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is "vaping" effay?
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I've seen a lot threads looking for alternatives to Common Projects Achilles. Figure I'd do a list so it's easier for people to find alternatives. It would also be helpful if anybody could do an infographic of the shoes as a definitive guide to stop these multiple threads and questions. Add it to the sticky or something.

The obvious solution is to just buy Common Projects Achilles, but no matter how many times I or anybody else posts that this will continue. It really isn't that difficult to save money if you really want them.

I'm just hoping this will curb some of the posts/threads, and that /fa/ can finally get over affordable alternative to Achilles, because there's a whole lot more to sneakers than that.
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Axel Arigato
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The only haircut I ever get has always been just french crop.
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take picture in and show it to your barber
I don't have a printer or portable picture viewer
what are you a caveman?

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Cop or Not
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def cop fit kangaroo pet
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99$ jeans should i?
Mate they've got holes in them, ur getting ripped off

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Post one of your favorite actors, musicians, models, whoever, and rate the previous posts on how /fa/ their favorites are.

I'll start with Gambino.
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redditor nigger is not /fa/ start again
/pol/shits are not /fa/. go stink up your own board
He looks like a suburban LA hipster.

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last one died :(
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Can tan folk embrace the wave?
w2c cheap pale blue/green button ups to feel cozy and calm in
Palewave inspo:


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Is Kanye the new Ralph Lauren?
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and no
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Kanye is the new Kanye.

KTT pls go.

Ralph Lauren polo has always been a meme.

Kanye's line is a meme.

So based on that logic, yes.

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Hey /fa/

Long time lurker, short time poster. So apologize in advance if this sounds like shit.


Hopefully I'm speak for more than myself when typing this

Does anyone here have any actual experience with making clothes, accessories, or anything like that. If so can you please point to a helpful direction or give a beginners guide to garment construction
i.e. what machines should I use, which model, helpful channels(youtube), books, good sources for fabric, dyeing.
Also DIY general I guess
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hey friend
im doing an internship at a tailor for over a month now i made a pair of pants a jacket, sweater, hat
if you are serious about it you have to get a overlock machine besides a regular house hold one, they are expensive tho
Post jacket patterns pls
For clothing making you'll need a lot of practice an theory, I suggest you to watch a lot of videos on YouTube and get a small machine to get practicing

For the materials it really depends on your tools, your project and your budget, go to a fabric store and start feeling and learning about everything, since threads to fabrics

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>“I’m not into his fashion thing. I think he’s fine as a rapper. I think he’s a joke as a fashion designer.”

>“I mean, it’s not, he’s not legit. Have you seen the product? Didn’t he have his own line in London, which was a disaster that he spent $10 million to do, that no one wore?”

>“I just think that you should stay focused at what you’re good at. Just because you’re a good rapper doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good fashion designer. I mean, we’ve seen that over and over. Sean John is a really successful line, but you know, no one in the fashion industry is waking up and going, ‘Hey did you get that … did you like, trade up your Moncler for your Sean John?’ No. Nobody’s saying that.


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Why should I value Kelly Cutrone's opinion?
She is...who? I should care (about said topic or said irrelevant whench's opinion)..why?
>“I just think that you should stay focused at what you’re good at
>Just stay in art school
>Just stay a producer
>Just stay a rapper

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Need some japanese inspo.
Looking for mainly jackets and layering and the type; yohji, jun takahashi etc.
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No one cares
I guess the times when /fa/ actually gave a shit about /fa/ things has passed.
I'll make a thread about yeezy's or newfags talking about manbuns and HY's instead to fit in.
don't let one fucking faggot memechrome faggot deter you, you're just posting at the wrong time. 2-3 hours is when the good posters come on.

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Would You buy something like this?
I own a screen press machine, and I printed this a couple of weeks ago.
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I like it, but it's not very individual. Looks like a jumper I could buy anywhere, get creative brochacho.
This. Make your sweater stand out with something different. Have you considered sleeve printing? Maybe some text on the back?
Yeah, the photo is not very clear either, but it's actually just a t-shirt with a cardigan on top.

I think a logo would ruin it though. I guess I could do some photo manipulation on the original design. I'm just not confident that adding elements (ie bling) wouldn't exclude a lot of people / narrow down the audience.

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Can you please post some bomber inspo like pic related
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all i have
wtc shoes
How new are you ?

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Come inside, air it out here. I'll start:

>I love Abercrombie jeans and cologne
>I get turned on thinking about rape fantasies
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I'm too poor to buy acne so I bought volcom jeans
I'm considering buying stuff from fabrixsquare.
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I bought jeans from Hollister and I've gotten more compliments on those than on my N&F Jeans.

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