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DIY General

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Hey /fa/

Long time lurker, short time poster. So apologize in advance if this sounds like shit.


Hopefully I'm speak for more than myself when typing this

Does anyone here have any actual experience with making clothes, accessories, or anything like that. If so can you please point to a helpful direction or give a beginners guide to garment construction
i.e. what machines should I use, which model, helpful channels(youtube), books, good sources for fabric, dyeing.
Also DIY general I guess
hey friend
im doing an internship at a tailor for over a month now i made a pair of pants a jacket, sweater, hat
if you are serious about it you have to get a overlock machine besides a regular house hold one, they are expensive tho
Post jacket patterns pls
For clothing making you'll need a lot of practice an theory, I suggest you to watch a lot of videos on YouTube and get a small machine to get practicing

For the materials it really depends on your tools, your project and your budget, go to a fabric store and start feeling and learning about everything, since threads to fabrics
used a sweater as patern just added a collar its a coach jacket
at the place im at they have 100 monthly magazines with a bunch of patterns in each
Absolutely dank and comfy scarf
i really like to sew, but haven't done any clothes from scratch. i altered stuff and i made bags, quilts, baby-stuff and the like. i own a few books about sewing, how to properly fit a pattern to your body, yadayada. i was thinking about an overlock for a while, but in the end, i don't sew enough to justifie that much money. just get a sewingmachine and practice, practice. you will soon figure things out. What helps me is to just look at good clothes and how they are made. the stitches they used for that specfic fabric, how they folded seams, how the fabric is cut... i think it is really fascinating! My dad's ex has a small clothing line. she sews all her stuff by hand and all her pieces are unique, she loves working with different structures, patterns, with decorative stitching and such. she also dyes her fabrics with stuff like onion and nut-shells. really like her style.
awesome! I just crocheted some tiny shoes, mittens and a hat for my newborn nephew. now i'm making one for my brother-in-law and my godson. i also made a little sewing-bag for my sister.
Are you making a loop-scarf or a normal one?
my advice would be to start with doing alterations

hemming and slimming down jeans, for example, is piss easy but useful and it teaches you the basics about using any machine. learn the skills on a cheap (or free, someone in your family probably has one) machine before spending money on a new one.

I make patches and alter/fix jackets and pants for friends mostly, don't make my own stuff. at least not yet anyway.
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i learned by making easy stuff first sweaters are really easy
sewing takes time and patience
measure 7 times and cut once is a nice and true saying
can anyone link a good guide for making a tshirt
i have some interesting material to work with and would like to give it a go
Juste bought a cheap 6€ sweatshirt.
I'm planning to sew a zip pocket on the arm (like a ma1 bomber) and an inner pocket with a velcro in the sleeve (poor man's gravity pocket basically).

>will post pics when done
So, my grandma who studied about garment making told me that there's a mexican pattern book which has been named as the best pattern book and sewing system in the world, the author is called Posada Olayo, it supposedly have like formulas to make your own patterns with specific measures

So, does anyone here have it? I've been looking for a sewing system for over two years, any kind anon is willing to donate or sell it?
Nothing like obscure mexican books

Fucking noice, thx m8
What books?
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