fail chance bonus, crit roll effects, occasional surprise (good or bad)

>Pick two tag skills from this set, representing your training or hobbies, you will get bonuses related. Strongly recommend you tag at least one combat-relevant skill:

Small guns
Big guns
Energy weapons
Melee combat
David Coleman

S - 5
P - 6
E - 6
C - 7
I - 7
A - 5
L - 6

Small Guns
Benjamin Ford


Energy weapons

The world weeps for Valyria. The great Freehold, so glorious in victory, has died a brutal death at the hands of the Doom. The shockwaves of Valyria's fall radiate out across the world. Fleeing refugees scatter across Essos, the last scions of the Dragonlords taking flight and escaping to whatever refuge they may yet find. Hundreds of thousands lie dead, and their dragons with them, entombed in the ash and waste. The sea seethes and boils, even on the southern coasts of Westeros, as the remnants of the Empire are cast into the waves. Even the open sky no longer gleams with the summer sun, as clouds of cinder blot out the sun for weeks at a time. The harvests are blighted in the fields, and hardship untold spreads like a disease, from Volantis to Oldtown.

The civilized world has been cast into disorder, the likes of which have not been seen centuries, and now the strong once again hold dominion. Only a few scattered threads are left to continue the line of the Freehold, perhaps a Dozen silver-haired houses, squatting on islands in the Narrow Sea, the disciples of Aenar the Exile on Dragonstone. The Dragonlord bears with him five great drakes, old and young, and for the first time, Dragons range out across Westerosi skies, devouring men and sheep alike from Claw Isle to Massey's Hook.

The world is changing, even in the hidden valleys, crannogs and ravines of Crackclaw Point, where the dominion of the Clawmen is under threat. Not protected by any great king, and fierce in their independence, the countless lords of the Clawmen now must fear for their survival, as the Celtigars come to rest upon Claw Isle, eager to seize the warring principalities of the Claw.

In this, the century of blood, a thousand houses will meet their end, and ten thousand more will see their birth, even in the ruin-dotted land of the Clawmen.

>Welcome folks, without further ado, let's begin generating our house. We have two options, in terms of realm, as we are beginning in rather a different time than is usual.
>Either Dragonstone, to reflect an origin as either a Valyrian house on Claw Isle, or some other unnamed island along the coast of Crackclaw Point. This house will receive certain bonuses and maluses in addition to the starting realm to reflect the fact that it is of High Valyrian descent.
>Or a modified realm, designed to reflect the unique challenges presented to a house on the Claw. (See next post)
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Realm: Crackclaw Point.
Defence +15 (The Claw is a land of rugged natural boundaries, of dense pine forests, marshes, and crags. The terrain is a logistical nightmare for an outside attacker, not to mention the violently independent people.)
Influence -5 (There are countless houses on the Claw, easily a hundred petty lords claiming dominion over some village or another, usually extending no further than the nearest valley or hillock. This does not lend itself to widespread acclaim) Lands 0
Law -10 (The Clawmen are fierce, rowdy, independent and quick to anger. They hold tightly to their traditions, and do not care even slightly about the laws of other folks.)
Population -5 (The land is not clear enough for much agriculture, and so the Clawmen are not as populous as many other peoples.
Power +15 (The Clawmen, for all of their flaws, have been at war with one another for millenia. Closer to wildlings or Ironborn in temperament than Andals, they are warriors from birth until death, with the axemen of the Claw being so feared as to dissuade even the reavers of house Hoare.)
Wealth +0 ( The land, while not usually well utilized, is not poor, and wealth can be eked out from the fine pine-wood, the flocks of sheep, and the skilled mercenaries the Claw often provides to other conflicts.)
The first choice to three votes wins.
> unnamed island

"I will head down there in a minute. Just need to take care of business first."

Turning towards Sadie and Duca, you lift a single finger at them.

"Don't screw anything up while I am gone! Or..."

Electricity smoothly lights up your finger to drive home your point. With Duca and Sadie nodding... Hopefully in agreement to stop bickering.

"You know they won't."

