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Today's clothing (a $7 trillion/year industry) is manufactured using an astounding 8,000 synthetic chemicals.

Nowadays, clothes also contain toxins like formaldehyde, brominated flame retardants, and perfluorinated chemicals (Teflon) to provide "non-iron" and "non-wrinkle" qualities. Insecticides are even applied in the name of good health!

For half a century, skin and chemicals have been interacting… creating problems like infertility, respiratory diseases, contact dermatitis, and cancer.

The more synthetic clothing you wear, the greater your risk of absorbing toxic chemicals that harm your health.
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That's fucking dope
>not absorbing toxic chemicals directly from your clothing

how do you like being an un-effay pleb
You only live once

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is nail polish /fa/
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Sure, but only if you have a vagina.
If someone posts the matte black nails with the shiny tips as an example then no.
It's not 2008.
>having this much unchecked privilege

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Can you be have an alternative /fa/ style with a buff body?

I see awesome styles but the models always look extremely skinny.
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Could somebody please tell me what boots those are??
why not...

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This is going to be a thread dedicated to Androgyny coming from it as a male,
over time I have collected inspo and through trial and error have found a good basis for assimilating that into my regular style. There are always new threads asking the best way to pull androgyny off, I want explain androgyny clearly in relation to how I see it.

I'm not claiming that this way is the best way, there is obviously many ways of achieving a particular look in fashion. I'm not saying you should copy this but rather take aspects and build upon your own knowledge.

This is a teaching thread, not a discussion on gender fluidity or a place to throw around unsubstantiated insults. I'm trying to do this for the betterment of the board. b chill

I'll cover this in sections but I will probably add more as I go seeing as I do not have a set plan:
>base appearance
>intended silhouette and colour scheme
>Staple items for your wardrobe
>attitude and posture
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>Base Appearance
Firstly you need to be skinny,
This is because its easier to hide your masculine frame under clothes and disguise your frame to make it less clear of your gender. Also being slim is a much more feminine quality then it is masculine. This means that you want to avoid working out and any exercise you do you want it to be calorie burning and not muscle gaining.
This includes long walks, long-distance runs, core-body exercises and long distance swimming. Anything which builds arm or creates large leg muscles is to be avoided, or to be do lightly.
Yoga and Zumba is also a good option to create a slim feminine profile.

Your weight should be below 20 BMI and should be made of as little muscle as possible. If you have failed this part then you should stop pursuing this style until weight loss.
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>Face care
you need clear, clean skin. I don't believe you should wear makeup. This is because it makes it too obvious what your trying to achieve as well as putting you more in the cross dressing category. As a result you need to try and put forward the idea of the perfect skin that makeup can provide for woman.

To do this you need to wash your face with soap every day, moisturise often and exfoliate once or twice every week. If this causes you skin problems then make your own treatment but make sure to make your skin is blemish less (as blemish less as possible).

The second aspect is stubble control. Shower in the morning, shave straight after. you never want stubble, it looks horrible for the look we are trying to achieve. you should give up completely if you leave the house unshaven. If you grow a beard so quickly that you get a 5 o'clock shadow then shave at lunch or admit that your probably to old for this look.
File: 1407263161360.jpg (57KB, 469x700px)Image search: [Google]
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for gods sake pluck your eyebrows, they dont need to be small, perfected lines that you see on woman because that would look ridiculous but they have to be clean and tidy.

This can be achieved through plucking any hairs which are outside of the main area until they are satisfying dense. at the ear end make sure they point and if in doubt find some inspo and try to imitate that as well as possible.

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Backpack thread?

