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When will hats come back?
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Never really went away for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.
It looks nothing alike
Alike to what?

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anyone else jumping on this train? I'm trying to decide between these and yellow old skool low-tops
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What train? Vans checkerboard trend came back and already left
no it didn't
Yeah it did. Only person I've seen wearing them is the fatty in the cringe thread

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Where can I find cheap hoodies that aren't shit quality cotton
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bump i would like to know this too
reigning champ, now fuck off newfags

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These are both the most expensive and the most uncomfortable boots I have ever bought. How long do these fuckers take to break in?
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My moc toes were comfortable right from the start. I mean, I got blisters, and still do, but they don't dig in anywhere. Maybe you didn't get the right size cuckboi
Takes about a week or two. Or you bought the wrong size
Prolly bought the wrong size. Mine felt great after two weeks and after a month were perfect.

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If I can't cop >> pic related
New can I get replicas please? Like, is that ok to do?
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no, it's obviously not ok to do that, but it's pointless to ask since you're already considering it anyways, not to mention you're already beyond help for liking such a trash m3m3 sneaker with a burnt-out designer's name slapped on. if anything just get sketchers, less expensive and less full of shit, same colorway will surely be available from their selection of kid-friendly light-up shoes.
Don't buy replicas, if you have a job and you still live with your parents which I would assume, there's no reason you can't afford $600 shoes and if you're living alone and you can't? You left the nest too early.

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Last thread: >>12298779

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted (Our hearts go out to you, froggo)


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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When you see this post drink a glass of water prepared the way momma used to make
full of gin?
thrown at me?

good/interesting art edition
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been thinking about this walizweska? probs thigh placement.
is the dog trying to blow itself?
think the she dog is biting herself.

There's some rly hot ""indie"" girls (as in goes to urban outfitters, listens to The 1975, etc.) at my college and basically I wanna fuck one of them.
How do I need to look for this to happen?
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>if you have to ask
saged and reported autist
be more interesting
Just look like you're interesting.
Also, be interesting.

This board won't help you because it's full of timid teens who want nothing more than to fit in and fear nothing more than to stand out which is the opposite of what will get you girls.

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that was out of style way before 9/11 though. your meme doesn't work
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Just wanted to share this original observation I've made.

People used to wear colorful stuff when the times were still good.
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With the paranoia over terrorism and surveillance came a need to camoflague oneself. To draw less attention.

It really took hold around the mid-late 2000s.

Fashion became darker, greyer, muted, earthy. Pastel at best.

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Plate Edition-
>blade breaking pauldrons no?
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Grand pauldrons 2.jpg
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mfw no /fa/ blade breaking pauldrons
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Hand Gesture Armour.jpg
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Armour should make a statement too.

>tfw you realize even your grails are rags compared to the sheer hours of craftsmanship it took to produce a single piece

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Greetings /fa/. I own pic related. Is there hope for dusters? Linen or cotton would be a more authentic choice of material for this old west pattern, but leather is what I've got. For what it's worth I enjoy my duster for what it is: waterproof, warm, and 100% UV protection. And it even smells nice. Any anons with similar? How silly do I look wearing it in Texas?
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How attractive are you?

How tall are you?

if you're attractive and tall, you'll look fine

If you want to not look autistic, just find an alternative. There's various jackets in leather and other synthetics that have a similar aesthetic and accomplish the same thing without being a "duster" or looking like Jeeper Creepers
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7/10, 5'11".

But what if I also wear pic related? During a Second Amendment demonstration, say.
this board has the most low effort bait

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is this more or less true?
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All revolting, mental illness tier
>spoiled and boring

that one is rashka
everything else is grimy pig disgusting shit
idk bruh
Have you ever even tried being pegged?

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How do I dress "rich?" Serious question, as I want to show that I am richer than I am without actually being richer at all. For reference, I'm 26 and male. I figure I can still dress like a rich cunt in college and give the outward appearance of money.

I figure I can get a Princeton or Yale pullover along with some slacks. Hah. What else would I need? I'm doing this for reasons.
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tasteful prep is good since if you pull it off correctly you will look like a millionaire, but it does require some investment
File: image.jpg (14KB, 258x195px)Image search: [Google]
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What is the least amount of investment I can make? Like I said, I'm doing this for reasons, but I also don't have a ton of money.

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I am planning on investing a fair amount in new shoewear and i am interested in high-end european brands, particularly those which offer shoes made in cordovan shell (Horween cordovan).

What are some brands out there beside Carmina Shoemaker?
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how much do you want to invest?

Up to 800 EUR per pair (if cordovan), around 1-2 pairs per month.
Saint Crispin's

am a virgin
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You look like Steve Carell
came here to say that

me three :-)

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