Probably not [Ride the Lightning], but one can hope. Finally leaving the two, you join up with Lisa Lisa to walk towards your final trial. The long marble hall echoing your footsteps as you walk, giving you a small chill. Walking outside, it's dusk, the sun had just retreated to the other side of the world. The air, mildly humid but still somehow cold, perfect for battle conditions to minimize overheating. Continuing to follow Lisa Lisa, you ask her...

>More details about the final trial.
>What happened in the last 24 hours.
>Other (Write in)
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Another jojo’s bizarre adventure quest stat’s, rule, etc.
Dice roll RULES

ROLLING: another JoJo’s Bizarre quest uses a d100 rolling. The default table for significant actions the tiers of success requiring a roll is as follows:

2-10: Definite Miss
11-89: Various Degrees of Success
90-99: Definite Success

1s and 100s cannot be overturned unless the other is rolled to cancel it out. Otherwise, the highest tier of success achieved goes.

WHAT DO STATS DO?: The stats do two things. First, they extend the “Definite Success” range of a Stand’s actions, as follows:

E: No change (90-99)
D: 80-99
C: 75-99
B: 70-99
A: 65-99
BATTLE SYSTEM: There is no flat health value, nor is there any flat way to determine damage sustained due to an attack. Powers can tend to inflict conditions that the enemy has to deal with, and you don’t necessarily have to KO an enemy to take him or her out of the fight. A given power may inflict a condition that the player will have to contend against in some manner, similar to a FATE aspect. For example, if a Stand has the power to throw around gravity wells, and the user catches an enemy in the range of one of his wells, the target would, reasonably, be “weighed down” by the enhanced gravity due to the gravity well; it would be harder to move around and avoid any further attacks unless the well can be dispelled somehow. Treat the effects of a power similar to how you would treat any trait, except it is (usually) temporary in nature. Conditions are ranked from 1 (minor) to 5 (strong). Conditions also tend to stack upon each other, so it is best to try to get rid of conditions before they cripple your character. Even though a character may be heavily crippled by conditions, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are always out of the fight. It will be significantly harder to perform actions you want, but depending on the nature of the condition, you might still have an out if you can figure a way out of the condition yourself or can get backup from someone else. Just because you’re down doesn’t always mean you’re out.


Specific sets of clothes can grant specific advantages in situations. For instanceover the top designs are jojo oriented one’s have the ability to pose. Posing can grant any stat and move it up a rank for a few turns (longer depending on how well you roll). Clothes like suits and ties (normal ones)will give you a bonus in charm and additional dialog options. Standard, normal clothes can help you hide among civilian's if being hunted.

>More details about the final trial.

Well I nearly forgot the thread
>>More details about the final trial.

File: Alone.png (902KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
902KB, 1280x720px
You awake on your back on hard and uneven ground. Even with your eyes shut, your head feels like it's become home to a family of diuretic hedgehogs. You give thanks, as you open your eyes and the cool moonlight streams in, that it is at least not dawn yet. Around you, illuminated by the waxing moon, are tall shoots of corn. They rustle as you stagger to your feet, attempting to get a less corn-based view of your surroundings.

Although the corn still rises above your head, you see the warm amber glow of artificial lights to your right.

>Go towards the light
>Go away from the light
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Go away from the light, who knows what kind of farmer is getting this corn.
That's a good point. You'd hate to come face to face with an angry farmer at night. He'd probably have his shotgun out and with a headache like this, you're not sure you'd be able to explain yourself before he fired on you for trespassing.

You walk away from the light, occasionally scraping your legs against broken shoots of corn. It's a long and repetitive walk and by the time you emerge from the corn you mouth is dry from thirst and your tongue sticks to its roof. But emerge you do. You step out onto an asphalt road, on the other side of which is more corn. It stretches out long and straight in either direction and though you strain your eyes you can't see anything at either end.

>Go left down the road
>Go right down the road
>Go forward into more corn
>Wait at the road
Wait at the road, hopefully you can get the attention of some stranger, right?

File: TITLE CARD 9.png (108KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Previous Thread:




BrotherQM's Gemini Omake Pastebin:

The gang had a fun day at the beach, and nothing bad happened to justify this melancholy thread image.

