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what are tips for dudes with big thighs? shoes and short options? nb4 lose weight.
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why cant you lose the weight and how big are we talking
currently 9 months into aa. have lost 15 lbs. currently at 225 lbs at 5'11". I lift weights 5x a week and have put on considerable muscle. will continue to lose but in the mean time trying to adjust fashion for sober life.
lose weight

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what /fa/ memes have you fallen for over the years?

for me it's:
>common projects
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I bought a pair of Clarks Desert Boots long ago when /fa/ was really into them because I found them on sale while my at-the-time girlfriend was dragging me around lame stores.

I had never worn anything of the sort but I happily wore them around the beach town we were renting a house in to chill that summer.

That must have been, what, 2011? When did /fa/ go through its pseudo-MFA phase?

I haven't fallen for any memes since I don't think.
Memochrome and Skandinavian brands. I own CPs as well but they're in the generic white colorway.
How come monochrome is bad?

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>tfw 22
>tfw jason statham hairline
should I just shave my head everyday?
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>bald fat guy with beard

Just grow it out, let it go crazy atleast you'll look interesting
lose alot of fucking weight right now
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this is how you pull off that look

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Old one reached image limit.

Where the fook do I get this jacket or something similar?
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Need the id on these shoes and jacket.
w2c some nice, plain, high quality socks? im tired of wearing some normie nike or adidas socks.
uniqlo if you want non-pricy but decent quality and nice designs

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Anyone know anything about the different brands for denim besides the pretty common ones like levi's, lee, etc. I'm having trouble connecting the different fits of brands like APC, Acne, Naked and Famous, and Nudie, to the brands that I've been wearing in the past. Can anyone provide some insight?

pic related
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>APC, Acne, Naked and Famous, and Nudie
all shit
Are you fucking stupid?
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lol almost every brand make denim, but recently I've been loving off-white's denim (especially pic related), not as affordable as other brands but still

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..if it already wasn't before. Sorry guys.
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Edgy hipster-core.
Its been trash for a while. The brand itslef is run like shit and the owner is a dickhead who goes and buys Ferrari's with money from gildan and the non-shipped customers items
There was no point in time where it wasn't an Asian hypebeast meme brand.

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pfft putin.jpg
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>Post fit on fa
>get complimented

>Post on reddit MFA
>get downvoted to 0
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post your fit again so i can see
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I don't wanna get reverse traced to my leddit account
why would you care about your reddit account

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No girl except tumblr alt girls or adidas wearing streetwear bitches will care about your Rick Owens or Supreme clothing. Besides, most people compensate for their skinnyfat body or their genetically messed up face by taking up "fashion" as a hobby and attempt to dress nice. Despite dressing fashionable, they still look autistic. look at the /fa/ or /r/streetwear meetups. A bunch of ugly cuckold faggot betas.

Think about it.

Chad can wear athletic shorts, basic tees from walmart or H&M, some straight jeans and still look aesthetic as fuck in them. He will slay every girl in sight and make them wet.

Even look at male models in fashion that you fashioncel numales worship. They just wear basic tees and jeans, and still look aesthetic as fuck.

Reminder thats it all about the face.
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if you are a chad and wear shitty clothes, you still kinda look good and can get pussy, but if you're an effay chad you have a lot of advantage over the ones who can't dress.

but yeah of course being a chad with cargo shorts and a primark tee is better than the kind of beta you see at a /fa/ meetup, no question
As much as I agree that this board is a cesspool,
>Chad can wear athletic shorts, basic tees, straight jeans
>and still look aesthetic as fuck in them

I challenge this assertion. No, I've never seen a Chad wear typical "Chad" clothing (casual, popular brand, meant for practicality over style) and look bombing in it. Hell, sometimes they look downright childish, like they mommy dressed em up and they never learned to dress well.

Conversely, I've seen people with >5/10 looks rock some well looking shit. Fashion does make your appearance more pleasing, and without some effort it won't stand out (i.e. Chad wearing mallcore), although this board seems to have rather narrow views of what "fashion" is.
>wearing fashion to get girls
>not wearing it as a mean to express yourself and because you honestly enjoy fashion and it makes you feel good

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ITT: gothspo
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Does anyone know if there's a male equivalent to Angela ie: in 30's but not fucking retarded looking


Gonna uplift this shit thread with quality inspo
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Shitposting dadcore to fa
Good goy, you totally look better wearing these Amazon bought clothes ;^)
>literally putting a camera that's always on made by a private company in your bedroom

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which lowtops do u recommend

im chad btw

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nigga u a giraffe
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no this is chad

isn't he that twitch streamer?

What is this outfit called and where can I get one?
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haha, funny
There's a happy chappie

How do you dress subtlety samurai without looking like a faggot?

I think it could look cool, suggestions?
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Let me clarify, affordably.

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Post good fits with white high-tops.

I've been thinking about how I only have a few fit pics with white high-tops. I think it's because they often become too much of a focal point, so it's hard to pull off in a balanced way.

Will dump what I have.
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Like of course the guy in geobaskets has hand tattoos, who else would it be?

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What standing pose does /fa/ use? It occurred to me today whilst I was going to work that I may look a little funny when I'm just standing still.

Majority of the time I stand with my hands behind my back because it ensures I won't slouch and that I maintain good posture.
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5 or 7

crossing my legs just feels so natural I guess
Number 2

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