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I will start

Where I can find this bomber (or similar) for 50-100 €?
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w2c jacket
Jcrew skiff
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W2c sold out everywhere

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Old one about reach the Romans.
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leaning slightly more towards the eg jacket but im probably gonna have a hard time finding the ervell one again if i pass on it now
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You'll get bored of the EG coat, hard though..the post overalls coat I have is probably my go to coat cause of the cut (the everell looks p slim) if you sized up though it would be perrrrrrrf

>tfw your anti-depressants cause you to gain massive amounts of weight and now none of your clothing fits you
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work out
its like an anti-depressant and you also lose weight
They don't make you gain weight normally, they just make you want to eat more. You can still work out you know.

Also if it really bothers you, you can ask your psychiatrist to change meds, try some different ones. But usually most of them have side-effects. I am super tired, I became very suicidal, just live with it I guess. It's not some sort of wonder pills.
Talk to your pdoc about this and consider switching meds

Is right.

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why do you hate Vans so much /fa/ ?
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/fa hates plimsolls in general
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poor quality
worn by unfashionable people
In the 70s people thought it was cool to wear boating hats, now plebs think it's cool to wear boating shoes.

Sneaker General

Good 'ol Sneaker General
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feit/stay night

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Are long coats ever acceptable (say in Winter) or do they invariably end up making you look like a weirdo in a trench coat?
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Depends, are you a weirdo? If not wearing a coat will probably not make you look like a weirdo in a trench coat
>are you a weirdo
That's for others to judge. Most spergs think they're God's gift, it doesn't mean they actually are.
Guess it depends on who you are and what your doing. A guy going to work in a suit obviously looks normal, a basement dweller buying action figures whilst wearing a stay calm t shirt looks like a weirdo

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>meanwhile, in the engineering dept
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So very true. Engineers couldn't dress well to save their lives.
>Diploma in Engineering
>I didn't wear shit like that.
>everybody else did. Apart from some lesgurl from art...
Fuck off op

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Sup /fa/
So bought these shoes a few days.
All leather, handmade in UK.
Paid 230euro for them

just looking for a little feedback
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Don't like them - too many pointless little things going on
Shoes are nice. It all comes down to what you wear them with.
This is a classic wingtip brogue design you fucking spastic. Go drool over your cp's

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post similar
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lain shirt 2.png
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>tfw I like anime
>tdad walks in
>why do you have a cartoon girl as your wallpaper?
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rock/80s bleak inspo thread
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I've been wanting to get this book, wondering if anyone has it?

would get a buttload of inspo

Do you like women with short hair?
What's your favourite cut?
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yes I do, your pic is a terrible example tho
My girlfriend want to cut her hair very short, but I don't like short hair very much, we are looking for a haircut that we both like
Yes i do.

A lot.


My fav are bob cut with shaved shides an back.

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Why don't you smoke?
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>wanting lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses

Besides, I have asthma.
You can get that treated
Fuck off, nerd.

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>spending more than $10 on any part of your outfit

I guess that's cool if you're a total fuccboi that doesn't have anything to do besides dress like you're in a catalog.

Spent $13 today on a kick ass jacket, 3 hats, 6 shirts, and a pair of vans.
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but...you look like a homeless person.
>not going full hobocore

I'll stab ya with a broken vodka bottle you brat
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Sorry, that was intentional.
I like to have fun.

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Detailed Me.jpg
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Can we get one of these threads going on?
>inb4 faux leather jacket and leather boots
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That guy has the worst movie taste ever????????
>faux leather jacket
>leather boots

OP cant inb4.
Why did you turn it into fucking facebook?

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in need of some black and white inspo. Anyone wanna help me fill my folder?
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lol those fuccbois.

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