Whitaker and Weiss finally get some quality time.
422 posts and 15 images submitted.
Whit, Whit, he's our man!
If he can't do it, no one can!
Weiss is tapping a finger against her crossed arms as she absorbs everything you told her. You and your sister, at your insistence, are spending a few days, at the very least, away from the team. You told Blake and Penny it was to buy you time to work through this latest discovery with Weiss, and while that certainly is part of it, another part was being able to sleep. The swell of emotions that accompanied and prompted your acceptance of Blake’s past had given way to a tingling paranoia that you had assumed left your team once you learned the truth about Penny.

You couldn’t help it. The sensation of danger was constant around her now that you knew, and during the entire walk back to the beach you had been coiled with unconsciously summoned tension. You aren’t sure if she noticed, but you hope not. Some part of you is scared of how she’ll react, the resolution she built crumbling due to a single flinch. Another part is simply scared of Blake. That’s an uncomfortable position to be in. In all of your fantasies about joining a team of Huntsmen, you never imagined being afraid of one of them.

“I don’t understand.” Weiss’s voice cuts through your daydreaming and brings you back into the hotel room you shared. Currently, you mean. You had paid for separate rooms. She shakes her head at a spot on the floor as she works through your mentality.

“I know why you’re nice to Whitley. He’s family, and that means something, even if he is insufferable. I know why you’re nice to father, for the same reasons. I don’t know why you’re so… Relaxed with strangers you’ve never met, but I don’t question it. It’s what makes you Whitaker, really. To be honest, I admire that.” You can see where she’s going with this from a mile away, but you can’t stop yourself from smiling. Weiss never lays out her feelings like this to anyone else, and it’s always nice to know she’s got something good to say about you.

“But this isn’t like you. You’re calm, not uncaring. You don’t brush things off when they go wrong, but this is WAY beyond wrong, and you aren’t DOING anything about it!” Weiss’s voice is beginning to rise as she reaches the emotional crux of her internal conflict. Her gaze leaves the floor and settles on you, and the crossed arms separate to gesture along with her questioning, “There was someone in the White Fang, someone who wanted to kill us, in our room! On our team! Why don’t you care?!”

>A) Even if you don’t feel as sure as you’d like, you’re the team leader. You can’t afford to second guess yourself, it could destabilize the team. “I don’t care because it’s over. It has been for months. She left, Weiss. Everyone deserves a second chance.”
>B) She’s your sister. If there’s anyone on the team you can confide in, it’s Weiss. “To be honest with you… I’m scared. Trying to pretend it never happened isn’t making me feel any better, but I’d be even more afraid of what I’d be if I didn’t even give her a chance.”
>C) Point out the obvious. Weiss always has trouble working through things when she’s upset. “If anything was going to happen, it would have happened by now. She slept next to us for almost six months.”
>D) Why did you decide to help Blake? You can’t recall what, exactly, you were thinking at the time, but now that you’ve had some time to think it over… [Write In]

File: Forehead_Protector.png (1MB, 1440x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1440x1080px
Sometimes you think of what it would be like to be young again, to know the innocence of those youthful days once more. To be ignorant, soft and weak but blissfully unaware of the realities of the world…why, it almost makes you sick. You must admit that you are far too fond of your job than is entirely healthy. Being a professional killer may not have been the easiest thing to bear during one’s youth, but you took to it well enough. The Leaf was not nearly so squeamish about sending children to war back when you first received your forehead protector. Thankfully.

When was that, anyway? Your time as a genin seems so far away now.

