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Let me start, do Rick's stores offer repairs? I've got a bomber that's a couple of years old. There's a hole in the lining in the sleeve, and feathers are leaking through it. Would they fix it if I brought it in?
the /fa/shionistas of today have no depth. Rick is fuccboi-tier for those who want to look cool and somewhat salient but have no real knowledge of modern fashion in general. there are so many other good designers out there, but I guess most of you are just lazy or something.

>hides thread
Is that you, Tinfoil?

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Solid thrift finds? Post the best shit you've copped while thrifting.
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Is YSL anything to be excited about? Came up on these trousers for $4.50
Is there like a list of best brands we should cop on thrifts stores and which to avoid ?
are they nice pants?

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Well... get going already. Bonus points for descriptions of your fit elements.
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alright /fa/gs i know its winter for most of you but i'm a Florida fag and there hasn't been a good warm fits or summer inspo thread here in a while.
>inb4 gtfo dirty cuban immigrant fag
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The palladium pallabrouse mids in vapor were on amazon for $50, and I copped. However I have been sitting around thinking about how I might rather want the baggies (see right) and regretting the purchase. However the cheapest I can get those for is $85 on the Palla website. Did I fuck up /fa/ or should I stick to my choice?

Also palladium thread
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Also to go with the thread's topic and to possibly help some people out, they are having a last chance sale with some pallabrouse baggies going for $51 on the Palladium website. If I recall, they have the lighter titanium color and the vapor-with-blue inside as well as maybe the mustard color in larger sizes for that price

As well as other stuff, you guys should go look
What's more lunar: white, titanium, or vapor?
baggies all the way
bought mine about 8 months ago at a amazon sale for 45€ but in a "light moss"y green
titanium for more lunar

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>Graduate college, don't want to find a job
>Decide to go back to selling weed, which is how I paid for college
>Haven't sold in 2 years and stoner network gone
>Need to find clients
>Gonna go loiter around the campus of my alma mater (in Chicago) with some pre rolled joints and business cards to meet people.

How do I spot wild stoners and how do I avoid spooking them?
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Campus smoking spots you bafoon, there should be one like mine where the regulars smoke weed.
okay as a guy who smoked almost every other day through high school I am telling you this shit
You are 18, if they caught us with weed back in high school we were left alone with a warning, you'll land in jail bitch
Find a job
In Chicago they don't arrest for possession you dingbat

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w2c coat at 1:46
This is the only acceptable answer


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french core.jpg
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Essential frenchcore.
How do I dress like a french?
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>how do I dress like a french

How do you dress like a French what?
wear stan smiths

French knot of course

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Can you photoshop it red?
I didn't even know there was an all black pair, def w2c

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other thread died

ill start: where can i find white/white busenitz pros? i cant find them anywhere, only vulcs. i live in canada incase it wasnt hard enough
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does naota's sweatshirt exist in real life without me having to make this shit. The collar makes my dick comparable to diamonds because of how erect I get looking at it
W2C this backpack?
It's a drawing of a standard parka, it's nothing special.
The "collar" is just how it looks when it's not zipped up all the way.

Hello /fa/

Is this a german or russian coat ?
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help me faggots
you're looking at a prime 19th century fag coat
Obviously Russian.

Take a pic of your shoes RIGHT NOW!
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Why do people put their laces like that pls
Its 3am. fuck you aussie cunt
>not being asleep at that time

No job huh

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Any university/schoolfags on? What kind of backpack do you use?

I've been using a jansport with a broken zipper for like 2 years now and it sucks. Looking for inspiration/recommendations on a new, nice looking backpack.
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in the same boat, been using an ugly dakine bag for too long
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How are those?
some of them are fine but looks like a list for grills

Jesus Christ
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Brb moving to asia
>Americans now strive to weigh, on average, 162 pounds. U.S. men's "ideal weight" is 14 pounds heavier and women's "ideal weight" is 11 pounds heavier than they were 20 years ago, the Gallup report showed. Specifically, men today say that their "ideal weight" is 185 pounds.

Time to abandon the country. Also just date petite women and your problem is solved.
What are Asia's standards?

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obviously fam hold tite my london grime dons
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lobster theremin, big label rn
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Þeyr - Mjötviður Mær.jpg
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icelandic punk boiz

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