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Dear /fa/

How do I stay fashionable without losing my individuality and becoming a faggy follower of trends? Are there any timeless looks that aren't too boring?

thank you
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just b urself
The end ideal of being "fashionable" is knowing what works and what doesn't and dressing with what appeals to YOU, NOT what's in trend.
Do whatever u want and look good while doing it

>not wearing a fanny pack
>never ascending to the next level of /fa/ where the Gods play
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Try coming to the Mediterranean, we wear them here
I wear them in Texas senpai. Good to see the Mediterranean is enlightened as well!
I hate the stigma about fanny pack. They're comfortable as fuck

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How do I stop looking like such a fuckin goober?
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braap posting in a shit thread saged memed didnt read
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lose 30 pounds

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Are my vintage Adidas /fa? They are about 30 years old.
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my 1 week old shoes look more worn than this do you actually wear them outside?
They've never been used. I was clearing out some stuff from my parents' house and found them in their original box. Looks like my mom bought them for me back then but forgot to tell me.

I also found a 25 year old Aero motorcyle jacket my dad bought. Never wore it because he didn't get that motorbike after all.
bretty cool

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I'm in college and am hiring classmates to work for my startup. I'm autistic, so I want to dress in such a way that people will be more inclined to do what I tell them and take me seriously.

Right now I dress pretty bland slackercore; slim dickies and cp achilles. I can't imagine working for someone who always wears sweatpants or something, though, especially if I share classes with them. It would probably take me a while to get used to the idea of treating someone who dresses as sloppily as I currently do as my boss.

It's kind of an interesting question, though. When you think of a "natural leader", what are they wearing? What do they look like?

I was browsing my inspo folder and chose pic related - jacket makes zain's shoulders look broad, and the colors are understated and dark.
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Being a leader isn't about what you wear. You got the autism part spot on.

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Ignore the autistic mudslime that keeps posting in all caps.

> dress like pic related

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Alright /fa/ am I thinspa now?
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You're low test and effiminate with wide hips, your sex life is done.
Gain weight bruh. Don't fall for the stupid skinny meme on this board. I've been skinny my whole life and girls have never liked it. Try and get otter mode. That's what I've been doing. GAIN WEIGHT

If you're gay they probably like it though
To add to my comment. Unless you're a 6 foot Chad with a Greek Gods jawline don't be skinny.

Especially if you're short. If you're under 5'9" and you're skinny fucking eat you'll look horrible

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Femanon here. I have a job interview tomorrow at a video game company in nyc. The recruiter said business casual is fine to wear but Im still unsure how to present myself. I should mention it's also going to be cold as fuck tomorrow so I'm unsure if I should do dress pants or pencil skirt.

Interview outfit ideas??
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just be yourself dude
what outfits do you have in mind?

what's your current wardrobe consist of?
Full soloist or fuck off

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>walk into the Gucci store
>ask if they carry Prada
>get thrown out

how was your day /fa/?
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People like this are still here?

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Which one's least shitty? Initially I really liked the white one by Calvin Klein, but it appears that the red one looks the best on me.
Do you feel the same, /fa/?
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Also, it's strange that some medium sized shirts fit tight, whereas others (such as the white one) fits loose
The green one looks best.
also stop spreading your legs so much you slut.
is white one doesn't fit (because it's too loose) is it's just simply not as good as the green one?

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W2C this pair of eyeglasses?
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not gonna tell you for your benefit

Do you mean to say, they don't look good?
no offense anon but they probably will not look good on you if you're not oscar isaac

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Okay so I'm 20 with and the only hair i've grown is a mustache but lately I've been noticing hairs appearing on my face. They're scattered but they're all in the general area to where it looks like my face is trying to grow a beard. How do I make it grow in faster
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wait for puberty to end.
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File: 38-minoxidil-beard-8-weeks (1).jpg (189KB, 760x400px)Image search: [Google]
38-minoxidil-beard-8-weeks (1).jpg
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I weigh 51kg at 178cm.

People tell me that's not enough.

What do you guys think? I believe it's effay.
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o9kf1v - Copy (2).jpg
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Someone can be short and not insecure about it but that doesnt mean being a manlet is suddenly effay cuz u arnt insecure bout it

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/fa/ stickers? W2c
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pick neither
>Posting anons daily carry when you could've just asked him

Holy fuck being this new

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You're in charge of making Chloe Grace Moretz look good. How do you dress her?

Hard mode: you can't do your job ironically.
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Wait.. is this photoshopped or not?

It's not the usual picture but she still looks as big as a man. What the fuck is going on with her? Did she do a few cycles of test for some movie?
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File: 1489029183618.jpg (81KB, 563x672px)Image search: [Google]
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there is a british girl in one of my classes that has this exact body type. I caught her looking at me and she smiled when we made eye contact. Im going to go for her and see what she's like.

How can white people even compete when the most beautiful models on earth are mixed race, like Toni?
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white boys are betacucks, OP. There is no such thing as a "white man". These betacucks have no cultures and traditions as well. If I was white, I'd drink bleach and fap to Black alpha males spitroasting muh White woman.
t. sad skinnyfat manlet mexican
t. triggered cumskin projecting
Thanks for the (you)'s that's all I wanted, here's (you)

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