>The Second Great Ninja War. You fought alongside the Legendary Sannin when you were a mere genin. Well, technically you fought behind them, as one of the many shinobi in the units they commanded. And you sincerely doubt that they were aware of your existence. Nonetheless, the ravages of the war gave you ample opportunity to earn experience and kill lots of people. By the war’s end, you were a jounin, and a fine one at that. Good times. You’ve been a veteran ninja for longer than most of your jounin peers, given that there are so few living and active shinobi of your generation. (Sannin’s Generation, Old and Grizzled Veteran)

>The Interwar Period. The international ‘peace’ after the Second Great Ninja War allowed the various villages to recover their strength. This did not mean a true cessation of hostilities, however, as a cold war raged with far more belligerence than the modern day equivalent. You were already a chunin by the time the Third Great Ninja War began, and obtained a field promotion to jounin once your superiors started dropping like flies. The rest of the war saw you serving with distinction as a commander and ninja, though, of course, you didn’t match up to the true legend forged in that war-the Yellow Flash. (Namikaze Minato’s Generation, Middle-Aged and Experienced Veteran)

>The Third Great Ninja War. Konoha had to take on Iwa, Kumo, and Bloody fucking Kiri at the same time. And it won. Thank you Lord Fourth, sadly deceased. Oh, and Suna too, you guess. They were your allies, but you never did much joint operations with them, as they fought on the front against Iwa and Kumo, whereas you were deployed against Kiri. Lucky you. The real climax of the war, for you at least, was when you managed to escape being decapitated by one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Not because you enjoyed it, but because it was probably your first, though not even close to last, brush with death. To tell the truth, you really managed to cheat the Shinigami with that particular escape. (Hatake Kakashi’s Generation, Relatively Young and 'Lucky' Veteran)

(I hate the fact that all Naruto quests star 12 year old rookies. This time, we’re going for the opposite end of the spectrum.)
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>The Third Great Ninja War. Konoha had to take on Iwa, Kumo, and Bloody fucking Kiri at the same time. And it won. Thank you Lord Fourth, sadly deceased. Oh, and Suna too, you guess. They were your allies, but you never did much joint operations with them, as they fought on the front against Iwa and Kumo, whereas you were deployed against Kiri. Lucky you. The real climax of the war, for you at least, was when you managed to escape being decapitated by one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Not because you enjoyed it, but because it was probably your first, though not even close to last, brush with death. To tell the truth, you really managed to cheat the Shinigami with that particular escape. (Hatake Kakashi’s Generation, Relatively Young and 'Lucky' Veteran)
>The Second Great Ninja War. You fought alongside the Legendary Sannin when you were a mere genin. Well, technically you fought behind them, as one of the many shinobi in the units they commanded. And you sincerely doubt that they were aware of your existence. Nonetheless, the ravages of the war gave you ample opportunity to earn experience and kill lots of people. By the war’s end, you were a jounin, and a fine one at that. Good times. You’ve been a veteran ninja for longer than most of your jounin peers, given that there are so few living and active shinobi of your generation. (Sannin’s Generation, Old and Grizzled Veteran

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Terror Time!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurningGray
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=XCOM%20Trooper%20Quest
Squad Information: https://pastebin.com/4KJN5HKK

Skyranger Enroute to Terror Site, United States

“The aliens won’t know what him ‘em, especially when we’re going to kick their ass ourselves! Ain’t that right guys? ...Guys?”

Rachel’s attempt at trying to fire up the squad, no, your squad is given a rather mediocre reception as the rest of your hand picked team divvied up from Strike-1 seems more anxious and reserved than anything else. The constant intel reports and updates from Central on the situation in Las Vegas you and the rest of the Strike Teams are receiving is a ruthless one at that. Constant bombings from the Raider UFOs have crippled city infrastructure and anywhere in and around the Ceasar’s Palace is a warzone. The picture being painted is not good to say the least, but given that you’re on a command frequency, the moment the others don’t know that.

“Er, yeah. Totally Riot.” Naru coughs, not wanting to leave Rachel hanging. The Japanese Rocketeer packing a small armory’s worth of explosives and kit.

Peppermint and Burnout remain silent, the latter giving a reassuring nod to your team’s Engineer before lighting another cigarette. Peppermint is mostly lost in her own world, her sniper rifle in her lap as she continues to psyche herself up.

You glance about in the Skyranger at the others. Rachel, Naru, Peppermint, and Burnout. The squad under your command. A part of you is still finding it hard to believe that in such short order you would be in this position, but Loki remained insistent. Of course, it’s not just the five of you in the Skyranger.

