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fat bitches be complaining that this woman isnt plus sized enough lmfao

What is is wrong with people. dont they get that fashion models are supposed to be just walking clothes hangers thats why they tend to be thin.

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no normal people dont get that because they dont pay attention to fashion nearly as closely like we do
fat people disgust me
i'd hit it.

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Old one down the tubes.

Come on you teki froods, let's get some hella shway scrap up in this mes.
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The Yeezy Boosts are dropping at noon with the retail price of $350.



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nigger pls leave
I like them and the price isnt exceptionally bad. the only problem is that they would impress people I dont want to impress. I wouldnt mind flipping them for a decent profit. but living in australia often minimises profits due to international shipping
is this us only? hs said so but theres no info in the adidas mail

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>post your tech
>get judged for owning ugly stuff

Remember, only fuccbois use apples.
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Fuck you, OP. The iPhone 2G is the most /fa/ phone in existance.
>Remember, only fuccbois use apples.
Lol, are you poor or what?
It's not about the money. They're the cancer of tech.

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this is my daily grind build
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fuck off
fuck off
Exactly the type of people I want to punch on the streets. I bet you bite your nails and make beats.

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Last one reaching 3hunna
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I kinda want long hair, but everytime it gets out of my usual range I get it cut cause it looks so shit. Anyway question time, should you get long hair if you wear glasses, and is long hair as maintenance intensive as people as all the girls say?
damn, sentence took a turn for the worse there.
Depends on what you look like really, can you post a pic?

old one is kill

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>visually interesting images

I have a running theme of things with crisp edges, dark lines, and heavy gradients.
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>art, fashion, gifs, architecture, mostly mono
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>weeaboo shit
>memes about weeaboo shit
Pls kill me

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post all your general where-to-cop needs ITT
have fun :))
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Both of them please
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w2c jacket.png
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w2c qt tesselate's jacket/overcoat/greeny outwerwear thing from infamous brismeet pics? or something similar. or any info on this type of jacket and where i can get something like it? pls.
and yes i do have a crush on him ok back the fuck off
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w2c pants.png
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I'm doing some research on where fashion is going towards to, and as I've seen, it seems like most of the military garments are then used as trendy garments... i.e: trenchcoats, parkas, etc.

I do not have really solid arguments to discuss this so your opinions and pics would be really useful.

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dude what
I mean, i'm guessing garments used in the military are then used by civilians as trends, but I lack of arguments.
>over time, military garments have been and will continue to be reapprorpriated by civilians as fashion items
>gats, flight jackets, combat boots, parkas, the list goes on
Itd be an interesting read for someone who doesnt know much about fashion trends

is uniqlo clothing good quality for the price point?
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Too good for the price definitely. They're incredibly good at keeping their production costs at a minimum.

Only if you get it in a sale
Belts are shit
Jeans are never in my size(28/29 waist 32 leg)
For the price some of the shirts are ok but I'd rather spend a little more and go Esprit
There knitwear is shit

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how would /fa improve this?
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god tier phone and nice jacket. throw everything else away.
why though?
whats wrong with it

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#reddit-teenmfa on freednode. pic related; its on of their most recent tops of WAYWT. https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net#reddit-teenmfa
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Can someone post pics of that one asian kid who posted on teenmfa?
wow i can't wait to TROLl these fuccboi

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requesting inspo of basic, minimalist streetwear that wouldn't look out of place on a person in their late 20s/early 30s. Shit like plain sweatshirts with denim and boots/minimalist sneakers.

>in b4 mfa
>in b4 boring
>in b4 dadcore
>in b4 repetitive
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holy shit that resolution
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very helpful
what shoes are those OP?

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>ctrl+f no bomber thread?
let's fix that.

Is this worth the money?
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w2c this navy blue one?
second this

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Good or bad, post them here /fa/ggots.

>tfw I think smoking is effay af but the taste and smell isn't, not to mention it's expensive
>tfw even the most basic of fits get complemented at student parties
>tfw when no /fa/ gf to r8 my memechrome fits
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>tfw still have like 20 pounds to go till I'm aesthetically /fit/ but I may or may not have started to recede
>tfw 5'6" so I'd never be able to post a fit on /fa/ when I do lose all the weight

At least my lifts are going up

>Smoking sucks, don't do it
>People are just being nice and the average person has nowhere near the amount of taste/vitriolic hate as the typical /fa/ goer
>Post memechrome fits so we can r8
The fact that you want to take on a habit as expensive and taxing to your health as smoking just so you can look 'effay' says a lot.

OP you should get off 4chan. It's becoming your identity.
>tfw i need amphetamine to be "normal"
at least i got fit and social with it but if i ever run out rip

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