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/WAYWT/ March 10th
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ravioli ravioli
that is unfortunate silhouette

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is being fat /fa/ now?
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i would still smash her booty
She got those breeding hips
there are some nude of her?

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I'll start with mines
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>art and fashion
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these threads are always fun
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Damn son. I dressed like
> Age 13, from elementary to first year of university
Skinny guy with oversized jackets, but I think it's a nice aesthetic that can be pulled off by many
post template nignog
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shoe collection thread

itt rate others and post your collection or current rotation
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As someone who buys designer shoes 70% of the time, I think I'm addicted to the first gen UB's. Where can I buy some online cheap?
idk man try asking in fuccboi general

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/FA/ Phone Background Screenshot thread.
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Anyone know what i can pair this with? Found it at thrift for $3 and cant rlly think of anything to wear with it; its sort of like a jacket?
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looks like a sport coat
wear it like a blazer
I feel like wearing full Norse
talk me out of/into it
I'd like to know what type of boots therse are. The closest you know.

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Is Patrick Bateman /fa/?
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That's kind of his entire deal.

Is that rhetorical?
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hell yeah

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Can we get a hoodie general ? Prefering printed hoodies :) inspo and suggestions where to find a fa hoodie under 80€
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hoodie 2.jpg
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hoodie 3.jpg
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I wanna start looking like one of the characters from sons of anarchy

any tips? what is this style called?
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>what is this style called?
White trash/middle aged dad drama fantasy

Jax is loose fitting plaid shirts and hoodies, jewerly, oily hair, loose jeans and white sneakers.

If you aren't an actual baller I don't think this is a look you can pull off. So just google biker look and copy some stuff from there because some biker stuff can look good on insecure teenagers as well.
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I have this look tbqh

I would post me but im a fatty

Pic related, my rings

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What shades would fit my head? I have a very small narrow head. This is what I look like wearing a normal pair. Inb4 clubmasters they're for douches now.
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transition in to a female immediately
worst Glee character
idk something small lul

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Can I get some help picking out a proper pair of Oxfords? I don't know what to look for. But I do know that I want brown ones.

Here are some I've looked at so far. I like the color of these ones because it's more interesting than plain brown
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I'm not sure how I feel about the white sole on these ones, but again, it's "interesting". Not sure if it's a good thing.
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And then here are some which are more plain, but maybe that's what I should be after in an Oxford. I'm not sure. They look nice; there just doesn't seem to be anything particularly exciting about them.

I'm open to any other recommendations btw ofc
I like brogues better...it can also help the pretty drab shoes stand out.

Like you pointed out though, the ones with the reddish luster are more visually appealing.

If anyone is looking for really nice shoes but affordable, I get nearly all my nice shoes from Nordstrom rack. as much as 70% off sometimes. Got $600 frye's for $180 the other day

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Show me the comfy shoes
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I, too would like some comfy shoe recommendations. I'll be wearing slacks and a polo or dress shirt, and I need some semi-formal shoes. Dress shoes are uncomfortable for me.
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they are comfy but ugly

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anyone with hair past your chin... I found the missing ingredient in having long hair but not looking like a metalhead / like I play magic... leave-in conditioner... highly recommend.

Also, any other long hair tips
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before and after pics?
top bun when going to sleep. keeps it from getting greasy (since it's not rubbing against your face)

wash hair twice a week, also only shampoo your roots and scalp (massage to stimulate growth) and put conditioner on your length/tips. Your scalp is the greasiest, just let the shampoo slide down through your length. Doing a hot oil treatment once a month or so is also good for your hair

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