Strapped in by the ramp the extra addition to your squad begins to beep, the combat drone’s large mounted cannon rotating over to Rachel for a moment before returning back to its original position. The Super Heavy Infantry Vehicle, also known as the SHIV, is seemingly aware enough to acknowledge Rachel. You were informed just prior that the SHIV has a rather robust targeting AI system that should be able to listen to your commands and act with some degree of autonomy. Shen seems to be an expert of not only weapons and gear but also robotics.

“C’mon guys, give me something to work here!” Rachel says, her fingers strum against her Alloy Shield resting by her legs. Well, much like how she was in the FBI, Rachel’s determined to get everyone to chat to ease tensions. You don’t blame her. As this is going on you..

>Assist Rachel, it’s worked in the FBI and it can still help now. It helps build team synergy and coordination and would make leading them easier.
>Focus on trying to get as complete of a picture as possible from the constant stream of tactical info, you feel like you might need it.
>Get your own head in the game, a lot is riding on this and the last thing your squad needs is you panicking or making a bad call.
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>>Focus on trying to get as complete of a picture as possible from the constant stream of tactical info, you feel like you might need it.
>>Focus on trying to get as complete of a picture as possible from the constant stream of tactical info, you feel like you might need it.
>Focus on trying to get as complete of a picture as possible from the constant stream of tactical info, you feel like you might need it.
Heya, Pixel

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Bread is alive.
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File: Canaria3d.png (83KB, 476x476px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Last Thread: >>1783678

Links of Importance:

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mkam/home
List of Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Mageknight+Academy
Basic Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bsZQwXen2cxxNOns3dqWRC86FdliXxKi-brEXTBQtWE
In-depth Rules Explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13unrqxqUiX3G0rau6CpEu7Pd5FxEsXz54pfVS9PfGEs/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Madrid: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14Rf_RGpYIs0cdy1eUYYs-hr8_hqVaLrkSSvbzACtoFI/edit?usp=sharing
NPC Database for Amsterdam: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vHPyhTZJMOZpHViv4I6oCXsyrMmFHOY-920jbFSxQds/edit?usp=sharing
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pEEkNkr
File: Jungle_Temple.jpg (154KB, 1024x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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[=== Canaria News===]

Dear Mageknight Academy Students,

Feel free to explore the Island, help anyone that you find and have fun!
With Love,
Antona Catalyna de Robledo
Canaria Native and Teacher.

[Gram Roderick]
You are better off alone and you don't need anyone else. With Aria by your side, Ana in front of you and Rat on your shoulder, you continue exploring the Jungle, far away from what the other guys are doing. The weather is hot and humid, the armor is heavy but you must find and conquer this jungle. Who cares about the lost explorers or those other students? You are Gram Roderick and you got stuff to do.

After a few hours of finding nothing but plants, you start to hear the barking of Ana. You move some giant leaves around and you find a hidden temple. It looks like it’s been abandoned for centuries. You mark the location in your map and you decide to continue on with your exploring. Maybe there’s something else, other than a never explored and forgotten temple...

>+2 Investigation
>+1 Survival
>[Location: Lost Temple]
>[Choices, choices] - You can go and get an extra free action for exploring the Temple, or you can select a LAM mode run through the Temple. This critical will be counted towards your rewards.

Exploring the surroundings of the temple you manage to find a small waterfall half a mile from the temple, and a small spring. Sure, nice enough to relax, but not exactly a forgotten temple. While trying to return to the temple, hidden under some leaves, lies a crate with the Emblem of the Mageknight Academy of Madrid. It’s locked with a big padlock and you aren’t completely sure if it’s worth it to use your sword as a crowbar to try to pry it open. You manage to drag it to the Temple entrance to use as a chair.

>+1 Investigation
>[Mageknight Crate] - Locked.
[Matthieu Faust]
Vampirella was in torpor, and it seemed synthetic blood wasn’t doing it for her. Seeing no other option, you cut your wrist and brought it close to her mouth. She said she enjoyed the taste when you battled, so you figured it’d work. Lily is slightly disappointed at the fact that you weren’t going to do anything lewd to her, but she restrains herself. This was an important step in the process, after all.

