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Joined a new class @ uni and need a new wallpaper so the qt3.14's behind me will be mirin.
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the touch.png
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do you have a macbook? if yes this.
Is that a picture of a vapor wave
>so the qt3.14's behind me will be mirin
beta threads belong on /r9k/



I follow back similar

Pic related
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>hip hop
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Fashion, nature, women, some haiku here and there.

Most of the fashion is menswear or women's fashion that is formal or dressy to some extent.
Nature is usually citrus fruits, flowers, and desert settings.
Women are usually the normal sexy stuff you can see anywhere else, nothing too vulgar, definitely no hardcore.
Haiku are just personal things.
There are some sport(sumo, tennis), aviation, and manga and other art posts here and there.

Why do girls love to wear wedges so much? Most of the ones I know bitch about wearing heels.

Is there anyone who actually finds their awkward blockiness to be sexy?
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Those in pic are shit

But cool wedges do exist
You're just too fashion illiterate to know it
They're stupid. Men who get excited about club footed women are insane, same as the ones who like tattoos, fatties, and over plucked brows.

Thin bodies, flat chests, flat shoes, and immaculate skin =awesome. All else =boner destroyer
Oh and the other thing about this. They make women taller. Yuck. Women should be no taller than 5'6", ideally around 5'2". So unless she is under 5 feet it's counterproductive

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One of these threads.
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what i wore today. could be worse for a student.
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Less Detailed Me.jpg
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Evening guys.
File: COTH.jpg (137KB, 1400x1000px)
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Simple yet effective

File: replica general 2.16.15.png (239KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
replica general 2.16.15.png
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Discuss anything replica/fakes, legit checking, quality checking, etc

Try to keep your saltiness about clothes to a minimum.

Right now China is celebrating Chinese New Year (like Xmas) so there are lots of delays and businesses taking breaks. I suggest waiting till March to order.
Check out https://www.reddit.com/r/FashionReps and https://www.reddit.com/r/repsneakers

FAQ: http://pastebin.com/4NJ1y2N0
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are there any good qasa reps?
How about fuck brands, who gives a shit?
If you're buying fakes, why not just buy something different in your price range? Wearing fakes doesn't make any sense. If somebody wants to explain it then feel free.

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old one like the romans
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Resent cops.
og painters

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2MB, 3840x2160px
Take pic related for exemple:
>first time I saw the Nike trainerendors was on /fa/
>I found them effay as fuck, ordered them on nike.com
>Three days later UPS guy shows up, I sign the deposit paper
>Run back inside
>Open the box
>Plastic smell all around the house
>Touch the top material
>Defenitly plastic
>I just copped plastic shoes for 90€
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thats great to hear man
...I'm not sure what your problem with them is, exactly.
I love my trainerendors, they've held up as being my go-to thoughtless shoes (includes university, gardening, errands, etc.) for what, a year now with only minor dressing and battering, no discolouration.
The simple fact that nike charges 90€ for shoes made mostly of plastic material makes me mad, secondly they make my feet boil eventhough it's 0°C outside (i'll assume thats from the plastic above my toes).

where can I find more like this? post either misprints or purposeful misspellings of hypebeast brandwhore logos.

I'd kill for a box logo hoodie that just said 'pream'
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>I'd kill for a box logo hoodie that just said 'pream'
Buy this Schminx hoodie and add patch over 'su' itll still be original.
i can photoshop one that reads 'Pream' with a capital p (or lowercase p depending on your preference)

do you know a place that does custom patches?
that would look like shit tho

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ITT: Post your favorite/current /fa/ iPhone wallpaper(s)
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can short haired girls be /fa/?
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File: 1378968292105.gif (799KB, 200x189px)
799KB, 200x189px
Good lord fuck yes

Pixie cuts are /effay/ as fuck and they make my dong hard
i love short to medium hair on girls, so i would say yes (:

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44KB, 500x746px
New palewave thread. Old one reached 300.
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Are levis light washed jeans good?
sung blue?
they're not perfect, but considering light washed jeans are hard to come by, i def recommend them. i wear mine a lot.

File: image.jpg (146KB, 991x650px)
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Can we get some fit pics with these?
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I'll deliver tomorrow when mine arrive
File: y3qasalow2.jpg (47KB, 741x416px)
47KB, 741x416px
Do cuffed jeans worth with these like so?
iight thanks

File: 20150107_041627.jpg (363KB, 850x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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I look like shit, what do?
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>being 16
well first get rid of those glasses because it makes you look like a creepy pedo.

File: manlet.jpg (194KB, 915x678px)Image search: [Google]
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hey fa manlet here looking to dress better what do you guys think of http://shortguycentral.com/

i'm sorta fit 5'8 155lbs 15%bf
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I'm 5'8, sorta fit, 153 pounds, and I hate the site. It's pretty cringe-worthy.
I say this without with all seriousness: look at Theo's fits.

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Can we get a workout wear inspo?

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fuck off, the gym is not for fuccbois

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