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What's up with these things?
I thought they were just running jackets
Why are there groups of cunts sitting in the council estate blocks wearing these at like 1am
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>groups of cunts sitting in the council estate blocks wearing these at like 1am
lol what
i've had one since release
will i be associated with lad culture now?
Its a trend amongst street wear aficionados now. By street wear I mean people who buy Supreme, Stussy, Bape etc. I think ICNY is responsible for its current popularity, then maybe Nike with those moon air maxes.

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I have 10000 dollars and want to spend it on clothes

can /fa/ build me a wardrobe that doesn't look like ass

100$ on paypal to whosever I like the best, open to most aesthetics.
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oh also I'm 5'6 so you're probably gonna have to do a little bit of digging for shit that fits
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all you have to do is lurk for a while and read the sticky. J crew has nice basics (t-shirts, jeans). For shoes just look around the shoe collection threads and find something you like.
if you have any questions feel free to ask

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Are black slim-fit jeans still the best choice to wear? I figure so because they basically fit to almost everything.
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I mean, you can't go wrong with them with almost any clothing.
they're my go to pants.

And I figure dark blue is shity? I'm asking because I bought some dark blue jeans recently and they almost fitted to nothing of my stuff..


ITT: Anime Clothing

because these go so well. Should I cop /fa/? Its $55
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Ill just bump with some more stuff
I might watch this show just to wear this shit

Cop or naw?
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def cop
Ultimate naw
Price ?

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this is a very hispanic looking shoe. Would not personally, unless maybe I was big into soccer or F1
>Hispanic looking
Just the Adidas kiels in general? I copped it in that color because the other colors either didn't have my size or the shoetop was cloth (which would get wet in winter)

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goobs hurt families.png
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Well, /fa/? What do you have to say for your self?
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If he had been a better dad, maybe I wouldn't be so sad and malnourished.
Is this bait?
>If he had been a better dad
>still blaming your present on your parents
How is highschool treating you?

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how expensive do clothes have to be to justify getting them tailored?
And other dumb questions thread, i guess.
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good question, but the thinking here is backwards, and it is for many people.

FOP= Fit Over Price.

don't buy something unless it fits
If you want something that doesn't fit, adjust the price for what it will cost to tailor it.

your question might sound like it has meaning to it to you, but one day you'll learn that you should never own anything that doesn't fit the way you want it to.

there's really nothing wrong with tailoring a $10 item, even if you can afford a $40 shirt, if you don't have enough money to tailor it, the $40 shirt will look worse than the $10 one.

suppose you want more clarification, the actual thing you are tailoring needs to be mentioned.

is it a shirt, a sportsshirt, a jacket, jeans, pants, etc?

price does not justify fit, fit justifies price. FOP.
that being said, if you poorly tailor an obviously cheap item, you will look like a cosplay failure.
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lol exactly. what is that line, price-wise?I don'twant to look like a "cosplay failure."

Lets have a thread to post /fa/ things that aren't clothing
Abstract welcome
Bonus points for not furniture
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What do you think when you see someone wearing common projects out in public?
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depends on the rest of their fit but usually that they're an idiot
i disparage his entire outfit and call him a memehead
what a cool dude (it's always me cuz i've never seen anyone else wearing CPs irl) :-)

"hey dude, i like your roshes! cool color"
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w2c wizard slippers?
They're too saggy. I feel like people would think you are wearing those sacks that bottles of crown royal come in.

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white city.png
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k1x ag.png
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I wouldn't, I'm not a fan of the silhouette or all the stitching--the sole especially, it's bulky and a bit all over the place.

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Going to dump a whole bunch of assorted womenswear/inspo I have accumulated.

Some of it probably isn't even that good, but I will post what I have. May be a double here and there, deal with it.

Feel free to contribute, but try to keep it somewhat interesting.
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any suit guides? I'm buying my first one today
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Don't get one too big or too small
thats what you tell the salesmen, he'll have just the suit for you
Go with navy or charcoal. Black is for funerals. Navy is more versatile since it can be worn with both brown and black shoes and accessories. Make sure it fits as close to perfect as possibly at the shoulders, other minor things can be altered easily. Also, no pleats, go with flat front trousers.

Can you be bisexual & /fa/? Or will people immediately assume that if you're bi you're slutty & pleb?
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any kind of alternative sexuality is fa
who cares about what other people assume?
do you live to make yourself happy or to make others happy?
are you a guy or a girl?
not necessarily true

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