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Immigrant T-Shirts to stop a "hate monger" REeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ALCU reeeeeeeeee
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Bumping for justice
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rap music.jpg
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>the nazis forced jews to wear armbands indicating their jewishness
>this tee serves the same purpose but makes them pay for it

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Is this "weird kid" style effay?
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You tell me.

nah, he looks like a girl

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post fashionably inspirational pictures of historical revolutionaries
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nike sfb pendleton homie
These aren't really sneakers anon :/
A mess.

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what kind of hat is this?
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Panama hat
The name for Winston Churchill's preferred style is homburg. It's a little more formal than a fedora, but less so than a top hat. I may be wrong, but it's at an equal level of formality with the bowler hat.
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that guy needs to take a fucking shower

like right now
how does one get into globby bottle of cheap stinking chip oil core?
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if only it was real

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effay camera + lens setups

D800 + 35 f2d with metal hood
5d2 + 40 f2.8 with non-stock metal hood

post moar
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get on my level lads

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Hey guys. My meme parchment All Star IIs are really beaten with a few holes in them. I'm going abroad soon and I'll buy a new pair there, but I've decided to cop cheap Ultra Boost replicas that I can use for the time being. I've wanted a pair for a really long time.

I have a friend well educated in copping replicas so I'm set on that front, but I'm unsure what color to get. I was thinking about copping the basic black model (pic related) for relatively good compatibility with many fits. Will I look like a mainstream tryhard if I cop them? What is the most effay color?
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God tier UB colorways :
Triple white , Tee time
Great tier :
Creams, Reigning Champ, Collegiate Navy,High Snob, Burgundy
Good : Wool Grey, Kith, Mystery grey, 3m, Olive, Neon yellow

everything else is not worth it
Oh I forgot about core black and OG
Thanks fampai, I'll get digging.

File: RECENT COPS.png (1MB, 950x769px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 950x769px

bourgeois rich kids can go the other thread.
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Finally copped some white leather kicks

> not Stan smiths
> just as comfy
> only $45
File: just cop.png (101KB, 412x882px)Image search: [Google]
just cop.png
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now the waiting game begin
File: 1488471094752.jpg (289KB, 960x1706px)Image search: [Google]
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I can smell the jealousy


File: IMG_3250.jpg (450KB, 1135x1419px)Image search: [Google]
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How do I pull off FULL LEVI'S?
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Don't ever match the denim's colors doofus.
be skinny, wear 1 color so it looks like a suit
It us pulled off when it looks, >>12304573 is the closing thing to a rule but really it is breakable. It really just comes down to fit

How does /fa/ feel about the tights w/ shorts look for men?
I've never tried it and don't really plan on doing so as I couldn't quite pull it off but I actually quite like the look and the silhouette it creates.
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I think it would look good as sports wear, but my calves wouldn't look good in them
I agree with the sentiment but I'm talking about the look as an everyday type of outfit. It's a given it is wearable as sports wear considering that's what it actually should be.
For the large part you're definitely going to look autistic. In my opinion it can only look good if you're wearing sporty gear like Gyakusou.

File: 1486407724960.png (80KB, 686x686px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw retarded enough to took Accutane

Who the fuck got his mental health fucked by this drug ?
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Me too thanks but it wears off after a bit

Got great skin now tho lol
ya my friend took it and even though his skin looks good he's become crazy and has a lot of health issues. dunno if it's from the accutane but they started after he got off so...
i took it too and i'm a depressed, anxious fuck but i don't know if it's from that

File: autist hero.jpg (159KB, 1150x1450px)Image search: [Google]
autist hero.jpg
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post casually stylish autistic look
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File: hm3.png (227KB, 427x522px)Image search: [Google]
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wtcfl thick classic sweatpants
idk but the pic was from jerzees.com
there's a really nice $10 champions with a tiny logo
but they have no pockets

File: ad.jpg (92KB, 824x684px)Image search: [Google]
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How do I get this look?
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Are you Asian? If you're not it's impossible so stop trying.
File: assassin.png (242KB, 720x422px)Image search: [Google]
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post effay assassins
He can walk around squinting all the time. It's not that hard.

new comfy core thread, last one is only thinspo, post anything you got
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File: 1487720239321.jpg (481KB, 600x868px)Image search: [Google]
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Wow that layering is incredible
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