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Ordered this shirt from H&M and got this. WHERE ARE THOSE VERTICAL PALE STRIPES? They're barely visible. Instead of plaid it looks striped.
Does anyone else have this shirt or at least has seen it in the real store? Is it the same shit?
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get a better lighting source
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Another pic
File: DSC_0852.jpg (477KB, 2592x1944px)Image search: [Google]
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The contrast between the outside and lining is obvious.

File: marni logo.jpg (34KB, 704x329px)Image search: [Google]
marni logo.jpg
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ill wait
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undercover ss15_women1.jpg
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Marni lost its cool now that they kicked out the previous designer
File: _MIL6226.1366x2048.jpg (325KB, 900x1349px)Image search: [Google]
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nah marni is cooler, worn by cooler people too

but you're right about consuelo leaving
dont know what I'm gonna do after this season, nothing really fills marni's gap in the industry, prada maybe, but it's not the same, worst news in fashion I've heard for a while
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What is sacai.

File: 1484270752550.jpg (481KB, 2758x1822px)Image search: [Google]
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>`adult` "human" 'male'

>wearing shorts
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there is literally no reason to not wear shorts unless youre like 40, are fat or live somewhere cold

Any good cheap shorts recs?
This fucker has clearly never lived anywere with a hot summer.

My city is about 40-45 in Summer and 0-10 in winter.

Fuck you if you think I or any of the other 5 million people who live here don't want to rock shorts in summer.

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Old one died

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File: IMG_0993.jpg (259KB, 1500x1125px)Image search: [Google]
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Seems pretty alpha
File: IMG_kkemfq.jpg (394KB, 1080x1662px)Image search: [Google]
394KB, 1080x1662px

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how the fuck do you stop heel drag?

>inb4 just pick up your fit every step you walk

its not that fucking simple
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be mindful of it
Check out Kelly Starrett and Pete Egoscue's books.
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buy a rascal scooter

Do you guys know any good vegan leather jackets?
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no, because there aren't any
the most important aspect of a leather jacket is, you guessed it, FUCKING LEATHER
if the leather is shit, the jacket is shit, period. and fake or as you call it "vegan" leather is the most shit kind possible, it's a sham, a pale imitaition of the real thing
it's the fashion equivalent of plastic floor panels or fake marble kitchen counters


Just got these, I got the smallest sizes so I could try them out and make sure I don't have an allergic reaction or some bullshit.

Also general /skin/ thread.
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2MB, 4032x3024px
This came in a few days ago
>has the consistency of cottage cheese
>leaves a slight white cast like sunscreen
>a tiny bit can cover your entire face and neck
>keeps skin smooth and hydrated as fuck

It also claims to help with redness and dark spots, but it's too soon to tell if it'll improve my complexion. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with darker skin because of the white cast.
i hope to god you all wear sunscreen
Every two hours Anon.

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Will 2017 be the year slip-ons (Vans classic or pro) will become the new stan smiths or superstars? They are obviously back in style.
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It's always the year of the High Top bud.
That's a a nice way of saying Adidas
File: $_1.jpg (13KB, 400x266px)Image search: [Google]
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I hope your prediction comes true
pirel are the best slip ons ever

File: IMG_3217.jpg (180KB, 800x673px)Image search: [Google]
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I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more to be that guy in Wolverine 1000 mile boots
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That created a pointless thread
Wolverines won't even make 500 miles with their quality lately

Should have copped Red Wings senpai

Im on year three of my 1000 miles.
They got most wear this year.

They'll go another year before the sole needs to be replaced but otherwise holding up.

Some scuffs and mild cuts in the leather. All good though

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How do I get a gf that's into classic Americana style?
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you're probably getting on responses because

A) It's literally one of the most alpha styles there is
B) not a dating advice board

If you're wearing americana/workwear and not drowning in vageen you're either tragically ugly or wearing biblically shit-tier fits.
also americana as a fashion style doesn't hold up for long if your boring af manchild, because it's basically generic 'cool guy'... you do actually have to be cool.

live the lifestyle. Buy an old car or motorcycle, learn a trade, put them in the background of the odd facebook picture, go on a driving holiday once a year.


before you do anything, remember to ask yourself: what would Steve McQueen do?
>buys a visvim scarf

4shin how do i get americana gf?

More hoodies like this
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text looks too low on that hoodie. also looks like a gildan
gildan heavy blend are by far my favorite hoodies
Not the same color but might as well share it

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old thread dying

post and rate
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guess I'll go first then
nice, change shoes and get rid of pinroll
File: 541654646486.png (660KB, 1106x1012px)Image search: [Google]
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Someone tell me, are WAYWT just ironic bait threads or do people here actually think they are posting good fits?
Like this guys >>12285781 just what the fuck

File: s-l500.jpg (27KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Has anyone bought this jacket?

Its a fake leather jacket that's being sold on ebay for like 20 bucks and i was thinking about buying it since 20 bucks isn't that much it has good reviews on the website and yes the jacket is from china
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There's a good chance it could give you skin cancer.

You ready for that, anon? You ready for skin cancer?
They're poorly made and are often nothing like the photo. They will fit like shit because they are made for tiny Asians.
"cost = quality" isn't always true but $20 is way too cheap for even a faux leather jacket senpai

File: 1488822502250.jpg (329KB, 933x1400px)Image search: [Google]
329KB, 933x1400px
is it nu goth? when i tried researching it i just stumbled upon some tumblr cringe shit

i'd be very happy if anyone has examples or info of this more tasteful approach to it (pic related)
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It's AIDS-core. It looks like shit.
delete this thread and ask in fuckboy general newfag
It's goth, just in rich girl fashion form.

First time browsing and I'm really confused.

So, literally everyone who goes on this website dresses about average and looks like an anorexic teenager.

Can someone please explain how is this a fashion board?

I do like some of the clothes people share and discuss but what is it with having really monotone and basic clothes that everyone wears.

I live in Ireland and the way /fa/ recommends to dress is the way an average 15-18 year old does here.

I'm not hating btw
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the people who dress well rarely post photos of themself, because they have already passed their desperate for attention phase
Americans have low standards.
post fit fuccboi

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