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ask a guy who makes more money than your ugly parents combined anything
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How and teach me
Ayy lmao, if anybody wanted to invest their time trawling y!jp for rags as much as you did they wouldn't find it too difficult

Peddle rags like the Jewry, of course
Ironic, no?
Elaborate anon

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"Dress better"

What does this mean?
How do I make it clear to the average person that I am an individual who "dresses well"? This doesn't mean edgy teens on tumblr
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90% of it is wearing clothes that fit you correctly. A too-big suit will look ridiculous on you, regardless of how fashionable the cut/design is (unless the cut is meant to be oversized, which is a different matter).

I am a student and wearing a suit would be inappropriate. What garments should I be searching for?
Bump again.

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This is Kanye West's new high end shoe. The Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost.


Press Confrence in NYC within the next hour for the offical announcement
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literally ugly anyone who cops is a dick rider. Like the color tho
uggs x desert boots x chelsea boots

You need to hop off nikes dick. Those shoes are fresh

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Why are ballistic vests so /fa/shionable?
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They give you more of a presence

Just look at the motherfucking trap lord killing it in his purple camo bulletproof vest. That's some next level shit.
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Is it just basic bitch ballistics or can chest rigs and plate carriers play too?
why are there so many /k/omandos on /fa/

go home, you're lost, take your flecktarn parkas and nuggets back with you

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I'm looking for a decent pair of sweats/loungepants whatever they're called. I like black/olive/dark grey/earthy colors.

Also I like a bit thinner material with a slightly slouchy silhouette, preferably 100% cotton without any stupid patterns or useless adornments just 2 front pockets and 1 back pocket.

Budget $100-150, maybe 200 if they meet criteria.

Really looking for some DD or silent sweats but these last seasons have been pretty poor from DD but I'll buy second hand if I have to. I'm just not trying to spend $300 on a pair of used/mediocre sweats.

Posting some inspo pics while waiting suggestions.
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pls I don't wanna be a walmart pant nigger
just buy some shit ones and hand tailor em to perfection. Then buy something real for the other 95-195$. Pls don't drop 200 on sweatpants.

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should i cop a pair? i dig the aesthetic of them but never spent $350 on one pair of shoes before
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Do it to flip at the start then buy another pair later.
these were almost good but the sole is really silly, too rigid of a texture tbh
i would actually wear the shit out of these tho
they aren't as obnoxious as the red yeezy 2's and i dig the suede
i like the ridges personally

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ITT post all your style template images

I'm making a collection and thought it might also be useful to others
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Capsul 2.jpg
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made this one a while back

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It's my birthday today so i got some money and I wanted to get some cheap essentials. What would you recommend
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jeans and shoes that fit
and better inspo
start with a nice pair of jeans and trousers. if ur going for cheap ur main focus should just be basic clothes that fit well

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What do you wear/cary regularly/fav outfit
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we don't need any more of these god damn threads
Is this the douchebag outfit?
nope, just fashionable, post what you wear

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gay af.jpg
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can somebody please explain this board's obsession with rolling up your pants? Ok, doing it every once in a while is fine I guess, but you guys seem to do it all the time and for absolutely no good reason. Is there an explanation for this? Is it a troll? Most of the time in fit pics people post in WAYWT it looks like pic related. You guys really don't think that's a good look, do you?
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>roll up
All different things
bending jeans is dope af trust me
rolled up pants + no socks + winter coat is something far beyond my understanding

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Show some off, or some you'd like to get your hands on...

These are mine. Still waiting to find some pieces to put them on...the bomber one will go on a bomber jacket cuz I'm cute like that and shit.
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Good big patch of the pill and the text would be GOAT
Unfortunately at least I have yet to find good one
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Also few pics I saved from /fa/
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2MB, 4472x1940px

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i need to see a full list of looks with detailed photos but I'm hopeful

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File: demarcus-cousins11.jpg (24KB, 502x594px)Image search: [Google]
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>mfw nba fashion week is a thing
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messi literally has aspergers so it's okay i guess

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I feel that the quality of the board has deteriorated as a result of certain tripfags.

It's not possible to filter certain users, as /some people/ start multiple general threads with their completely irrelevant tripcode just as a kind of attention-seeking. Filtering this trip will then also exclude you from several general threads.

It effectively bypasses tripcode filtering, in the same way that /some users/ kept on changing their trips in order to evade filtering until they had their posts removed.

I think it's an issue. What can be done about it?
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/fa/ is literally beyond saving you are literally trying to use a defibrillator on a steaming pile of shit literally
>I think it's an issue. What can be done about it?
I think it's an issue, but I have no clue what to do about it. I mercilessly bully all the new tripfags and tell them to drop their trips but that really doesn't seem to be working.

I swear /fa/ has a bigger problem with annoying tripfags than any other board I've been on. Every day there's 2-3 more trips that I've never heard of before. Tripping on an anonymous image board is absolutely pathetic, but for some reason all the insecure kiddos that come to /fa/ think they need to do it
> I mercilessly bully all the new tripfags and tell them to drop their trips but that really doesn't seem to be working.
> Tripping on an anonymous image board is absolutely pathetic

how le ironic

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Inspo, advice, motivation, etc
maybe even post a pic and brag about your stats.
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looks like a woman, actually a man though i feel this image has been photoshopped

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