The Vampiress drank deep of your blood. Just as you were feeling faint-- /just/ as you were about to pass out-- Vampirella’s eyelids fluttered open. She was clearly awake, now, with a smirk on her face. “Couldn’t resist me, could you?” She grabbed your wrist and dragged it closer to her mouth. She drank more, and more; until you felt as though you were going to pass out.

You awaken some time later, your wrist having been healed shut. You were lying on the bed, and the Vampiress was gone. The door was open, perhaps she had made an escape? You frantically get up and prepare to search for her when you hear something peculiar: the shower was running.

Suddenly, the shower stops, and the door to the bathroom opens. In front of you is the Vampiress, everything laid bare before you. The woman gives you a wry smirk. “Are you just going to stare, or are you going to get me a towel?” You oblige her, closing the door to the outside, and giving her a towel in short order. You look away, but you hear her changing into something. She tells you that you can look now, and find that she’s wearing the sundress you had bought for her.

You look to her warily, asking her what her plan of actions are from here. “Well, you’ve beaten me, and I’m clearly not strong enough to take on an entire keep of Mageknights.” She says, sitting down on the bed. “And I’m not too keen on fighting you or whoever is sent after me this time.” The Vampiress says in a tired voice. “I’m done running. So for now, I think I’ll stay with you.” The woman finishes coyly. Before you can protest, she continues. “I won’t drain any more victims, as long as you keep my appetite sated, and treat me well.” The vampiress says.

“Luckily for me, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of your blood.” She says to you. “So let’s start over. My name is Celeste.” The vampiress says to you. “Please take care of me.” Celeste finishes.

>+3 Celeste
>[Quest: Vampirella] - She’s awake, and she’ll stay with you as long as you treat her well

Rumors spread quickly through the student community. Some students are talking about a small ranch near the pastures where minotaurs and holstaurs live. Intrigued, you decide to investigate.


File: OP.png (1MB, 4772x2379px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 4772x2379px
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MercCommand

/tg/ Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Kantai%20Collection%20Pacific%20Strike
/qst/ Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Kantai%20Collection%20Pacific%20Strike

Other Quests: https://pastebin.com/TrNWfAke

You are the former United States Navy warship USS HOEL, now returned as a shipgirl and ready to kick Abyssal ass!

You had just managed to capture that troublesome Re-class Abyssal after it and a large Abyssal force had attempted to raid the Falklands. Thankfully, you were in a position to put a stop to it, but there were some things that nagged at you. For example, the timing of the attack seemed odd, since it happened right when you were the most vulnerable. In addition, they brought along specialized Abyssals meant to counter Anna...

Dunno, maybe it was something the Admiral and Captain could find out in debriefing.

Either way, you were being prepped for a rush flight back to Japan. You were pretty sure Vahlen was getting wet at the thought of being able to study a live Re-class, if even for a short while.

However, when they said rush flight, they meant it, since the transport plane was literally leaving right now, with instructions to basically leave anybody behind you didn't board in time.

>Get to the plane!
>You never had the chance to give a proper goodbye.
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>Get to the plane!
>>You never had the chance to give a proper goodbye.
>>Get to the plane!

File: holyromanempire.png (686KB, 800x1041px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
686KB, 800x1041px
Hi /qst/. I plan on making a HRE quest where each player can choose a duke/king in HRE and have to lead their dynasty to victory (but i will probably limit it to western and central HRE to make it less of a clusterfuck). I understand this will be a massive enterprise since i will have to probably read some books about internal politics of HRE and already write down as many storylines as possible. SO basically, i need advice. Ideas for mechanics, recommended books, recommended age, i will be ectemly grateful for any advice you can give me.
7 posts and 1 images submitted.
I would just do something like a colab ck2 where we are all in control of one ruling party in a voted country. And mabye the stats work similarly, or you could play it off in a kind of europa style for the governing side with the different points and status effects.

Multiple players? I dunno.
You're going to have to choose when you want to set this. The Holy Roman Empire, in it's post Carolingian form, lasted from 962 to 1806. I can help you choose a time period if you give me specific things you want.

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