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tumblr thread let's go
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>cool shit
File: omni.jpg (570KB, 1500x877px)Image search: [Google]
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>film photography
>monochrome studies of fashion muddels

Taking requests.
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>better than yours

Alright folks, I want to cop some nice derbies to upgrade from 1460 mono docs, any suggestions? Up to 300-400$, more or less available/accessible.

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> more or less available
more or less readily available*
lol literally me rn except willing to spend up to 800

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Post your hair shit here faggots
stop making multiple threads
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I always post Kone
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Hi /fa/ I need a haircut, I have really thin as fuck hair. I need something that's easily manageable and preferably on the shorter side.

what's wrong with your hair now? The yaren't even long

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>Why are you so overdressed Anon?
>Why can't you just wear crocs or sandals like the rest of us?
>You look like a rich asshole in those clothes.
>Why spend so much money on clothes, are you retarded or something?
>Girls: You spend so much time on your appearance, are you seriously that vain and incompetent or are you just gay?

w-what do i say to these sort of comments? Everyone at my college campus just walks around in board shorts, singlets and thongs and constantly gives me shit for doing things like wearing button-up shirts.

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Stop hanging out with shit people.
Stop giving a fuck what the plebs say
Real /fa/ggots will respect you
Not really
The metaphor is there somewhere
Honestly though where the hell do you go to college that nobody wears a button up? Aren't there at least bros wearing the same cookie cutter bro button downs?

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Where do you go? Is it /fa/?
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Trinity College Dublin, meh
university of hawaii at manoa

nobody cares about fashion
Universiteit van Amsterdam

I guess it kinda is

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you first
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Good for pale wave or is it bad that the words are black

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Harrington bread?
Harrington bread, inspo etc
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Fucking dope
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Leather harri best harri

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Yoshi calls you and tells you that you've won a free pair of Qasa's! Lucky you!

Which one do you pick, or what rank do you order them? Interested in opinions
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I'm so disappointed in yohji for making floral ones. Floral print is synonym for fuccboi, all i see is those floral print shirts with obnoxious numbers on the back
Okay so not 3. Which one do you like?
2, 1, 4, 3

wouldn't wear the floral ones, don't think the colours work, looks gross

prefer silhouette of 2

like toe detail on 1

toebox on 4 looks kinda crappy but probably just the picture

File: rick-owens-ma-1-bomber-1.jpg (205KB, 850x425px)Image search: [Google]
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Looking for a bomber with a similar look to the rick owens ma-1 anthem bomber. Nothing like helmut lang because that is also to expensive. I'm looking at $200-400 brand new or used. Both that rick piece and the OG lang MA-1 are my grails and im trying to look for something with a similar look without breaking the bank.
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Bump, the helmut lang one I mentioned
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File: 1423357848816.png (2MB, 954x1018px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 954x1018px

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I'm gonna get my hair cut today and i really need inspiration for longer hairstyles, i kinda wanna grow it longer, but i dont know if it'll look good. Feel free to help me out
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Starbucks still hires people with facial piercings?
can't help being at work, but it's definetely not starbucks
Are you hiding a fivehead/receding hairline anon?

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hiya /fa/
I know the belt with belt rule, just can't tell if this is overkill.
also maybe a general advice thread ?
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my grandma used to have a mirror like that one, pretty nice mirror. It was a good mirror and very old
There's a fuccboi general for this kind of thing you know?

But belt looks fine, breaks up the dark colors, shoes look a little off in this fit though. But no one's gonna spit at you when you walk past so it's fine I guess.
I hate fat bitches

File: McQueen2015.jpg (108KB, 620x854px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeah you heard me you dapper motherfuckers, get in here and lets discuss the principles we abide that sets us apart from the fuccboi dogs.

Whats got you excited this year- personally for me the McQueen fall stuff is worthy of carrying the torch for a new trend of taking suiting away from the italian style slim fits and back to straight cut, heavy draped american "gangster" suits. I like the alpha sounding buzzwords on the heavy pinstriped stuff : it's almost oppressive, thuggish, and I hope it sparks a "street" style in the menswear to come in following decades.

Not that I'll ever be able to afford this stuff until it's 5 seasons old but hey, inspirational nontheless. What are you guys looking forward to this year?
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>I like the alpha sounding buzzwords on the heavy pinstriped stuff : it's almost oppressive, thuggish, and I hope it sparks a "street" style in the menswear to come in following decades.

Not really, it's inspired by WW1
McQueen died with Alexander.
#menswear ith my goal aththedik

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Why did uniqlo stop stocking their black skinnies in the UK?
Kept meaning to cop a pair and now I've finally got around to it and they aren't there anymore :(

Supima cotton tees r good
OCBD's r good
Dry pique polos r ok but not worth copping
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my favorite thing from uniqlo is their men's underwear
What do they stock regularly anyway?
I want to cop their linen shirts but I'm broke af at the moment and have to save up for a while before I order but I'm afraid the stock will be gone by the time I'm ready to order.
What's the difference between slim and skinny?

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Jmagazine spread thread
Mens nonno
Mens fudge
Mens joker
Just drop them.
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Only 2015, gtfo with your last year scans tbh
File: image.jpg (237KB, 1536x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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File: image.jpg (247KB, 1536x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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i just come into a bit of money lately, and its time for a new belt. first time posting on this board so... gucci, prada, LV or MCM. sugestions ? never bought a designer belt so ya
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>designer belt
Why don't you buy a high quality non-designer belt?
because i have money to blow, and i want to blow it all on a belt, a high end belt at that.
Hermès is probably the least plebby, though still quite plebby. All the ones to mentioned are ruined by thousands of people wearing gaudy fakes. People will think you're wearing a fake too, unless you wear it with fits that are visibly expensive, a bit like the picture you posted.

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