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How do I achieve that gud facial aesthetic, /fa/? I need solid criticism and advice
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you can't change your bones.
just be healthy, exercise, and work on your fits
Step 1: Be born white
1. graduate high school
2. post in generals you dumb fucking roastie

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Hi guys I need your help.

What are some good stores to buy high-quality women's clothing? I don't really need to look super /fa/, I just want nice adult clothes. Right now most of my wardrobe is H&M/F21. I have some nice pieces that have lasted me a while, which I'll be keeping, but the rest of it is fast fashion garbage. Also want to cut down on how many clothes I have, it's getting to be too much.

I live in Montreal so I can go to quite a few stores downtown. I was thinking Zara might be a good place to start? I'd really prefer to visit stores in person as opposed to ordering online, because I'm pretty short and have proportions that aren't easy to fit properly.

thanks guys :)

pic is alexa chung because I love her style
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I shop mainly at uniqlo.

GAP has some decent basics I rec their mens sweaters.
I'm 5'2" so I can't really wear men's clothes unfortunately hahaha

is uniqlo true to size? I like their stuff too but I don't think there's a store in montreal
try COS, it's a one step above H&M with sane prices, Zara is pretty much the same level as H&M

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Hey folks, first post so don't rape my ass

I was at some secondhand shop the other day and completely fell in love with this rosy sweater that was way too small.

Been trying to find something similar online, mostly just via google images but I haven't found anything besides a Supreme sweater from 2012 which is sold out.

Can you guys help me out?
Are there certain webshops that offer this type of clothing?
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The supreme sweater
not exactly rare I think I recall something similar at h&m
couldn't find anything, they seem to mostly only have monochrome hoodies n sweaters, but thanks anyways

I've owned pretty much every single one of my grails. Items I thought I would never own. I feel like I'm finally done with fashion, and have begun shrinking my wardrobe to a few essentials. Gonna use my friend's buyer discount on some SLP, and I'm out for good. Do you guys think you'll ever finish with fashion?
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I think most people who live in a major city flirt with fashion, some dive deeper than others, and eventually they age out of it. It's weird for a dad, for example, to be wearing cutting edge clothes and if you aren't moving forward fashion dies out.

I'm 28 now and I've stopped allowing myself to buy most things. I maintain a pretty constant and simple earthy wardrobe without any high fashion pieces, and on the weekends I'm usually wearing my 90s throwback grails that I could never bring myself to sell. I have mint ralph lauren/tommy/etc. grail jackets and shirts I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on that would be hell to sell anyway so I've just allowed those to become my out of the norm pieces.
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pic related
That's a good way to approach things. I'm 21 and I've spent and subsequently sold for a profit tens of thousands on dollars worth of Grails. Now that I owned at one point or another everything I wanted, I'm focusing my attention and money on traveling instead.

Is it possible to pull off a poncho without looking retarded, /fa/?
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retarded is a whole point
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We use this hooded ponchos that look good, but the traditional square poncho requires you to be ethnic enough.

Confiest male wear by the way.

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Hey /fa/ so I have formal coming up (prom for Americans) and I have two options.

An unfitted decent grey suit which would be slightly nicer then what most people would be wearing in terms of suits but again it's ill fitting

or a real nice long black coat done up with black jeans, button down, and boots

I'd be the only person really who is a guy who wouldn't be wearing a suit and my date is upset that I would be the odd duckling

what do.
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white ralph button down and with a black tie loosely done for detail (op)
Is there no way you could get the suit tailored?
Most alterations are affordable and could make a big difference in the overall look.
I could get the suit tailored yeah but then a lot of my fit down grades from a snazzy $1000 english winter coat and boots to something very ordinary.

More of a question of either conforming of being autism, though i feel it might be a little too autism, thoughts?

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when you will understand that all that matter is FACE?

seriously, when? that all of this board is completely obsolete?
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I can be both gendea so jokes on you
Goddamn I am so tired of this. Fashion isn't necessarily about looking good for the people you want to fuck. If you want to dress nice to get more ass, then more power to you. But fashion at its core is about the aesthetics of the clothes you are wearing. Period. It doesn't matter if you look like Danny fucking Devito, you can dress fashionably and others can appreciate it. No, it might not get stacy to suck your limp dick because that is not what its about.
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Nobody fucking appreciates it, understand this

In the end what you said is still about appearance and nobody will fucking appreciate it if you're ugly

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So fa/ I just got pants similar to that and now I need some heavy silhoutte shoes to go with them, preferably black. So, post some thick shoes inspo.
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I was thinking about those, but everytime I see an inspo people are wearing them with skinny pants...
If you're a grill get Nike tn's or air max 95
Well, I'm a man, would it be too bad if I worn it?

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Do these colors match?

Apologies if the picture gets rotated.
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no these seem to be 2 different colours :)
You shouldn't be worrying about colors when you're making such a basic mistake as wearing cargo shorts
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>cargo shorts

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I'm 25 year old man. What non autistic shoes should I buy for casual wearing for the summer?
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If you want the thick, retro vibes of new balance go for something like these. Just going to link NB because I'm lazy for pictures;

http://www.newbalance.com/pd/585-made-in-usa/M585-SR.html?dwvar_M585-SR_color=Lake%20Blue_with_Light%20Feather_and_Light%20Grey#color=Lake Blue_with_Light Feather_and_Light Grey&width=D




are those actually worth their price
http://www.newbalance.com/pd/998-coumarin-pack/M998-CP.html?dwvar_M998-CP_color=Off%20White_with_Burgundy_and_Red#color=Off White_with_Burgundy_and_Red&width=D

Also this shoe is sweet and released for summer. I'd personally pick it I think.

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Hey everyone, I've been so keen and really digin' the "Akira" 80's fashion style that is used in the manga. Is there any sites that has something similar to high water/waisted pants/trousers that Kaneda wears? Like pic related
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uniqlo has ankle pants that are honestly similar rn if you just want to try the look. If you want to go more expensive I can't help off the top of my head.

You can probably buy the uniqlos and distress a little if you want the full Akira look.
Please don't start a thread with I want to look like an anime character, be realistic dude. It shows your age
just get high waisted pants and buy them short?

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Alright how many of you people actually use a tailor? What jeans do you buy? I'm currently looking at wrangler.
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desu you don't need a tailor for anything but suits really
tailoring is the key to a good look. took me a long time and a lot of wasted money to figure that out. I buy cheap as fuck jeans - h&m, Levi's, denizen, whatever I can find at thrift shops, it doesn't matter.
wranglers are probably great because they're easier to find than Levi's and you can get them cut to look less retarded.

I don't*

Are flatcaps effay?
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I have that exact hat in a black/grey herringbone colour.
No. I think they only work on obese men in their late 50s.
I don't know, it's became more football casual and yer da with peaky blinders and that. I'd say too popular

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Which rapper is the most /fa/?

Pic related, A$AP Rocky also strong candidate.
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This thread is pointless and shit. Rappers are "fashionable" because they follow their own style or have stylists who pick clothes that suit them.
a$ap rocky definitely a strong candidate
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How do I look /fa/?
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like that guy that used to post fits here but fatter

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