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(nevermind the shorts) is this windbraker /fa/?
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If you go to the raves frequently - yeah
Its very boring.
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What's with the fucking manlet shit all over

I'm 5'2 (just a little bit shorter than the world average) and get none of that height shit in real life

I know how to dress, can talk to and get women with ease with an average face. Nobody fucks with me in real life for height it's such a shitty meme
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just accept that 4chan has ruined your self esteem forever

I'm 5'10" and had never thought about height before this website and now I don't go a day without thinking that I'm at best a manlet king
>"Ha he may dress well bu-but he'll never be as tall as me"

It's just one thing the board does to make themselves feel better than you
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fucking this

id give anything to be two inches taller

why is beard without moustache so fucking disgusting?
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because its not 18th century anymore
Cause abe lincoln and amish people

it's a beard but without the hassle when eating

why do you care what he looks like?

What the fuck am I seeing.
This is just to make a statement right?
Because they WILL lose money on this product.
Assuming a bunch of "hip" douche bags that don't even live within that culture start buying them.
They'll totally lose money.
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*Unless a bunch of "hip" douche bags that don't even live within that culture start buying them.
Bout to cop the shit out of these to resell to rich ass arabs n shit.
Go for it mang.
There's a sucker born every second.

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Who is the most /fa/ anime character and why is it Naota?

w2c the shit that he wears
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I have this shirt, it's pretty nice but the material is super thin https://www.redbubble.com/people/linkhero55/works/12205412-90-degree?grid_pos=41&p=t-shirt&style=raglan
that is pretty clearly nothing like the 90* shirt that Naota wears though, it doesn't look anything like it

they don't even offer the same color option
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attaching image this time

recently copped this

copped a L or a W?
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You have to go back
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>copped a L or a W

We don't take too kindly to your kind round here.
Maybe two years ago

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Are Red Wings nu-male?
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Being human is automatically nu-male
workwear is nu male if you are not east asian
I dress workwear because I actually work in manufacturing, am i nu male

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>double the price of regular superstars for a piece of styrofoam taped to one side of the shoe
this is why nike is on top
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worst bait
who's baiting?

model aesthetic thread
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Is it possible to be ugly and /fa/? I probably look a little worse than pic related
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>ugly and /fa/
have you heard of Rick Owens?
As long as you're thin and not disfigured you have a chance

Attractive facial aesthetics are definitely a bonus for any look

However there are more times than not when less attractive people pull off something /fa/ bringing a unique flare to it

Face care does wonders by the way if you have acne or scaring
>Face care does wonders by the way if you have acne or scaring
Yup, derma put me on accutane and I finally don't have acne... yet my face is still completely destroyed with scars and redness

feelsbadman. I have the worst genetics possible, literally nothing attractive about me physically

morning /fa/, femanon here
what can i wear to night outs/social gatherings/clubs instead of heels? i'm 5'7 and i'm not into towering over everyone and looking awkward, and i'm not skinny enough to look all model-like.
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Basically any other shoe that you like that are not heels.
There is a girl general. Delete this thread and Ask there or in fuckboy general.
the girl general is dying out & i need answers son

Let's talk smoking guys

>What do you smoke?

>How much/often do you smoke?

>When did you start?

>Planning on quitting?

+any other smoking related stories
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Started when I was prob 16. I'm 25 in April. Smoke Pall Mall reds. Maybe 7 a day? More in the summer.
I don't smoke
I drink nicotine
every once in a while I'll smoke a pipe
but mostly I just drink nicotine
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>opinions on herbal smokes

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Hey, i'm going tl London tomorrow and i was wondering if the y3 store(s) actually sell raf simons shit. Does anyone know?
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why in the fuck would they sell Raf Simons in a Y3 store?
Hey guys I'm heading to Men's Warehouse in a bit, do you think they's have some Ramones in stock?
I'm heading to the farmers' market, you guys think I can stock up on Twix there?

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What's up /fa/, was wondering how many of you wear raw denim/ selvedge denim?

I always go for it because it's marginally more expensive but lasts longer and fits better

>ITT: post selvedge brands of choice and fits
Pic related, 511 Levi's
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the thing is I like washing my jeans tho........to get the dirt and sweat and general grime out.

>washing your jeans

If they smell freeze them in a plastic bag and if you have to wash them hand wash them in cold water
I acutally prefer non-raw denim because they don't hade (I like plain colors) and are just easier to use, you can get them really dirty and not worry so much about washing.

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