I'm looking for something plain that will fit a 13" laptop. Can you all tell me which of these you like the most? This one is $50.
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File: image1xl.jpg (36KB, 290x370px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey look it's the anon who wanted a 17 inch laptop and then let the internet tell him how to think
File: image1xxl-2.jpg (150KB, 870x1110px)Image search: [Google]
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lol no. your trend of the month can go fuck itself.
it's just a colour palette
that's like calling dark colours a trend
Palewave is dead. Time to embrace supracomfy.

saw a guy wearing this raf tee at uni today
any of you guys had any real life /fa/ moments?
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I've seen those ugly, overpriced geosneakers you guys love so much twice. Once on a skinny asian kid, once on some guy at the gym.
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Saw a kid in Orange County wearing geo's, some lil Asian hypebeaat with orange hair.
This weekend at an accepted students say I saw a chubby Asian wearing pic related with tods
Every day I see kids at my school failing to do fashion
Only I get it right

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is myself
because I am perfect in every way
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So, I'm nonbinary, assigned male at birth, and I've been trouble building androgynous looks that aren't too drag-queeny. So far its a lot of my girlfriend's jeans and oversized open front hoodies. Does any one have any pictures of men repping androgynous/feminine looks that would be acceptable in a casual work environment? The pic is of me in a feminine androgynous outfit that I wore to work one time. Thanks y'all.
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no offense, but you should delete your thread now and leave
yea i realized rapidly i was in the wrong place once i read the sticky
if you want to dress like a woman just wear womens clothing. generally speaking, "androgynous" looks are mens-style clothing worn on people who look sort of gender indeterminate. its hard for dudes who look manly to do androgynous looks because their faces and bodies look manly. if you have a slight frame and girlish facial features, and wear something loose and grow out your hair, androgyny is possible. but being a dude looking like a dude and wearing womens clothing won't make you look androgynous, it'll just make you look like a crossdresser.

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Is there an "anime interests me" kind of fashion out there whithout being too obvious?

>Pic maybe related
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stop while you're ahead, weeb.
HENTAI 69 jersey
that sandro jersey

File: GUIDI.jpg (34KB, 480x318px)Image search: [Google]
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Post your Guidi boots/derbies/ect
Talk about your Guidis, which model you have/want to cop/think is the best ect
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File: tumblr_m0zrdyrw6P1qzbbgeo1_1280.jpg (497KB, 1152x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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Posting Guidi inspo from the community tumblr

File: XaPm9U0.jpg (162KB, 500x334px)Image search: [Google]
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old one over 300

I'm about to cop some 1461 monos but im not sure about the size. I'm a 9.5 in Nike and 41 in CP (only two recognizable shoe brands I have). Do I go for an 8 or 9 in docs?
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I got this bomber from alpha cheap as fuk and I was wondering if there was anyway to remove the branding on this shit, its pretty much the perfect fit and its black so I don't want the branding to bug me
I'm a 10.5 in nikes and a 9 in docs fit me good
cut it out with scissors


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What close should I watch out for being a petite girl? I'm only 5'2" and my weight ranges from 89-92 pounds and have a pixie cut.
Should I watch out for loose fit clothing?
Should I wear heels or flats?
Most of the clothes online fit awkwardly because they were made for average sized girls unless they are skirts or tight-fitted tops.
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Literally you can wear whatever you want. Your body type is perfect to fit anything. You can go for normcore fits. I think you'd go best with palewave fits though. Don't wear bright clothing btw. No one looks good in bright neon colors.
petite girls look great in simple clothes. keep it p basic, and find a color palette that agrees w/ u
I'm sorry you can't find anything under a 23 and that the xs is always sold out.

File: 12651192195_82a3218da7_o.jpg (532KB, 900x1167px)Image search: [Google]
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if you don't own a pair of chelsea boots and an overcoat you are so 2000 and late and do not belong in effay.

>brb your girlfriend smiles at me while i walk past because you dress beta as fuck
>brb you think youre effay because your hoody is alexander wang and your sneakers are rick owens but all them labels dont stop you from looking like youre mentally still in highschool

bonus points if you own roll neck jumpers
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You quoted fergie - stopped reading there

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/fa/ music?
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just memes, friend.
>prog metal

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