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what are some effay football scarves?
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If its not british its not /fa/
If it was founde after the great war its not /fa/
i've been seeing scarves by the label posh isolation they look cool
you can't get them anywhere though

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>He cuffs his pants
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Acceptable and more comfortable with boots. Otherwise yeah, it's pretty stupid.
Its not 2015 anymore

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T O R I N S P I R A T I O N .
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o9kf1v - Copy.jpg
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Am I effay?
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I know this isnt you, but if I looked like that I'd get plastic surgery
sam hyde before zippy water

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>tfw slowly going blind
Post /fa/ eyewear
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Underrated shoes? I'll start, Fila F13
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Reebok Pump Omni Lite
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Ewing 33 Hi
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Puma speedcat sparcos. Like hen's teeth now though.

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any backpacks that look remotely as good as this?

young college boy in need of help
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hey also looking for anything like this, bump
Hi OP. Check out makavelic. It's a japanese brand and they have some cool bags. kind of pricy. there's also norse projects too but they go out of stock.
Looks like an alice pack or any preceding American military backpack in white

You might be able to just bleach an old surplus pack, although I'm not sure about strength

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new day new thread
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Some DIY projects. Cropped the pants, patched the jacket.

All loose fit. Can't tell if the angle of the cam makes the silhouette unflattering.
stop posing with cigarettes in your hands you look like a tool
the jacket looks decent
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Taken from prev thread

Def unflattering. The pants make you look fat

Most /fa/ dog breed?
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A chow chow mixed with a daschund
Not being a parvenu and realising all dogs are great is as "/fa/" as you can get. Jesus...

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Is there any one on this board that gets more unwarranted praise than this guy and his garbage ass fits?
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I like them though, they're consistently quite good fits. Please post fits you think are good?
his fits aren't that bad. He could use some more contrast in this one though.
also I hate when people are smoking AND have a cup of coffee in their hands, it just feels so tumblr artsy

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Hello friends
I'm going to asia very soon and will have the opportunity to get a whole wardrobe tailor made and would like to take the opportunity to get a shitload of Fascist/Militia inspired gear.
Post yah inspo to help me out.

Contemporary would be nice.
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Just dress like Mosley but don't wear the pants as high.
>don't wear the pants as high
Bad advice.
>how to fuck your entire look up in seven words

Thoughts on his 2017/2018 AW?


>P.S that background music though
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he teaches at my school
He is quite nice and humble guy,isn't he?
What school do you attend?

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Get the fuck in here and post your idea of a modern punk look.

Hairstyles, jeans, jackets, whatever the fuck.

No mohawks or other stupid shit, this is for stuff you could wear every day, and pull in bitches with.

Also, I'm specifically looking for a good punk haircut that fits military standards.
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To clarify, I mean punk rock, not steam/diesel/cyber punk type stuff.

Pic related is an example of what you can shove up your ass.
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ants to do.png
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>no mohawk
>posts a mohawk

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/fa/ a mate of mine recentIy went to the US and brought back a Tommy HiIfiger cIassic fit Navy coIour crew neck for me.
It was a medium size and I normaIIy don't wear baggier shirts (normaIIy wear a smaII) but it suits reaIIy weII because its wide but stiII pretty short.
I've been Iooking around but I can't find any other crew necks that are the same Iength and width, they're either aIways Ionger and the same width or thinner but the same Iength.

Anyone have know any other brands or crew neck t-shirts that are a simiIar shape to Tommy HiIfiger cIassic styIe ones? PreferabIy cheap because HiIfiger ones are pretty pricey even on ebay.

pic reIated, the shirt I've got now
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armpit to armpit its 21 inches
centre Iength at the back is 27 inches
Head over to iofferz they have shirts like that for less than $10.
I don't care about the Iook that much, I just want one the same size and shape

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Hey /fa/, just curious what is the best shoe size for males and what size is considered too big/ clown tier?
Im Shoe size 44-46 (EU size) and i feel like everything above 44 looks kind of clownish
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Depends on the shoe silhouette as more low profile can fit on large feet fine or small feet and louder shoes look better on smaller feet. Examples:
Common projects look good on most folks
Dr. Martin's look fine on tiny feet, same with new balance.
any "best" size is completely arbitrary
you need to take the proportions of the entire body into account
how tall are you?

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